Chuppacabra Timeline

TIMELINE and information on Chupacabra
By Lawrie Williams

mid-1970s Rio Grande Valley South Texas
Sightings of what may have been a condor linked to a rash of
mutilated cattle. Blood was removed to the last drop.

Early 1970s Brownsville Texas
Rancher finds a bull dead - no blood around it, no tracks.

1994 Puerto Rico
4 or 6 "little greys" found under a bed and chased out of
the house with a broom. (reported by Joyce Murphy.)

March 11 1995 Orocovis
Eight sheep found dead. The animals had three strange marks
or puncture holes in the chest and were described as "completely
drained of blood."

August 1995 Canvanas, Puerto Rico
Chupacabra blamed for the death of about 150 animals.

Nov 19 1995 Puerto Rico
The chupas is blamed in the deaths of dozens of turkeys,
rabbits, goats, cats, dogs and even horses and cows...
Said to have ripped open the bedroom window of a house in
the north-central city of Caguas, destroyed a stuffed teddy
bear, and left a puddle of slime and a piece of rancid white
meat on the windowsill. It had hairy arms and huge red eyes.
In another attack it came at about 7 a.m. "It just showed up
and -- poof -- it vanished."

Nov 19 1995 Puerto Rico
35 times in three months. Canovanas Puerto Rico Resident saw
it one afternoon in his back yard when it came out of the brush
and bit the family dog. "I think it belongs to the monkey family,
but it isn't a monkey exactly," he said. "It ran like a monkey
and was about four feet tall, but it didn't have a tail."

Dec 7 1995 near Guanica, Puerto Rico
Unusual bloodless deaths of chickens and cows.

Dec 14 1995 Naguabo on the east coast
Several caged rabbits were "found dead with holes in the neck
area, without a drop of blood." Other rabbits had disappeared.
Near rabbit cage was a track with a three-toed claw.

Dec 15 1995 Puerto Rico
In one year is thought responsible for at least 1OOO killings-
goats, sheep, cattle, chickens and other animals. There are
many eye witness accounts. The creature is 4 - 6 feet tall,
walks upright, is not humanoid, has large oval alien type eyes.

Dec 18 1995 Puerto Rico
Animals died as the result of a single puncture mark found on
some part of the body which apparently drained them of blood.
One photo shows a Siamese cat with a puncture mark through its

Dec 18 1995 Puerto Rico
Local tabloid Vocero echoed the possibility that giant vampire
bats had infiltrated the island in cargo shipments proceeding
from South America. Normal sized bats are fairly common in the

Dec 21 1995, 3am near Guanica, Puerto Rivo
44-year-old Osvaldo Claudio Rosado was washing a car. He was
grabbed from behind. He tried to fight off the intruder and saw
a black-haired "gorilla" about five feet tall which ran off.
Rosado had cuts in his abdomen, possibly torn by fingernails or

Dec 21 1995 Klamath Falls
Pregnant heifer dead with her right ear gone, hide cut from her
face, the tongue cut lengthwise along the top of the teeth, all
four teats removed leaving black circles on the surface of the
udder, and the rectum and vagina cut out in a neat "keyhole" cut.
No blood at any of the excisions or on the ground.

Dec 26 1995 Early morning hours Puerto Rico, Torrecilla Baja region
Woman heard strange noises in her house and dog barking. Siamese
cat found dead with the genitals removed, two guinea hens with
their throats slit, a chicken with "perforations," and four ducks
and four rabbits dead in their cages.

Dec 26 1995 Puerto Rico - San German
Eleven goats found dead.

Jan 4 1996 Isabella County, Michigan.
Eight calves frozen and dead. Two were skinned of their hide
from head to hooves; six were skinned of all their hide from
neck to hooves. All were black and white Holsteins and about
a week old.

Jan 7 1996 Klamath Falls, Oregon
One week old calf dead and mutilated. Right ear had been cut
off and the entire skull had been removed.

March 1996 NW Miami rural area
Killed about 40 animals. One woman saw a dog-like figure
standing up, with two short hands in the air.

May 2 1996 Rio Grande Valley South Texas
Pet goat dead with three puncture wounds in its neck. 6 y.o.
goat found with "telltale marks of the "Chupacabra"

May 2 1996 Juarez Mexico
Many small mammels, dogs, etc. have met with this tall "animal"
-like being with three toed feet and hands, on haunches with
the fore arms suspended at chest level very similar to a
kangaroo. It has a row of spikes or straight feather like
projections from it's head and down it's back that raise and
lower and have been seen to glow with their own light. Has been
seen to take off on all fours. The "sucking " device seems to
be a tube like projection from the mouth.

May 2 1996 Mexico and Miami
Attacks are becoming more distributed. Wounds resemble 1/4"
holes similar to a biopsy puncture that extend completely
through muscle tissue and in at least one instance the wounds
were discovered pronouncedly through the inner tissue without
leaving any wound traces on the surface layer skin.

May 3 1996 Calderon Village Sinaloa, Northern Mexico.
A giant bat-like creature terrorizes a village. Goats are
found daily with their blood sucked dry, witnesses said today.
Farmers have formed night vigilante squads. "We are telling
people to keep the women and children locked up inside at night"
a villager said, "Nobody knows really what it is." Dozens of
goats have fallen victim to the bloodsucker. It has allegedly
attacked one human.

May 3 1996 Mexican State of Sonora - Veracruz and Agua Prieta.
Numerous animals drained of blood and a vague report of a human
suffering the same fate.

May 3 1996 Sinaloa State, the state below Sonora State.
Dead cows and sheep. The animal(s) is described as 1-1.5 feet
and able to take flight.

May 3 1996 Six other states in Mexico
Similar attacks have been reported.

May 9 1996, 2 a.m. Tucson, AZ
Espinoza Family - a front door was opened and a creature was
seen 3 to 4 foot high with scaly skin, clawed hands, red eyes,
and a row of spines from the skullcap and down the back. The
creature "mumbled and gestured".

May 9 1996 5-5.3O a.m. - dawn Tucson, AZ
A seven year old boy in the same house said the creature stood
on his bed and briefly on his chest. Both the older and younger
Espinoza family members described a smell "like a wet dog."
The key element in this story is that 911 was used, and the
metropolitan Tucson police did respond. A search of the
immediate neighborhood and questioning of residents turned up

May 10 1996 Florida
Reports of a chupacabra among Hispanics.

May 12 1996 Mexico's southern state of Chiapas
28 dead rams found with puncture marks.

Chupacabra Description:
"Very large, slanted, glowing red eyes. Face is flat, perhaps
simian-like, body some say is covered with spotted skin "like a
frog's" or has "spikes on its head and back" with "chicken legs"
that have a 3-toed foot about six inches long. Such tracks have
been found and photographed in dirt near dead animals. This
creature has been seen to hop, or fly, from the ground to a tree
or from trees to the ground."

"It attacks so fast, everything from horses to sheep. It sucks
out the blood completely."

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