Instructions on Submitting a UFO, Abduction, Cattle Mutilation or Crop Circle Report

For the sake of documentation, we would like all reports to be made through the field investigators of the Minnesota MUFON group where possible. Contact Minnesota MUFON to have them write up an official report form and for possible onsite investigation and /or interviews with witnesses. Anonymity will be protected where requested. Someone in the group must be aware of who the reportee is in order to validate the report. We try to be as unobtrusive as possible, especially to those who feel the experience was traumatic or unpleasant. We are also interested in any corroberative evidence or testimony from other witnesses that can be obtained.

We would like to keep as much scientific practice involved as possible in order to increase/preserve the validity of the reports. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this effort.

The report: Should include time, date, location, weather conditions, direction/ orientation, distance, and size. Pictures and video are a real plus. The sooner the report is made the better to keep the evidence and memory fresh. Keep this in mind when talking to the field investigator. Recent reports are the most valuable, but older ones not mentioned earlier which have possible value are also acceptable. Strange looking but vague lights in the sky are not good reports unless accompanied by video and or having moved in ways inconsistent or impossible for known phenomenon or objects.

In the case of abductions, please seek out professional help if you feel the need, but beware--there are many unscrupulus so called mental health professionals who simply will not consider the extraterrestrial possibility and others who manipulate people under hipnosis. Our concern is to document all information on the experiences and try to help the experiencers to find appropriate aid if needed or desired. Anonymity will definately be preserved where desired.

Crop Circle reports and Cattle Mutilations should be reported as soon as possible to assure a fresh situation for scientific study. Pictures and observations of the site are crucial to a good report. Cattle Mutilations should be reported as soon as found. Please do not touch the remains for health reasons.

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NOTICE: For all reports, data, etc. submitted: Anonymity will be preserved where requested.

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