The UFO Report by Gary Wade

This newsletter was put together by Gary Wade in California who asked me to put it on the web site for all to see and read. Gary Wade is solely responsible for the content. Images were reduced in size to make them more viewable, however some resolution was lost. I appologize for any difficulty in reading them. Perhaps in the future I will split the images up and get higher resolution if I get time.
Joel Henry-Minnesota MUFON
May 1986 Issue (Uploaded= 6/13/96)

June 1986 Issue (Uploaded= 6/14/96)

July 1986 Issue (Uploaded= 6/14/96)

August 1986 Issue (Uploaded= 6/14/96)

Sept. 1986 Issue (Uploaded= 6/17/96)

Oct. 1986 Issue (Uploaded= 6/17/96)

Nov. 1986 Issue (Uploaded= 6/18/96)

Dec. 1986 Issue (Uploaded= 6/18/96)

Jan. 1987 Issue (Uploaded= 6/19/96)

Feb. 1987 Issue (Uploaded= 6/21/96)

Mar. 1987 Issue (Uploaded= 6/24/96)

April 1987 Issue (Uploaded= 6/24/96)

May 1987 Issue (Uploaded= 6/25/96)

(This is it unless Gary sends me more.)

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