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Jan. '99 Reports

National UFO Reporting Center
Sighting Report
 Occurred : 1/11/1999 02:45 
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : Gilbert, MN
 Shape : Circle
 This is the forth or fifth time I have seen the green balls in sky 
 at number of locations in northern MN. Green circle glowing brightly
 and some times changing directions east to west, altitude also has 
 varied. My girlfriend and I were on our way home from her job and 
 when we got out of the car I happened to be looking up and noticed 
 the strange light heading east to west in the sky, kind of zig zagging 
 back and forth. This is I beleive the fourth instance that I myself 
 have seen this same object. My girlfriend has seen on two occasions. 
 Some nights it appears to be much slower and more erratic in its
 trajectory although it has not been low enough to get a close look. 
 It is fairly obvious that it is not an airplane/jet for there is no 
 sound at all and the manouvers are so erratic that any normal 
 aircraft pilot would have lost his flight privaleges. I am a business 
 owner and my girlfriend is college student.
 ((NUFORC NOTE: Time of sighting is ambiguous in original report. 
 May be 1445 hrs..))


01-26-99 Crystal, Minnesota 
Reporter: Justin D. (name changed for anonymity) via telephone 
interview. Investigator: David Hagemeister-NACOMM 

Report of sighting interview conducted 02/11/99 @ 1730 by DHH with 
Justin D. Male, 15 yrs old, said that he is very interested in 
On Tues. morning, 01/26/99 when the incident occurred; Justin was on 
a school bus, along with other students, being transported to school. 
At the time, the bus was traveling on Douglas Drive, near the 
intersection of Minnesota St., in Crystal, Mn.; and, upon gazing out 
of the bus window, Justin says that he saw a strange looking, dull, 
white light hovering high in the sky, above the treetops, 1/4 to 1/2 
mile away. He said that it was too dark, at the time; to make out the 
out-line or shape of the object that was emitting the light. 

While he was curiously observing the hovering-light; Justin said that 
another, smaller, dull, white light came over the horizon, headed 
toward the first one. Moments before the second light reached the 
position of the first one; the latter suddenly streaked away at a 
very high rate of speed and disappeared over the horizon. Immediately 
thereafter, the second light also streaked away at very high speed, 
and vanished in the same direction as the first one. 

Justin stated that neither object had an aura or fiery-tail/trail at 
any time during the sighting. However, since he was inside the moving 
bus, at the time, he was unable to determine whether or not there were 
any sounds emitted by the objects during any part of their activities. 
Justin said that the events described above happened so rapidly that 
he didn't have time to call them to the attention of his fellow bus
passengers; and believes that he is the only person on the bus to 
have witnessed the incident. 

When I asked Justin whether the 01/26/99 sighting was the only one 
that he had seen which could be described as a UFO; he stated that he 
had also witnessed UFO's on two earlier occasions. He said that the 
next most recent sighting occurred near the end of August 1998, at 
about 1300hrs; on a warm, sunny, afternoon while he was walking alone 
along Douglas Drive near 34th Av. N., Crystal, MN. He happened to 
glance up into the sky and was almost startled to see a large, 
cylindrical, cigar-shaped object overhead, at about an 80 degree angle 
from where he stood, and approximately 100 yards away. He insists 
that it definitely was not a blimp, dirigible or balloon! 

Justin said that the largest area of the object was dark silver-grey 
in color; approximately the forward 1/5th of its shape was black in 
color. He said that there were no lights visible - steady, flashing, 
pulsating or otherwise. As he watched transfixed, the object slowly 
moved in a direction away from where he stood, toward a bank of 
clouds. However, Justin reported that the object just vanished moments 
before reaching the cloud bank and, though he stood for some minutes 
watching the area where it had disappeared, the object did not 

Justin further recalled that while the object was in view, it had 
emitted a "faint, electric sounding humming sound". He says that, as 
far as he knows, no one else witnessed the scene which he saw that 


Feb. '99 Reports

National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 2/2/1999 02:00 
 Posted : 2/16/1999
 Location : Mt. Horeb, WI
 Shape : Other
 F-16's chasing object
 Madison has a Ait Guard unit, equipped with F-14 or F-16, I live on a 
farm 20 miles southwest from Madison, I heard a loud noise outside (like 
a thunder type noise) I got outside, I was standing on my deck when I 
saw two I guess what were the fighters (could see the flames comming 
out the ends of them(afterburner), they were chasing a bright orange 
something, I guess it could be described as a orange cloud or distortion, 
this lasted for about 40 seconds, then it was all quiet. I saw the planes 
leaving in a south west direction. I called the Air Guard tower in Madison, 
and they said there was no flight activity that night, by them or Volk Field,
 or Mc.Coy. It was definately strange.


Location: 	Duluth, MN
Occupation: 	business
Location Of Sighting:  east Duluth, Minnesota
Date Of Sighting: 	February 14th 1999
Time Of Sighting: 	1 AM
Weather Conditions: 	Clear Sky
Address Of Witnesses Known: 	Yes
Number Of Witnesses: 	2
Object's Size: 	30-50 Ft. [35]
Object's Shape: 	Triangle
Object's Altitude: 	100 Ft. [250]
Object's Speed: 	10-100 [mph]
Object's Noises: 	none
Object Catched: 	No
Incident Description 	
While riding home, southbound on the Lester River Road, my friend and I noticed 
three bright white lights in a triangular formation (pointing upward) descending at a 
45 degree angle behind the trees. We watched it sink beneath the level of the trees. 
It looked like a helicopter was landing about a half-mile down the road for us, except 
it was obviously not a helicopter or airplane. It was low and didn't make a sound. The 
lights didn't blink or change color. The weird part was, we got about a half a mile down 
the road, where the trees open up and you can see the countryside all over the area, 
and there was nothing to be seen anywhere. If an aircraft was in the sky, we would have 
seen it from where we were. We got out of the car and looked every direction. I 
remember it was stingingly cold out, and the moon was very full and bright, with a dim 
white halo around it. We drove up to Hawk Ridge to get a better view of the night sky 
over Duluth, but still nothing. We concluded that whatever it was it took off fast or landed 
somewhere out of view. We still talk about it when my friend comes back to town to visit. 
Still neither one of us can explain it. 


Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 21:39:07 -0500
Subject: UFOSSI UFO NEWS BULLETIN!  Billy Dee See's UFO's!

At roughly 8:00 pm tonight my wife Sherry came running into the 
UFOSSI headquarter's computer room telling me to come quick and see 
a very strange thing in the sky. I grabbed my one of my video 
camera's thats always in stand by and hurried out the back door 
to see what ever was in the sky.

What I saw was rather unusual.  There was a fairly large orange to 
white orb in the sky with a smaller orb just beneath it but both 
clearly visible.  The light was very bright.  I immediately went 
through my mental check list of what it could be.  Was it just a 
star?  I saw no twinkling or colors changing.  I did not see the 
orbs fading in or out (which again signify's it could be just a star). 
Then I checked the direction of the two orbs.  They were both in 
the south sky.  Well, that ruled out Venus and Mars.  I also weighed 
out the brightness of the orbs.  They were both the brightest objects 
in the sky (there were many starts out tonight).  But it did sit
stationary and led me to believe that it might be just a star.

Well, I video taped about 10 minute's of this sighting.  And I just 
couldn't get away from the unusual color and the bright clearness 
of these objects. 

My wife Sherry jumped in the car with a 35 mm camera in hand (it was 
a $400 camera when we bought it 5 years ago.  It can take any kind 
of picture.)  I went back inside.   Sherry showed up about 20 minutes 
later and very excited.  She had told me that it was getting lower 
to the ground about 2 to 4 miles south of here.  And then she said 
she saw two planes fly in from two different direction's in the path 
way of these orbs.  But when she told me a "Helicopter" showed up 
around the area of the Orb then I got excited. 

Its a good rule of thumb with a UFO sighting that its almost 100% 
a UFO when "choppers" show up on the site.  If I have seen this once 
I've seen many times before.  Plus the planes.

Our home and UFOSSI headquarter's is located in a fly way between
Truax field (Madison, Wisconsin.  About 35 miles away as the crow 
fly's) and to the North (about 40 miles away) is Camp McCoy a huge 
military base and air field.  Not to mention other military base's 
to the north, west and I think east.  There are continual military 
planes, jets and Helicopter's flying almost daily over this area, 
and now recently there is a lot of activity at night.

Getting back to what my wife saw tonight.  Sherry had driven about 
2 to 4 miles south from here and watched the two orbs still 
stationary in the south sky but getting lower the ground.  That 
is when the 2 planes and the "chopper" came in.  As soon as the 2 
planes and chopper came in and closed in on the orbs, the orbs 
vanished completely.  The lights were gone. 

I am convinced that what we saw was either one  Ufo or two.  The 
reason I say one Ufo is because the smaller orb below the large 
one appeared in someway as a probe of some kind.   The other 
possibility is that there were two Ufo's both hovering one below 
or above the other.

I was able to get about 15 minutes of video footage.  But one thing I 
noticed very strange about taping the orbs at one point was how they 
would appear and not appear in the camera's lens.  They were bright 
enough to be seen by the video lens and I would stop every minute and
look away from the lens and see if the orbs were fading out.  But 
they weren't.  They were just as bright as when we first saw them.  
When I first started taping them they were just as clear and bright 
as could be in the camera lens.  But as I said, about 10 minutes 
later, this strange disappearing and reappearing in my camera lens 

I haven't been able to look at the video yet, but I will be taking a 
close look at it later tonight.

To add.  These two orbs were big.  I am not talking about a pea size 
sighting here.   The largest orb was about the size of a large egg 
and the other was the size of about a medium sized egg.  They were 
stationary in the sky until they later lowered to the ground just 
as the 2 planes and chopper came in and closed in on them.  Thats 
when they vanished and did not appear again.  Stars don't act that 
way, and planes and a helicopter weren't chasing stars!

I will keep everyone up-todate on the video tape and how it came out.
If it did come out good I will post some stills of the orbs on the 
UFOSSI website.
Billy Dee-UFOSSI


Mar. '99 Reports

Occurred : 3/11/1999 21:00 
Location : 100 miles East of Minneapolis, in Wisconsin
Shape : Other
First Officer on Major Airline and Captain witnessed and had physical 
effects from unusual northern light display. A brief surge of intense light.
Flight Crew on Major Airline had physical effects and witnessed an 
unusual northern light display over the state of Wisconsin while on 
arrival to Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport in Minnesota. 
I was acting as First Officer on this flight. A two Pilot crew on this 
particular aircraft. An intense show of northern lights in the sky 
above Wisconsin took place. They seemed to be brighter than usual on 
this night. I have witnessed many northern light shows in my 15 years 
of flying so I wasn't paying much attention to them. Although, I 
recall very vivid greens, reds and blues changing and dancing 
throughout the sky on this night, even stretching above and over the 
aircraft. The surface of the aircraft was glowing green at the time. 
During a brief surge of green light that approached the aircraft from 
the northern horizon, my face began to feel as it were being burnt by 
the sun (This is at 9:00pm central time!). I noticed a pulse of green 
light concentrated in a green "ball" or intense gathering of energy. 
I asked the Captain if he was experiencing the same effects as I. He 
agreed that his skin did not feel normal and it was as if his skin 
was being BURNT! We immediately asked for a descent (lower altitude). 
We descended below a thin over-cast and our conditions immediately 
disappeared. Today, I've noticed my skin on my face to be very red 
and sore. I am concerned and have arranged to see my doctor early next 
week. I would release my name and my company, but I fear losing my 
career for speaking out. It is standard procedure to keep our mouths 
shuts and not speak out. But I must deviate from procedure if I feel 
my life may be at stake here. Any support or investigating of this 
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


The following article is courtesy of Mr. Jeffrey S. Westover, an
investigator from Michigan. The article mentions several recent
sightings near Unionville, Michigan on March 16. (1999)

On March 11 and 14th, two sightings were reported from Clyde and
Fremont, Ohio, one of which was sighted by a deputy who was dispatched
to the scene. I opened my map and was slightly curious about a near-
straight line that could be drawn from Unionville, Michigan to Fremont,
Ohio with the locations of Milan, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio -where
other sightings were reported from- situated in-between. Details of
Toledo and Milan remain elusive. There were some indications that
UFO sightings were reported near these two locations around this
same time-frame, but these vague reports are without verification.
For info on this see -  http://home.fuse.net/ufo/fremontupdate.htm


Occurred : 3/23/1999 03:00 
Location : Plymouth, MN
Shape : Oval
I observed an object changing colors and moving in a manner 
inconsistent with anything I've ever seen. I woke my wife and asked 
her to look out to the northwest. She saw the object, too, and advised 
me to report it to the local airport. It moved like a kite in the wind 
and changed from a light green to yellow-white, to red every few 
seconds. It gave the appearance of moving away from me and eventually 
faded from view. Using binoculars, I could discern an oval shape 
tilted on its edge at a great distance from me, maybe 50 miles. I 
waited until it faded away behind the trees. The light source looked 
like a gas-filled oval tube on the object's edge. I WILL be watching 
again tonight.

I originaly saw an object changing colors around 01:00 hrs but 
dismissed it as some kind of sattelite or maybe a planet reflecting 
light. I looked out again 1 hour later and saw it contnue to change 
colors. I waited 20 minutes then went to wake up my wife. We both 
watched it from inside for about 1 hour. I called around until I got 
the phone number to report it. Afterwords went outside with binoculars 
to confirm my suspicion. There were no other objects in the sky 
exhibiting the same color or movement. It appeared to hover and dip 
in the same part of the sky until about 04:00.


Thanks much to Jeff Westover for passing along the following message:
A front page news story concerning area UFO sightings ran this past
Wednesday (March 31) in the Marlette (Michigan) Leader and Huron
Daily Tribune (Bad Axe, MI) newspapers.

The DeBoever/Unionville sighting was the topic of a WNEM TV-5
(CBS affiliate from Saginaw, MI) news story covered by Jay Brandow.
The following week, on Friday March 26, WEYI TV-25 (NBC affiliate
>from Clio, MI) also covered local UFO sightings in their local
newscast.  The reporter allegedly had her own sighting just before
the cameras rolled.  I did not watch the TV-25 broadcast but am led
to believe that they reported a completely different sighting in the
Bay City/Midland area.

Below is the transcripted news story as appeared in the 3/31 Marlette
Leader Newspaper:

The Marlette Leader- March 31, 1999
By Stacy Langley (Huron Daily Tribune-Bad Axe, MI)

Unusual sightings have been the talk of town in Unionville (Michigan)
and several surrounding communities as residents compare stories and
probe officials about the weird light spotted in the skies last week.
The past few years, sightings of unidentified objects in the sky
have been quite common and without much explanation.

Adiel DeBoever of Unionville said he was the first person to call
Tuscola County Central Dispatch around 8:30 p.m. March 16 just after
he spotted the lights in the sky hovering over his home.
DeBoever said this is the first time he's seen lights like this.  He
said they were bright orange in color and looked to be shining from
the inside of an object.

"The lights weren't like a spotlight shinning down from the sky,
but they were very noticeable", he said.

The sighting by DeBoever was just one of five reported that night by
area residents who say they saw the unidentified flying object(s).
DeBoever, who lives on Cottage Drive near Unionville, says the lights
would just blink out of sight and then come back on, but the object
seemed to remain in the same place the whole time.

"The lights were off and then came back on, it was eerie", he said.

DeBoever recalls that as far as distance, the light probably were
half a mile away to the east, just above the Department of Natural
Resources wetlands when he saw them.

"They spanned about the entire length of a football field. There were
two sets of light clusters which were bright orange.  The larger one
could have been further away", he said.  "When my nephew came out of
the house I said 'Eddie, there's a UFO in the sky' just joking and
then the light blinked out, but came on this time.

"It appeared to separate into six other lights and they all moved
and stopped in the shape of a large triangle object which then
appeared to rotate on its axis."

Officials at the Tuscola County Central Dispatch say they have no
explanation for what the lights were that night, but say that
DeBoever wasn't alone in the sightings.

Shortly after DeBoever's call, Central Dispatch reports a call came
in at 8:57 p.m. from a Juanita Township resident who reported seeing
orange lights in the sky.

Just two minutes later, a Novesta Township woman called with a
similar sighting.  Callers from Fremont Township and the Fairgrove
area followed.  The caller described seeing orange lights in the
shape of a football field, while the Fairgrove residents reported
seeing a Z-shaped formation in the sky.

Officials from Selfridge Air National Guard Base said they couldn't
offer any explanation about the lights in the sky, and no sightings
were reported to the base.
End of article

 Michigan ufologist Jeffrey S. Westover interviewed news reporter 
 Jay Brandow of WNEM-TV, Channel 5, a CBS affiliate in Saginaw, 
 Michigan. Westover wrote, "Brandow told me that Selfridge had 
 sent two F-16s into the area" the night of the UFO sightings.  (See 
 the newspapers Marlette, Mich. Leader and the Huron Daily 
 Tribune of Bad Axe, Mich. for March 31, 1999, "Unusual sightings 
 in the sky peak interest in The Thumb."  Many thanks to  Jeffrey S. 
 Westover for forwarding the newspaper article.)


Apr. '99 Reports

Occurred : 4/2/1999 22:30 (Entered as : 04/02/99 22/30)
Reported: 4/5/1999 00:23
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: St.LouisPark, MN
Shape: Egg
Duration:3 minutes
Basketball size object,metallic,flying down street than into a park.

At approx. 10:30 pm(22/30) I was jogging down the street towards our local park when 
I noticed a basketball size, silver metallic ball fly by me. There was no sound. I was 
very shocked-scared, I watched it go up the street where a car was pulling out, he 
stopped, when he did this this object stoped to, circled the car then it started down 
the walking path where it hoverd slowly by a couple walking their dog, I'm a maint. 
sup. for a co. here in MN. The others I dont know, but I got the phone# of the couple 
and I know where the guy with the car lives and there were 3 others and the end of 
the park who seen this ufo, Im in the prosess of finding these individuals. one 
interesting thing is it stayed on the walking path????



Chris reports that on April 20, 1999, "It was a nice night out so
me and my sister decided to go out for a drive.  We were listening to 
the radio at 9:30PM, when we heard a loud screechy noise. At first we 
thought it was the car so we pulled over and shut off the motor.  I 
went outside, but I could still hear it.  I then looked North to where 
I felt the noise was coming from.  I saw a rather large light in the 
air. The light was bright and didn't blink at all like a plane does.  
When we saw it stop and move straight up we thought it must be a UFO.  
The light suddenly changed to a light blue and zipped out of the sky 
in almost at about a 60 degree angle.  We also saw objects that were 
obviously planes.  We waited, but it didn't return.  Thanks to UFO 
Scotland: http://wkweb5.cableinet.co.uk/dledger/index.htm


Occurred : 4/23/1999 02:33 (Entered as : 04/23/99 02:33)
Reported: 8/3/2002 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Wanamingo, MN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1 minute
Three light figure no noise.

It was 2 in the morning and we were having a camp fire. Me and my friends were 
talking about stars when i looked up and i pionted out a 3 orange lights in a triangular 
shape. It was going slow and it made no noise. we watched it and eventually it just 
flew away. ((NUFORC Note: We will attempt to get the two friends of this student to 
submit corroborative reports. PD))


Occurred : 4/24/1999 00:30 (Entered as : 04/24/99 00:30)
Reported: 4/26/1999 22:03
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: St. Peter, MN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15 sec
Two triangles with lights in the corner traveled east to west at high velocity towards 
each other and then disapeared.

Two college students witnessed this event. Two triangles, or triangle formations 
were seen traveling east to west in the northern sky. They apeared to be rotating 
and traveled at high velocity. As they approached the west the lights seemed to get 
closer to eachother at a constant rate, perhaps this is due to the distance traveled.


May '99 Reports

June '99 Reports

Sighting Date: 6/4/99
Location: Two Harbors, MN
Just north of Duluth on Lake Superior's southern end is a National 
Park called Split Rock Light House.  It used to be a working 
lighthouse but is not any more.  I was hiking with my daughter on 
June 4, 1999, along the shore.  We stopped to see a VERY bright 
object hovering above the lake about three miles out from shore.  
There were no other objects in the sky nor any shipping to speak of 
in the area.  It was about 1,000 feet above the water.  We were 
unable to tell the size of the object since it was so bright and we 
just watched it hover there for about 30 minutes.  After that it went 
straight up!  I did not have my camera with me -- something I regret 
for more reasons than this.  There were several other witnesses at 
the lighthouse.  There was no aircraft traffic in the area according 
to the Duluth International Airport radar.  Thanks to Dave Briscoe, 
MN State Dir. Skywatch Int.


Occurred : 6/24/1999 16:35 (Entered as : 6/24/99 16:35)
Reported: 6/25/1999 07:02
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Light
Duration:10 minutes
From 4:35 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. on 6/24/99, Minneapolis, MN 55454, on 
Washington Avenue ("7 Corners"), I saw in the north sky a bright white 
light like a small star moving very slowy from west to east very high 
in the sky. It passed in front of (underneath) a high white cloud and 
was clearly bright and visible even with the white cloud as background. 
It passed into the cloud and was not visible for less than a minute, 
then came out of the cloud and continued. About 7 minutes after I first 
started watching the light, it stopped in the sky, and stayed in the 
same spot for about 2 minutes. While I was looking at it, it suddenly 
vanished - suddenly it just wasn't there any more. I looked all over 
the area of the sky but couldn't see a trace of it. Then I looked 
around to see if anyone else had seen it, but no one else was at the 
bus stop with me.
At 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, 6/24/99 I was waiting for my bus at what is 
known as "7 Corners" on Washington Ave. in Minneapolis. I was sitting 
on the bus stop bench on the south side of the street, facing north. 
My bus wasn't due for about 15 minutes and I didn't have anything to 
read so I was just relaxing and looking around. It was early rush hour 
and traffic was pretty heavy. The sky was bright and blue with a few 
scattered high fluffy white clouds. I was sitting in the shade and 
wearing sunglasses, so I was looking around very comfortably. I was 
looking north (towards the Holiday Inn at 1500 Washington Ave.), and 
at 4:35 p.m. I was enjoying the lovely sky and watching a couple of 
high clouds when I noticed a light moving very slowly from west to 
east across the north sky. It was very high up and I immediately 
thought "oh, a satellite" like I've seen on clear nights away from 
the city. It looked very much like a satellite, but a little bigger, 
like a small star - as bright, white, and clear as a star on a clear 
night. Then I realized it was broad daylight, and I wondered if it's 
possible to see a satellite (so bright and clear!) in the daylight. 
I watched it carefully, curious to make out what it was - but it was 
too far away - just a light like a moving star. As I watched it I 
looked at with and without my sunglasses, and it was clearly visible 
both ways. I'd been watching it cross the sky slowly from west to east 
for about 2 or 3 minutes when it came to a cloud. I expected to lose 
sight of it, but was surprised to be able to clearly see it with the 
cloud in the background. Even though it was a white light on a white 
cloud, it was bright enough to see clearly. Then it passed into the 
middle of the cloud and I lost sight of it for about 45 seconds. It 
came out of the cloud again and I continued to watch it move slowly 
east. Two or 3 minutes later it stopped. I wondered if it was changing 
direction and kept watching closely, but it just stayed still for at
least 2 minutes. While it was ! just sitting there in the sky, a bus 
passed in front of me, blocking it from view. I expected to lose sight 
of it, but after the bus passed by I could see the light clearly, still 
sitting in the same spot. About 1 minute later it vanished. I was 
looking at it, and then it was just not there anymore. I looked all 
over to see where it had gone, but I couldn't see a trace of it. I
looked around to see if anybody else had seen it, but there was no one 
else at the bus stop. My bus came and as I rode, I kept watching the 
north sky for a couple more minutes but couldn't see it anywhere. I 
would really like to know if anyone else saw it and if anyone knows 
what it was!


July '99 Reports

Occurred : 7/2/1999 12:00 (Entered as : 7-2-99 midday)
Reported: 6/25/2000 21:28
Posted: 7/11/2000
Location: St. Paul, MN
Shape: Other
Duration:5-10 seconds
I ran across your web site and will relate my experience, I was driving to the post 
office with my monthly mail and this would usually be on the 2nd of the month in 
midsummer of 1999. I was driving west on Minnehaha ave on the east side of 
St. Paul and suddenly straight down the middle of the road about 25 to 30 degrees 
up and about a half mile away was this bright aluminum colored object.I watched 
it for the length of time it took me to drive a city block or so, when I had to take my 
eyes off of it because I was meeting another car coming towards me, this was only 
a couple of seconds and when I looked up to look at it again, it was gone. The 
object was a bright aluminum color with a domed shaped top and a flat bottom. It 
was about twice as high as the diameter and was in the shape of a cylinder. The 
sides were not smooth, there were vertical lines running from bottom to top that 
seemed to be there to give the structure strength.Size, about 40-50 feet high and 
20-25 feet in diameter.


Sighting: WUFOD i1-338-MN
ABSTRACT: Witness at night saw "satellite" which changed direction
Date:              	07/03/1999
HOUR:               	23:30 CST
DURATION:           	over_1_hour
LATITUDE:           	46N
LONGITUDE:          	93W
COUNTRY:            	USA
COUNTY:             	Aitken
NEAR_TOWN_OR_CITY:  	Weathwood
SITE:               	lake_or_river
SKY:                	clear
ELEVATION:          	85-90_degrees
FLIGHT:             	path_with_direction_change, jumped_around
SHAPE:              	pinpoint_or_star
APPARENT_SIZE:      	star-like
SURFACE_COLOR:      	yellow_orange
EMISSION:           	beam

Witness was at his cabin on the north shore of Lake Mille Lacs 
in central Minnesota.  Since witness is a third shift worker 
(about 9:30 PM to 5:30 AM) he is used to being awake during 
the night hours.  He was watching for satellites and meteors 
at about 10:30 PM.  He saw what he at first thought was a 
satellite in the northern sky, until it made a 90 degree turn 
and then did loops past the Big Dipper.  It also hovered at 
times.  He continued to watch until around 4:30 AM.  During 
that time he saw the same or similar object from time to time
carrying out similar maneuvers.  At one point four strobes 
[light flashes] were seen from an object, at which time the 
object sped up; each time it flashed, the speed increased.

Ball lightning would be possible explanation but does not 
really fit. Witness has since videotaped other lights which 
appear to be unusual. The following evening witness and 
another man saw a similar object which approached closer.  


Sighting Date: July 3-4, 1999
Location: Lake Mille Lacs, at the witnesses' cabin on the north shore of the Lake.
He had just driven back from Barnacle Bill's. The witness and three friends were 
watching the sky for meteorites and satellites and saw an object, a point source 
of light, of a whitish-orange color. It looked like a satellite and was moving 
slowly toward the north, then it changed direction toward the west, underwent two 
accelerations, then began to move around the sky, at one point making loops past 
the Big Dipper. The witness stated that it moved at times from a point about 10 
degrees west of north to a point that he estimated was over Garrison on the west 
shore of the Lake, and then back to the original point. It emitted four strobe lights 
"out the back" at one point. It was moving at such a high speed at times that the 
witness estimated "it could have gone from horizon to horizon in two seconds."
It made 90 degree turns and hovered at times. The witness observed it from about 
11:30 pm on July 3 until about 4:30 am the following morning, when it began to get 
light. It was still there at dawn.


Sighting Date: July 5, 1999
Location: East side of the city of St. Paul, near the intersection of Stillwater Ave. 
and 7th Street. The witness was just leaving for work at 9:50 pm when he caught 
sight of the first object, then a group of the objects came into view, appearing to 
have come up from his parents wooded back yard about a block and a half away.
The objects were described as metallic or gray spheres, the size of beach balls, 
that is, about one and a half feet in diameter. The objects were slowly rising in 
altitude, "spiraling slightly" as they rose. As he watched the objects, they got 
whiter. There seemed to be a haze around the objects, but it did not look natural.
A plane flew above the group of objects at one point. They were "hovering below 
the plane at first.". Relative size was somewhat smaller than the full moon. He 
watched them for two minutes, then shouted for his roommate to come out to see 
them, then drove over to his parents' house a block away and called them out to 
see the objects. The objects were moving around a lot; it was hard to keep track 
of any one of them. They lost the objects in the clouds after a few minutes. "They 
were definitely not airplanes," he said, and he doubts that they were balloons. 
He arrived at work, late, at 10:40 pm.


Mille Lacs July 5, 1999
The following evening, the witness and a man from the 
neighboring cabin again saw a similar object or objects, 
climaxed by an alleged close approach of a five foot 
diameter glowing orange sphere to within 150 or 100 feet 
of the witnesses.  This close approach frightened the 
neighbor, according to the prime witness. Based on this 
sighting, the witness believes that all of the objects he 
had seen on the night of July 3-4 were what he called 
"orange orbs".  At the first interview, the witness didn't 
know the name of the man from the neighboring cabin.
On 2-8-01 the prime witness gave me the other witness 
name, who also lives in the Twin Cities. I phoned this 
witness and he told me that he remembered the object 
flicking out over the lake. It was not moving in a straight 
line, and he watched it for about 5 minutes. It was 
definitely something strange, he said. He thought it was 
huge, but was far away. This partly disagrees with but 
partly confirms the statement of the prime witness, who 
originally said the object was 100 to 150 feet away. The 
second witness described the shape as sort of roundish, 
but skinnier in front, but not quite a pyramid shape. But 
he said he did not remember the incident well. Both 
witnesses agree that it was larger than a point source.  
Their estimates of angular size varied from about 0.3 
degrees to about 3 degrees.

Ball lightning would be a possible explanation for the 
sighting, but all accounts of ball lightning that I have 
read record it as drifting or moving at slower speeds. 
The laws of electricity rule out sharp changes of direction. 
Hoaxing can be ruled out based on the fact that other 
witnesses saw these objects at the same time as the prime 
witness. Aircraft are ruled out since the lights were 
larger than point sources and no sound was heard. These 
objects remain unidentified.


Occurred : 7/7/99 01:30 (Entered as : 7/7/99 1:30am)
Location : Virginia, MN
Shape : Circle
I was sitting outside with a friend and all of a sudden a bright bluish 
and white ball went from south to the north at a 45 degree angle. There 
was no trail behind it at all. The land below it became lit up like 
daytime. In a estimate of size in diameter,i would say that it was most 
likely ten stories high and ten stories wide. It was traveling at a 
very, very high rate of speed. It was a very clear night. Where I saw 
the craft was over a iron ore mine that is no longer being mined. Also 
the same night I witnessed a craft more to the north right below the 
North Star {Polaris}. This one was 20,000 feet up judging from where 
I have seen many jets fly across the sky. The craft was doing some 
very strange movements, it looked like a lightning bolt would but not 
as wide and it was very thin also. It was very erratic in its 
movements. It moved a distance of about 20 miles from west to east 
before dissapearing. I forgot one thing about the blue ball. It 
dissapeared into the mine. If not it landed more to the east of the 
mine. On another July day at approx 4 pm I was sitting outside looking 
to the N/E over the mine and there were a few clouds to the north, I 
mean like 10. One of the larger clouds was directly N/E over the mine 
or over the town of Tower, MN. As I watched these clouds a gray disk 
came right out of the larger cloud and headed due east at a pretty 
slow rate of speed. Then dissappeared. I am a 46 year old male. I have 
always had a deep interest in space. I am an avid reader of non 
fiction literature. I love to sit outside whenever possible and watch 
the sky. I have seen numerous things in the sky during my lifetime of 
which need some explaining. I started to listen to Coast to Coast A/M 
about 6 months ago. Some of the format shows I like, some I do not. 
Oh well can not please everybody right!


Location: St. Louis Park, MN
Sighting Date/Time: 7/8/99
Sighting Location: on my front lawn
Sighting Description: It was a very clear day and it was at night.  My brother was 
talking on the phone and I was watching tv in the living room of our house.  All 
of the sudden my brother rushed in, got me and my brother and we went outside 
he told us that he was saw something weird in the sky.  My brother and I just 
laughed until we looked up and saw ...it. It looked like a star but it jaunted around,
it stoped in midair and zigzaged around shot in a straight line and disapeared.  
We tried to figure out what it was, it did not make any noise so we knew it wasn't 
a plane, and we ruled out everthing else.  Sorry i did not report this earlier I 
realize that this sighting took place a long time ago but i did not think of reporting 
it. I also did not give any info on my address because i dont feel comfortable doing 


Occurred : 7/20/1999 03:00 (Entered as : 07/20/99 0300)
Reported: 9/12/1999 18:32
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Disk
Duration:2 min
investigated light. saw object moving toward me. circular not a helicopter. Saw 
two occupants through "windshield". Looked human, one was smiling broadly. 
Passed overhead at about 40 ft. Could see details of the underside as it went 
directly overhead. No wheels. Two large ducts underneath set into undercarriage. 
Openings oriented in direction of flight. Disappeared and went below treetops about 
a mile from me. Possible ion drive?


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/31/1999 00:30 (Entered as : 07/31/1999 0:30)
Reported: 5/17/2004 
Posted: 6/4/2004
Location: Akeley, MN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:32 minutes



Aug. '99 Reports

Occurred : 8/4/1999 02:50 (Entered as : 8/4/99 2:50 am)
Reported: 8/27/1999 12:10
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Camp Ripley (rural, just west of), MN
Shape: Formation
Duration:1 hr. or so.
Two hovering amber lights, one slightly below the other, fixed in 
place; and occasional bright blueish/green flashes. On August 4th, 
1999 at about three in the morning, my friend and I were traveling 
north on U.S. Hwy. 10. He lives in Fargo, ND, and I live in 
Minneapolis. My car was stalled at my wifes grandmothers house in 
Wadena, MN. My friend was on his way back home from my house, so I 
caught a ride with him to go pick the car up. As we were driving in 
the area of the Camp Ripley military base, we both started to feel 
very strange, almost like static electricity in the air. then, as we 
rounded a bend we saw two very bright amber lights appear directly 
in front of us, aprox. 500-1000 feet off the ground, I would say. One 
was slightly higher than the other, and both remained in the same spot 
for about 25 or so miles, until we saw them finally fall very slowly 
behind the tree line. Also along with the lights were bright 
blueish/green flashes, that appered somewhat like lightning, but were 
eminating from the ground, just to the east of Hwy. 10. Many other 
very strange, but somewhat hard to explain things also occured from 
that time on that night, but I don't know if they are related or not.


Occurred : 8/5/1999 19:00 (Entered as : 08/05/99 19:00)
Reported: 8/6/1999 03:39
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Northfield, MN
Shape: Egg
Duration:10 min.
they buzzed over hyw.35 and stoped over my appartment building and then they 
rose up into the clouds and vanished. they were flying slow so we thought that they 
were planes at first but then they sped up then stopped altogeth then at a hi rate of 
speed they were doing loopes and other moves that a plane couldn't do.


Occurred : 8/5/1999 10:30 (Entered as : 08/05/99 10:30)
Reported: 8/6/1999 07:05
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Cannon Falls, MN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:30 minutes
I'm not sure what I saw, could be satelites, maybe?
I saw one dot of light moving quite fast in a south-south west 
direction, and about a half-hour later another object or the same 
object flew along the same flight path in the oppisite direction. I 
would like to know if there are any satelites with that flight path. 
Oh, it took them about 7-10 seconds to fly horizion to horizion.


Occurred : 8/15/1999 22:00 (Entered as : 08/15/99 22:00)
Reported: 3/7/2000 09:01
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Little Falls, MN
Shape: Light
Duration:20 seconds
I was walking a dog with my cousin in Little falls, MN atw about 10:00 p.m. On our 
way back I looked up at the sky for no reason as did my cousin. We both saw a light 
traveling through the clouds then two more lights followed, each light about 2 or 3 
seconds apart. They were traveling quite fast and were about 800 feet above us. 
There was no noise or any change in direction. We only saw each light for about 3 
seconds each. We only saw the light through the dark clouds in the sky. I really 
don't believe in extraterestrial UFOs, but I know this wasn't an ordianary experience.


Occurred : 8/20/1999 23:00 (Entered as : 08201999 2300)
Reported: 9/9/1999 03:36
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Sphere
Two bright Spherical shapes chasing each other at high speed
I was flying into Minneapolis Saint Paul airport and we had started 
our descent. I was looking out of the left side of the aircraft when
I noticed two bright spherical shapes chasing each other at high speed 
in a circle and then a figure of eight just below cloud level. They 
seemed to take turns in chasing each other. I thought at first it was 
a reflection from the plane but as the plane was flying I was having 
to look back to see them as the plane was flying away from them. They 
were much too fast and turning too quickly to be any kind of aircraft.


Occurred : 8/29/1999 22:00 (Entered as : 10:00 p.m. 22:00)
Reported: 8/29/1999 20:31
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Bloomington (East Bloomington), MN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:Several Days at the same
This seemingly craft has been hanging around here all summer! But 
tonight it came closer and we could see three lights in the shape of 
a triangle. It circled our house for awhile. It seemed to hide on the 
horizon and when I went outside to let the dog in from the backyard 
it came up towards me. I didn't hear a sound the whole time. We live 
right by the main international airport and we also live by the 
military base. Is this a new aircraft they are trying? It hovers! It 
sits in one place for a while (3 minutes, 15 minutes, hours... then 
with no warning it flys. It flys like an airplane, but I get the sense 
that it, or they can see me because it reacts to me when I go out of 
doors! Very strange! Have seen similar triangular lights following jet 
contrails in the sky throughout the summer! I pulled my husband out 
twice to look because I didn't want to think I was seeing something 
that could be explained away as a regular aircraft. The oddest thing 
about this experience was that there was no sound at all the whole 


Sighting Date/Time: 8/99 through 12/99 late nights
Sighting Location: Between Little Falls and Motley, MN
Sighting Description: I have had many (3 or 4) sightings in the past couple of months 
in this region. I make the trip from Minneapolis to Wadena quite often, since my wifes 
grandmother resides in Wadena. The ufo always consists of some form of two bright 
amber lights one slightly higher than the other, accompanied by bright lightning like 
flashes. I know the military base is right by there so maybe its something they're using. 
I don't know. I've been carrying a polaroid camera in my car, but, quite honestly, have 
been to scared to take any pictures.

Sept. '99 Reports

"On September 2, 1999, a woman who is a financial/business 
administrator for a major local corporation was driving in the northwest 
suburb of Plymouth. She was driving along a road leading onto a peninsula 
that extends out into Medicine Lake, which is near the intersection of 
Highway 55 and 169.  She observed a pair of bright white and very intense 
lights located to the northwest ahead.  She felt that they resembled two 
landing lights.  To her they seemed to be out of place, and were searching 
for something.  She continued to drive up the peninsula a few hundred feet 
and reached a point where the trees no longer obscured her view.  The lights 
were no longer visible but above the treetops was a large, dark triangular 
object.  Its size was as large  as her hand at arm's length that she felt was 
slightly less than that of a house. This might put it in the 30 to 60 foot 
range.  The object was black to charcoal-gray matte-colored (see illustration 
below). The closest vertex of the triangle was pointed in her direction, with 
the object moving toward her.  There were lights at the two rear vertices, 
one red and one green.  Also, all over the underside of the object was a 
pattern of three dimensional rectangular relief concealing something within.


Occurred : 9/5/1999 20:50 (Entered as : 09/5/99 20:50)
Reported: 9/16/1999 17:01
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Zumbrota, MN
Shape: Circle
Duration:3-4 seconds
Two circular shaped objects came from the north, northwest and flew at 
a 45 degree angle to eachother. They kept the same distance apart and 
flew towards the south, southeast. Three of us were standing just 
outside of our house facing the east, looking up at the clear night 
sky. When from our left came two circular, hazy donut shaped objects. 
The two forms were situated 45 degrees from eachother. With the forward 
most shape being to the southeast of the other one. They traveled to 
the South, southeast. It took about three seconds for the objects to 
be out of our field of vision.


Occurred : 9/6/1999 00:40 (Entered as : 9/6/99 00:40)
Reported: 9/6/1999 09:37
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Unknown
Fast moving blue-white light.
I went outside in my back yard to have a cigarette at 12:40 Sunday 
night. I was sitting on a picnic tale looking up at the stars in the
eastern sky when I saw a large blue-white light moving very quickly 
from southeast to northwest. It startled me. It was gone behind my 
house before I could stand up to see where it went. I remember 
thinking, "Shit, that thing is moving fast!" I thought it might be a
shooting star, but it was very bright, moved incredibly fast, and did 
not have a tail. It did not look like any other shooting stars I have
ever seen. I did not hear any sound associated with this object. I am 
a 30 year old, college educated male. I work in the vocational
rehabilitation field.


Occurred : 9/10/1999 22:00 (Entered as : 9/10/99 10pm)
Reported: 12/7/1999 01:06
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Cotton, MN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 seconds
I was sitting on my deck and the craft came over. It was an inverted 
V shaped craft. It took about 5 seconds to fly over. There was no 
sound. Later my wife came out and we viewed it off in a distance with 
our binoculars. It moved around in a lot of different directions...
like jumping around. At that point in time, it appeared as a red dot 
in the sky. Later two jets flew towards the object and it just 
disappeared. Sorry we have no pictures to share.


Occurred : 9/11/1999 23:00 (Entered as : 09-11-99 2300)
Reported: 10/2/1999 07:27
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Jordon (Minneapolis), MN
Shape: Light
Duration:5 min
Satalite looking object, changed direction,stopped
It was a clear star filled night about 2330 hrs. My wife and I went 
to a state park near Jordon, Mn., just south of Minneapolis. I noticed 
what at first I thought was a satellite moving across the sky. However, 
the object was not traveling in a straight line, and the intensity 
was growing brighter. Next the object stopped, this really got my 
attention. This did not behave like any conventional aircraft. I 
instructed my wife to not lose sight of the object as I ran to the 
car to get my binoculars. I returned and quickly regained view of 
object which had the appearence of a bright star. You would have to 
be looking for this as it was not easily noticeable. To my amazement 
the object began to move again, this time in a different direction. 
The object stopped again. Very shortly later it began to move again. 
Only this time it appeared to be moving out to space as it began to 
get dimmer and dimmer. I watched it dissapear with my binoculars. It 
did not dissappear over the horizon, it dissapeared out in to space 
until it was no longer visable. I was very impressed, much more then 
my wife.


Occurred : 9/15/1999 18:50 (Entered as : 09/15/99 18:50)
Reported: 9/19/2000 15:42
Posted: 9/21/2000
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Circle
Duration:1/0 of a second?
Two witnesses to a large unidentified craft that moved but made no sound.

Very large bright ball of light. Silvery and left two small ball of light 'trails. Lit up the 
field around us, we were in a large park called Boom Island. We noticed it moved 
but made no sound. It was there, then gone. We both looked at each other. 
Clear evening.


Sighting Date: 9/16/99
From http://www.pioneerplanet.com/seven-days/1/news/docs/014768.htm
Published: Friday, September 17, 1999

Unidentified flashing object a puzzle for Menomonie man

Did an unidentified flying object with bright flashing lights visit the
Menomonie area early Thursday morning?

James Emerson, who lives on a farm about two miles west of here, isn't
sure but said some kind of airborne craft hovered to the southeast of
his house for more than a half hour about 4 a.m. It reappeared once more
before dawn.

Dunn County Sheriff Robert Zebro, whose deputy sent to the scene also
observed the lights, said he isn't sure what the object was but
theorized it was either a helicopter or northern lights.

Emerson, a road construction cement worker recovering at home from back
surgery, doesn't agree. ``No, not a helicopter, when it sat there in one spot 
for a half-hour or 45 minutes. ``It wasn't northern lights either. I know the 
northern lights. It was a bright glow like the sun,'' he said. ``It was weird. I
don't know what it was and I wasn't drinkin' either.''

Emerson said the sheriff's department told him it might also have been
reflections off Mars and Venus, but he discounted that, too, because the
planets were not lined up at that position in the sky.

``The wife (Renee) was getting up for work about 4 a.m. I got up with
her,'' Emerson said. ``I was looking out the window and saw this flash,
a red light way up in sky but like it was on the other side of the

That would have been to the southeast. He said the object had red, blue
and yellow flashing lights and would move sideways back and forth,
alternately shoot high up in the air and then descend, hovering down
just above the treetops. He called the sheriff's office, and the deputy who 
responded and observed the object described it in his report as a craft 
with green, red and white lights.

``He couldn't identify it. He thought it might be a helicopter,''
Sheriff Zebro said. ``Or they had another theory, that it was the
northern lights or aurora borealis.''

The deputy left, saying he would try to get closer to the object. Then,
20 minutes later, Emerson said, the object reappeared, this time with a
bright yellow light that pulsated and went from bright to dim.
``I called back down to the sheriff's office and said, `You ain't going
to believe this, there's another one.' '' He said the sheriff's office told 
him they would check it out but he didn't hear from them again.

Gary Dawson, who covers western Wisconsin, can be reached at
gddawsonpioneerpress.com, toll free at (800) 739-3921 or at (715)

Follow-up coverage from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Original URL: http://www.jsonline.com/WI/091699/wi--strangelights091699.asp

Family sees bright lights, moving colors in the sky
Last Updated: Sept. 16, 1999 at 7:37:41 p.m.

MENOMONIE, Wis. (AP) - James J. Emerson swears the strange configuration 
of lights he saw in the sky Thursday morning wasn't a reflection off a planet.
"It was changing colors in the air, from red to blue to yellow," he said. 
"It was going back and forth, side to side. Then it would shoot up,
straight in the air, about a million miles an hour, then come back down and 
sit there and go side to side."

A few minutes later, Emerson said he saw a triangular shape that pulsated 
bright yellow, then die down and get dim.

Emerson, a 35-year-old construction worker, and his wife, Renee, called 911 
to report the lights. "I told the cops when I called them, I said, "I haven't been 
drinking. I'm not nuts. I'm not hallucinating,"' he said. 

Dunn County Deputy Sheriff Rod Dicus investigated and reported seeing 
green, red and white lights in the sky south of Dunn County. He got in his 
squad car and drove to the southeast portion of the county,  trying to identify 
the object. Dicus said after contemplating the situation and getting input from 
the Pepin County Sheriff's Department, he believes it may have been a
reflection from planets low in the sky this time of year.

The Pepin County Sheriff's Department reported it was alerted by Dunn 
County of the colored lights shining down from the sky. A Pepin
County deputy suggested the lights were reflections from the planet Venus.

Emerson disagreed. "I guarantee you it wasn't. I don't see how a planet 
can change colors and turn red and yellow and blue," Emerson said. "I was 
kind of excited. I've never seen anything like it before."

Donald Cox, professor of physics at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, 
said reflections from planets are usually tiny spots, unless they
are close to the horizon, which can sometimes cause images to break up.
But he doubted the planet-reflection theory. "It sounds kind of nutty to me," 
he said. And he doubted the colors came from flying saucers. "I would say the 
chance is about zero, but that is a prejudice. When I see one, I will change my 
mind," Cox said. "Perhaps it was the northern lights or some reflections caused 
by swamp gases or some such thing", he said.

In the 1980s, Elmwood, located about 20 miles southwest Menomonie, had a 
number of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects and strange lights in 
the sky. The sightings spun off an annual village festival called UFO Days.


Occurred : 9/22/1999 23:45 (Entered as : 09/22/99 23:45 pm)
Reported: 3/1/2001 11:49
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Maple Grove, MN
Shape: Oval
Duration:45 seconds to one minute
It hovered above us for about 1 minute without a sound and then took off.
My friends and I had stopped at a park, kind of for a small party. We were there 
for about two minutes just talking when right in front of our eyes my friend's truck 
stopped running on its own. I looked at my friend's but they were baffled too. They 
didn't have any kind of remote starter mechanism either. I got in the car to try and 
figure out what was wrong and about 30 seconds later my friend's told me to get 
out of the truck NOW. I got out because they actually sounded serious. I looked up 
and saw three bright lights about 150 yards up. It was dark out so I'm not sure it 
was that high. It didn't make a sound AT ALL. The ovalish shaped object didn't do 
anything to us. It was dead quiet and the small breeze seemed to stop on its own. 
It hovered above us not doing anything for about 45 seconds to a minute. Then it 
just took off. The truck started right up too. We booked out of there like nothing else.


Occurred : 9/28/1999 21:50 (Entered as : 09/28/99 2150)
Location : St. Paul, MN
Shape : Unknown
5 dots of light to my east. I noticed no paralax as I drove north. 
No symmetrical formation. They did not move or change formation the 
whole time I saw them. I was driving down I94 eastbound, toward 
downtown St. Paul, on my way to my Taekwondo. Directly in front of me 
I saw 5 very bright white dots of light in the sky. They were in this 
formation: x x x x x The bottom ones were very close to the horizon, 
the top one was about 30 to 35 degrees above the horizon. At first, I 
thought they may be helecoptors as there are hospitals right in that
area and perhaps they were hovering and waiting for a landing pad. But 
the top ones seemed too high up. Then I thought that perhaps they were 
jet liners as there is a often-used flight path over downtown to Twin 
Cities International. But I saw them up there for a full 20 minutes. 
Their position never changed. I thought they could be stars, but they 
were brighter than Venus in full phase on a clear night. I exited onto 
Lexington avenue northbound. When I got to my school in Arden Hills 
about 15 minutes later, they were still there and showed a very small 
parallax shift to the south. When I came out of the school 1 1/2 hours 
later, they were gone. I never saw them change color and they always 
looked the same.


Oct. '99 Reports

Occurred : 10/4/1999 03:00 (Entered as : 10/04/99 03:00am)
Reported: 10/4/1999 03:54
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Rochester (MN)/to LaCrosse (WI) (driving), MN
Shape: Light
Duration:2+ hours
Bright lights in the sky witnessed from highway
The first one looked like a star at first, then it moved so we thought 
it was a plane, then it stopped, and started changing color from red 
to white to blue. it stayed relatively still for awhile, then 
zigzagged, then stopped again. Hung hovering in sky for about an hour
and a half, brightening and dimming. I saw a plane fly directly past 
it. Then the driver of the car I was in spotted another one on the
other side of the sky brighter than the first. This one was going 
from red to blue to yellow, and brightening and dimming, it was so low 
in the horizon that we lost it behind some trees for awhile, but it 
was definately moving. Then we drove into La Crosse which was covered 
in a fog and we did not see them again 
((NUFORC Note: Except for the reported movement of the objects, the 
description is consistent with "twinkling" stars. Movement is very 
difficult to establish by a witness who is in a moving vehicle. 
However, we were not there to witness the objects.))


Occurred : 10/5/1999 20:35 (Entered as : 10/05/99 20:35)
Reported: 1/5/2000 00:09
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Rosemount, MN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 seconds
I observed 2 rather small, dimly-lit long, triangular shaped objects flying in formation 
heading north at a rater low altitude at somewhere between 500 to 800 mph.
At 8:35pm on the night of October 5th 1999, a friend and myself had 
just put his kids to bed and had stepped outside for a cigarette. It 
was an exceptionally clear evening and we were marveling at all of the 
stars out that night, when I asked him if he had ever seen one of 
those hundreds of satellites we have orbiting our planet. He responded 
that he hadn't, and so I told him that I could probably spot one for 
him within 10 or 15 minutes, and began scanning the skies for one. We 
were in a quiet neigborhood, but the neighbors porch-lights were 
making it difficult to see good, so I walked north between the two 
houses where the night-sky became more "observable". I was looking 
straight above me, when out the corner of my eye I saw a really fast 
moving blur to which I began to blurt out to my frind, "Look!, a 
shooting star"....But I only got out the words "Look! a shoo......." 
when My eyes were able to focus on the object. This was NO shooting 
star, NO aircraft man has ever built, and NO weather related phenomena! 
I could very CLEARLY see a long, thinly shaped triangle with only 
the edges lit up in a pale whitish outline. I had only focused on it 
for maybe a second or two when I noticed a 2nd one behind it a ways 
and to the right of the first one. They were flying precisely at the 
same speed and kept the distance between them so steady that they 
could have been flying as ONE! (unlike our known aircraft that fly 
in formation.....they always seem to deviate a little from one another 
as they fly overhead) There were no blinking lights at all, only the
complete outline of the triangles were dimly lit and the light seemed 
to gently fade from the outside edges inward, where the center of the 
craft appeared almost translucent......sky-black with just a hint of 
reflected "ground-light" of whitish-green. It is very hard to determine
the altitude of anything in the night sky, but to the best of my 
knowledge, they seemed to be flying rather low, maybe at an altitude 
of between 1,000 and 3,000 ft. Agai! n, in a night sky, size is 
difficult to determine also, and once again, I believe they seemed to 
be rather small craft, somewhere between 8 to 15 ft. in length, and 
maybe 5 to 9 ft. at their widest point, which would have been at the 
aft end of the triangular shapes. At this relatively low altitude, 
one would think that you would be able to hear some kind of sound, 
even if it was the sound of air rushing around them, as they flew at 
a very high rate of speed,.....but there was NO sound whatsoever! I 
would have to guess they were traveling at a rate of maybe 500 to 
800 mph, heading north in a straight line. At this speed and altitude, 
and given their rather dimly-lit appearance, I only observed them for 
maybe 5 seconds and they were out of sight. During this time of 
observaton, I was calling out to my friend and pointing towards them, 
asking if he was seeing what I was, and wondering why I wasn't hearing 
a response. Turns out, unfortunately, that one of his kids had called 
out to him, and he had turned and gone inside the house and didn't 
even hear me talking to him, much less SEE anything! I am a 50 yr.
old aircraft mechanic of 32 years, living in Minnesota for the past 
20 yrs. I often fly comercially and recreationally, even though I do 
not possess a pilots license. I have always been interested in 
astronomy and enjoy observing our night skies, and believe me......
I will be observing our skies even more now, after witnessing this 
account, even though I don't really believe I will ever see anything 
so compelling as what I saw on that night in early October, 1999.


Witness location: Brainerd, MN - SE side of city
Date: October 5, 1999, 2:30-3:30 am
A whitish-yellow light was first seen in the NW sky while he was looking 
through a window. "It appeared to be pretty far away. It hovered in the 
sky, would sit a couple of minutes, flickering, then did zigzags and loops 
pretty fast. I ruled out a helicopter. It did that for about half an hour and 
then just disappeared and about 2 minutes later it reappeared about two inches 
over (using my fingers to gauge it) to the right and a little lower." He 
watched it for another half an hour until it went behind some trees and he 
couldn't see it any more. (Investigators note: We have had other reports 
of a similar light doing loops and zigzags in that area. See July 4-5, 1999.)


Occurred : 10/8/1999 23:15 (Entered as : 10/08/99 23:15)
Reported: 10/10/1999 17:45
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Detroit Lakes (18 miles east of), MN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 minutes
Triangular Formation of 3 lights moving at the speed and appearance of satelites.
The center blocked out stars as it moved from West/NW to South/SE
My wife and I have a weekend cabin 18 miles from Detroit Lakes, MN. 
It is isolated from all city lights as it is located in the Minnesota 
lakes country. On Oct. 8th, 1999 at 11:15PM My wife and I were outside 
in the backyard looking for satelites and shooting stars. The sky was 
very clear. I first thought I saw a satelite, but noticed there were 
3 lights moving in a triangle. I showed it to my wife to make sure she 
saw the same thing. They were moving at the speed and brightness of a 
satelite. It was fairly large and moving at a steady speed. The center 
of the three lights would block out background stars, as it moved from 
West/Northwest to South/Southeast.It is very quiet in the woods as we 
have no close neighbors. There was no sound at all, we can hear 
commercial airliners at very high altitudes when it is that still and 
quiet. After about 2 to 3 minutes the lights disappered.
((NUFORC NOTE: These satellites may be U. S. Navy satellites, flying 
in formation. The same type of phenomenon was reported to us during 
August and September 1996, and Mr. Terence Dickinson, astronomy 
journalist for the Toronto (Canada) Star newspaper, apparently was 
able to identify their origin.))


Occurred : 10/12/1999 23:00 (Entered as : 10/12/99 23:00)
Reported: 11/15/1999 23:12
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Little Falls (North of), MN
Shape: Formation
Duration:1 hr.
Two bright amber lights. About 300 to 500 feet up. One slightly lower.
The lights might have been from one single object, but it was hard to 
tell for sure. No sound was made by the lights. They hovered for about 
an hour, and then slowly descended below the tree line. They were very 
bright, and amber in color.


Occurred : 10/12/1999 21:33 (Entered as : 10/12/99 21:33)
Reported: 10/16/1999 07:36
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Minnesota (central, rural), MN
Shape: Chevron
Duration:90 seconds
observed two chevron crafts hovering 225 & 300 feet. aprox. 500 feet from my 
location. They were directly to my west, and also observed from north. rear one 
then lifted and both left.
I was driving North on a single lane Gravel road that bends to the 
West. Before the bend I noticed 2 sets of lights hovering above the
trees. When I was directly to the East of them, I stopped my car and 
shut it off, trying to listen for rotors. There was no noise made
by these crafts. They were only about 500 feet to my west and hovering 
about 225' (Northern most one) and 300'. I observed these for 
aproximately 60 seconds, then started the car and drove around the 
bend until I was directly North of them. I could not see an object 
due to the blackness of the night, however the lights (4 on each side, 
and one in the center rear) formed a triangular/chevron shape. As I 
came to a stop directly behind them (Aprox. 150' away) the rear one 
lifted to the altitude of the other (very slowly) and both, slowly 
proceeded South. I immediately lost sight of them. I would estimate 
the size of these to be about 150' width furthest light to furthest 
light. x 100' tip to Chevron indent.


Occurred : 10/13/99 17:30
Location : Edina, MN
Shape : Diamond
Pulsating white light from object. Northern sky, 30 deg. up, some 
distance away but close enough to make-out object.
Driving north, notice flashing, bright white light in sky ahead of 
me. It remain in same location for the entire time. I could see the
object between flashes. Light was in a wide diamond shape. When I 
came to an intersection, I kept watching it. I looked away for a
few seconds to turn, looked up as I was turning a object was gone. I 
had a very open view of skyline and saw nothing anywhere. The light 
was extremely bright concidering there was no cloud cover and the 
sun was still 1+ hours from setting. Shortly after, airline jets came 
in on their approach to MPLS Int'l airport whith their lights on not 
even close to brightness of object.


Occurred : 10/21/1999 03:45 (Entered as : 10/21/99 3:45am)
Reported: 10/22/1999 03:51
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Lakeville (south of Twin Cities about 15 miles), MN
Shape: Light
Duration:2 1/2 hrs
Light with green flashing light on bottom, east of me about 10 o'clock position over 
next county, noticed while trying to view northern lights & looking at stars. Not sure 
what it was but zigzaged slightly & hovered. Took several pictures

Only saw one. About 10 minutes later noticed several aircraft "flying" around object, 
with one doing a "summersault". All of a sudden they left, & "light" hovered for the 
next 2 to 3 hours, while rising slowly &zig~zaging slghtly. It also seemed to "bounce" 
a few times. All I could see was a bright light, really small, & thru my binoculars I could 
see a flashing green light under the bright light. I took several pictures. Not sure what 
it was. For all I know, It could have been a planet, as it was east of me before sunrise. 
I'll see what the pictures say. However, the green flashing light is what made me 
wonder more! Note: there were the brihtest northern lights from a sun solar flare & 
magnetic storm. Supposedly the brightest of this century.


Nov. '99 Reports

Occurred : 11/15/1999 07:45 (Entered as : 11/??/99 07:45)
Reported: 4/14/2000 20:27
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:10-15 min
Small Cylinder seen in absolutely clear sky in morning. Heading north on Hwy 35w. 
No other objects in sky whatsoever.

I and a friend were car pooling to our job from Edina to Roseville, Mn. Heading north 
on Hwy 35w. I noticed it first and was unsure of what I was seeing. I wached it for 
about 3-4 minutes w/o saying anything so that I could be sure. The sky was 
completely clear. The weather was crisp and slightly cold. It was low in the sky 
(say about the size of a pen point at first sighting and as we drew closer by about 
10 miles about the size of a pencil eraser at arms length). It was a very dark 
color...Gray bordering on black. At first it had definite edges. It reflected light at the 
edges. It stayed in one spot, seemingly motionless. I mentioned to my friend after 
a few minutes who is a skeptic and asked him, "What the h*ll is that?". He didn't 
know either. By the time we were as close to it as we were going to get it had 
dissipated into a cylinder shaped "cloud" or "mist" and was losing shape slowly. 
My father being a pilot I grew up around airports, airplanes and airshows and have 
always kept an eye to the sky. I have never seen anything like it. If it was a "cloud", 
why would one tiny, dark cloud form in a sky barren of any other weather formations? 
My friend was a little bothered by it and chalked it up to weather. I'm not so sure.


Occurred : 11/16/1999 23:15 (Entered as : 11/16/99 23:15)
Reported: 11/16/1999 23:54
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Woodbury, MN
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:4-5 hours
I saw 4 craft floating in the sky in and near the constellation Ursa Major. They 
remained there for quite some time and then sped off.

I saw 4 craft at around 11:15 p.m. last night floating in the sky around the Big 
Dipper. They floated about rather slowly in circular patterns and one sped off 
almost immediately after I first saw them. The other three remained for nearly 
five hours and didn't really do much except float around. They remained in motion 
constantly (not much motion, but it was noticeable) all the time I watched. The 
craft themselves appeared to be rectangular or oval in shape and didn't appear 
to have three dimensions at all (i.e., flat or something?). They were primarily 
yellow, green and red in color, with two yellow bands (apparently glowing) on 
their "top" and "bottom," running all the way across, from "front" to "back" on all 
four of them. In between the two yellow bands was a section of alternating red 
and green lights that appeared to either move or change colors in a regular pattern. 
I am a 19 year old student with an interest in the sciences (primarily physics and 
astronomy). I don't really know what other information about me you want -- I'm 
not a "wacko" or mentally unstable or anything. Also: this isn't the first time I have 
seen these craft, either. I see them usually a few times a year, but never this 
many and never for this long, so I decided this was noteworthy. Thank you for 
your time.


Occurred : 11/16/1999 17:15 (Entered as : 11/16/99 5:15pm)
Reported: 11/16/1999 23:12
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Winona, MN
Shape: Fireball
Duration:5 Min.
Appeared to be a plane crashing leaving a smoke trail.


Occurred : 11/16/1999 18:05 (Entered as : 11/16/99 18:05)
Reported: 11/17/1999 13:52
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Apple Valley, MN
Shape: Circle
Duration:30 second
Slow moving light very simular to airplane landing light with long trail of red sparks.
I was riding in our minivan stopped at a red light waiting to make a left hand turn. 
I noticed what appeared to me as a airplane landing light slowly moving towards 
the north-east. While looking at the bright white light I noticed a trail of red sparks 
coming from the light,formimg a tail. It appeared as a airplane was crashing to 
the ground. I followed the light until it dissapeared over the horizon. I did not tell 
others until after it was gone, what I had seen,Because I was unsure of what I 
had seen. Within two minutes I explianed to my wife what I saw and she told me 
she had read about a meteor shower in the newspaper that morning.I did not 
see any sign of it hitting the ground.I am a computer specialist with a B.A. degree 
in Earth Science.


Sighting Date/Time: 11/20/99, 8:00 pm
Sighting Location: Makinen, MN at home.
Sighting Description: Four of us, myself, C**** and our two boy's were 
watching a movie when one of our boys noticed a bright red light 
outside in the sky. I got up to look and it was obvious immediately 
that it was something we have never seen before. So I yelled for 
everyone to go outside. It was so stunning to us that we all ran out 
in our socks and barefoot. We watched it for approximately 5 minutes. 
It seemed to be under the cloud cover. It was a very bright red. No 
blinking lights. No sound whatsoever. A very intense glow. It had no 
tail. It seemed to be under control, because when I went into the 
house to call 911, it stopped for about a minute then took of again. 
It was heading north. The sheriff called me back from Zim, MN and said 
he was going to call other deputies further north to see if anyone 
could spot it. We took pictures but don't know how they will turn 
out. Myself and T**** ,while looking at it thru our cameras believe 
we could make out a disk shape. I believe I could make it out like it 
was changing configuration. Four lights square then it would change 
to what looked like a row of about 50 lights right in the middle of 
the four lights.


Dec. '99 Reports

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