Older UFO sightings 2

Sightings from the 1980's (Last Update= 4/5/06)
Sightings from 1990 thru 1994 (Last Update= 6/14/06)

Sightings from the 1980's

January 13, 1980 - Red Wing, MN
Five women observed what they described as a flashing triangle of lights 
above the Seminary Nursing Home about 9 p.m. Brenda Simanski and Janine 
Mattson had left work at exactly 9 p.m. and were waiting at the parking 
lot for Brenda's mother to pick her up when they noticed a "star going 
berserk" about 50 degrees from the horizon.Although it appeared to be 
moving slowly, Brenda said it was overhead in no more than 2 minutes. 
The two became frightened and hid in Janine's car while the object hovered 
for from 15 to 30 seconds above a 50 foot oak tree. When it was directly 
above them they noticed two "egg-shaped lights, similar to spotlights, on 
either side of the front white light." Another worker punched out at 
exactly 9:03 p.m. and remembers seeing the identical triangle of lights 
which she said looked slightly larger than a Lear Jet. Janine and Brenda 
dashed back inside to get more witnesses and Kathy Clemens and Mary Huron 
returned outside with them. Kathy said the two "egg-shaped" lights described 
by Brenda were not on when she first saw it, but when they turned on they 
looked to her like "big heat-lamps". The five watched as the lights moved 
slowly on a north-northwest course at the same elevation and then suddenly 
disappeared. Mary said, "In the blink of an eye it was gone." The five all 
drew sketches of the object and they all showed a triangle of white, 
red and blue lights with the only discrepancy being the lack of a red light 
between the two rear blue lights in one of the drawings. None of the 
witnesses heard any sound from the object at any time.
APRO Bulletin, March 1980


MINNESOTA April 17, 1980 - Sauk Center Duane Weiner stepped out of his 
mother's house at 2:30 a.m. to supervise delivery of the Minneapolis 
Tribune and heard an "energetic sound.. all around me.  The sound was 
described like that from an electrical wire lying on the ground or an 
arc welder at a distance. Weiner looked up and saw a glowing orange sphere 
about 100 feet off the ground. The sphere moved back and forth, southwest 
to northeast, rotating as it moved, and spewing tiny bits of matter as 
it spun. A few minutes later, the object shifted west, continued its 
diagonal motion, and moved erratically off into space until it was only 
a dim point of light. By the time the object left, Weiner was 15 minutes 
late for his distribution duties.
July, 1980, The A.P.R.O. Bulletin, page 7


Sighting Date/Time: Early 80's at night
Sighting Location: It occured at Cobb Elementary School In Woodland/
Duluth MN.
Sighting Description: At the time of the sighting i was very young, 
to this day I am unsure of when exactly it happened. I know that I or 
my family were not the only witness' to this event. While out side 
Cobb Elementary school I, my brother Chad, and my mother Nancy were 
outside Ice Skating on the ice rink. Lot's of people having a good 
time. When out from the sky above us came this Disc shaped object 
that look to me like saturn. My brother says he remembers it to look 
exactly like a flying saucer. My mother after seeing the UFO quickly 
ran to us grabbed my brother and I and franticly ran home to our 
house down the road. When we arrived home she called my dad; David, 
an air traffic controller at the time, to report the incedent. He 
searched the radar screens finding nothing in or around that area. 
My thoughts were that the object was too low for radar to see it. 
To this day that is all I remember from the incident, but the fact 
remains that there were more people there that saw this thing, and 
they all fled safely to there homes as we did. If this report is of 
any intrest to you contact me and I will speak to my brother and 
mother to dig a little deeper, maybe get an exact date.
Thank You.


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/1980 18:00 (Entered as : 06/01/1980 18:00)
Reported: 4/26/2004 
Posted: 4/27/2004
Location: Andover, MN
Shape: Disk
Duration:20 minutes
I heard a humming noise, craft hovered for 20 minutes then zipped away
about 1/4 mile hovered again then dissappeared.
At age 17 I saw a large disk with blue and red lights. Heard a low
hummmm. hovered one football field from house. Brother and father saw it
from outside. I stayed in the house. Shot off very quickly and hovered
again. Sat for 5 mintes more, then shot off and disappeared. I don't
tell people cause they think your crazy.
((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


More Scandia, MN:
On August 14, 1980, Kelly Brott observed a small red light above a field at 
about 11 p.m. The light moved closer and she ran into the house for her 
father. Several moments later a brother and friend called Kelly and Brott 
to a nearby field where they watched the red light join with others and 
"play tag" in the sky.
APRO Bulletin, 1981


Occurred : 8/30/1980 16:00 (Entered as : 8/30/80 16:00)
Reported: 8/15/2002 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Rush City, MN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:30 minutes
Space suit looking things and object in the woods
I was 15 at the time and I was outside by myself throwing bouncing a basketball while 
the rest of my family was inside the house. I had a weird feeling I was being watched. 
So I looked around and saw (the only way I can really describe it) is like a silver space 
suit type thing on the side of the house. But it was only there for one second. From 
where I was standing I could see both sides of the house. One second later it was on 
the other corner. Then back again. I don't know if there was several or if that one just 
moved faster than light. I wasn't afraid of them. I was scared because it was unknown 
to me. I started shaking and went into the house and never said a word to anyone in 
my family. When I walked in the front door I locked it and deadbolted it. I walked upstairs 
and saw my family all watching a T.V. show. I didn't say anything, because I thought 
they would think I was crazy. I went to the big patio door and locked that to. Then I went 
to take a shower. As I was in the shower, the house started to shake and I heard this 
loud noise. I hurried up and got out and threw my clothes on and ran into the living room. 
My dad was the only one there. I said "where is everyone", and he said outside watching 
a spaceship or something. I went running outside and my mother and brothers and 
sisters were watching this thing that they said had come out of our woods and shot to 
the sky so fast and was making this loud noise. All I could see was the dot way up in 
the sky. They said it shot out of the woods so fast you couldn't see what it was. At that 
time I told my mom my little story. I don't think she would have believed me, but she 
said she did because when they went to run outside they couldn't get the door open 
because I had locked all the locks. 
About a week later, my mom and dad were home alone and that same noise came 
back and the house started to shake and they lost electricity. Only some beams were 
shining down from an object in the sky which they couldn't see onto our patio. ! Our 
house was on a cliff off a creek off the river. They said it hovered there for awhile with 
the lights than just went away. I was a paralegal for 10 years and now run a flooring 
business and business center with my husband. Its weird because it seems like after 
that happened, no one in my family, including myself, after talked about it. Its almost 
like you forget until years later. I have just recently in the last few years, told only a few 
people. And of course they just laugh at me. I do believe there are a lot of hoaxes out 
there, but I have to believe there is something, because I saw like silver suited, what 
I think were beings, and they couldn't have been from this planet, because they moved 
too fast in second intervals. So thats my story. ((NUFORC Note: Date is approx. PD))


September 17, 1980 - Ghent, MINNESOTA
Lyon County Undersheriff Tom Thompson was called from his sleep at 4:27 
a.m. to investigate an object reported hovering over a farm 3 1/2 miles 
west of Ghent. The farmer said he had been watching the object for a half 
an hour when he decided to call the sheriff's department. He said the object 
changed color, from red to yellowish-white, as it moved with him. When he 
went towards his parent's house it kept pace, staying about one mile away.
In his report, Thompson said he noticed a very bright object that appeared 
to be much closer than the stars. Upon reaching the farm, the officer 
watched the object for about 30 minutes as it appeared to move closer, 
back and forth, north and south, and at times nearly disappear. The farmer 
added that at one point it moved to within a half mile of the farm and his 
dog began barking and running toward the object. Thompson said the light 
seemed to keep pace with his vehicle as he drove back to Marshall. It 
hovered over the town for about 5 minutes and then moved off in a 
northeasterly direction.
APRO Bulletin, 1981


September 20, 1980 - Scandia, MINNESOTA
Michelle Freudenberg was driving home to white Bear Lake at about 2 a.m. 
when she encountered a lighted object in the sky. It was estimated to be 
30 to 50 feet long, 10 to 12 feet high and about 8 feet off the ground.
The disc-shaped object was vaguely outlined by red and white lights. She 
watched the disc for about 8 seconds before it passed over a nearby hill 
and disappeared. The witness recalls noticing a pungent odor in the air 
at the time of the sighting. This is the latest sighting in an area that 
has been the scene of repeated observations in the past. On July 25, Mary 
Lou Simonson and her son, Randall, observed a disc-shaped object estimated 
at 40 feet wide and 10 feet thick, with a pattern of red and white lights.
APRO Bulletin, 1981


Issue: I..2-721
MONTH:              	09/27/1980
HOUR:               	08:30
DURATION:           	11-30_minutes
COUNTY:             	RAMSEY
SITE:               	rural
SKY:                	clear
ELEVATION:          	65-70_degrees
LOWEST_ALTITUDE:    	500_feet_or_less
DISTANCE:           	101-500_feet
FLIGHT:             	jumped_around
SHAPE:              	other
SURFACE:            	varied
APPARENT_SIZE:      	star-like
ACTUAL_SIZE:        	1-3_feet
SURFACE_COLOR:      	white, blue_white, green_white
EXT_LIGHTS:         	flashed_sequentially, other
EXT_LIGHTS_COLOR:   	blue_white, green_white
CHANGE_COLOR:       	yes
EMISSION:           	trail
REACTION_TYPE:      	curiosity, excitement, fear

Ufo encounter with missing time
This happened about 23 years ago on our way to hudson wisconsin from the east
side of St Paul, I and a friend were travelling east on 94 from the east side of
St Paul this trip normally takes 30 minutes max it was about 8.00 pm when we
left roccos resturant on the east side to go to hudson harbor resturant to pick
up some supplies my friends dad, who owned both places. we were apporx 5 miles
east of st paul when I noticed a light hovering in the sky I said lets get a
closer look so me and my freindhe was driving pulled off on a dirt road to the
south approx 14 mile off the road and stopped we were right under the light it
was about 200-250 feet above the car and we sat there for a while when all of a
sudden it shot over the highway to the north and when it did this it was so fast
that all we could see was a light trial and then shot back over our car it did
this approx five times shooting around the sky leaving light trails and always
returning back above our car we both just sat there amazed at what was happening
we could not beleive it.we sat there for approx 10-15 min observing this strange
light in the sky then it shot out and became five lights if you pictured a star
on the american flag with its five points there  was a light at every point if
you can picture this with the car in the center. then all of a sudden it became
on light and shot straight up as fast as ever and was gone just leaving a trail
of lights as it shot away. well we both decided to get out of there. and go to
hudson and pick up our stuff. the strangest thing was yet to come when we got
there we walked downstairs to the prep kitchen and it was 10.15 pm this was so
wierd because this trip is 20-30 min max and we were on the side of the road 15-
20 min max well we did not know what happened to the other time it was missing I
donot remember anything more happening to us but there was for sure at least an
hour of missing time. giving my self extra for how long ago it happened. I ran
into my buddy about six months ao he does not remember anything about it. this
is extremly bizarre because I rememeber it all it makes me think i am a little
crazy but I know what happened and this was for sure a true event


Pine County, Minnesota ufo

I have always wanted to tell someone who would believe me about what
happened to me.  For approximately a month before President Reagan was
elected, there appeared in the sky to the east of where I lived a saucer
shaped disc in the sky. As the sun shone on it you could see that it was
a metallic object-it shined like gold. Why I never took a picture of it
was beyond me.  Anyway, after dark on many nights a light would shine
down from the sky & light up the entire yard so bright it was like
daylight, except that sometimes the light would be red, sometimes blue,
sometimes green, sometimes white.  The very night Reagan was elected
president, I was lying on the couch watching the election, looking out
the window at the saucer and wondering if "they" could see me.  I went
to bed around midnight. When I laid down in bed, I wasn't really all
that tired, so was just lying there with my eyes open thinking about
things. I saw a bright red flash of light. Well, I thought it was my
eyes playing tricks on me. Then a knock on the door-three raps.  I lived
out in the country, but my mom & dad, brother & family lived almost
directly across from me, so I thought it was my nephew, whom often
would come over to talk at all hours. I got up to answer the door, but
there was noone there. I called out, "xxxx, is that you?"  But nothing. I
thought how strange, but went back to bed. Almost immediately on lying
back down, something attacked me. I could see nothing, but "it" was
trying to take my brain and I was fighting to keep it.  I tried to call
out to my 15yr old daughter who was sleeping on the couch, but no sound
came out of my mouth.  Finally, I broke away from this thing. I sat up
on the edge of the bed and for a few seconds remembered all that had
happened to me and then it seemed to leave me with no memory of it and
just confused. I got up to go wake my daughter to tell her what
happened. I was so weak I could barely walk. When I told my daughter,
she said, "Go back to bed, Mom, you were just having a nightmare."
Well, I did go back to bed. The odd thing was, I wasn't frightened. I
leaned against the backboard & wondered if I was losing my mind or
something.  Then I heard 3 raps on my bedroom wall, saw a red flash of
light from the window.  Somehow it seemed normal for that to happen-who
knows why.  I laid down and went right to sleep.  The next morning when
I got up my stomach muscles were extremely sore and the inside of my
mouth was burned white. (Like when you burn your mouth on a fork while
eating a roasted marshmallow).  Well, I had to go tell someone what
happened, so I went across the road to my Mom's house. I told her what
happened. I figured she'd say, "You're crazy" or something, but she
stood there with her mouth open and when she spoke, she said, "I can't
believe it! Someone else told the exact same story in church last
night."  I did go see him, and he did have the same thing happen to
   Well, that's one story. I have a couple more if you're interested. I
have seen ufo's since I was a young girl, as my grandfather would point
them out to me in the sky. 



Winter night in 1980... I woke from a sound sleep to go to the window as if
called there. I looked out the window and saw nothing, then a lime green
cigar shaped light cruised across the sky from horizon to horizon at a
strange pace.


Occurred : 1/19/1981 21:30 (Entered as : 01/19/81 21:30)
Reported: 10/28/1999 12:46
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Wilmont (south of), MN
Shape: Light
Duration:5 to 7 minutes
Coming home from a school event, I noticed a light in the northern sky. It was 
bright white with red flashes, moving slowly upward...
When I got home I pointed out the object to my mother, father and one 
sister. (A farm family, 5 miles away from the nearest town). We 
watched the object continue slowly upward out the north window of our 
house. It then speed up and to the right before stopping. After 
sitting still for a minute or so, the main object got lighter as a 
small red object seperated and slowly moved to the east of the main 
object. Shortly after, another small red object moved off to the west, 
again making the main object lighter. The remaining part of the main 
object then moved off to the west. The final three objects looked the 
same, each having 2 points of red light. They moved slowly out of 
sight. The events took 5 to 7 minutes to transpire.


Occurred : 6/1/1981 22:00 (Entered as : 06/01/1981 22:00)
Reported: 9/23/2003 9:02:48 AM 09:02
Posted: 9/24/2003
Location: South St. Paul, MN
Shape: Chevron
Duration:15-20 mns.
Golden Boomerang Object Circling Above South St. Paul, MN in Early 80s

I'm 26 now, but I'm not sure if this will help or be considered valid since I was 
so young. I was 4-5 years old, lying in bed staring out the window up at the 
night sky, when I noticed an object circling above. It was boomerang-shaped, 
golden, and circling the duplex my family lived in and the home next door. After 
watching for a while, I got out of bed to tell my dad (who was watching the late 
news) about the "ghost bird" flying above the house. He told me to go back to 
bed. When I did, it had left. However, I woke up later on in the night, and it had 
returned. I called it the "ghost bird" for a long time, until I found out about UFOs. 
I hope this helps. Thanks.  ((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


02-10-1982  Willernie, MN, USA  UFOCAT #118780
underwater ufo in minnesota


1982 Bemidji CE1 (occurred in Summer, exact date unknown.) Observed on W. 
Side of Lake Mina, NNE of Bemidji, from lake's E. Side.

Note: This is a followup investigation to the 1996 S. Minneapolis MA1, which was 
e-mailed to the website by the witness.  During the interview regarding the MA1, he 
also described this object which he and his cousin observed at moderately close 
range (exact distance unknown).

The object appeared to be a glowing white lenticular disk shape, with a brighter red 
core.  There was also an inverted cone shape field of light descending from the 
object, with a bright blue light at its base.  The primary witness remembered a low 
pitched hum which may be associated with the object.  

The object moved in "short spurts" over the tree line on the far side of the lake.  
It appeared to be a hundred-plus feet above the trees, but the primary witness 
thought that it illuminated the tree line.  Both witnesses observed the object 
through binoculars, and followed it from the south to southeast, where they 
eventually lost sight of it.


Sighting Date: 5/2/83 7am CST, and 9am CST (MPLS)
Sighting Location: near Fountain, MN, and Mpls., MN

In regards to the cylinder shaped object, the case in my file states the
person that saw the cylinder was looking out the right side of the car
through the windows as the car was heading west.  The sighting was near a
cellular tower a couple miles east of Fountain, Minnesota. (30-35 miles 
south of Rochester, Mn). The sighting was at approximately 7 a.m.  There 
was other traffic on the road at the time but there have been no further 
reports from anyone else.  My source is also an anonymous witness, which 
puts me in the same boat you are.  Estimated distance from the tower about 
1 mile north.  Size estimated in excess of 100 yards at this distance.  
Nose was tilted down at a slight angle.  Total time of sighting approximately 
30 seconds.  This cannot be an isolated case.  Do you have any more cases 
of sightings in this particular area?  Strange lights are common in the area.
I myself am in independent investigator and have been for 20+ years.
Phil  "JPMWJ Inc." 

>From: France OVNI 
>This is a demand of information:
>A correspondent desiring to keep the anonymity temporarily, has signalled
>me a sighting whose it has been the witness it 2 May 1983 to Minnéapolis -
>Minnésota - USA. The witness is French and was in professional
>displacement, when it to see the takeoff of 3 UFO to 9h00 of the morning
>(size approximately 700 meters of long). It asserts equally to have
>observed a helicopter of the US army with a soldier that filmed the scene
>of takeoff. The source of the testimony being unreliable, since it
>anonymous I ask you if you have had knowledge a such history on that date
>and to this place. Thank you advance for your replies.
>* Thierry Garnier : france.ovni@hol.fr
>* http://www.mygale.org/~cufohn/franceovni
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Occurred : 5/2/1983 09:00 (Entered as : 05/02/83 09:00)
Reported: 3/25/2002 3:19:24 PM 15:19
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Disk
Un vieux témoignage
En francais, Lieu : Hôtel RAMADA au bord de l'autoroute près de l'aéroport.
Date : lundi 02 mai 1983 09h00 am.

J'attendais l'arrivée de mon correspondant local dans la chambre de l'hôtel 
RAMADA, située à l'extrémité de celui-ci (à ma gauche, je peux voir par la fenêtre 
l'écran géant d'un cinéma de plein-air). Mon attention a été attirée par le bruit d'un 
hélicoptère de l'US AIR-FORCE. A son bord, un militaire équipé d'un télé-objectif. 
En regardant dans la direction qu'il visait, j'ai vu décoller 3 soucoupes, à quelques 
centaines de mètres de taille supérieure à un 747. La forme était celle d'une 
madeleine retournée (gros renflement de l'hémisphère inférieur). La matière n'était 
pas celle des avions normaux, si brillante, on aurait dit de l'opale blanc laiteux ou 
peut-être de la céramique. Les engins décollaient selon une pente d'environ 45° 
comme un avion et elles ont vite disparues dans la couche nuageuse assez basse 
et dense ce jour là.

IN ENGLISH (courtesy of Google lang. translation):
Place:  Hotel RAMADA at the edge of the motorway close to the airport.  
Date:  Monday May 02, 1983 09h00 amndt.  
I awaited the arrival of my local correspondent in the hotel room RAMADA, located at 
the end of this one (on my left, I can see by the window the giant screen of a cinema of 
sport).  My attention was drawn by the noise of a helicopter of the US Air-force.  On its 
board, a soldier equipped with a teleobjective.  While looking in the direction that it aimed, I 
saw taking off 3 saucers, to a few hundred meters of size higher than one 747.  The form 
was that of a turned over madeleine (large bulge of the lower hemisphere).  The matter was 
not that of the normal planes, if brilliant, one would have said opal milky white or perhaps of 
ceramics.  The machines took off according to a slope of approximately 45° like a plane and 
they quickly disappeared in the rather low and dense vapour cloud this day there.


Occurred : 6/15/1983 22:30 (Entered as : 06/15/83 22:30)
 Reported : 2/6/2001 07:16
 Posted : 2/18/2001
 Location : Red Wing, MN
 Shape : Triangle
 Triangular UFO in EARLY 1980's...

 Dear Mr.Davenport,... At your request as heard on the ART BELL radio program 
on 2/5/01, I am sending you MY UFO story...IT IS TRUE... I don't remember the 
exact date, but I AM POSITIVE it was in the EARLY 1980'S... My best friend and 
I, in our early 20's at the time, decided to go "Back-Roading" on a clear Summer, 
weekday night around 10:30 PM... We were out driving the country roads 
surrounding Red Wing, MN., traveling East in the vicinity of Whiterock, MN. 
when I, (The Passenger) , saw an unusually bright light, approximately 500-1000 
Ft. Up & 1-2 Miles North of us, that seemed to be moving South VERY slowly... 
We pulled off to the side of the road, turned OFF the engine, and got out of the 
car to get a better look... The "Object " was now almost directly above us and 
STATIONARY & the bright light was now gone... We listened, but could hear 
NO SOUND at all coming from it... It appeared to be TRIANGULAR and very 
dark, If not Black...(Please Read On)... I took some small binoculars out of the 
glove box and looked at the object closer... I SAW a definite TRIANGULAR shape, 
but slightly angled inwards at the back, like the back end of an arrowhead... I also 
saw 5 LIGHTS on the Bottom of the object...Each a DIFFERENT COLOR, 
arranged in a CIRCLE, with the lights placed at points as the points of a star 
shape would be within a circle...The lights did NOT blink or fade On & Off... I don't
 know what this thing was, but I DO know what it WAS'NT...A Plane OR a 
Helicopter... It just stayed there in the sky STATIONARY for approximately 5 
MINUTES, and then SLOWLY moved Northwest... We got back in the car and 
followed it at about 10-20 MPH...to 40-50 MPH...Then to 80-90 MPH... It still 
outpaced us moving off Northwest untill within 30 seconds or so, it could not be
 seen... We slowed down & went back home feeling Thrilled, Spooked, & 
Thoroughly Mystified... We told only our close friends & family about the sighting, 
fearing ridicule, and went on with life having no answers on the subject... Within 
a week we were busy trying to convince ourselves it HAD to be a plane or a 
helicopter, and we were starting to believe our excuses... A week after that, on 
the FRONT PAGE of our local newspaper, the Red Wing REPUBLICAN EAGLE, 
were sketches of the very object we had seen 2 weeks before... Apparently 
several eyewitnesses had seen this object floating at tree top level at various 
spots in an around Red Wing,MN. where we live... Needless to say, that ended 
our excuses...But, to this day I am sill left without answers... As I said, this sighting 
happened in the EARLY 1980's, and with a little help from our local newspaper, 
maybe you could get the exact date... Or they might still have the newspaper 
archived... Also, mabey ART BELL would be interested in this TRUE Story...?? 
Feel free to forward it to him if you like... Thanks for listening & the IMPORTANT 
job you do!!


Subject: Re: UFO Osceola or Dresser, Wi mid/late 80's or early 90's

While visiting our friends  in Osceola, Wisconsin she told us about a UFO 
landing which occurred on the border between Dresser and Osceola. All I know 
is that a UFO landed behind Trollhaugen Ski resort sometime in the mid 80's 
to early 90's.  There were witnesses at the trap rock plant called Dresser 
Trap Rock in Dresser and also news articles in the Dresser and Osceola 
(There are reports for Dresser, WI for the dates of 3/22/78, and sometime in 
Sept 79. Osceola, WI sometime in summer of 1983, sometime in December of 1980, 
and again on 3/22/78.)


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 12/1/1983 02:00 (Entered as : 12/83 02:00 am)
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : Madison, WI
 Shape : Unknown
 Object moving slowly down a row of homes. Crossed boulevard and disappeared over 
warehouse. drove under it thinking it a police helicopter dowing surveilance. Very disturbing 
and panicked when eyes met driver of on coming traffic who witnessed same.
Ok, so it bothers you're web site doesn't make any mention of this because it was in the local 
paper the following day as having been witnessed by a cop patroling Milwaukee Street. 
Anyway as for my experience I was coming home from the Univ of Wisc Madison's library 
and it was late and very cold out. I pull up to the light going northbound on Johnson Street 
(just past Tenney park near the police repair shop and old paint warehouses) and about 15 
feet above the roof of this house down Johnson Street on my right is this thing. It was black, 
but appeared illuminated - kinda dim like - underneath. I didn't think much about it. Thought it 
was probably a police helicopter searching the neighborhood for some East High School punks. 
But it kept my attention cause it wasn't really a spot light eminanting shining down into backyards. 
Also it didn't have any blinking helicopter like lights on top. What ever it was doing it was 
moving slow, steady and smooth and kept following over the row of roofs. From what I could 
see it look like a rounded off van with a fat base. My light changed and I started on my way 
about the same time the "helicopter" finished with the roofs and was headed across the street. 
A lot of observations started coming real fast as I approached to go under it. It was about
15 feet off the ground. It was uniform in its black color but had definite seams. No windows. 
The one distinct feature I remember the most was a cross like seam (real pronounced like) on 
its belly. This is about when all the contradictions started pooring in. First off, there was loose 
snow - if it was a helicopter how come it wasn't kicking up snow? And the bushes in the 
boulevard - they didn't twitch like they were caught in any chopper wash either. I remember 
shutting the heater off and coasting without the gas peddle down so I could hear the helicopter. 
Helicopters are noisy but none of the houses had woken up, and I wasn't hearing anything 
and I was right underneath it. And I felt kinda funny passing underne! ath it. The car reacted 
like it was mildly buffeted by helicopter wash and I can recall kinda of a slow down. And 
something was wrong about the illumination it was casting down. The light was dim but clear 
and the shrub branches kind of reflected like hotdogs under a heat lamp at the gas station. 
So I realize now somethings fundamentally wrong. I take my foot of the gas and this thing 
rises slowly to pass over the warehouse just beyond the oncoming lane's traffic. I'm borderline 
freaking out and so this guy in this big vanilla colored older model chevy (the kind that seats 
about twenty) is coming at me in the oncoming traffic lane and he's got his face like smashed 
up against the windshield over his steering wheel looking real hard at what ever the thing 
was. And he gives me this blank big eyed look. After that I this wasn't right and went right 
into an adreniline pump that kept me pacing when I got home for at least a half an hour. 
The next day it was the newspaper being reported as mussing around on the far east side. 
I really try not to talk about this. And if I'm not sure I think I entered this same experience
into this web site before - it feels good to say something.


Subject: 1984 ufo sighting

Hi and thanks for responding.   This is concerning a ufo that 
I and 4 other people had on may 5, 1984.  it lasted a full 
1 hour, 55 minutes.  i made a report to mufon in texas, but 
never heard back.  i also made a report to cufos.  this 
sighting was on/near the st.louis river in cloquet, minn.   
(about 15 miles southwest of duluth).  the weather was warm 
(shirtsleeve) no wind.  clear.  no moon visible in the 
northern sky at all.    a very nice may evening.  the night 
before my 8 yr. old son turned nine.  he had a friend over 
to spend the night.  i went to perkins with a friend for 
pie and coffee, and we returned to my home at exactly 10 p.m.  
(i looked at my watch because i had to pay the 15 yr. old 
babysitter.)  as we entered through the sliding glass door 
on the north side of my ranch-style home, the two boys were 
in a state of animated excitement.  my son's friend was 
jumping up and down on top of a kitchen chair.  very animated.  
seemed a bit frightened, as well. it took several minutes to 
calm him down, as well as my son.  the sitter didn't seem 
aware of anything out of the ordinary.  anyway, the two of 
them kept shouting that a tornado had gone right over the 
top of our house and it had gone down to the river and look!  
there it still was.   i looked, and saw a pulsing red light 
which seemed to be landed on the riverbank, which was 1/4 mile 
to the north and lower than my house, which was on a hill.  
i didn't think too much of it at the time.  i didn't really 
think about it at all until questioning the boys resulted in 
a half-hysterical account of the night's activities.  i had 
them go to separate rooms and draw what theiy had seen.  
result:  two almost identical drawings of an upside-down ice 
cream cone shaped thing that was spinning and had colored 
lights spinning around the middle, widest part of it, a red 
light on top and a white light on the bottom.i didn't see 
any of this, just the pulsing red light.  I wasn't alarmed 
as yet, but became more curious as the time went on. 
 the babysitter watched the pulsing red light for awhile, 
but she eventually had to get home.  my friend, the boys 
and i watched it for as long as it was there.  we all tried 
to figure out just what it could be, of course, because 
the area it was in was very swampy and INACCESSIBLE except by 
foot.  i know the area well.  i grew up there.  We (the 
adults) thought it might be a stranded helicopter or something 
for awhile.  that is, until it rose up and went to the center 
of the river at a height of about 25-30 feet.  it then shone 
an off-white, lazer-like light onto the river for about five 
minutes.   it had made just one sweeping movement from the 
river's edge to the center of the river.  zoom.  just like 
that.  that's when I began to feel alarmed.  the pulsating, 
changing size and color didn't alarm me, but that did. when 
pulsating, it seemed to grow larger when it got brighter.  
it was red a lot of the time, but at times would change to 
a mint-green color, an off white color, an amber color, a 
green color, ;all with no detectible pattern or sequence.  
after shooting the lazer like beam  onto the river, it 
quickly shot up to the top of the far hill away from us, 
an arcing movement that is impossible to describe, considering 
MOVED.  and it moved so fast it scared me.  i have no reference 
with which to describe the speed of this thing.  kind of like 
playing a flashlight beam on a wall at night and kind of 
zipping it around.   then it stopped dead at the top of the 
far hill 1/2 mile away from us, and shined this brilliant 
white searchlight type light on the house on the opposite 
side of the river hill.  the only other house in the area.  
(we all lived kind of on the edge of town)  all the lights 
suddenly came on in that house; it had been dark before.  
the object inspected the home and yard for about 60 seconds 
before shooting off to the north and disappearing.  at exactly 
11:55 pm.  as i told the boys to go to bed, because they 
would never ever see anything like that again as long as 
they lived, it suddenly shot back into view and seemed to 
shine that brilliant, blinding light right at us.  it scared 
me.  it seemed to know what i had said to the boys and give 
a parting shot of , "Oh, yeah?"  during the time we watched, 
the boys blinked my eight floodlights at it three times.  the 
thing seemed to respond by flaring up three times.  after 
which i told the boys to stop it; i didn't want it to come 
any closer.  after shooting back from the north and scaring 
me, it took off after about 10 seconds and was gone.  whenever 
it was going to move, it flared up, kind of. always brilliant 
white.  otherwise, it was several different colors.  what do 
you make of this? 


Occurred : 5/5/1984 22:00 (Entered as : 05/05/84 22:00)
Reported: 1/14/2001 11:37
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Cloquet, MN
Number of witnesses: 5
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Like an upside-down ice cream cone.
Duration:1hr 55min

Myself, a friend, two 9-yr old children watched a pulsating craft hover over the 
St.Louis River in Cloquet, just at the edge of town. I lived on a hill, giving an 
excellent view of the river and the craft from about 1/4 mile away. My friend and 
I had just returned from a coffee and pie outing at the local Perkins. We walked 
around to the back of the house and entered through the sliding glass door. The 
two children were in an almost hysterical state, shouting about the "tornado" which 
had passed over our house at a very low level. I tried to calm them down, and told 
them to draw me a picture of what they had seen (in separate rooms). They drew 
virtually identical pictures of an upside-down "ice cream cone" with spinning marks 
and colored lights. They estimated that it barely cleard the top of my 1-story rambler. 
It continued to the river and either landed or hovered just above the opposite bank. 
(north of our house. Evidently it had come from the south & traveled north. As we 
spoke, the kids pointed to where the object still was, on or near the river bank. I 
saw only a red (sometimes light green) pulsating light on or near the river bank. 
We watched it for 1 hour and 55 minutes exactly. During this time, it kept getting 
brighter; then dimmer. As it brightened, it seemed to become larger. I watched it 
thru binoculars, but could not make out a shape behind the light. My friend, the kids, 
and the 15 year old babysitter, watched and talked. Toward the end of the sighting, 
it did some spectacular things; the babysitter had gone home, but my friend stayed 
and watched with us. During the time we watched, we all tried to come up with 
some type of explanation for what it could be; we all concluded that it could not be
human made; it was just too bizarre looking. There was no road or path it could 
have taken to get where it was. It was basically a swamp. We went there the 
following day to see if it had left any evidence of itself; it had not. We had to go on 
foot, climbing over fallen tree! s, etc. Anyway, just after 11:30, it suddenly turned 
an intense white, shot to the center of the river, and dispensed a laser-like dirty-
white light onto the river. This lasted about 5 minutes or so. Then it suddenly turned 
that intense white again and took off up to the top of the opposite river bank; a 
distance of approx. 1/4 mile. So now it was a full 1/2 mile away. It stopped above 
the only other house in the area; a new, large multi-level home. The object shined 
a spotlight-type light that lit up the whole house and the yard; it looked like a 
helicopter search light, but much larger and brighter. The house lights had 
previously been off, but when this light show happened, all the house lights came 
on. I don't know if they actually saw this thing; and I haven't called them or 
discussed it with them. The owner is the county court administrator, and currently 
the mayor of Cloquet. I was just too embarrassed to ask a county official if he had 
seen the ufo. I was also too embarrassed to make a report right away. The next 
day I did call the local police to see if anyone else had made a report; none had. 
After about 2-4 minutes of scoping out this new house, the ufo suddenly brightened 
and shot off over the top of the hill and out of sight. I told the kids to go to bed; that 
they'd never see anything like that during their lives. I barely got out that statement 
when Zoom!! Back it came, shined its blinding whit light DIRECTLY AT US for 
several seconds before shooting off to the north and out of sight. The movements 
of this "thing" were completely unbelievable. It moved so fast that it reminded me 
of a child playing a flashlight on a wall in the dark. Nothing moves that fast. It's 
impossible!! During the sighting, the kids flicked on the floodlights to see if it would 
respond. It did. The kids turned the lights (6 of them) on and off three times. The 
object responded by brightening three times. I had the feeling it could hear what 
we were saying and thinking, because of the ways it seemed to r! espond t o us. 
The weather was completely clear, no moon visible. No wind at all. About 5 minutes 
after it left, however, a heavy fog came rolling down the river west to east, and 
completely obscured the view.

Additional Information:
The weather: about 70 degrees F.
Sky conditions: CLEAR
Moon: No visible moon in that part of the sky that night.
Wind: No discernible wind.

My nine year old son saw it up close and he said it looked like old
pitted metal. The color of it was like old metal, kind of dark grey or
metal that has seen better days. It was light enough outside for them to
see it; it was just about dusk.

The boys at first dove under my son's bed as they were so startled. I
had them draw separate pictures of it, in different rooms. They both
drew a very good likeness of a spinning metal object, with lights on the
center, and top and bottom of it.
They both said it made a kind of "whooshing" sound.


Occurred : 6/15/1984 19:00 (Entered as : 06/15/84 19:00)
Reported: 9/28/2000 01:15
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Ely, MN
Shape: Diamond
Duration:1 hour +
close encounter of the 5th kind (interaction with being from ufo)

this report is being submitted in response to the ufo sighting reported here for ely, 
minnesota, on 6/8/00, in the boundary waters canoe area. i also saw a similar ufo 
back in june of 1984. the location i was on a canoe trip and it was about 7:00pm. 
i had just finished cleaning up after dinner and was getting ready to do some evening 
fishing from the shoreline. i had just reached the shore when i noticed a blue-ish 
object descending at about a 45deg angle from about a mile away. the speed was 
similar to a formula one racing car at speed (200+ mph) and the altitude when i first 
noticed it was maybe 1 mile. (i used to sky-dive, road-race cars and motorcycles, 
and pilot airplanes, so i am a good judge of speed and distance.) the object passed 
in front of me (over the lake) at a distance of maybe 100 yards and an altitude of 
maybe 200 feet. it wa slowing continually during the descent. there was no sound. 
when it was at its closest, i could see through the glow and the object was shaped 
similarly to a diamond in a woman's engagement ring. (round when viewed from 
the top; near flat on top and expanding to a wider profile then tapering to a point in 
the side view) the color was varied from the blue of a royal crown cola can through 
to the color emitted by a blacklight. it disappeared behind the treeline maybe 100 
yards down the shoreline. i stood there stunned for a couple of minutes and was 
getting ready to walk down the shoreline to see if i could see anything more when i 
noticed the movement of something coming through the woods. all i will say here 
about what happened over the next hour is that i communicated through telepathy 
(i didn't initiate the conversation and just had to think what i wanted to say.) with a 
blond-nordic. i did not go to the craft and didn't not see it except when it passed in 
front of me while descending and when it left. (it ascended in reverse of the way it 
descended.) there was no "physical examination". i wa sober and was not tired. i 
am not subject to hallucinations. i have a measured i.q. that qualified me for 
membership in "intertel". when i was in the military (1968-1971), i was a sergeant 
and worked as a fire distribution systems crewchief in aadcp's for nike-hercules 
missile defense syetems and had several ufo sightings on our radar systems both 
in the united states and korea. these were also seen by the members of my crews. 
my father and i also saw a cigar-shaped ufo over kansas in the summer of 1964 
as we were flying one of the family planes from our home in iowa to the family 
ranch in oklahoma. my father also had a sighting in 1962 when he was driving from 
iowa to the family cabin in minnesota. he told me that he spotted something that 
landed in a field next to the road he was on. he said it was about 1/4 mile away 
from his car to the spot where it touched down. my father had a pilot's license from 
1955 to when he passed away in 1973. he also built his own airplanes and was 
a groundcrew crewchief in the army air corps in morocco during the war.  
((NUFORC Note: Anonymous report. PD))


This sighting from Houston, MN: 
MA1/CE1 Sighting  July 1985 (exact date unknown).

At approximately midnight of the night of the sighting, the witness was walking 
home from a dance when she noticed a light hovering in a field at the edge of 
town.  Judging from the location of the light in relaton to a distant line of 
trees, she estimated that the object was 25 to 50 feet off of the ground and was 
less approximately 3 to 5 blocks away.  The light appeared as a search light, 
shining down on the field, with no other associated lighting.  It moved slowly 
to the north, then (smoothly) turned to the east and followed the Root River, 
where it was lost to sight.  It made little or no apparent sound.

Currently investigating noise characteristics of helicopters, perhaps in a 
police or DNR role, as a possible explanation.  Any other ideas are welcome.
(Submitted by Craig Lang, Minnesota MUFON FI)


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 11/20/1985 (Entered as : 11/20/85 unknown)
  Posted : 2/16/1999
 Location : South Milwaukee, WI
 Shape : Light
 Two massive booms which shook the windows followed by a bright light wich flew 
across sky then reversed course headed back the way it came
I remeber this event clearly. I was in the up stairs living room watching "Ernest Saves 
Christmas" when I heard a noise which shook the windows. I got up and looked out the 
window. It was snowing heavly out side but I could see a bright light fly east from lake
Michigan. There was another massive boom that shook the windows then the object 
reversed course without stopping and flew back from were it had come from. The entire 
instance spanded for maybe only 8 to 10 seconds.


Date:  13-Dec-86 14:23 MST
From:  Executive News Svc. [76374,303]
Subj:  APmn 12/13 UFO Sighting

DULUTH, Minn. (AP) -- A police officer says he and his partner
"felt a little funny" reporting an unexplained cluster of lights
in the night sky east of this northeastern Minnesota city.   
"We felt better after we heard we weren't the only ones seeing
things," said officer Paul Stein after filing his "unidentified
sighting" to police headquarters. In fact, numerous northern 
Minnesota residents reported seeing the lights around 1:25 a.m. 
Friday. In all, Duluth police reported nine sightings Friday 
morning of the object, which Stein described as a "cluster of 
white and yellow lights with a large conical fiery tail that split 
into three tails, then just vanished." But soon, the unidentified 
flying object had a probable identity: debris from a Soviet satellite 
re-entering the earth's atmosphere,according to a spokesman with the 
U.S. Space Command. "I figured they would come up with a scientific 
reason eventually," Stein said. "But I wish the suspense and romance 
of it all could have lasted a little longer." People as far away 
as Solon Springs, Wis., about 30 miles southeast of Duluth, and the 
Air National Guard in Fargo, N.D., also reported seeing the object.   
Stein said the object traveled in a horizontal direction for about 
90 seconds. Police Lt. Beverly Ecklund said Stein's report was 
relayed to the National Unidentified Flying Object Reporting Center 
in Seattle, a privately operated center devoted to UFO research 
since 1973. But Stein said he doesn't doubt that what he saw was 
the satellite debris. The timing and location were too close for
coincidence, he said. Del Kindschi, a spokesman for the U.S. Space 
Command in Colorado Springs, Colo., confirmed that a piece of a 
Russian Soyuz T-11 satellite entered the atmosphere above northeastern 
Minnesota at the same time Stein reported seeing the object. "The 
debris entered the atmosphere over Lake Superior about 1:30 Friday 
morning and eventually disintegrated over eastern Pennsylvania," 
Kindschi said. The main satellite, launched in 1984, re-entered the 
atmosphere later that year, Kindschi said. Dave Teske, a planetarium 
assistant at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, said the object may 
have been part of a spectacular meteor shower called the Geminids 
which is streaking through the sky and should be visible through the 
weekend. Teske said Stein's description of how the tail split and 
then disappeared is consistent with a meteor burning up when it hits 
the Earth's atmosphere. "Very often the meteor explodes and the pieces 
blaze for a few seconds before they disintegrate," Teske said.


2006-02-19  	1987-00-00  	
2 bars of light studded w/small blinking lights.vertical,silent .Blend into 1, then separate .
Dark night, looked like the 2 vertical bars of light were on the wing tips of a plane only 
they wern't. Silent. Fairly slow. They flew out to the horizon and the bar on right moved 
left & merged into bar on left and flew on as one bar. Shortly thereafter the right bar 
moved back to its original position to the right and they flew on out of sight after making 
an oblique left turn. Saw nothing connecting the 2 bars. The small "strobelike" lights that 
ran top to bottom of the 2 bars blinked very fast but in no apparent sequence, not 1,2,3,4 
etc. but like 1,8,6,3,7 etc. Couldn't tell if it were 2 objects or just 1. Appeared quite low 
but can't estimate altitude or size. Impression was it [they] were large. Bars looked dim, 
"strobes" looked bright. What did I see??? I was awe struck!


Occurred : 4/21/1987 22:30 (Entered as : april 21 87 10:30 pm)
Reported: 6/7/1999 09:35
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Hibbing, MN
Shape: Circle
Duration:15 min.
we saw a strange light in the sky so we pulled over to the side of the road and 
watched in amazment as it moved with lighting speed

we were driving down hwy 169 when we saw a strange light in the sky it moved 
in from the northwest at a high speed so we pulled over and watched it as it 
moved about with lighting speed it came to a hault and a bright light turned on 
and shined into the trees it stayed there a moment making no noise then the light 
turned off and in a flash it went north then west and then it shot off like a bullet to 
the south.


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 11/15/1987 23:00 (Entered as : 11/?/87 23:00)
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : Crivitz, WI
 Shape : Unknown
 Green light spotted above trailer. Footsteps leading to trailer, door opened and footsteps 
came toward bdrm door. Door opened slightly, shadow of figure was seen against wall.
Large head, skinny body. Door then shut, footsteps ran out door, then green light
No object was seen as it was hovering above camper.This experience happened to my 
(late) uncle over ten years ago but his wife still lives in Crivitz. She heard it first hand from 
him so she would most likely have more information.


Occurred : 1/25/1988 04:00 (Entered as : 01/25/88 04:00)
Reported: 11/17/1998 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Duluth, MN
Shape: Triangle
In the early morning on a winter day when I was younger, my friends and I had a 
sleep over, and one of my friends had a paper route, so we were out probally at 
4:00 A.M. and this triangular object was suddenly noticed above us.

In the early morning on a winter day when I was younger, my friends and I had a sleep 
over, and one of my friends had a paper route, so we were out probally at 4:00 A.M. 
and this triangular object was suddenly noticed above us. It was very hard to 
distinguish the border around the object, even though it was very low, and large. 
There were lights on each corner, or what looked to be the corners. and it was a bigger 
light like the color of the moon, and there was another light within the light that moved 
in a circle inside the big light. The friend with the paper route was the only one that 
didn't see it. becasue he was doing his route, but the other five of us saw it, and were 
very traumatized... and immediately ran back to the house.


ABSTRACT:           	Report of a black, non-reflecting entity, of humanoid form.
CASE_TYPE:          	CE4
MONTH:              	10/1988
HOUR:               	06:15
DURATION:           	under_1_minute
COUNTY:             	Hennepin
NEAR_TOWN_OR_CITY:  	Minneapolis, MN usa
SITE:               	city
ENTITY_TYPE:        	humanoid
HEIGHT:             	5_feet
APPAREL_COLOR:      	black
INVESTIGATOR1_EMAIL:	w.mcneff@att.net

In November [1988], my Dad was at a convention, and I slept with my Mom.  The 
alarm clock went off, I popped up, sprung forward, then fell backwards.  I couldn’t 
move, couldn’t do anything but think.  I finally managed to move my foot, then my 
leg, then sat up on the edge of the bed.  Things felt like they were out of sync, like 
a wave moving.  [I got up], put my hand on the door, walked toward the bathroom, 
put my hand on the wall, looked to the right into the dining room, and saw this 
black figure [it was if it reflected no light at all]. Then I went into the bathroom.  I 
got the toothpaste, started to brush my teeth, then thought about the figure.  I 
peeked out of the bathroom, didn’t see anything [in the dining room any more].  
The figure had been so black that I saw no features.  There is lots of light in our 
house from streetlights, etc. [so I should have been able to see more than I did.]

The head was rounder than ours.  It also seemed bigger but not grossly.  It was 
not my nephew [who was living with us at the time], [he is] too tall.  The height of 
the black figure was about 4 feet 8 inches to 5 feet tall, it was a little shorter than 
my Mom, who is 5 feet 1-1/2 inches tall.

My experiences go back to 1988; the first time was probably in July.  It was at 
night, I heard a sound like thousands of blowtorches.  I couldn’t move. [She was 
sleeping on the sofa on the porch at home.] I don’t know how long it lasted, it 
seemed like forever.  Then it cut off, and I ran to my parents’ room.  I called the 
police, they informed me that they had just received a call from someone just 
a couple of blocks from me regarding an unusual sound.  Another person I know 
who lives in the Camden area about a mile from the NSP generator plant, says 
they may have been letting off steam, but no way should I have heard it, since I 
live over 6 miles from the plant.  I called NSP and they informed me that they 
only let off steam about every ten years, and they said no way could I have 
heard it from where I live.

Three weeks later my parents were on the porch, around midnight, [they 
apparently heard the same sound I had heard,] my Dad wanted to go out, but 
the sound cut off suddenly.  

A month later [after the entity experience], [approx. December 1988] Dad was 
home, I had the same out-of-sync experience, with the wave thing.  [I was 
starting into the bathroom], Dad said to me “What are you doing?  You just 
went into the bathroom half an hour ago!  He said I was wearing a white night 
gown. I didn’t have a white night gown! Years later, my nephew told me of hearing 
about abductions.  [I hadn’t heard of them.]

My most recent experience was at the end of March this year (2000).  Has anyone 
ever had the experience of coming back into their body?  It felt like something being 
thrown at me; it bounced off my bed, into me.  Our dog was still alive and jumped 
up, because she heard it.  It felt like it hit my chest area, but it hit on the left [side 
of my bed] first.  It was about early morning, I have it in my journal.

[From notes taken during telephone interviews on 9-18-00 and 10-19-02, and 
written testimony from the witness in October, 2002.­ William I. McNeff]
This witness is highly reliable and trustworthy.  I would judge her to be very 
intelligent and objective. 


1/25/1989	MINNEAPOLIS, MN.      6:15 A     NL     Multiple witness
	Green light, possible meteors, seen over 12 hr. period? No sound.  

1/XX/1989 N WEST BEND, WI     Midnite    CE1       Multiple witness
 Boomerang, hovered near railroad tracks.  No sound.  15 min.

1/10/1989 APPLETON, WI.     Night    CE1       Multiple witness.
 Three large bright white lights moving in a straight line, observed
 by pilot and co-pilot of small plane flying at 7000 feet. Lights
 turned off and on in sequence.

1/13/1989 SUN PRARIE, WI.     8:25 PM    CE1       Multiple witness.
 Triangular shaped object with six bright lights in front, 1 1/2
 football fields wide, 1000 feet altitude.  Over roadway 30 to 45
 seconds.  No sound heard.

1/17/1989 FENNIMORE, WI.     7:00 PM    NL       Multiple witness.
 Twelve to fifteen lights.  Several reports to Sheriff Dept.  No sound.



Morrison County, just east of Little Falls, Minnesota 
(population 3,000) has seen may UFO sightings over the 
years, according to one resident. In addition to last 
week's UFO sighting (See UFO Roundup, volume 5, number 47, 
"Woman motorist sees a hovering UFO in Minnesota," page 
5), states reader Todd Madson. Todd "wanted to mention 
that I'm fairly familiar with the area, having passed 
through Little Falls to go to a childhood friend's home 
on a number of occasions. That entire area is very rural 
and not known for having a lot of air traffic." 

"That friend and I saw something really unusual in the 
winter of 1979 while we were snowmobiling on a frozen 
lake in Pierz (population 850)," about 10 miles (16 
kilometers) east of Little Falls. The UFO "was flying a 
good distance away and could have not seemingly been ours." 

Todd and his girlfriend of the time had an even more 
dramatic UFO sighting on February 14, 1989 in nearby 
Biscay, Minn. 

"Anyway, my Feb. 14, 1989 sighting was notable as it 
shows there were small unusual craft were being flown 
over rural western Minnesota. "We had been driving 
(through Biscay) and saw what appeared to be lights 
attached to a pair of smokestacks in a field but 
couldn't see any factory or stacks at all. There was 
a pair of hovering green and red lights. I told her 
to pull over and we did." 

"They were stationary for a moment, then began moving 
forward and eventually passed overhead at an altitude 
of 250 to 350 feet (75 to 105 meters). As it happened, 
the streetlight near the highway was shedding light, and 
it lit the bottom of these things and lit them up really 
nicely. They were flying probably 30 to 50 feet (9 to 
15 meters) apart, one to the front and right of the other 

"What they were were two black aircraft with very quiet 
engines similar to an F-117 (Stealth fighter--J.T.) but 
the empennage was completely wrong. And these things 
were flying so slowly you could walk right along with 
them. I heard the engines ramping up, and they eventually 
started accelerating faster. The (objects') plan/form was 
a black triangle with a 79-degree wing sweep but it 
appeared to have more roundness to the shape. and the 
F-117 tail was nowhere in evidence. I am tempted to 
create a computer graphic of what I saw. When they did 
fly over, there were two dim yellowish-white lights 
pointing downward roughly where the landing gear would 
have been on an F-117. They flew overhead from north to 
east paralleling the highway, and we managed to follow 
them for awhile until they left us in the dust." 

Little Falls is on Minnesota Highway 27 about 95 miles 
(152 kilometers) northwest of Minneapolis. (Many thanks 
to Todd Madson for this report) 
(Editor's Note: Little Falls was the boyhood home of the 
famous American pilot, Charles A. Lindbergh Jr., who 
flew The Spirit of St. Louis from New York City to Paris 
in 1927.) 


UFO Roundup Vol 5 #48


3/18/1989	CUDAHY, WI.	     8:45 PM      CE1  Single witness
	Gray cigar-shaped object almost overhead, surrounded by shimmering
	lite.  Craft about 1000 ft. in air.  Went into vertical climb and left
	in seconds.  Duration: 10 seconds.

8/10/1989	MILWAUKEE, WI.	   3:30 AM    NL   2 wit.   No sound   25 min.
	Terrified couple, fishing on waters near Omro saw object fall, hover.

1/29/1989	WELLMAN, IA.	      9:00 P	   NL	      01 witness
	Huge dark mass, flanked by two beacons, lit by a halo. No sound. Brief.

9/XX/1989	XXXX, IOWA	     XXXX	 TC	XX	   Not appl.
	Seen on A CURRENT AFFAIR. Farmer found rings in field.

10/XX/1989	CUMMING, IA.	     Night	 CE1	1 wit.   No sound    10 min.
	Object over fisherman at 600', size of truck or house.

10/11/1989	FYLINE, IA.	     Night	 NL	MW	   No sound    
	Several sightings of strange lights near Missouri border.

10/17/1989	DAVIS COUNTY, IA.    Night	 NL	MW	   No sound   
	Possibly Venus.

1/28/1989	STOCKBRIDGE, MI.      XXXX	   NL	      Multiple witness
	Super large craft w/bright blue lites on perimeter. No sound.  XXXX

1/04/1989 THREE RIVERS, MI.   8:30 PM    NL       Single witness
               Three "Tylenol-caplet" shaped objects flying at high speed.  No sound.

2/XX/1989	THREE RIVERS, MI.    9:15 PM	   NL	      Single witness
	Three "Tylenol-caplet" shaped objects. Same as 1/4/89. No sound.

2/03/1989	RAVENNA, MI.	     2:45 AM	   CE2	      Multiple witness.
	Big bright fireball type object approached to 50 yards of car at tree-
	top level.  Fireball went out leaving dark mass with red, green, &
	white lights. When car moved, object moved and vice versa.  Played for
	15 to 20 minutes, then moved away at high speed.  No sound.

5/10/1989	FARMINGTON HILLS, MI.  Midnite	   CE2	      Two witnesses
	Large greenish-silver dasc-shaped object, turned on end and paced car
	for about two hours. Car radio stopped working and electrical system
	quit working.

9/11/1989	KALAMAZOO, MI.	     9:15 PM	 CE2   +3 wit.	  
               No sound  15 min. Object with stubby wings near nose. Tubes and pipes seen. 

Courtesy of: Barbara Becker, UFO RESEARCH NETWORK, Fran Ridge, UFO FILTER CTR., 


Event 03/15/89, near Elysian, Minnesota.  Investigator Bill McNeff.  
While driving home a woman came upon a 30-foot display of lights
hovering about 50 feet over a ditch.  She came to a halt and watched 
for several minutes but discerned only lights. They consisted of two 
rows of alternating red and green, blinking in succession, and two 
red lights above. Becoming frightened, she drove a short distance to 
the home of a friend. They returned but found nothing.


Sightings from 1990 thru 1994

Occurred : 1/1/1990
Reported: 2/10/1995
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Man reports seeing 5x objects connected by a straight line sometime during 1990.


Location: Otter Tail County, Minnesota
Date: March 1, 1990 
Time: night
The witness ran into 11 inches of snow in her front yard to 
see a hovering disc shaped craft, this object ascended into a 
larger hovering object that suddenly appeared. At this point 
the witness suffered a black out and was apparently abducted. 
She vaguely recalled being taken onboard by tall blond Nordic 
type beings that predicted an earthly disaster between the 
years 2000 and 2011. An implant was also inserted into her 


Date of event: April 1990
Description of event:  At aprx. 5 AM , with very clear skies, a large, round object, with 
blue/green flame, spinning and rotating.  Three witnesses.

Occurred : 6/15/1990 23:00 (Entered as : 06/00/90 23:00)
Reported: 3/28/1998 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Columbia Heights, MN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1-2 min.
Something floated by me, no sound, no wind!
Of course everyone asked what i was on, nothing iv'e only told 4-5 people this. 
Warm summer night, clear skies no wind at all. I was bringing out the garbage 
out to the ally no one was around, dead quite. I lived on a corner lot at the time so 
I could see two blocks in either direction. iwas looking up and around at the stars 
when standing east I caught something in the corner of my eye. About a block to 
my right five or ten feet over the tree tops which were around tweny five to thirty 
feet up was this thing.It floated in a absulute straight line past me vary slow 2-3 
miles per hour, I was about five feet from the ally. It was lightly ulluminated in a 
yellowish color, with a black corner to corner stripe about 1.5-2 feet wide. The 
thing was about the size of a vw bug. There were no edges, seems or anything 
protruding from it. Ten or so feet long six or so feet wide. The closest thing I can 
come up with is the movie of Star Trek were they put spock into a casket and 
sent him to some planet. Its shape was quite similar. I heard no sound from 
it, no trafic anyware at all, this was on a Sunday night.I watched it go past me 
straight down the ally and out of site. Istood the wondering what the hell was that, 
nothing can do that. I looked around to see if maybe someone else was around 
but nobody was there. I don't know what it was, I do remember I had An erie 
sense about it. Has anyone else seen this? I know it's weird but the more i've 
thought of this thing for the past seven years, I have a strange feeling it was 
some sort of probe, crazy huh. Well thats about it thanks for listening.


Occurred : 7/1/1990 22:00 (Entered as : 7/1/90 22:00)
Reported: 4/15/2000 14:17
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Mankato, MN
Shape: Oval
Duration:10 minutes
my girfriend and i saw an opaque outline of an oval elongated object with lights 
foreward, midship and aft dissappear within an instant with no sound of any kind.
my girfriend and i were returning home at about sunset when we heard the loud 
noise coming from a propeller plane overhead. we stopped on an open outside 
porch waiting to see the plane clear our roof line so we could determine if it was in 
trouble. the plane cleared our roof line at less than 1000 ft so i thought it was either 
in trouble or may be trailing a lighted sign for us to see. neither seems to be the 
case but as we looked at the plane going from east to west we noticed south from 
our house an opaque shape. the object was about 60 feet long by 30 plus feet high 
narrower and the ends than the middle with lights fore, aft and midship. what we 
really mnoticed was the absence of lights coming from an adjacent street or the 
four floors of our hospital we normally see or the lights from a 10 story apartment 
bldg our vision was being blocked by something. we stared at the object and felt 
we were being watched but neither of us felt afraid. we could not grasp what our 
eyes were seeing it just would not register. it is as if you were looking at a puzzle 
to solve and need a lot of time to solve it after 3 to 5 minutes of us staring at it and 
looking back at the noisy plane trying to make sense of anything. we kept returning 
to the object again and again as if each time we refocused it would make sense. 
within an instant, this does not adequatly describe the spped. within a millisecond 
all we could see was a trail of the three lights we noticed stretching for over a mile 
in the sky. at that momemnt we knew we had come accross something out of 
anything our mind could accept. there no sound when it left, no noise from the 
leaves on the trees and bushes which wee near. no noise at all except from that 
noisy plane which had turned from east to west to west to east from the south. 
the other uneplainable was when we first started looking at the object there was 
a beautiful sunset and when it left the sunset was gone and it was dark. strange 
yet was the noisy plane was alwys in ear shot with us it never left us. my girlfriend 
and me wrote each other notes about waht we saw without dicussing it in detail 
that night. our notes comapre exactly with the primary emphasis on the speed 
and no noise. while lokking at the object we kept ying to each " what is this" 
" what are we seeing" each time we would both say i don't now. the next day we 
thought we would contact our local airport to see if we could track down the pilot 
of the noisy plane but decided not to draw attention to ourselves. however, later 
the next day while listening to our radio while washing our cars we heard a live 
broadcast of a sherrif chasinfg a ufo in another county. never heard another 
word after this. i would appreciate any kind of response either affirming this 
report or explaining it away. thanks


September 11, 1990
Taken from: The Pioneer, Bemidji, Minnesota, Friday, August 31, 1990

                        Witnesses marvel at mystery objects
                            by Pat Miller, Staff Writer

       It seems that Bemidji wasn't the lone city on the path of last weeks
       unexpected visitor from the sky as craft of similar description were
       sighted in every corner of the area.

       Reports of sightings  have  surfaced  from  Park Rapids, Clearbrook,
       Laporte, Zerkel and Turtle River  and  the  common threads among the
       varying accounts are the lack of noise and the shape.

       Between 9:30 and  10  p.m.  last  Thursday [August  23,  1990]  Dick
       McLaurie of Bemidji  and  his  son  Tony  were  heading  home from a
       fishing excursion east of Blackduck  when  they  saw  the craft near
       Castle Highlands Golf Course.

       We saw them  approaching  us from the direction of  Bemidji  and  we
       pulled over to  watch the show, said McLaurie.  They were about one-
       quarter of a mile away from us and  one-quarter of a mile in the air
       and we watched them for about three or four minutes.

       What McLaurie saw  was at least five different objects  shaped  like
       the bullet with  wings  that Julie Knutson described last week.  The
       objects sported a series of light  and they all traveled together in
       a convoy formation.

       There were five  or  six  different  vehicles  flying  in  a  group,
       McLaurie recalled.  At  first  they were moving slowly but then they
       started sparking and sped up.  All  of  a sudden all the lights went
       out and the  things really took off in the direction  of  Blackduck.
       They certainly moved faster than any plane I've ever seen.

       At 9:50 that  same  evening Tom Crissinger of Northward Ho Resort on
       Long Lake near Park Rapids was among  a group of about 14 people who
       saw a similar display.

       They looked like the space shuttle and were about the  size of a big
       jet.  But they didn't make any noise, Crissinger said.  They trailed
       balls of something  like  fire  about  a mile long and over the lake
       they were easy to see.  We also saw  about  20 square windows on the
       side (of the craft) and we kept asking each other  if  anybody  else
       saw the windows.  And everyone did.

       The objects continued over the lake in the direction of Bemidji and
       followed a slowly ascending course.

       Greg Gasman of  rural  Laporte also witnessed the show from his back
       yard between 9:30 and 10 p.m.  His  immediate  attention  was  on an
       airplane he could clearly hear and see high in the  sky but when his
       gaze returned earthward  it  was  interrupted  by the sight of three
       unusual visitors low to the ground.

       They were almost touching each other  and  each one had front lights
       and back lights,  he said.  The silhouette of each  was  of  a  long
       cylindrical object and they were traveling in a convoy.

       Unlike the other   reports   which   had  the  craft  heading  in  a
       northeasterly direction, Gasman's    objects   traveled   from   the
       southeast to the northwest.

       They were heading straight for Bemidji and going northwest, he said.

       What surprised me the most was that there were no sparks, no sign of
       what propelled them, and they made no noise.  It  was  a  very quiet
       night but still they didn't make a sound.

       Additional articles appeared in The Pioneer on August 26, 28, and 30
       with similar information.

       Other persons sighting  the  craft were Wayne Bitz and Dave Mathisen
       of Bemidji, Diane Wagner from the  east  side  of Big Bass Lake, and
       Jami Knutson, 11-year-old daughter of Julie Knutson  of Bemidji, and
       NORAD tracked the object on radar.

       Here is an interesting quote from the August 28 story:

            "The official  word on the mysterious lights which were visible
             over the Bemidji area Thursday night is (probably) a returning
             rocket body  that  decayed   in   space   and   reentered  the

       That explanation was offered by Major David Griffard  of  the  North
       American Air Defense Command based at Peterson Air Force Base near
       Colorado Springs, Colo.

       He said he  cannot  disclose  other information about the rocket but
       said NORAD received  calls  from   Minnesota,  South  Dakota,  North
       Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and Trinidad about the object.

       A spokesman from the Grand Forks Air Base said that  no  planes from
       that base were  in  the  air  Thursday  evening  and the objects the
       Knutson's saw did not have their roots at the base.


Location: Plymouth, Minnesota
Date: mid November 1990 Time: 2030
The witness, who was feeling very lonely and depressed was 
walking alone, west on 45 Ave. when he suddenly found himself 
standing in a beam of white light. He was blinded by the intense 
brightness. Shielding his eyes he looked up and was able to 
see the silhouette of a large black disc-shaped object about 
25 feet in diameter with an aperture in the center. It hovered 
silently above him about 35 feet up in the air. The beam of 
light emanated from an aperture. The disc seemed to move into 
position above the witness who then recalled a deep voice
originating all around him. He was then somehow lifted off the 
ground, and began floating towards the light. He apparently 
blacked out, but was able to recall lying flat on a table or 
bench and looking at a being with huge black eyes that seemed 
to be scanning him from head to toe. His next recollection was 
of walking east on 45 Ave. He then felt relaxed, warm, and to 
his surprise, very happy. He cannot account for 2 hours and 20 
minutes of that evening. 


Elk River, MN, Approx. November, 1990

Retired Engineer:  "About two years ago on a stormy night my wife and 
myself watched bright lights in the sky while we were driving south 
on Co. Rd. 73 northwest of Big Lake.  We watched these lights for 
about five miles.  When we got to a field near Big Lake these lights 
were hovering about 75 feet above the ground and approximately 300 
feet from us.  We stopped the car and got out and watched this machine 
hover next to a power line for a few moments, then without making any 
sound it took off north bound at a 45 degree angle.  I don't remember 
a definite shape, but I know it wasn't like a saucer."

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Occurred : 12/24/1990 21:00
Reported: 2/1/1998 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Wayzate, MN
Shape: Light
Summary :  


01-01-1991  Duluth, MN, USA  UFOCAT #113657
underwater ufo in minnesota


From:   Pete Porro
To:     Frank Ward


(C) UFONET 1991


Occurred : 3/1/1991 04:30 (Entered as : 03/01/91 04:30)
Reported: 5/22/2000 21:27
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Egg
Duration:10 minutes
5-6 silver, egg-shaped craft desending one by one at early sunrise on Lake Calhoun 
in Minneapolis.

I was looking across Lake Calhoun from a window on the top floor of the Calhoun 
Beach Club. It was still pretty dark since the sun was just starting to rise. I saw 
something reflecting the sunlight to the southwest, and at first I thought it was an 
airplane since it was in the sky and the sun hadn't risen high enough to touch the 
tops of buildings or treetops. The window in which I looked from was open and it 
was very quiet out side, and I didn't hear a sound coming from it. As I looked I 
realised it could'nt be a plane because it was too small; or a hellicopter because it 
made no noise. It was like a big silver egg the size of a small house, and it was 
wobbling back and forth and up and down slowly above some houses about one 
quarter of the way around the lake to the left of my view. it then calmed down and 
slowly started to desend. It seemed to drop in front of the houses but behind the 
trees before going out of sight. Then, there were more flying to the same area above 
the trees. First one, then another, then two at once. All were moveing in the same 
odd way, then slowly dropping down behind the trees and out of sight one at a time. 
I tried to wake up my friend who was in the bedroom and I brought him out to look, 
but he was mad that I woke him up and wouldn't listen. He just went back to bed. 
I didn't want to miss this experience though, so I went back to the window to see. 
In all, I probably saw 5-6 craft that night. I don't tell many people about what 
happened, since I recieved alot of flack about it in the past, although I wish I had 
written down the date and time. That was the last thing on my mind. If there is 
anyone else in that area of Minneapolis who has seen these craft, plese contact 
me. I am a sky-watcher now.


Occurred : 5/20/1991 21:00 (Entered as : 05/20/1991 21:00)
 Reported : 4/11/2001 21:12
 Posted : 4/28/2001
 Location : Northfield, MN
 Shape : Formation
 7 UFOs flying in a train formation seen in Northfield MN, 1991
 I have created a Flash animation of this experience: (URL deleted) In 1991 I was 
a senior at St. Olaf college in Northfield, MN. The following was witnessed by me, 
and at least 4 of my friends. The event occured in April or perhaps May of 1991.
 I was dark but it hadn't been dark very long. I'd guess it was 9:00. A group of us 
were in my friends apartment (Lincoln Parkway apartments) when one of my friends 
called us out to the second story balcony of the apartment. "hey guys check this 
out.. are these UFO's or something?" We went out of the desk and there were 
several lights about 40-45 degrees above the horizon (from our perspective).. 
These lights were moving fairly slowly in our general direction.. as them moved 
closes they seemed to be following each other, one after the other.. I would call 
it a "string" of lights..there were 7 or maybe 8 of them. I'm almost certain that these
 lights were moving independantly of each other and were not part of a single, 
huge object. The lights were a deep, amber red. I'm fairly certain the red lights 
were on continually and were bright. In addition, each "craft" also had what I 
remember to be several strobes blinking in a repeating, irregular, odd pattern not 
like the once every 3 second strobes of an airplane. the repeating strobe pattern 
(of maybe seven individual blinks) that each craft had repeated I would guess 
every second or so. I got the impression that these lights were fairly close to us.. 
and the size of each was maybe the size of a small plane. (20 feet diameter each?) 
I didn't notice any sounds from these lights. I actually got the cordless phone and 
called my roomate (who was in my apartment in the next building) and told him 
to go out on the balcony and look at what we were seeing.. I asked him what he 
thought they were and he said "I don't know, a train??" which was obviously not 
the case because trains don't fly, and these things were definitely in the air. But 
the lights were "train like" with one following the other blinking their weird lights. 
The distance between these lights in this string was not far. They seems to be 
much closer together than what I would think to be a safe distance. A couple 
years later I noticed a formation of helicopters flying, one after the other, and I 
took note that the distance between the helicopters was much farther apart than 
the lights that we say. Actually, I do remember that the noise of a train going by 
on nearby track was audible at the time. this may have also been what caused 
my friend to give "train" as an explaination. If there were any sound of the craft, the
 train noise may have gotten in the way of us hearing anything). But had it been 
6 Cesnas that close, I'm certain I would have heard the engines. Still watching 
the lights, I called the police on the phone I was holding. the woman who answered 
said "Oh, you know what those are? they're ultralight aircraft". This I doubted. I 
had seen ultralight aircraft in the area before. But never to my knowledge at night, 
and never flying in formation. The crazy blinking pattern of these lights was unlike 
anything I had seen on any airplane before. Seeing one of these things would have 
been curious, but It's possible that I may have just dismissed it as a plane that had
 odd lights but I doubt it. These lights were weird, and there were 6 or seven of them! 
Interestingly, the police-woman I was talking to told me that in a neary by town 
(Fairbault) there had been a newspaper story of some UFO sightings a week or 
so previous to the night I was talking to her. (more about this later). The lights 
continued closer and closer to us and seemed to get lower. Slowly, the lights drifted 
past us to our left and from our perspective they disappeared along the tree line. 
After the initial string of lights disappeard to our left, 3-5 minutes past and then we 
looked up and saw another single craft appear in the some location in the sky that 
the initial group appeared. It moves slowly along, following the path that the other 
lights took. I seem to remember this one being slightly different. I believe it was 
smaller, but perhaps it wasn't. It had similar red lights and blinking strobes. The 
entire sighting lasted about 8 minutes. I later regretted not getting out of the building 
and going out in the field past the trees to see if I could continue to see the lights, 
but to be honest, I was scared. The next day I called the Fairbault newspaper and 
asked about the article that had been printed. The reporter verified that he had in 
fact written an article that discussed a couple of sightings in that area. I believe he 
mentioned that someone had seen a strange light shining a beam down or something 
like that. He also mentioned that a local farmer farmer had apparantly also had a 
sighting around the same time as us. This farmer had had sightings in years past 
and even had experienced cattle mutilations. The reported took my name and we 
talked about him possibly writing a new story talking about our sightings, but I didn't 
pursue it and neither did he so nothing ever happened. I also called the FAA and not
 surprisingly they weren't helpful. The 1997 "Phoenix Lights" reminded me somewhat 
of what we saw, how the lights appeared in a row. But the lights in that video seemed 
white, not red, and didn't appear to be moving. The lights we saw were much closer 
to each other (and to us) than the lights in the Phoenix videos that were widely shown. 
I know this report lacks certain important information (exact time, date) but I've done 
the best I can. What I do know is that these were definitely, without question, 
intelligently controlled craft, not balls of light way off in the distance. These lights 
were close and sharp and had it been daylight, I'm certain I could describe the shape 
of these craft, but it was just dark enough that we could only see the lights of the 
craft, not the shape of the crafts they were attached to. If these craft were man made, 
they were unlike anything any of the five of us ever recall seeing before or since. This 
string of lights was moving roughly in an east to west path. ((name deleted))
((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


7/1/91 22:00 
Mulliken, MI 
On the night of a meteor shower around 6-8 years ago from this date, 
a friend and I witness what we believe was 4 unidentified spacecraft.


6/1/91 19:00 
Troy, MI 
My wife 34,son 10 and his grandmother, 68, saw a disk shaped 
object with lights hovering .5-1 mile up in the air near 14 mile and I-75w. 

Occurred : 4/13/1992 01:00 (Entered as : 4-13-92 1:00am)
Reported: 10/5/2000 03:24
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Ely, MN
Shape: Light
Duration:roughly 1 min.
Sattelite objects moving at random across the sky , at speeds never seen before.

Well it was seasons opener for fishing, a friend and myself were up along the 
Boundry Waters. It was a clear night you could see the stars great and we were 
laying on bedrock looking up at them. We talk of sattelite's something I had never 
seen or at least recognized. Later I saw what just seemed to me another star but 
all of a sudden it moved from north to the southern part of the sky so fast it was 
like a blink of an eye. Then it happen again only at an angle from which it had 
come from and then another did. At this time I tapped my friend and told him to 
look and pointed to were one had stoped and now three were moving at random 
moving across the sky so fast you could hardly keep up with them and then take 
off again in another direction. Sometimes in this movement across the sky they 
would make a right angle without hessitation, or delay. At this point I asked if he 
saw them also and he did, and about all he could say is that they did'nt move like 
any sattelite he had ever seen? What were they? We don't know, they resembled 
a star or sattelite, but moved so fast across such a distance and at random 
making angled manovers that I believe that it was'nt man made machinery. Nor 
were they falling stars those I have seen. Oh and I forgot all 3 moved off in a 
southern direction and just dissappered. ((NUFORC Note: Approximate date. PD))


Occurred : 7/15/1992 01:30 (Entered as : 07/15/1982 1:30)
Reported: 1/8/2004 11:05:09 PM 23:05
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Duluth, MN
Shape: Other
Duration:<5 sec.
luminous orange half-disk winks on then off

While this report is unlikely to distinguish itself due to it's reatively mundane specifics, 
it was nevertheless my personal observation of an unknown aireal phenomenon. I 
should note here, before I discuss the details of the sighting, that there are several 
important contextual factors that should not go unmentioned. First of all, I am an 
amateur astonomer. Several thousand hours spent watching the sky have yieled 
but a single event, an anomoly if you will. The implications of this are open to debate; 
however, I think these particular noctunal habits strongly suggest the presence of 
a logical way of observing natural and unnatural (artificial) phenomena. Secondly, 
I have had cognitive testing performed by a praticing psychologist, and the test 
results indicated a very high perceptual score. Apparently this psychologist has 
not seen such a score over the years, save for a "few" other examples. With these 
factors in mind, hopefully my report will be given serious consideration.

As indicated above, this event took place sometime around 1992 or '93. The month 
was probably July, but it may have been late June or early August as well. I recall 
it was a clear, moonless (new moon, moon set early, or late rising) night, well after 
midnight, but not yet near twilight. A light breeze could be heard in the pine and 
spruce trees. I was alone but with one other person, and we were sitting so that 
we faced, by chance, westward. My gaze, at one crucial moment, happened to 
be fixed on the cloudless sky some twenty degrees above the horizion. Very 
abruptly, as if someone had flipped on a switch, a luminous orange half-disk 
appeared directly in my line of sight. The half-disk moved parrallel to the horizion, 
from my right to my left, silent (as far as I could discern) all the while. After but a 
few seconds, it faded out, and I was to never see it again.

I can recall other specifics related to this "object": it was of a luminous, dull orange 
color (my impression then ,as now, is that it was self-luminous); it displayed sharp 
borders all around and seemed quite solid in its makeup ; the flat section was 
actually slightly concave, thus it wasn't quite a half-disk; it appeared to travel with 
the aformentioned side in front; it left no trail or train that I could observe; it's 
apparent size was about 150% of the moon near first-quarter.

It is interesting to note that orange half-moons as well as disks are not unknown 
in UFO literature, however the precise characteristics seem to vary from sighting 
to sighting.  ((NUFORC Note: Date and time are approximate. Witness indicates 
date in both 1980's and 1990's, and we have requested clarification from the party 
as to in which decade the event occurred. PD))


Occurred : 21:30 (Entered as : 09/xx/92 2130)
Reported: 3/12/2000 02:59
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Golden Valley, MN
Shape: Flash
Duration:2.5 hours
A strobe light flashed for 2 1/2 hours over a neighbor's house.

It was in late September, 1992. The evening was warm and balmy, and large white 
clouds drifted by at low altitude. I was driving back home from the local convenience 
store around 9:30pm, and had just pulled onto my street in Golden Valley, when I 
saw a flash in a cloud. It was roughly directly ahead of me, and at some unknown 
altitude. I thought at first that it was an airliner with brighter strobe lights (the FAA is 
always testing new anti-collision devices). I remarked out loud to myself, "He's too 
low!". He was not only low, I felt, but also off course! That was definitely not the 
approach to the Mpls/St.Paul airport that I'd seen any planes take. I pulled into the 
garage, stowed my groceries, and decided to wander out to the deck since it was 
so nice outside. I had been outside only a few seconds when I saw another flash. 
It looked like the same one I'd seen before, but now it was southeast of me instead 
of almost straight south. It came from the same cloud I'd seen earlier! (It was a 
very large, white cloud, and unmistakable). I watched it for quite a while and noticed 
that it flashed about every 30 seconds. Finally, I was able to see - very dimly - a 
searchlight beam originating in the south, going around in a circle, and striking 
something with each pass. When the beam made contact, something flashed in 
the cloud. I had NEVER seen anything like this before! Why I didn't try to photograph 
it or turn my binoculars on it, I'll never know. I simply stood there and thought, "Isn't 
that interesting...." - knowing full well that it was very interesting, and unexplainable. 
Finally, I went into the house and watched the 10 o'clock news til about 10:30. When 
I came out again, the flashing was still continuing! I went in again, and came out at 
perhaps 11:00pm. The clouds had now drifted away, but the flashing continued 
with each sweep of the searchlight! Even though the clouds were gone, when it 
flashed, there seemed to be a variable haze around the flash. This went on until 
midnight when the searchlight quit. So it was hovering (?) near my house for at 
least 2 1/2 hours - possibly longer. It was late and 3 of my neighbors had young 
children at that time, so I didn't feel comfortable calling them at 10:00 or 11:00pm 
or later, to say, "Come out and look at this strobe light which flashes every 30 
seconds...". I mentioned it to a friend in our UFO group (an engineering type), and 
he had never heard of anything like it either. I was able to triangulate its location 
using a city map left over from the Street Light Project in our neighborhood, since 
I had 2 sightings of the object from 2 different angles. This thing was located 
approximately over the street or over a neighbor's house in front of my house! 
Frankly, I was flabbergasted - even though the triangulation was simple, and could 
really have been done in my head if I'd been thinking. Since that episode, I've 
purchased a videocamera and a 500,000 candlepower, hand-held, portable 
searchlight. Maybe next time (if there IS a next time), I won't be so timid and 
mush-brained! Next time, I will videotape it, put a searchlight on it, use the 
binoculars, and call a neighbor for corroboration.


Elk River '92 Sightings:

A flurry or flap of UFO cases in the Elk River area occurred around 
the time of October and November of 1992, although we have record of 
one case going back to 1990 and some earlier cases. These cases got a 
fair amount of local media attention at the time. Minnesota MUFON 
held a public meeting in the library at Elk River on Nov. 7, 1992, 
and a number of people recounted their experiences at this meeting.
The following are representative of those cases.


Rogers, MN
November 8, 1992
Toolmaker: "About 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning, just waking up, my 
wife and I heard a high pitched sound which sounded like a fighter 
jet.  The sound was ear piercing and lasted only a second or so.  
This happened about two and one half months ago."


Elk River, MN
Thursday, Nov. 5, 1992, 6:30 PM
English/Spanish Trade Secretary/Interior Designer/Homemaker reported: 
"Seated at my dining table watching TV, the south window was open 
(without curtains), and in the field across [from] my house (houses 
are separated by a lot of acreage), suddenly I saw a very, very long 
quadrangular bright yellow, well defined big window, turned on, for 
probably 4-5 seconds, meanwhile I thought, "NO, NOOO, this can not be 
happening to me! I don't believe in UFOs!" and the light went off.  
But, before my sighting, about 6:25 PM, there was a very low noise, 
very loud, and I thought my furnace was going to blow up, I went to 
the basement to check and my son was playing his music, so I thought, 
this was probably an unusual song. I went back to the kitchen and 
sat down to watch TV, when I had my experience.  I also went outside 
to check for people, snow blowers, cars, etc.  Nobody.  
This is a diagram of what I saw.


Rogers, MN
Oct. 14, 1992 
11 year old girl:  Three weeks ago on Wednesday at 8:20 PM she lay 
on her bed in a basement room.  Lights showed downward on her face.  
The cat immediately ran out of the room.  She heard a low-level hum 
like heavy equipment one fourth mile away.  Lights scanned across 
the yard for about 10 seconds.  Then it hovered 1000 to 1500 feet up.  
Circular object, 75 to 100 feet in diameter, red and blue lights 
around the bottom.  Sighting lasted about one minute.  Then it moved 
off slowly.  Police report filed with Hennepin County Sheriff.


Elk River, MN
approx. October 1992?
Computer Programmer: "Both my kids reported seeing flying saucer-like 
objects in our yard at night.  My four year old reported seeing a 
"flying skateboard that glowed in the dark" in our yard.  My seven 
year old said he saw one at about the same time that had lots of 
lights and went slowly above the trees."


St. Cloud, MN
approx. October 1992?
Correctional Officer: "Saw UFO close to ground and near road. 
Observed ship for approx. 7-10 minutes."


Zimmerman, MN
approx. October 1992?
Homemaker: "At 12:30 AM the fire alarm went on and woke my husband 
and I up.  He got up and went downstairs to check it out.  A few 
minutes later he came back into the bedroom and looked out the window. 
He told me to get up and look, he saw this large round red ball coming 
down from the sky.  Then it started going straight across the sky.  
This was the time I saw it.  It was going straight across the sky.  
It was as large as the moon, red, with a gray trail behind.  It stayed 
high in the sky and just kept going across the horizon out of sight.  
It was 60 seconds or so."


Occurred : 9/25/92 21:30 (Entered as : 09/25/92 21:30)
 Reported : 3/24/00 03:17
 Posted : 4/1/00
 Location : Golden Valley, MN
 Shape : Flash
 A flashing bright, white light hovered over my neighborhood for over 
2 hours. It was in late September, 1992. The evening was warm and balmy, 
and large white clouds drifted by at low altitude. I was driving back 
home from the local convenience store around 9:30pm, and had just pulled 
onto my street when I saw a bright, white flash apparently emanating 
from a large cloud. It was roughly directly ahead of me, and at some 
unknown altitude. I thought at first that it was an airliner with brighter 
strobe lights (the FAA is always testing new anti-collision devices). I 
think I remarked out loud, "He's too low!!". He was not only low, I 
felt, but also off course! That was definitely not the approach to the 
Mpls/St.Paul airport. I pulled into the garage, stowed my groceries, 
and decided to wander out to the deck since it was so nice outside. I 
had been outside only a few seconds when I saw another flash. It looked 
like the same one I'd seen before, but now it was southeast of me instead 
of almost straight south. It appeared to come from inside the same cloud 
as before, although it might have been below it and in front of it, 
creating its own haze. Since I had sighted it from 2 different angles, 
I was able to mentally triangulate its location, and later used a city 
map left over from a Street Light Project to do the same with a ruler. 
This thing was located approximately over a neighbor's house or front 
yard across the street, not much higher than the tops of the trees - 
perhaps 1 1/2 to 2 times the height of the local elm trees. I watched 
it for quite a while and noticed that it flashed about every 30 seconds. 
Finally, I was able to see - very dimly - a searchlight beam originating 
from the south, going around in a circle. Whenever the searchlight beam 
aligned with the object, there would be a flash apparently in the cloud. 
The searchlight beam was far too high to hit the object and cause a 
reflection. The closest advertising searchlights (used by car dealers, 
etc.) would have been about a mile away since the area is entirely 
residential up to that point. At that distance, a searchlight beam 
would have been hundreds of feet high by the time it intersected my 

 Why I didn't try to photograph it or turn my binoculars on it, I'll 
never know. I simply stood there and thought, "Isn't that interesting..."
- knowing full well that it was very interesting, and unexplainable. 
Finally, I went into the house and watched the 10 o'clock news til 
about 10:30. When I came out again, the flashing was still continuing! 
I went in again, and when I came out at perhaps 11:00pm, the clouds 
had drifted away. But the flashing continued with each sweep of the 
searchlight!! The flash seemed to be enveloped in a haze when it 
occurred, but there was no visible haze in the air prior to the flash. 
There was also no "object" visible. This went on until midnight when 
the searchlight quit. So it was hovering (?) near my house for at least 
2 1/2 hours - possibly longer. I mentioned it to a friend in our UFO 
group (an engineering type), and he had never heard of anything like 
it either. Since that episode, I've purchased a videocamera and a 
500,000 candlepower, hand-held, portable searchlight of my own! Maybe
next time (if there IS a next time), I'll tape it!


See also: Report: Elk River, MN, Approx. November, 1990

6/15/1992 20:00 (Entered as : 2 weeks)
Location : River Falls, WI
Shape : Triangle
SUMMARY: I and my brother were sitting on swings in a school 
playground when a triangular shaped object appeared.
It was around 8 o'clock pm (20:00) and my brother and I 
were sitting on swings in the Rocky Branch Elementry School 
playground, waiting for some of our friends. It was dark out 
but the lights from the school lit up the playground. Corn 
fields were on 3 sides of the school and a street to the other. 
We were sitting and talking when suddenly the silence behind 
us stopped. We heard a soft humming like the sound the comes 
from one of those green power boxes (the big ones with the 
large hinges) Then a large triangular shaped object came 
from behind us (to the south). It was about 100 ft. off the 
ground. It had yellow flashing lights on each point. It stayed 
above us for about 2-3 mins then rapidly accelerated back to 
the south over a mountain. After it burst away a very bright 
light shone for about a half a second. (NUFORC)


This is from a 1992 sighting (with photo) in St. Paul, MN.

The UFO image below was photographed above north St. Paul, MN in 1992. The photographer 
wants an explanation as to what it is and did anyone else see it. Please e-mail  Minnesota MUFON 
(see below or contacts page if you can add to this sighting. An article on this sighting appeared in 
Sept. 92 Fate magazine.  (Witness identity withheld pending permission).

Click here for UFO photo image.


Beam Me Up, Scotty, summer 1992

      In the summer of 1992, a Black Hawk couple were sitting in their
backyard sometime after dark. The husband said in jest, “Beam me up,
Scotty.” Suddenly, above the house was a black triangular shaped craft with
3 lights on the bottom. The wife said it was very low, perhaps 3 feet above
the house. It slowly drifted over the other houses, it’s tips extending over
the edges of the roof tops. She said the craft was noiseless and that she
and her husband were speechless. The craft drifted slowly in the direction
of Nemo where it eventually went out of sight. According to the wife, her
husband now refuses to usher the words, “Beam me up, Scotty,” as he
associates them with the sudden appearance of the craft.


Hart Ranch, 2/92

      In February of 1992, a ranch couple and their teenage daughter were
returning home to the Hermosa area from a Stock Show in Rapid City. They
were traveling south on highway 79 when at 9:30 p.m. they saw a large,
brightly lit object west of the highway in the area of the Hart Ranch
Resort. It was moving very slow at approx. 1000 feet altitude. The rancher
pulled to the side of the highway and shut off his vehicle. He got out to
get a better view of the craft, mother and daughter stayed in the pickup.
The object was approx. 2000 feet from their location when they stopped. The
craft was slowly moving east as it crossed the highway in front of them.
They described it as having white lights along the bottom that were so
bright they had to look away at times because the lights hurt their eyes.
They noticed 3 parallel solid lines of light that ran the entire length of
the craft. They were pink in color and were about 10 feet apart. They
estimated the craft as being 3 stories high, the solid pink lights seemed to
separate the stories, and it was at least 100 feet in length. The craft was
completely silent, the witnesses seemed very disturbed about their sighting
and refuse to make any further statements. While the craft passed in front
of them, the mother locked the doors and was yelling for her husband to get
back in the pickup.


Submitted by Craig Lang, Minnesota MUFON FI
UFO sighting: 2/3/93, Central Minnesota. Interviewing a long-term experiencer, whom I will call "Donna". The overall experiences have been occurring since about 1979 but she has had a series of well defined sightings (CE1, possible CE4) over the last five years. These include one which occurred on Feb 3, 1993, which may correspond to the Afton, MN sighting of that time frame. The witness is married and has several children, of whom one or more have had experiences. The whole family has experienced miscellaneous anomalous events over this extended time period. *** From: Dale Stonehouse Subject: Re: UFO sighting (4/93) > Those who rationalize that the incidents were the result of secret > stealth new toys of the USAF, should be asked: Stealth with lights ON? > Absolutely noiseless? Slowing to speeds of only 35MPH? Altitudes of > only hundreds of feet? Well, Doc, that is a perfect description of a single craft I saw right here in St. Cloud, MN on an April night back in 1993. But I would add one thing - they can also hang in the air like a picture on the wall, absolutely and I mean absolutely, motionless. Stealth craft do have lights and can turn them on any time they want - especially if they WANT TO BE SEEN. What fun is it to be invisible if you're invisible all the time? The one I saw had three lights on the bottom, thus the "triangular" description that could be a misnomer from what I saw. Stoney Even though this craft did not obey the laws of gravity, I personally did not consider it to be a non-terrestrial craft. Nonconventional yes, but these have been seen by so many people now it is either secret military craft or the dumbest aliens in the universe. Don't mean to make light of it, but it doesn't seem like these craft are much of a mystery. Dale Stonehouse St. Cloud, MN *** Occurred : 5/17/1993 22:30 (Entered as : 05/17/93 22:30) Reported: 5/21/1998 Posted: 3/21/2003 Location: Northfield, MN Shape: Oval Duration:3 - 5 sec. Oval luminous object traveling north at tremendous speed. Elongated at accelleration. Was not transparent. Sky: unlimited, clear visibility. My daughter (14) and I were in the front yard talking. It was 10:30 pm and the sky was absolutely clear with stars evrywhere. Suddenly my daughter said "what's that". Looking over my shoulder there was an oval light source approx. 30 ft in diameter about 40 - 50 feet above our house. It was not transparent as it blotted out the star field. As soon as both of us were focused on it the object elongated and streaked due north toward Minneapolis (40 mi away). It vanished over the horizon in 2-3 seconds. I served 2 1/2 yrs in the 2d Marine Air Wing and have experience w/aircraft of all types. This was unknown. At no time did it fall to the earth..but traveled a parallel path w/ the terrain. *** Occurred : 7/10/1993 23:45 (Entered as : 07/10/1993 23:45) Reported: 1/18/2004 7:19:55 PM 19:19 Posted: 1/22/2004 Location: Little Fork, MN Shape: Other Duration:10 minutes There was a large bright white steady light that I could see behind the trees. At first I thought it was an airplane, but the light nev I was driving home from work at 11:45pm and I saw a large bright light at the end of the dirt road where I lived. It was behind the trees near my driveway and at first I thought it was an airplane but the light never moved. When I pulled into the driveway, I saw that the light had moved. It was now lower in the sky and seemed o be maybe 2 miles to the east of my cabin. It didn't move or flash. Very odd place for a light to be. I had 75 acres of wetland and it adjoined state land which is also wetland for several miles, then forest. I give this description to put into prospective that I lived at the end of dead end road with no souls living to the east of me. The light was steady and was just above the treeline several miles away. I stood in the driveway and watched it for about five minutes. I went inside and let the dog out and then went to the window to look at the light again. It had moved again. It was now north a bit and when I moved my head to get a better view from a different window pane, the light disappeared from view behind an out building. I went back out into the yard to see it again, but the light was gone. ((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD)) *** 8/12/93 22:30 Near Lake of the Woods (closest city Ashland - 30 mi.), OR Light 3 luminous objects moving extremely fast, instant directional changes, changed color My parents and I were observing the Perseid meteor shower. (NUFORC) *** Location: St. Paul, Minnesota Date: November 1993 Time: 0200A The witness awoke and saw a light in the center of the ceiling. At that point she sat up in bed and saw three entities, each about 3 ½ feet tall. One was located t the end of the bed and two at the right side. The witness was apparently angered by the intrusion and with her right foot she kicked one of them. The kick hit the entity in the shoulder area. The entity flew backwards and landed about 3 feet away. The kick felt like it was hitting a light weight. The entities had appeared to be floating somewhat above the floor. She does not remember anything further of the incident. *** Alien Vehicle? Date: January or February of 1994 After reading Markham Andersons' experience with a strange vehicle in Texas I immediately thought about a strange experience my wife and I had in Minnesota in the early to mid-1990s. In fact, after folks on the "black-triangle" yahoo group were discussing strange things that they have either witnessed or experienced I felt compelled to post it there just a few months back. I'll re-post it here since after reading Markham's account it was at least a relative of what we experienced: As far as strange occurrences go: one night my then fiancee' (now wife) were returning from seeing the Minnesota Orchestra and were heading back to her apartment at about nine or ten o' clock at night on a saturday evening in January or February of 1994 or so. As we were heading north, a very, very strange automobile passed us and we noted a few things. First, it was black. But all of the running lights and lights in the rear were green. As it passed, it made a sound like no other automobile I've ever heard before or since. It sounded very much like George Jetsons' saucer in the cartoon. My wife describes it as an "unnatural whirring noise." It didn't sound like an internal combustion engine. It sounded electrical. Even the headlights appeared to be green. Stranger yet, my wife remembers that there was a greenish blue underbody light lighting the roadway under the vehicle. This was Minnesota in 1994, nobody was tricking out their car with neon or underbody lights here at the time and didn't until the late 1990s which made it all the stranger. Why would you call attention to your vehicle with a huge flood of green light oozing out underneath it? And the car in question wasn't a hotrod in appearance so why would someone bother to do that? Especially in winter. I was in the passenger seat and half awake at the time but this thing had me go from sleepy to fully awake in a second. I said to my wife "hey! did you see that?" and the thing literally accelerated so fast that he was gone in seconds and we were traveling at 70 mph at the time. I seem to remember the cars windows being blacked out too. The body shape of the vehicle was very odd - it resembled a Citreon or other odd european type vehicle but apparently did not have bumpers that I could see. I didn't see a license plate or even an area for a license plate. The more I think about it, the stranger it seems. At the time I don't remember feeling threatened, just a feeling of surreal strangeness. Explanation of possibilities: Electric homebuilt? Why drive it at night when few could see you unless you were showing off the lighting? Minnesota in winter is not a good time to show off your car. Why waste what precious battery power you have lighting up the entire undercarraige? Weird test hybrid prototype? Winter evening in Minnesota might be a good time to test it out but you'll still get your fair share of people seeing your vehicle. R&D groups typically have an advantage by keeping their projects secret so why drive it on a public highway at night? Also there are no hybrid vehicle projects happening in Minnesota now so I doubt there was one in 1994. What about the sudden acceleration? Electric cars can't suddenly accelerate to immense speeds to my knowledge. The fastest I know of is a 15 foot long car that does 0-60 in 4 seconds and 0-100 in 7 (see http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/11/21/2353217&from=rss) but that is a current thing, it did not exist in 1994. Esoteric possibilities: UDV (unidentified driving vehicle?), Time traveler dropping in for a look-see? A Hobbyist building a "weird car" to freak people out at night? Aliens using a commonly seen vehicle shape to blend in and study us? Who knows. Very weird. We laugh about it now and again that it was just so strange. Of course, this is Minnesota, home of the guy that built the working Star Trek "Captain Pike" wheelchair as seen in the movie "Trekkies" so who knows. It is certainly possible someone with a lot of engineering skill was laughing at our expense that evening. *** National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report Occurred : 4/1/1994 20:00 Reported : 5/21/1998 20:09 Posted : 1/28/1999 Location : Faribault, MN Shape : Fireball Observed a green fireball flying 30 ft above and along a river. It flew parallel to the terrain and emitted a long tall w/smoke & sparks. Stepped outside to have a smoke break from work. Was looking so. When a green light suddenly flashed on over the Straight River. The fireball was close enough to light the tops of the trees on either side of the river. It traveled very slowly and parallel..so slow I expected it to fall down..but it didn't. The color was flouescent green and despite it being night I could see thick smoke trailing as well as a shower of sparks. It was completely silent. After 2 seconds or so it suddenly just blinked off. I have not reported this in the past since there was nowhere to report to. Thanks. *** Issue: I..2-158 ABSTRACT: silent UFO directly overhead Date: 10/12/94 23:00 CST DURATION: 1-5_minutes STATE_PROVINCE: MN NEAR_TOWN_OR_CITY: Fergus Falls SITE: rural SKY: clear NUMBER_OBSERVED: 1 LOWEST_ALTITUDE: over_500_feet DISTANCE: 501_feet_to_1_mile FLIGHT: straight_line_path DIRECT_FIRST_OBSVED: W DIRECT_LAST_OBSVED: E SHAPE: triangle SURFACE: dull APPARENT_SIZE: basketball ACTUAL_SIZE: 101-300_feet SURFACE_COLOR: grey_lead_silver SURROUNDINGS: normal_sound_absent I am an airline employee and at that time, I was sent to Fergus Falls to help open a new station. On the night of 10/12/94, after all flights were gone, the station manager, the FBO owner and I were walking beside the hanger/office area/terminal. As we walked and talked, I noticed something above us. I looked up and saw a large triangular object with no lights, and no sound passing slowly overhead. I asked the others if they saw it, and they said yes. The FBO owner said We get those all the time. It took about 1 1/2 - 2 minutes to pass by and disappear in the night sky. It did not turn, ascend or descend. Straight and level but very slow flight. Vehicle was at about 800 - 1000 ft. *** North of New Underwood, SD, 10/13/94 On Thursday, October 13, Don Kjerstad of Rapid City was driving west on a gravel road about 12 miles north of New Underwood at approx. 9 p.m. Upon cresting a hill, he saw an aircraft to the north of the gravel road. It was about 3-400 feet in altitude and 120 to 150 yards from the road. Upon first sight, Don thought the craft was moving to the east and expected it to pass him on the right. As he drove closer, realized the craft was stationary. He stopped and viewed the craft when he was directly south of it. Don described the object as having 2 bright yellow-white lights on the east side, like car lights on bright, and a red and green light on the other side. The lights did not strobe or flash. He said it was hard to make out a shape but could definitely tell that it was not a helicopter. He heard no sound and felt no vibration. He said that from what he could see of the craft exterior, it looked like “airplane metal where the light reflected off of it.” He also thought he saw a short, rounded nose to the right of the white lights on the east, the south side was too dark to see anything. Don did not stay long as he was very frightened. Don drove to the Visitors Center of Ellsworth AFB to report this sighting. A spokesman for Public Relations told him that it was not in their jurisdiction and that he should call someone in Civil Service. Don stated that he was still shaking as he drove home, he decided not to make any more calls, not to get involved. *** Rapid City, Nemo Road, 11/1/94 On Tuesday, November 1, Nancy, the wife of a Major at Ellsworth AFB, had an experience she will never forget. Her husband was in Roswell, NM on maneuvers, Nancy was home alone with their 1 and 6 years old sons. They live southwest of Rapid on Nemo road in a rural housing division. Around 9 p.m. 2 of Nancy’s 3 dogs started barking and the puppy began to run and bounce himself off the west living room window. She though the puppy was going to hurt himself so she let her dogs out. After 10 minutes they calmed down, so she let them back in. She said that this was very odd behavior for the 2 dogs. Around 11:40 Nancy saw 2 bright lights in the sky to the west of her home, like a car in the sky only the lights were brighter. It took the craft 20 minutes to cover a 3-5 mile distance coming right over her house. The only sound associated with the craft was a faint mechanical “put-put” noise when it passed directly over her house. Nancy did not see any other lights on the object, she watched it as it disappeared behind a hill to the north of her house. Nancy is positive that it was not a helicopter and stated that she has never seen any aircraft like it. During this entire viewing, Nancy was in a panic, “frightened more than I can describe.” At one point during this 20 minutes, she opened the garage door and got the children and herself ready to leave. After the craft was out of sight, she started to calm down and laid on her couch to watch TV. Between 12:30 and 1:00 a.m. there were 2 loud thuds on the roof of her house, right above the couch on which she was laying. The thuds woke the baby and were strong enough to make plaster beads from the ceiling fall on the couch and carpet. She described herself as being in an absolute panic at this point, grabbed her sons and their blankets and in their pj’s, drove to her sisters house at Ellsworth AFB. She sat and talked to her sister about this incident for 2 hours, shaking uncontrollably. The next morning when she got home, she found their 9 month old pet rabbit dead in her cage. The rabbit remained wrapped in a towel on top of it’s cage for 4-5 weeks until her husband buried it in their yard. When Nancy lifted the towel the day it was buried, she noticed that it had not started to decompose. On Sat. November 5th, Nancy’s 10 year old terrier viciously attacked her 10 year old Samoyed, the Samoyed had to be put to sleep because of the servere injuries. The Samoyed did not attempt to strike back at the terrier. The 2 dogs had been raised together since puppies and the terrier had never exhibited this sort of behavior before. The terrier acted completely normal after the attack and vets that were called said they didn’t know what could have triggered the attack. (I have remained in close contact with Nancy since this incident in 1994. Things haven’t been going well in her life. Her marriage broke up, her husband retained custody of their 2 boys and bizarre incidents continue to happen. She has very bad dreams of aliens, abduction experiences and there is poltergeist type activity in her home. She was intuitive before this incident and even more so now.) Next to the Interstate, November 10, 1994 A Spearfish couple traveling on Interstate 90 between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. near the Spearfish Airport reported witnessing a craft approx. 200 yards south of the interstate at an altitude of about 100 yards. They pulled off to the side to view the object that sat there for 6-7 minutes. They noted that other cars had pulled off behind them and seemed to be viewing the same craft. It had 5 very bright white lights with one red light in the middle, they could not make out the shape. After the 6-7 minutes it rose up and headed off to the north at a very fast speed. They did not get out and talk to the other witnesses. report of 11/11/94 Vick and Dorothy Burckhard of Rapid City were driving north on Interstate 90 at 4:45 p.m. At exit 51 just northwest of Black Hawk, SD, they observed a dark gray, stationary craft low in the sky to the east of them about 2-3 miles. It was oblong with a dome on top at one end, described as large or larger than a B-52. Dorothy thought she saw a light upon first spotting the craft but it wasn’t visible further into the sighting. Neither witness saw wings or a tail structure to the object. The Burckhards did not see the craft disappear or leave, they continued to drive to their destination and eventually some hills blocked their view. They stated that a pickup was parked along the Interstate with a man outside looking in the same direction as this craft, this witness has not been found. Estimated sighting time - 90 seconds. Ellsworth AFB & Rapid City Airport contacted - no aircraft in area, nothing unidentified on radar. another on 11/11/94 On the same day at the same time, Paul Hunt and 14 year old Greg Hodgin were deer hunting northwest of Black Hawk. Greg had climbed a hill to look for game when he spotted a grayish, stationary craft off to the northeast. He described this object as having a dome on top at one end, sitting low in the sky. At first sight Greg thought he saw a flashing white light at one end of the craft. When I compared the picture that Greg drew with the picture that the Burckhard’s had drawn, it was amazingly similar. Greg viewed the craft for approx. 30-45 seconds then turned around to wave and yell at Paul to come up and look at the UFO. When Greg turned back around the craft was gone. Back on Interstate 90, Merle Neilson was traveling north in the vicinity of Wonderland Homes which is just north of exit 51. She saw a bright flash of light off to the northeast. She pulled off to the side of the road, she thought an aircraft was in trouble. Sitting there in the sky was a silver-gray craft “just hanging there, sort of bobbling.” Merle thinks she also saw flash coming off of the craft. After viewing this object for several seconds she watched as it “zipped” into a long, thin cigar shaped cloud. She watched to see if it was going to come out, it did not. Eight Hours Later 11/12/94 Jim Dickinson of rural Black Hawk was watching TV. Between 1-1:30 a.m. he went to the kitchen and through his north window observed 2 bright, fluorescent orange-red craft sitting in the night sky about 1000 feet up, in the direction of Piedmont. He then noticed his deck and surrounding land was flooded in a whitish-yellow light. Jim and his 2 dogs walked out to his driveway to get a better look. His dogs, who normally would run and play, sat by his side, watching the event with him. They did not bark or whimper, they seemed very interested in the display. Jim estimates that the 2 objects, the one on the left higher than the one on the right by 50 feet, stayed in this initial position for 90 seconds. Jim estimated the diameter of each circular craft at 50 feet. Both craft then moved up another 1000 feet at a slight left angle and stayed in this position for another 2 minutes. They then shot up very fast, disappearing. Jim said that it was a very beautiful sight to behold. Ellsworth AFB and Rapid Airport contacted - said not their aircraft - nothing on radar. (The preceding cases in the 1994 mini-flap are the best of the bunch. There were many more reports of strange lights in the sky, lights traveling in unison very fast, colored lights making impossible manuvers, stars in the sky where they shouldn’t be, etc.)

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