French COMETA Report


FLASH! A new, and quite startling UFO report has been issued in
France. It is not a government report but was produced by a group
of individuals who have held high positions in military,
government or quasi-official agencies or institutions. (COMETA)
Entitled "UFOs and National Defense: How Should We Prepare 
Ourselves?", the report was published on July 17th as a special 
issue of the French magazine, VSD. In short, the report concludes 
that UFOs are probably extraterrestrial and they recommend that 
a global response is called for. The report's preamble is written 
by Professor Andre Lebeau, former head of CNES, the French
scientific research agency. The preface is by General Norlain,
former director of the Institute of Defense Studies and the
foreword is by Air Force General Denis Letty. A brief summary is
available on the web in French. More on this later as it becomes

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