I (Joel Henry) and Minnesota MUFON group do not guarrantee the accuracy or truthfullness
of the reports in this web site (unless I wrote them). We do our best to confirm the reports 
and document them but ultimately, without physical proof, we have to rely on the morality, 
and honesty of those that bring the reports to us. We do attest to the facts we present as 
gathered in our investigations and scientific tests where made.

MNMUFON Disclaimer:

The MNMUFON Board of directors has approved a disclaimer for the benefit of new attendees 
to our public meetings (2nd Sat. of each month):

Minnesota MUFON welcomes new attendees to its meetings, but they should understand that 
some of the information discussed at the meetings and some of the statements of UFO witnesses 
depart radically from what the mainstream media conveys concerning UFOs.

People who believe they were abducted by aliens often are very emotional and sometimes even 
traumatized. UFOs are a serious subject that deserves mature and responsible consideration. 
Please be prepared to listen and participate with an open mind, respect, empathy and critical 

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NOTICE: For all reports, data, etc. submitted: Anonymity will be preserved where requested.

To submit UFO, Abduction, Crop Circle, or Cattle Mutilation reports for inclusion here,
e-mail: , but please read " Making a Report" first. Thanks.



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