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MUFON Minnesota Mission Statement (Updated 6/15/2007)

1) To investigate UFO Reports and all aspects of UFOs and Related Phenomena.

2) To provide information and promote information exchange on the topic of
UFOs and related phenomena.

3) To hold scheduled monthly meetings to accomplish the above.

MUFON Minnesota Policy on Field Investigation (Updated 6/15/2007)

This document describes the policy of MUFON Minnesota with regards to field investigation. MUFON Minnesota will conduct field investigation of UFO sightings and related phenomena under the auspices of the parent organization: Mututal UFO Network, Inc., headquartered in Bellvue, Colorado. MUFON Minnesota may also affiliate with other UFO research or investigative organizations as practical considerations warrant, and may conduct investigations in association with those organizations.

The field investigator shall be subject to all ethical codes described in the MUFON Field Investigators manual. The field investigator must remember that he/she represents MUFON Minnesota to the UFO witness or experiencer and shall conduct himself/herself accordingly.

Each investigator shall inform the field investigation coordinator when he/she is available to take on a new investigation. When a qualified MUFON member indicates to the MUFON Minnesota state director or field investigation coordinator his/her availability as a field investigator, he/she shall make available sufficient time to conduct a thorough, high-quality investigation. To avoid some investigators being overloaded, with others having insufficient work, an investigator shall not undertake additional investigations unless available free time permits. If time is not available, he/she shall instead make the case available to other investigators.

The purpose of a UFO field investigation shall be to determine, to as accurate a degree as possible, the true nature of a UFO-related event or report. The field investigator shall approach all UFO-related investigations with an open mind. He/She shall apply objective reasoning and unbiased analysis to the investigation.

The investigator shall not try to validate the witness' experience or treat the effects (physical or mental) of an encounter on a witness. These activities shall be reserved for a medical or mental health professional. Where the field investigator does not have sufficient skills or expertise in an area, he/she shall obtain the assistance of others more knowledgeable in that area whenever possible.

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