Strange Light/Object follows car in France on 5/6/97.

Strange light/object followed car in France on 5/6/97.

We were 4 people comming from a practice session with our salsa band.
We had to drive app. 30 km to get home and when we got out of the city
the girl in the back saw "something iin the sky" so first we thought that
there was a party going on somewhere. But as it was still there 5 minutes
later we thought that it could be a car moving with a light on the roof
or something like that. But when we realized that it was a forest it couldn't
be that neither. Therefore, even I, who normally does not belive in such
things, started to get nervous. We tried to stop the car to see if we could
hear something but no sounds were there besides some birds. The sky was not
cloudy but not totally free from clouds neither. There were some kind of fog.
But it could not be a helicopter; if it were a helicopter I would have been
able to see it above. And the light was not comming from the ground neither.
We started the car again an drove app. 10 km. But as it was "following" us we
stopped the car once more. When we stopped the car it stopped too. It was always
right beside us. When we passed through a small village we thought that we had
lost it, but when we got through it rejoined us beside the road. We were driving
from Fos sur Mer to Salon de Provence in South France. The singer who was sitting
in the back (the girl who first saw the thing) claimed that she had seen exactly
the same thing in December last year with 2 friends as they were taking a walk in
the forest. But it has only lasted for app. 10 seconds. Then she thought that it
was only some laser light from a party. But now she realizes that there is no
party in the middle of the forest and that it was exactly the same thing. This
time the light followed the car for app. 25 km even when we took some sharp turns
and when we changed the road etc. it was right beside us.

The Light:
It was round but not like a circle. It was more like some small sqaures of light
that was turning first one way and then the other in a smooth way. The center
changed size all the time; it was like something pulsing - like a heart. Around of
the center there were the smaller squares of light of all was turned in the same
direction. It was like one of the best science fiction movies! It changed size,
height and speed. And I was sure that it followed us because we drove app. 3 km
through the city and made some very sharp turns. Moreover it followed us for app.
25 km. If it had been something from the ground it would have had to pass through
a forest, a lake and one more forest. If it was comming from the sky it made no
sound at all and it could see us even when we drove with the lights out. When we
arrived at Salon de Provence it stopped following us and returned to where we came
from. We were all afraid as it was clear that this could not be explained. Even
the driver who is a non-believer was afraid.

I don't really remember having lost time during the trip. We spend all the time
looking out the window and we stopped only for app. 5 minutes. We left the city
where we had had the rehearsal at 00:05 and I was back in my appartment at the
time I wrote to you this morning. I wrote to you as soon as I got back in order to
remember everything. Today I have been really chocked and I can't stop thinking about
the light. I have met two more people who saw the light from a car 2 km behind us.
They could see that it followed the same direction as us in the other car. The trip
was app. 35 km. (if you have a map you can locate Marseille and to the left Fos sur
Mer where we left to go to Salon de Provence). It followed us for app. 30 km and
seemed not to like light. It was not there when we passed though a small village
(Miramas) but joined us again when we left the village. I could see that it backed
off when we came near the city.

I have tried to paint what we saw. The center was moving / changing size but it
turned in the same direction as the squares of light around it. It did not turn
100% but first app. 20 % to the right and then 20 % to the other.

Click here for drawing of light/object.

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