Minnesota MUFON Status

In response to some concerns raised about MUFON and MUFON Minnesota 
in particular, let the following be known about MUFON Minnesota :

1) We are currently in the process of incorporating into a Minnesota non-profit.
When this is finalized, information on this and the bylaws will be posted here 
on this website. (We are, due to our affiliation with the MUFON National Org., 
technically already a non-profit org.)

2) We are in the process of developing clear rules and policies for the group.
Some have been approved, others in the process. We try to keep in line
with National MUFON, but we don't want to "put the blinders on" like some
other groups do. We consider it necessary to be a little skeptical, but
open minded, and pay attention to detail in the investigative process.
We want our reports to be as useful and valid as possible, otherwise we
would be wasting our time and effort. We sometimes have questionable
material presented at the meetings, but this is done with the clear attitude
that the individual must decide for him/her self what they wish to accept as
valid. (We as a group do not sanction or necessarily agree with the content).
We believe it is important to let everyone or idea have a chance to be 
presented even if chuckles are generated.

3) We have a free online locally produced newsletter in .PDF form (The Minnesota 
MUFON Journal).  Click here for the MMJ.  
We do not charge a membership fee. We ask for a $2/person donation at meetings 
to help cover room rental costs. We may, on occasion, ask for a voluntary donation 
to help with expenses for a special speaker (optional). All expenses we incur as 
individuals are out of our own pockets.

4) Minnesota MUFON has a good group of investigators to engage in local
sighting , etc. investigations and are recruiting more with a lot of motivation 
and competence. We already have many good reports and some in the works 
and try to keep people informed via the Website, Journal, and meetings.

5) Our leaders have been with MUFON a while and know the ropes, but you can 
only do what you have the capacity to do with the current membership involved. 
We are happy to say we are proud of what we're doing and how we're doing it. 
We also have a healthy number of skeptics to keep the group centered.

6) Accusations of poor focus or becoming new-age groupies do not apply to us.
We observe what goes on around us, including the new-age stuff. That doesn't
make us groupies. It makes us open-minded and observant. We don't want to
be limited to a "hardware" only type of investigative organization. We do the
best we can for a group of unpaid highly interested but not professional
investigators. We are always open to criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Joel Henry
Minnesota MUFON Webmaster

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