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The Minnesota MUFON Journal (MMJ) is a FREE publication
available by internet or e-mail only. I will not be offering any printed 

Subscribers will be sent an e-mail announcing that the latest issue is available 
on the website with a link directly to it as well as a link to a list of all available 
back issues. This should prevent your e-mail box from clogging up or 
rejecting the e-mail if your mailbox gets too full. You can then download the 
file when it is convienient for you. Let me know if you wish NOT to receive
this e-mail and I will take you off the list.

If you absolutely need to have an attachment sent to you by e-mail, let me know.

The MMJ is bi-monthly. File size will vary ~200k to 5.9mb for the .pdf depending on content. 

Leave e-mail to:  to subscribe to the MMJ

If you know anyone interested in receiving the MMJ free of charge, have 
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where they can check for new issues from time to time.

If you know someone who would like to read the MMJ, but does not have
e-mail or internet access, as Editor of the MMJ, I give permission to print 
out the MMJ and distribute to anyone who wants it as long as you do not 
charge for it.

Click here for a list of back-issues (#75 - on) to download in .PDF form.

Click here for older Issues (#35 - #73).

The Minnesota MUFON Journal is a not-for-profit publication whose purpose is to keep the public informed of important developments in the UFO phenomena field, sightings, book reports, and analysis of information by MUFON members/investigators. We try our best to keep the content informative, valid, unbiased, and useful to our readers. Any comments about the journal or it's contents is welcome. Content is approx. 11 pages or more of material. A map on the last page is included to help locate our monthly Minnesota MUFON meeting place. We have chosen not to include any paid advertising as this could create a profitary image we do not want. We will include no-cost ads for UFO related events where they are pertinent and if there is space. We reserve the right to approve all ads and articles submitted to insure they meet the high standards that Minnesota MUFON Journal subscribers have come to expect. Responsibility for the material is the author(s) of the article(s). We will do our best to obtain whatever permission is required for use of previously published material, but rely mainly on the submitee to do so before submission. Article content does not necessarily reflect the attitudes, opinions, or beliefs of any MUFON org., including Minnesota MUFON, or the Journal Editor. Any material submitted for inclusion in the journal should be sent to: in raw text form or word .doc format. We will do our best to keep a predictable upload date at least 10 days before the next Minnesota MUFON public meeting. Names, addresses, and e-mail addresses of subscribers will NOT be given out to other organisations or sold. Your privacy is respected. We may, on occasion, send a mailing for subscription renewal, MUFON events, or information on MUFON meetings. Anyone NOT wanting to recieve these mailings should let us know and we will not send them.

FAIR USE NOTICE: This Minnesota MUFON Journal may contain some copyrighted 
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We distribute this material without profit for research and educational purposes. We 
believe this constitutes a fair use of any such copyrighted material as provided for in 
17 U.S.C  107. 

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