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News from the Bridge: Dispatch from the Cosmic Bridge... 
Hello and a quick note between "News from the Bridge" editions.

If you are a close encounter experiencer, how do you find others who have had the same 
experiences as you? Who can you talk with? Who can you compare notes with? For almost 
anyone interested in the close encounter phenomenon (which probably means everyone in 
the News from the Bridge community), video and the web are two of the easiest ways to 
get connected. Another way is internet radio. Voice and the ability to call in and tell 
your own story are two wonderful tools for the experiencer community.

I invite you to join me on "Spaced Out Radio" on the  Blog Talk Radio network 
(very)late Thursday night/Friday morning, March 5th/6th from Midnight to 2AM on 'Spaced 
out Radio'. We will be discussing UFOs and close encounters, and hypnotherapy for the 
extraordinary experience. I will be talking about some of the most recent elements of my 
own close encounter studies, as well as what I and others speculate may be behind the 
UFO/CE4 phenomenon. 

Callers are welcome. Please feel free to call in with questions, comments, reports, etc.
Join host Dave Scott and I on Spaced out Radio:
for two interesting hours of extraordinary experience in the dark of the night.

Hope you can join us
 -Craig Lang

Craig R. Lang, Certified Hypnotherapist
Explore with Hypnosis and The Cosmic Bridge
299 Coon Rapids Blvd NW, Suite 105
Minneapolis, MN 55433
e-mail: craig@craigrlang.com



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