Casey Holt, Minnesota MUFON Field Investigator Passes

2/25/1963 - 12/24/2002 

Casey lived in St. Paul, MN

Casey was a brilliant field investigator, and a true electronics wizard.  
He had conducted many fascinating experiments with magnetic levitation, 
temperature sensing related to anomaly studies, etc.  He had been heavily 
involved in field investigation of UFO sightings since we formed the 
current investigator group in 1996.  At the time of his disappearance, he 
was working on a new generation of temperature sensing experiment.  I do 
not know the particulars of it, but he had described his earlier 
experiments.  If these were anything similar, then they were truly 
In addition to being a science/technology wizard, he was also a true 
spiritual seeker.  The combination of the two had led him to involvement 
in many fascinating adventures.  
In all of the time I have known him, I have had nothing but the highest 
respect for his intellect, his genuineness, and his love of mystery.  
Casey will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
Thank you again for your help, your prayers, and your support.
 -Craig Lang (MN MUFON FI Coord.)


From: Suzns13
  I am e-mailing you tonight, with a sad heart. A very dear friend of mine, 
and one of the ufo community as well, was found dead this weekend. His name 
was Casey Holt, and was a member of MUFON, up in the Minneapolis/St.Paul 
area. He was visiting his parents in Green Bay, and disappeared on Christmas 
Eve. His body was found this weekend, when they dragged the lake near his 
parents home.

  I am telling you this, with hope you may consider reading this little 
tribute to him on the air. I am sure many of your listeners, who have 
attended seminars that are put on by Mufon, and other groups exploring 
the paranormal, (especially the gatherings in Eureka Springs and Laughlin, 
Nevada), have had a chance to meet and talk to, this very unique, and 
wonderfull individual. Not only was he a relentless seeker of knowledge, 
but a true hands on investigator of the paranormal. I never once saw him
without his many cameras, video equipment, or other devices (many of which 
he invented himself), which he used in the indepth, and thorough 
investigations he was so famous for.

The world has truly lost a great humanitarian. And what I hope for my dear 
friend now is that he has finally found the answers to all the questions 
that he had so boldy sought in this life, and the one that lies beyond.

I will never forget you, Casey....


A memorial has been established in Casey's name. You can send memorials to: Joan Holt 1545 South 38th St. Manitowoc, WI 54220 E-mail letters of condolence may be sent to the Holt family at:

****** Please check out Craig Lang's tribute site to Casey by clicking here. Casey, I wish I had half your motivation and inquisitiveness. You will be missed. Joel Henry MN MUFON Webmaster Webmaster

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