UFO Lobby Group goes to Washington DC

Source: States News Service July 26 1999 (c)

The first lobbying group dedicated to UFO issues has opened for 
business on Capitol Hill. The Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political 
Action Committee, X-PPAC, will lobby for more openness from the 
federal government about possible evidence of alien life. The group's 
overriding goal, said founder Stephen Bassett, is open congressional 
hearings on what he says is a massive government secrecy effort that 
extends back to the famously rumored 1947 crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

"We're calling for open hearing from government witnesses who have
approached us and want to testify, openly, about the big stuff,"
Basset said. "There are dozens of people and they want to talk. If we
get those hearings, the cover-up is over."

Bassett helped launch a national petition in 1997 to ask for open
hearings. He said that now that the Cold War is over, the government
has less need to hide information. The group will also back open
government reforms like the bipartisan Government Secrecy Reform Act 
which was introduced by Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, D-N.Y., in 
January and is now sitting in the Governmental Affairs Committee.

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