Jan. thru Dec. 1999 UFO Investigation Reports

7/5/99 Wealthwood, MN CE1 (Added 6/28/2001)
02 Sep, 1999, Close Overflight of Large Triangular Object (Added 2/17/2000)
November 20, 1999, MAKINEN sighting (Added 4/26/2000)

7/5/99 Wealthwood, MN CE1

ABSTRACT:           	Glowing orange ball maneuvered in sky, 
			came close.
CASE_TYPE:          	CE1
MONTH:              	07/05/1999
HOUR:               	01:30am CST
DURATION:           	over_1_hour
NEAR_TOWN_OR_CITY:  	Wealthwood, MN  USA
LATITUDE:           	46N
LONGITUDE:          93W
COUNTY:             	Aitken
SITE:               	lake_or_river
SKY:                	partly_cloudy
ELEVATION:          	0-10_degrees
LOWEST_ALTITUDE:    	treetop
DISTANCE:           	101-500_feet
FLIGHT:             	straight_line_path, hovering, jumped_around
SHAPE:              	sphere
SURFACE:            	glowing
APPARENT_SIZE:      	aspirin
ACTUAL_SIZE:        	4-10_feet
SURFACE_COLOR:      	orange
CHANGE_COLOR:       	no

Sighting Report:
Witness No. 1 said he was at his cabin on the north shore of Mille Lacs Lake. 
He was watching satellites (I believe he said he started watching late on the 
night of the 4th), when what he at first thought was a satellite stopped, then 
zipped across the sky.  This made him believe it was a UFO, and he became 
excited.  He said there was one additional witness to the July 5 sighting, the 
man from the neighboring cabin, whom he went to get when he saw the 
object, but he couldnít give me the manís name during this interview.  I 
believe he didnít remember the name.  As they were watching the object 
together, it went out of sight, then what he assumed was the same object 
appeared at closer range through a gap in the row of trees that ran between 
the two cabins.  He said the object was 100 to 150 feet away from them, was 
a perfect sphere approx. 5 feet in diameter, glowing orange.  He estimated 
that it was about 20 feet off the ground and moving at between 25 to 50 mph.  
He felt that it passed between the row of trees and the neighborís cabin.  
They ran to the gap in the trees, but the object was by then out of sight.  His 
neighbor was, he said, frightened by the sighting.  Witness No. 1 said he 
watched for UFOs a total of three and a half hours that night.

Witness No. 2 did not have a good memory of the event.  He was originally 
unsure how close the object came. He later said the object might have been 
as close as between the two cabins. He estimated the height of his cabin as 
15 feet, therefor it is not possible to be sure of the distance of the object at 
closest approach.

Investigation Report:
Relevant information on the weather was obtained from Witness No. 1.  A 
site visit has not yet been made. The object has not been identified as anything 
conventional.Because the object changed direction, it was not a satellite.  It 
maneuvered too quickly for a conventional aircraft or ball lightning.
Conclusion: Unidentified.  

02 Sep, 1999, Close Overflight of Large Triangular Object

Date of Sighting: 02 Sep, 1999
Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM  CST         
Sighting Duration: Approximately 5 Minutes
Sighting Location: Medicine Lake/Plymouth, MN
Local Evaluation: CE1 Unexplained
Type of Report: Close Overflight of Large Triangular Object - 
Single Witness
Date of Report: 08 January, 2000
Investigator: Craig R. Lang, Field Investigator, MN MUFON

Sighting Background:
The witness is an acquaintance of another MN MUFON member.  Following 
a presentation at a MN MUFON meeting by a guest speaker, this MN 
MUFON member introduced the witness to me.  I then briefly interviewed 
the witness regarding the essential information of the sighting, and 
arranged a followup interview.  At the followup interview, she
extensively described the sighting.  We visited the sighting location 
and extensively documented the details of the event.

Witness Description:
The witness is female, age 54.  She is a financial/business 
administrator for a major local corporation.  Her health, vision and 
hearing are all good (None appear to have been affected by the 
sighting).  She has indicated that she has not had any other UFO 
sightings, but has had other metaphysical and paranormal experiences 
throughout her life.

Sighting Account:
The witness was driving along a road leading onto a peninsula which 
extends out into Medicine Lake.  At the point near where the road 
enters the base of the peninsula (see associated map) she observed 
a pair of bright lights located ahead, to her left (to the northwest).  

Figure 1:  Map showing witness and object locations during sighting.  
[Annotations by CL]

She described the lights as white, and very intense.  She felt that 
they resembled landing lights, except that there were two of them, 
very close together.  To her they seemed to be out of place, and 
appeared to be searching for something, perhaps something on the lake 
to the west of the peninsula.  It became apparent to her that they 
were just above the treeline, at a distance which she estimated to be 
about 1 block away.  

She continued to drive up the peninsula for approximately 1/2 block, 
observing the lights as she could, through the trees.  She then 
realized that the lights were not moving. 

After moving a few hundred feet ahead, she reached a point where the 
trees no longer obscured her view of the lights. She then noted that 
the lights were no longer visible.  Instead, at an elevation of about 
30 to 45 degrees above the horizon was a large, dark triangular 
object, which she felt was just above the treetops.  She estimated 
the angular size to be about that of her hand at arms length.  She 
felt that the absolute size was slightly less than that of a house, 
but considerably greater than that of a car.  [CL Estimate: about 30 

The object itself was triangular shaped, and black to charcoal-gray 
matte-colored (see illustration below).  The closest vertex of the 
triangle was pointed in her direction, with the object moving toward 
her.  There were lights at the two rear vertices, one red and one 
green [CL Note: She could not remember which was which color].  Also, 
all over the underside of the object was a pattern of 3-dimensional 
rectangular relief.  (She felt that these might be concealing
something within, such as the lights she had seen earlier).  

Figure 2:  View of underside of object as described/sketched by 
witness (Note: Computer drawing and annotation correspond to witness 
description and sketch of object)

The object passed overhead of the location where her car was.  She 
indicated that as it passed over, she felt an intense mixture of awe 
and fear.  She indicates that she was afraid to get out of her car, 
and felt concerned for her personal safety at that point.  She was 
not able to hear any sound (although, she had the windows closed, 
with the air conditioner on, thus outside sounds were not very audible 
to her at that time). [CL Note: As the object passed overhead, it 
was visible through both the driver's side window and the front
windshield.  This would indicate that it was at a low level, and/or 
of considerable size].  

The witness then pulled ahead about 75 feet further, and turned right 
into a driveway, leading toward the waterfront. She pulled over again, 
got out, and observed the object (now to her south) from shore.  The 
object was now moving over the lake, along the south shore.  She 
watched it move away, eventually losing sight of it when it became 
obscured by the treeline on the south shore of the lake.

Additional Witnesses:  
None are known.  However, the object was large enough that it should 
have been visible to others.  Extrapolating the object's direction of 
travel indicates that it would likely have passed over a major 
highway, which at that time of the evening would have been well 
traveled.  Thus it is likely that there are other witnesses to the 
event, who are not known to MUFON at this time.

Weather Conditions:  (From MN state climatologist's office)
Temp: 79 deg F, Dewpoint: 71 deg F [CL Note: Very warm and humid]
Visibility: 7Mi., Wind: 12MPH from 170 deg (10 deg East of due South)
Cloud Conditions:  Clear 
Note: this corresponds very closely with the witness' description 
of a clear, humid, hazy sky.

Natural & Manmade Phenomena Check:
Null hypothesis: The object might be assumed to be some form of 
aircraft, as suggested by the witness' description of red and green 
lights.  However, the shape, the slow/hovering motion, and the 
soundless operation argue against any commonly-known, conventional 
type of aircraft as an explanation.  The possibility of an 
experimental aircraft employing advanced technology, can not be 
entirely ruled out.

Sighting Evaluation:
Type of Report:  CE1
Local Evaluation:  Unexplained

November 20, 1999, MAKINEN sighting

MAKINEN -- On November 20, 1999, a family of four was watching a video when 
the oldest son (20) noticed a bright red light in the southern sky.  The 
family went outside to observe four lights forming a square, then changing to 
include fifty lights in a straight line centered between the four lights.  "I 
thought this was really weird," Terry the father said.  This prompted him to 
go inside and dial 911. The object stopped for a minute or so and began to 
pulsate.  When Terry came back outside, the object began to move again toward 
the north and finally disappeared over the horizon. The family observed the 
object for eight minutes and managed to take pictures of the UFO with two 
cameras.  The photos from the new camera look  "wiggly". Visibility was about 
10 miles with high overcast clouds.  Some hunters in the area also witnessed 
the object.  No conventional or natural objects seem to fit the description. 
Conclusion: Unidentified. Investigated by FIT Dr. Stephen Hero and FI 
Director Craig Lang. Thanks to William I. McNeff MUFON State Director. 

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