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This section contains UFO and related events/occurances in the news.

Very Sad News: Casey Holt, Minnesota MUFON Field Investigator Passes at 39 (Updated 2/21/2003)

Gov. PSYOP Dis-Information document and Presidential Orders
(Added 2/21/2002)

(Added 1/11/2002)

National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP)
(Added 12/11/2000)

Horrific Cat mutilations continue in Toronto, Canada!!!
(Added 11/23/99)

French COMETA Report says UFO's real!
(Added 9/22/99)

UFO Lobby Group heads for Washington.
(Added 9/22/99)

Atwater, MN lake hole explained?
(Added 2/15/99)

British Police come forward with UFO encounters
(Added 12/1/98)

UPN Lake Co, MN Abduction Video a Hoax!
(Added= 1/21/98)

Pat Robertson says all UFO believers should be stoned!
(Last Update= 8/18/97)

Strange Light/Object follows car in France on 5/6/97.
(Added= 5/8/97)

Lee Shargel a Hoaxer!
(Last Update= 3/13/97)

The UFO Report by Gary Wade. Very interesting articles.
(Last Update= 6/25/96)

Alien Autopsy Articles Check it out!
(Last Update= 2/18/97)

ET's in Varginha, Brazil?
(Last Update= 10/23/96)

Chuppacabra Timeline.
(Last Update= 4/23/97)

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