Jan. thru Dec.1998 UFO Reports

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Jan. '98 Reports

01-98 Reads Landing, Minnesota 
Reporter: Pat K. 
Experience: Pat K. of Wabasha, Minnesota recounts an interesting story 
from a friend who was over visiting. The friend had noticed a model of 
a stealth aircraft that was sitting in the garage and proceeded to tell 
Pat how he had witnessed a similar black, triangular-shaped aircraft 
flying over the Mississippi River in January of this year while 
traveling south on Hwy 61 in the area of Reads Landing, MN. According 
to Pat, the friend stated that the craft, "was moving very low and 


Sighting Date: 1/3/98, ~11pm CST
Sighting Location: Zimmerman, MN

On 1/3/98, ~11pm, a woman in Zimmerman suddenly had TV reception 
trouble, then noticed a red light coming from outdoors. She opened 
her front door to be hit by a blast of heat. When she looked up, 
she saw a huge red glowing UFO ~500 ft in size and ~50 ft above her 
house. She watched it for a few minutes before it left.
Report submitted to Minnesota MUFON.

*** LUMINOUS UFO SEEN IN WESTERN IOWA On Friday, January 2, 1998, at 6 p.m., Jason B. and Brandon C. were walking along the railroad tracks in their hometown of Missouri Valley, Iowa (population 2,888) when they spotted a strange light in the sky. "While walking down the tracks, we observed an extremely bright light off towards Council Bluffs (i.e. to the south--J.T.). At first we thought it was a falling star," Jason and Brandon reported. "We stopped to watch it for about 20 seconds." "It was directly above us and circled the grain elevator," Jason said. "Then it sped off very fast, following the railroad tracks towards the east." Missouri Valley is on Iowa Highway 30 approximately 130 miles (208 kilometers) west of Des Moines. (Many thanks to Tim Hagemeister of NACOMM for this report.) *** National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report Occurred : 1/13/1998 01:00 AM Posted : 1/28/1999 Location : Minot, ND Shape : Fireball I observed a large alien craft in the night sky... I was coming home from a party that had lasted quite late, and I must admit I was a little intoxicated. However, there is no mistaking what I saw that night. A huge, completly silent, fiery ball of light silently hovered over head as I drove buy. Me, and another car behind me (I apologize for I never asked for his name) stopped and gawked for a few moments at this beautiful sight. It hovered silently for roughly five seconds, then, without warning, the ball suddenly zipped off into the night sky. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed in my life. Feel free to give me a call to talk about the experience. *** WEIRD FLASHES LIGHT UP THE SKY OVER IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN On Thursday, January 15, 1998, at 6:50 p.m., Brian M. was walking home from work in Ironwood, Michigan (population 6,700). "Upon reaching my driveway, I stopped and checked the mailbox. When I looked up again, it seemed that a number of stars had decided to start blinking on and off." "The blinking appeared random, unsequenced, and each time the objects lit, they moved to a new location and seemed to wander erratically," Brian reported. "Because of the on-off sequence, and large trees near the horizon, I am unable to give an exact count, but I would estimate that there had to have been six UFOs scattered across the southern sky, below 45 degrees and as bright as any other celestial objects in the sky." He estimated that the UFOs were "tens of miles" to the south, past neighboring Hurley, Wisconsin and the Gile Flowage (lake). "I walked down the drive to the south side of my house, where it was darkest. The objects continued their flashing and motion. Each time one 'lit,' it was in a slightly new position. At last one worked its way towards the southwest. The rest grouped together within 15 degrees (of arc) and headed into the horizon" near where "Orion was rising in the southeast." Brian said the flashing "lasted ten minutes," and the UFOs "were as bright as Sirius--magnitude one... as bright as a flashbulb popping. I am an expert skywatcher and this incident was unlike anything I have ever witnessed." Ironwood is Michigan's westernmost city, located in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) on U.S. Route 2, approximately 605 miles (968 kilometers) northwest of Detroit. (Email Interview)UFOUpdates ***

Feb. '98 Reports


     On Monday, February 2, 1998, at 10 p.m., Susan
Landers, 50, her daughter Melissa Edgewick, 27, and
son Michael Landers, 20 were at the family farm near
Sioux City, Iowa (population 80,505) about 200 miles
(320 kilometers) east of Des Moines when Melissa
"heard the sound of jets but did not see them."  She
"then heard a high-pitched hum but did not locate
the source of the noise."
     "Next a dark-colored helicopter came over their
house at less than 50 feet altitude.  No markings were
observed.  Very large motor," reported Beverly Trout
of Iowa MUFON, who interviewed the family.
     "About 15 minutes later, the mother heard the
copter and stepped out onto her bedroom's second-
floor deck (balcony).  The copter was overhead, and
she could see its bottom and could feel vibration in
the house."
     Michael Landers, standing outdoors on the south
side of the house, "could feel the disturbance 'wind'
from the rotors.  At first, the copter was right over
their house."
     Susan Landers "described two white lights--one at
each end and a red light in the middle.  Since she was
aware of the green light requirement on aircraft, she
specifically looked for a green light.  There was none on
the copter."
     "After the copter left, all three watched through
binoculars a bright orange ball move from the east to
the southwest and then to the northwest of their
residence.  At one point, the ball stopped, then moved
back to the southwest."
     A week later, on Monday, February 9, 1998, at
11:45 a.m., Mrs. Landers and another son, Todd, 33,
were driving to Sioux City when they saw a strange
object hovering about a half-mile away.
     The UFO was "200 feet above a nearby hill" and
"perhaps at 500 feet altitude."  Both witnesses
described it as "a rectangular 'refrigerator' shaped 
object, perhaps a little smaller than a mid-sized car."
     At first they thought they were "looking at the back
end of a helicopter, but they saw that it had no wings.
It was moving very fast and was a dull metallic gray
in color."
     Todd Landers described the UFO "as a refrigerator
laying horizontal," while his mother described "some
sort of energy bands coming from the top and bottom
of the object, each had extended outward for about
one-third the size of the object."
     The glow created a shimmering effect, which
Todd Landers described as "like looking through a fire."
     Five days later, on Saturday, February 14, 1998,
Michael Landers and Melissa Edgewick were returning
home at 9:30 p.m. when they spied a UFO they
described as "a 40-foot triangle" hovering above the road.
     The UFO "was at about a one-and-one-half telephone
pole in height" (33 feet or 10 meters--J.T.) above the road
with "three bright white flashing lights at each corner of
the triangle and a red light in the middle.  The object
moved from the east side of the road to the west side,
and at one point the bright light from the object
reflected on the nearby trees."  (Many thanks to
Beverly Trout of Iowa MUFON for these reports.)and


Howell, Michigan UFO 2/5/98

On Thursday evening, February 5, 1998, around 7:45 p.m. EST, a black triangle
aircraft was spotted west of Howell, Michigan heading west and paralleling
Mason Road at an elevation of 55 to 60 degrees. The observer,  a high school
senior driving in his car at the time, noted that the craft  had three round,
white, non-blinking lights at the three points of the  triangle. He pulled his
car to the side of the road to get a better view,  shut off the engine and
told me that the object was the size of a quarter  held at arm's length. No
detectable noise was heard coming from the craft.  Had it been a conventional
aircraft at that distance, it would have been  easily identified due to the
noise of its engines. He further stated that,  although he made a point of
looking for them, no navigational strobes--red,  green or white--were visible
at any time. He estimated the speed of the  craft to be 60 miles per hour, the
same speed as his car. It was in sight  for over a minute. He also told me
that at no time did his car malfunction. He was unable to estimate its
altitude, however, since nothing presented itself for comparison. Weather
conditions at the time were partially overcast, but the moon was visible. No
missing time was reported. The credibility of the witness is high. Thanks to
Doug Parrish Michigan Director / Skywatch International


Occurred : 2/15/1998 19:30 (Entered as : 02-15-98 19:30)
Reported: 2/16/1998 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Duluth, MN
Shape: Flash
Duration:60+ seconds
 Various colored lights flashing after power surge & failure.
 Power surge/failure occured at 7:30 pm. Lights went off but glowed 
 hazy green for several seconds before immense lights began to flash 
 over the foggy sky - central location of flashes from us was WNW. 
 The first flash was a general bright blue followed by several defined 
 rays that spread out from the circumference of the blue lights this 
 was followed by more flashing - yellow and red lines that horizontally
 crossed the original set of rays. The flasing continued a few more 
 seconds, was as bright as lightening: air temp. 39f; pressure 29.90. 
 We later learned that a powerline had been severed at the junction 
 of Highway 61 and the Ryan Road - 15 miles up the shore of Lake 
 Superior from central downtown Duluth. It seem to us that a rather 
 large craft may have come a bit too close to ground and that some 
 form of its propellent energy caused the power line to snap. We 
 walked over to the site of the break later and saw several power 
 company vehicles a couple of squad cars were present but left before 
 we actually reached the scene.


Mar. '98 Reports

National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 3/1/1998 02:20 (Entered as : 3/98 02;20)
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : Lodi, WI
 Shape :  green fire ball with spark trail moving from east to west over the Badger 
ordenece army ammo plant it looked like fireworks it was as big as a dime held at 
arms length.


Location: Baraboo/Wisconsin 
Date: 03/07/98 time: 04:00a.m. 
My brother reports to me that there is a u.f.o. that has been 
visiting Baraboo Wisconsin just above the bluff's.  It has been 
appearing every day around the same time in the early a.m. and 
then when the sun starts to come up, it slowly rises to the clouds 
and then darts off to an unknown location at incredible speeds.  It 
is a cigar shaped u.f.o. and (from palm of hand to palm of hand) 
about 8 inches long as viewed from about 2 miles away.  It is emiting 
bright white and red lights with no apparent landing gears or 
windows.  It appears in the early a.m. "suddenly" around the same 
time every day and in the same place of the bluffs every day.  To his 
knowledge, it has not landed but comes every day around the same time 
and place. Sincerely KJen818764@aol.com


      On Thursday, March 26, 1998, at 9:15 p.m., Kenneth
 and Katarina M. "were enjoying the clear evening" at
 their home in Brighton, Michigan (population 5,686).
 a town on Interstate Highway I-23 about 30 miles
 (48 kilometers) west of Detroit.
      "Suddenly, we noticed something unusual coming
 from the north," Katarina reported.  "An object passed
 over our heads in a straight-line direction.  The object
 had a V-shape with real bright white-yellowish lights
 underneath.  We watched it for about four seconds
 until it passed behind our house.  The object made no
 sound at all."  (Many thanks to Tim Hagemeister of
 NACOMM for this report.)


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 3/27/1998 20:40 
  Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : Milwaukee, WI
 Shape : Circle
 Light spotted moving very fast heading NE and quickly turning W. Other simular 
round lights seen w/ same characteristics. Objects moved to fast and silently to be 
 Myself and two friends witnessed a strange light moving North East very fast. The 
object was moving very quietly. It then turned very sharply twards the West. About 
a minute later we witnessed another object, which seemed to come out of nowhere 
heading North East. It was also moving fast and quietly. It turned sharply to the North 
and quickly faded. Another minute later we saw a light come from the North and 
quickly turn East a fade like the other lights. About 30 seconds later we saw another 
quickly moving object come from the North West and then fade. I am 13 and my 
friends are 13 and 14. I hope you won't use that against us. There usually aren't 
many planes around.


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 3/31/1998 05:00 CST
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : Baraboo, WI
 Shape : Light
 A yellow-orange light that zipped or zig-zagged, apparently a mile or two 
away on the southeastern horizon.
 I am an associate editor at FATE magazine, and was investigating a report 
of a recurring UFO sighting in Baraboo. I met the witness, a Baraboo resident, 
on both March 31 and April 5, and we had sightings on both mornings, which 
were shared by one friend of mine on March 31 and two different friends on 
April 5. I will enter data on the more interesting April 5 incident in a separate
posting to come. I have written about my experience in the forthcoming June 
issue of FATE, but wanted to place the information here since I am not getting 
a response from members of Wisconsin MUFON after three weeks since 
contacting them. This is apparently a recurring incident. At 4:45 a.m. CST 
on March 31, I met the witness. I was training my binoculars on the
southeastern horizon (an area known as the Baraboo Bluffs, in the vicinity of 
several radio and microwave towers) when I saw a orange-yellowish light soar 
a few degrees across the horizon. My friend, viewing with the naked eye, said 
she saw it zig-zag. I had the impression of an old-fashioned orange computer 
cursor that leaves a trail as it glides across a blank screen. It was bright,
anomalous, very short-lived, and not easy to explain. We then runined any 
further opportunity to observe the light by driving off in the wrong direction, after 
which it was too bright and too foggy for us to see anything more. We concluded 
that the sighting may have been a UFO or other kind of anomalous ground-light 
activity. I returned to Baraboo on April 5 with two other friends. We discovered 
then that at least part of what our witness was describing, observing, and 
photographing was nothing more than good old planet Venus, in the southeastern 
sky. Disappointed, we waited around for a few hours and prepared to leave. 
But once again, while I was training my binoculars high in the southern sky on 
Venus (at 8:10 a.m. CDT), my friends and I had another strange sighting.
This time, a bright white light seemed to emerge from behind the center of a thin 
cloud, a few degrees "below" Venus. It was tens of thousands of feet high. It 
"swooped" below the cloud (from our perspective) and seemed to leave a bright 
light impression or reflection before vanishing. I had the impression of the shape 
of a powerfully lit electric moth. Again, this was seen by myself, two friends, and 
the Baraboo witness. The whole thing seemed to resemble an extremely odd 
entrail from a plane, and I have not been able to look into this yet, but (1) we 
saw no physical craft, and (2) we agreed that it motion was far too anomalous, 
especially since it was 8 a.m. on a Sunday, and supposedly recurring. I believe 
there is some basis in truth for what the Baraboo witness has been reporting, but 
fact and fallacy have been difficult to separate. The Baraboo witness may report 
his extensive sightings soon by phone, but I personally can offer these two reports 
which were shared by a number of my friends, and seem to be consistent with
most of the witness's claims. Since this is apparently a recurring event, I personally 
recommend that somebody with more resources investigates. I am available for 
more information.


Apr. '98 Reports

National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 4/3/1998 approx 22:20
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : Eau Claire, WI
 Shape : Diamond
Four dark objects moving westerly at incredible speed in parallel , flying 
in a diagonal formation were noted. The objects were traveling a parallel 
vector and arranged in a diagonal formation. It only took a few seconds 
for them to cross the sky. I noticed them at 45 degrees inclination, 90 
degrees ascension with in a few seconds, they vanished out of sight.


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 4/5/1998 08:10 
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : Baraboo, WI
 Shape : Light
 A bright white light, tens of thousands of feet in the air, swooped 
downward, left a lingering impression or reflection, and disappeared.
Information included in my previous posting about my 3/31/98 sighting 
in Baraboo.


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 4/23/1998 17:21 (Entered as : 04/23/98 5.21.00)
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : OCONOMOWOC, WI
 Shape : Light


Occurred : 4/26/1998 21:45 (Entered as : 04/26/98 21:45)
Reported: 4/27/1998 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Eagan, MN
Shape: Light
Duration:5 secs
 I glanced skyward and saw an object moving extremely quickly across 
 the night sky. It appeared as two points of light, seperated but 
 traveling uniformly. The object materialized, traveled very quickly 
 on a straight path, then disappeared. I confess that the object was 
 quite faint.

 The object was two points of light, seperated by just a degree or 
 so. The lights appeared white in color and kept a constant level 
 of brightness. The two points of light were obviously traveling as 
 one unit as they moved across the night sky. I just happened to 
 look upward to admire the night sky when I left a restaurant and 
 noticed the object moving on a southeast to northwest path. Within 
 5 seconds, the object vanished as quickly as it appeared. The object 
 never came near the horizon. I recently graduated from college with 
 a degree in Sociology. I took an Astronomy class in college and 
 consider it somewhat of a hobby of mine. I have seen countless 
 shooting stars and this object was very different from anything I 
 had seen in the night sky before. It traveled way too quickly to be 
 a jet and there was no actual "streak" as is commonly observed with 
 meteors. The intensity of the lights remained constant until it 


May '98 Reports

Occurred : 5/10/1998 19:00 (Entered as : 05/10/1998 19:00)
Reported: 3/1/2004 2:21:56 PM 14:21
Posted: 3/2/2004
Location: Grand Rapids, MN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:10 Seconds
Too bright for this earth.

Against a black sky, an extremly bright light was seen. It was too bright to be a helicopter 
or airplane, and was too high to be a radio tower (also there are no towers in this area). 
The light wasn't moving, I turned away for less than a second, when I looked back, it 
was gone.  ((NUFORC Note: Date of incident is approximate. PD))


Occurred : 5/16/1998 21:45 (Entered as : 5/16/98 between 21:45 and 21:55)
Reported: 5/16/1998
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Andover, MN
Shape: Light
Duration:7 minutes
 My brothers and I thought we were looking at a shooting star that 
 started moving in diferent directions as it started moving away
 and getting harder to see we saw 2 of them of in the distance I 
 tried to tape it but it was to dark out for the camcorder to work.

 A star or sphere blueish-greenish or star colored shaped object was 
 moving across the sky first in a straight line so I thought it was
 a shooting star. So, I told my brothers to look at a shooting star, 
 but I couldn't find it. Then my youngest brother pointed out an 
 object circling above in the sky. I tried to record it, but my 
 camcorder wouldn't pick up even the stars. As it moved into the 
 distance, it became harder to see them off in the distance. We could 
 slightly see two more off in the distance, then we couldn't see them
 anymore. Closer to the ground, probably 300 feet off the ground.


Date of Sighting: May 16, 1998
Time: Between 10:00-11:00 pm CDT
Location: City of Lakeshore, Cass County, MN.
Weather: Clear and Calm

Witnesses were fishing and stargazing on Lake Margret (part of the 
Gull lake chain) when one of them saw a flash of streaking light 
at apporximately 90 degrees in the night sky. The witness described 
the object as starlike in appearance and size. The object remained 
stationary for a short time and then moved very rapidly toward the 
west, leaving a short trail of white light behind it when it took 
off. At arms length, the distance covered was approximately 3 feet. 
It covered the distance almost instantaneously and stopped. Again, 
the object remained stationary for a moment and then shot off at an 
angle. The object continued to dart around in a zig-zag pattern like 
that for about five minutes before it took off toward the southwest 
and disappeared. Afterward, the witnessess continued to watch the 
the sky for about 10 minutes when the object returned to the same 
position where they had first spotted it. Again the object repeated 
the stop and go zig-zag pattern for about five minutes before it 
shot off towards the southwest and disappeared.


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 5/18/1998 23:30 
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : Rapid City, SD
 Shape : Other
 There was a light similar to a falling star, only bigger and longer 
 in duration... I have seen plenty of falling stars and this was not 
 one of them... it could not have been any known aircraft... the tail 
 was long and very bright like a falling star... it was yellow, orange,
 and greenish.


       A second UFO sighting took place in Michigan the
  night of May 19, 1998, four hours after the satellite
  Galaxy IV went haywire.
       A UFO was seen flying high over Howell, Michigan,
  (population 8,184) about 50 miles (80 kilometers) west
  of Detroit, at 10:30 p.m.
       Jeff Westover, a sketch artist for Michigan MUFON,
  reports, "I, too, had a May 19, 1998 sighting in Marlette,
  Michigan (population 1,924) at 10:15 p.m.  I noticed a
  large cluster of reddish lights approximately 15 to 20
  degrees above the west-southwest horizon that, after
  two minutes of being stationary, shot straight up into
  the night sky."
       "The sighting took place at about the same time as
  the Howell, MI sighting," adding that his object's position
  near the western horizon "would put it over the Howell
  area if it were high enough in the sky."
       Marlette is in the "Thumb" area of Michigan, a town
  on Highway 53 approximately 55 miles (88 kilometers)
  north of Detroit.  (Many thanks to Jeff Westover for
  this report and UFOUPDATES.)


Skywatch’s Doug Parrish reports that at 10:31 p.m. ET on May 19, 1998 a point
of light the size of a star was seen moving slowly across the sky above
Howell, MI, (55 miles NW of Detroit).  The altitude of the light was
approximately 85 degrees in the NE sky, almost overhead.  Upon being observed,
the point of light immediately started to glow brighter until in less than 2
seconds time it had become as bright as, if not brighter than, the sun at
noon. Since it was only a point of light, it did not cast any appreciable
shadow on the residential landscape.  Once I had "acknowledged" the light as
having been seen, it started to diminish in brightness and in a time span of
five seconds, it had dimmed into invisibility.  The light was moving slowly
directly south.  The entire observation lasted less than 10 seconds.  The
distance covered in that time was equivalent to the thumb and the index finger
held at arm's length and spread apart by 7 inches.  The temperature was 73
degrees with a clear sky. No noise was heard and there were no running lights.
The sun had set about 8:55 p.m., so I immediately suspected the transpolar
satellite, but satellites slip in and out of the Earth's shadow over a much
greater expanse of sky. This is the second such observation of almost exactly
the same nature and description, and even seen in the same spot in the sky.
The first observation was on Labor Day evening in September, 1997.  Thanks to
Doug Parrish Michigan Director / Skywatch International.


June '98 Reports

I want to share the sighting I had here in June at 11:30 PM, when I saw a
small black object spinning counterclockwise between the houses across the
street.  It spun a few seconds, then it rose up in the air and disappeared.
Then, suddenly a large oval shaped object moved into view.  It was bright like
a full moon but oval in shape.  It moved slowly, then a similarly shaped black
one moved over it so that you could see half the oval disc and make out half
of the black.  Then, as they moved together overhead, the light disc and the
dark one separated and came together a couple more times before they
disappeared at high speed.  During this time, I was frozen on my driveway.  I
had no control over my body- I couldn't run or yell out.  When it disappeared
over the house, I ran in and dragged my Mom out to see.  I spent the night
outside until the wee hours hoping it would return.  Right after that, my
dishwasher became very hot inside even though we had not run it.  Two days
later, my son and I woke up with strange stains on our feet and on our
pajamas.  I will never forget that beautiful sight that night.  MUFON
investigators came to my house and investigated my sighting.  It felt good to
be able to tell someone about it right after it happened.  The local police
referred me to them saying, that they take UFO reports seriously!  How
refreshing!  I also called the Air Force to ask if they had any sightings.
They said no, and asked why.  I said I saw something I can't explain.  The man
I talked to said they are not allowed to take any UFO reports.  I said OK and
just as I was about to hang up he said "but I am very interested in what you
saw."  This was the third time I have seen UFOs.  The first two happened in
Hawaii when 20 of us saw a huge triangular ship fly right over our heads.  The
Air Force told us it was a weather balloon.  Oh well. 
Thanks to John Thompson ISUR, and Mari.  UFOUPDATES



     Five black helicopters were seen flying northward
over Port Washington, Wisconsin (population 9,338)
by a local man who reported his sighting to MUFON.
     Bob Mueller reported that he "saw black
helicopters fly over his house on Saturday, June 13,
1998, and again on Sunday," June 14, 1998.  "On
both days, five helicopters flew over, then came back
a few hours later, heading south.  They looked like
UH-60 Blackhawk gunships with a capacity of about
a dozen troopers apiece.  There were no markings,
and their low-visibility paint scheme made them
hard to see."
     On Sunday, June 14, 1998, at about 11 p.m.,
Bob reported, "I went out to my car to get something,
and I saw a moving, flashing orange light very high in
the sky directly overhead.  When it flashed, it was
very bright.  So much so, it reflected off my car (and)
glasses, caught my attention enough so that I had
to look up.  It appeared to be moving in a straight line.
The UFO was heading due north--the same heading,
and virtually along the same path, as the helicopters."
     Bob ran indoors to get his wife Michele.  But when
the couple reached the yard, 30 seconds later, the
UFO was gone.
     Port Washington is located on the western shore
of Lake Michigan 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  (See Filer's Files #26 for 1998.
Many thanks to George A. Filer, Eastern Director of
MUFON, for this news story.)



     On Wednesday, June 17, 1998, at 11 p.m.,
Michigan ufologist Jeff Westover spotted "five
star-like objects in the sky moving very fast,
three moving due north and two to the south-
southeast.  One of the southerly-moving objects
intersected with a westbound jet.  This particular
object had a veering movement to it.  The other
four seemed to go very fast on a straight path."
     On Saturday, June 20, 1998, at 11 p.m.,
Westover was driving into Marlette (population 1924)
when he spied "a brilliant reddish-orange light" just
above the southern horizon.
     "I hurriedly made it through town, past the bright
street lights and through heavy cruising traffic, and
out into the south end of town," Jeff reported.  "It was
still there, 20 degrees above the horizon, almost 
directly in front of me and bobbing like a boat on
choppy seas.  The single light was jumping around
slightly.  Then it happened.  I pulled off onto a side
road on a slight hill and parked the car, waiting to see
if the light would reappear...binoculars ready."
     "Sure enough, it reappeared within two minutes
and was flying bright, although not giving off any glow
or halo.  It seemed to be like a ball of fire, concentrated
and bright.  Through the binoculars it was a bright ball
of reddish orange light, brighter than any star in the sky,
and seemed to have a bobbing motion to it.  And then
it simply vanished before my eyes...It suddenly reappeared
at 20 degrees and then dropped to the ground.  I lost sight
of it at that point."  (Many thanks to Jeff Westover of
MUFON for this news story.) UFOUPDATES


Occurred : 6/20/1998 07:00 (Entered as : 06/20/98 07:00)
Reported: 4/18/1999 17:51
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Morris, MN
Shape: Egg
UFO in morning sky...jets following
I was going to work that morning. I live in the country and I was 
going to drive into town to get to my work place. I was with a co-
worker who lived on the way to town (we were car pooling). The sky 
was clear and it was just a quiet morning. Then my co-worker pointed 
into the sky and said, "Look at that! What is that thing?" I am not 
an aircraft expert, but that thing didn't look like any aircraft I've 
ever seen. It was in a sort of oval shape, more like an egg. It was a 
dark gray color. There weren't any lights or anything like that. The 
object made no noise. It was about 1000 feet in the air and it was 
moving very fast across the sky. Then there was a jet aircraft chasing 
after it about three seconds after the craft passed. The jet made jet 
noises, unlike the craft. The craft didn't have any jet engines, but 
it was going so fast that it would almost have to. Both me and my 
co-worker didn't know what the craft was. We still don't to this day 
and we classify it as a UFO because that's what it is to us. I'm not 
going to give out my personal information because I don't know what 
people (people with the jet aircraft) will do to me if they see this 


Subject: UFO in Rochester, MN

My sighting or whatever it was took place in late June, 1998. I am not
quite sure of the date, but it was the night of the Rochesterfest Street
dance. Anyway, a large severe thunderstorm was moving inand the dance was
cancelled. So my father and I were out side watching the storm move in
having some cigars. The wind was extremely strong, lighting and thunder
but no rain yet.  The ceiling of the clouds was low about 2000 feet, max.
With the wind the clouds were moving west to east quickly. Just as we 
were about to go in, I glance up at the clouds and a distinct black 
dot maybe 5-10 feet across was moving across the sky. My dad saw it 
about the same time and we thought, boy that balloon is moving...but. 
The dot was moving very quickly east to west, against the wind. We 
watched this object just hugg the base of the clouds, occasionally 
going through really low clouds than reappearing. We had full sight 
for about 2 minutes from east to west until the trees blocked out view.
5 minutes after that there was a tornado touchdown north of town and 
we headed in when the sirens went off.



This UFO sighting is taking place in an area where Billy Dee lived 6 
years ago.  The Dee's had moved from the Baraboo rural area 6 years 
ago, primarily to get away from the Ufo and alien enounter's.  But in 
October of last year, they returned to live once again in the rural 
Baraboo area.  

 Billy Dee was startled after reading a local report.  Why?  
Mr. Dee and his family had gone through a series of Ufo and alien 
encounters in the late 80's, and in 1990, in the same area where this 
daily UFO sighting was, or still may be taking place.

Mr. Dee comments with this! Oh my God!  Its still going on!"
  "Either they haven't left and continue 
to abduct innocent people like us, or the location is a continuing 
Hot Spot for Ufo activity!".  Dee further said, "My God, what if they 
are abducting and hurting others like they did to us?"

Mr. Dee produced a movie centered around what happened in a series of 
UFO sightings, encounters and alien abduction, while his family and 
him lived in their rural home, back in the bluffs of the Baraboo area 
of Wisconsin.  The movie also centered around one of their most 
horrific encounters that lasted from December 15 of 1989 to the 
beginning of February of 1990.

Below, is a report where a routine Ufo sighting took place early this 
spring, and in the same area.  It was not stated that the incidents 
were taking place in the area that Dee reported.  But Dee had done 
some follow up investigative work and found the Ufo sighting's report 
was taking place west of Baraboo, and in the area where the Dee 
family had lived from 1986 till 1991.

Please read on below of a report that was found on a local Baraboo 
website.  Mr. Dee states he will do further investigation, and 
hopefully get into the area of the sightings with camcorder 
equipment. Above Reported By UFOSSI


06-27-98 Ramsey, Minnesota
Reporter: Tim Hagemeister, Director-NACOMM.
Experience: At approximately 19:45 on June 27 in Ramsey, Minnesota 
(30miNorth of Minneapolis) as my family was finishing a late supper 
in our home,our 10 year old son Ariel stepped out on the deck to scan 
for storm clouds.Since we have had quite a few powerful thunderstorms 
this week, he wasintently watching the skies.As my wife, Yvonne and I 
were visiting with my father, my son beganto yell from the deck, "Dad, 
come and see the UFO!" Thinking that he wasplaying a joke on us I 
replied, "Yeah, right!" After his persistence forthe next 10 seconds 
I decided to play along and go out and see."See" he said, "It's right 
up there now." He was pointing at North 330degrees and almost directly
above us. At first I couldn't see anythingand was about to go inside 
when he pointed it out again.To my amazement there was a black "dot" 
about the size of a pencil erasurewhen held at arms length traveling 
just below the cloud ceiling. It wasmoving the speed of a typical 
night time satellite at a steady pace headingN330'. Knowing that 
there was time to get a closer view, I asked for my10X50 binoculars 
and was able to view it for another 30 seconds along withmy wife. It 
seemed to have a triangular shape to me but my wife claimedit was 
circular.I was about to write off the sighting as a B1, B2 or F117 
due to itsstark black color when it just stopped for about 10 seconds 
in place. Bothmy wife and myself witnessed the suspended motion until 
the lower scatteredcloud cover blocked it from view. After the lower 
cloud cover cleared wewere unable to find it again.There is the 
possibility of a balloon as well but again, the objectdid stop from 
distancing itself from our line of sight for around 10-15seconds. 
Because at this point it was about 45' above the horizon and heading
away from our vantage point, it should have become increasingly 
smallerbut retained its size for the suspended time. Very unlikely 
for a balloonunless caught in some type of back draft.The object's 
shape seemed to remain constant on departure, this alsogives credence 
to the ball shape verses the triangular.


July '98 Reports


New York ufologist Alex Cavallari took color photos of orb-like 
UFOs during his July trip to northern Michigan. On July 3, 1998, 
Cavallari photographed a "standard white Orb" near Trout Lake in 
Kalkaska County, 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of Traverse City 
(population 15,800). On July 14, 1998, Cavallari was on the 
shore of East Traverse Bay, near Traverse City, which is located 
253 miles (405 kilometers) northwest of Detroit, and noticed 
"flashes and streaks of white light above the treeline to the 
west...As we were taking the pictures, we noticed a few small 
Orbs hovering in the distance, so we took a few more photos. 
Then they just vanished."

Later that day, Cavallari "decided to get off the beach and go 
sit at one on the picnic tables. I was having a cigarette when I 
watched a big amber-colored Orb appear almost directly in front 
of the middle of the bay. It was about one or two miles away 
(offshore). The Orb was also about four inches above" the bay at 
that distance and looked to be "about one-quarter of an inch in 

He described the Orb as "almost yellow-orangish in color," 
adding that "we watched the Orb's appearance change to a very 
bright white. This was just before it vanished. It was a solid 
color. It did not blink or pulse. It was just light and it 
remained the same intensity most of the time." (See UFO Hunting 
in Michigan--July 1998, copyright 1998 by Alex M. Cavallari. 
Alex is also a ham radio enthusiast and can be reached at 


Occurred : 7/5/1998 01:00 (Entered as : 07/05/1998 01:00)
Reported: 7/29/2001 20:52
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Boundary Waters, MN
Shape: Egg
Duration:10 minutes
blueish/orange football size object over fishing spot- no sound

I was fishing with my two brothers in Minn/Canada Boundary Waters. We have 
been to this camping site numerous times. The sky was very clear and weather 
was ideal. I was up late watching the fire and putting it out. I saw another group of 
people camping across the lake at another site. They were loud making some 
noise for the 4th of July. My brothers and I went to bed and they asked if I put out 
the fire. I comfirmed but was worried about embers. I walked outside and saw a 
blueish /orange football size light in the air. I looked at it for a minute and it started 
moving toward our island. I woke and called out my brothers. One came out side 
and watched the object move with me. I thought the other campsite my be shooting 
off some fireworks- at this time, the other campers, were quiet. The object moved 
closer and erraticly- not like a roman candle. The object moved toward us 100yards 
and my brother and I were getting scared. We were yelling look at that and asking 
each other what it could be. Then it moved real close and we moved inside the tent. 
My oldest brother called( who remained inside the tent) called us idiots who needed 
to go to bed. Well my other brother and I peaked out the front and the blueish/orange 
football size object move along the side of the island and down to the lake side. I got 
up and my brothers followed me. I went toward the side of the lake the object moved 
and saw nothing. Weird!!! In the lake ? Still do not know to date what that could have 
been. I am a scientist today and would not believe it unless I have saw it for myself.


Occurred : 7/5/1998 00:00 (Entered as : 07/05/98 24:00)
Reported: 5/21/2002 11:43:05 PM 23:43
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Lake Vermillion, MN
Shape: Disk
Duration:1 1/2 hours
Massive craft seen for an hour

Visiting friends with mother at cabin on Hoodoo point - Lake Vermillion. Around 
midnight, took the 2 passenger paddle boat out about 50 feet from shore. Lots of 
stars. Saw what appeared to be several shooting stars, but they traveled too fast 
and to the right in the sky. Looked over, and down extremely low in the sky, so large 
and visible was a massive craft. Craft was stationary or "hovering". No sound. Craft's 
size was visible when it suddenly shot off a "beam" of white light which appeared 
around the craft like a halo. Top of craft had circling green and red lights, which 
appeared to go on and off in random type of pattern, but were circling around the top 
of the craft. Watched the craft for nearly an hour and a half, in shock for what we had 
seen. White halo light around craft came again, showing the massive size of craft, 
and the underside of craft and the details of make of ship. When craft suddenly 
"beemed" itself - suddenly it had moved to a spot to the right of where it had been, 
but without "moving" and went back, we paddled back to shore, and informed guests 
at cabin who went outside and also witnessed craft. Called the airforce base in 
Duluth then, who informed us we were the sixth caller that evening regarding the 
siting. ((NUFORC Note: Witness describes self as a highly-trained professional. 
We will attempt to obtain other reports. PD))


Occurred : 7/5/1998 23:30 (Entered as : 07/05/98 23:30)
Reported: 10/16/2000 20:31
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Cook, MN
Shape: Light
Duration:seven to eight minutes
a point of light which flew zig-zags, loops and back and forth over an area of 
minnesotas north woods. it was nearly midnight.

standing on a dock in a bay of lake vermillion i was star-gazing when i saw a distant 
light to the north a few degrees above the distant treeline. my immedite feeling was 
fear, the light was zig-zagging at about the rate an airplane might fly and it looked 
like it was lost, searching for a landmark in the darkness and so i feared for the 
plane's safety. as i watched the plane turned around and headed back to where i first 
saw it, but this time without zig-zagging. it then zig-zagged in an ascending way, flew 
what appeared to be a few degrees off of heading in my direction and gradually did 
a series of 3 loops. this was followed by a long, straight flight back in the same 
direction as the first zig-zag, and a straight flight back to near where it did loops. by 
now i was so fascinated i turned to look in the boat for my binoculars and when i 
turned back, the light was gone. there was no strobe, just a constant point of white 
light. it kept a steady speed. there was no sound. i looked at maps the following day 
and there is very little development in this section of northwoods. my rational mind 
says it was a pilot out for a midnight joyride. most planes here are seaplanes. what 
do you think. please answer.



On Friday July 10, 1998 at 3:49 pm EST, a woman driving north on US-127 near
Leslie, Michigan (15 miles south of Lansing) noticed "the glint of a silvery
object" near a small cumulous cloud.  She described the object as the size of
a Cessna-type aircraft, but "perfectly round like a steel BB".  She further
noticed "a shiny band around the middle" of the object.  The object seemed to
"slide up against the edge of the cumulous cloud, rolled down so that the top
reflected a shine and then it rolled up so that the bottom then reflected the
shine".  She noted that the "shiny band" stayed in the middle of the object
which enabled her to determine which side that the reflection came off of.
She noted that the object then "slid/flew into the edge" of the cloud from
which it never reappeared. 

On July 3, 1998, around 3 PM EST, a 14 year old boy had a sighting of a
"flashlight UFO" at Blue Lake Fine Arts Music Camp in Twin Lake, ten miles
east of Lake Michigan.  The boy was in an outdoor pavilion rehearsing on the
violin with other orchestra students when he looked up.  He saw a strange
object that resembled a "metal gray flashlight with a nose bigger than the
back end".  He could see no windows or lights on it.  It was flying in a
"straight horizontal line" west towards Lake Michigan.  The object was at a
high altitude, and at arm's length was as big as his index finger.  He saw it
for ten seconds before it flew into a very large cloud.  When asked if he
pointed out the object to any of the others in the orchestra he replied, "No,
because the teacher would've said I was disturbing the rehearsal".  Thanks to
Marilyn Ruben from AAER at: www.abduct.com and Jeff S. Westover.


      On Tuesday, July 14, 1998, at 2:30 a.m., Ed Lepps
 was running his sailboat north on Lake Huron, taking
 part in the annual Port Huron to Mackinac Island race.
      "At 2:30 a.m., we were about 2.5 nautical miles
 north of Presque Isle (Michigan) when I looked up and
 saw a bright white sphere racing east across the sky,"
 Ed reported.  "It was moving very slowly and quite
 erratically from side to side.  This lasted for about a
 minute, then it moved very rapidly at a 45-degrees
 angle into the sky and disappeared.  Three other
 people were on the deck at the same time and saw
 the same thing."
      Presque Isle is just off Michigan Highway 23,
 approximately 273 miles (437 kilometers) north of
 Detroit.  (See Filer's Files #30 for 1998.  Many thanks
 to George A. Filer for this news story.) UFOROUNDUP


The sightings report below was sent to me by one of my Michigan UFO 
hunting partners, all parties are know to myself in this event but due to 
work related pressures there anonymity must be preserved.
 Note from alex:
 I just returned from Michigan after 6 days of UFO hunting , we saw and filmed
 many orbs a few rods and a saucer shaped craft while we were there, over the
 Howell  Michigan area we filmed a Red Rod and some Plasma Orbs, it appears
 that this state is also a UFO hot spot with unknown objects flying in there
 airspace which are easy to find, view and film.
 thank you,
 New York State
 Director / Investigator
 Skywatch International Inc.
 KB2NYV Amateur Radio
 Date of Sighting:  July 17, 1998
 Time of Sighting:  11:10 p.m.
 Sky Conditions:  Clear
  Witness Report:
  Witness resides in Pinckney, Michigan (Livingston County), which is north of
 Ann Arbor and west of Detroit.  Witness was home alone at about 11:10 p.m. in
 her kitchen when she noticed "white lights" flashing outside her kitchen
 window.  (She remembers looking at the clock because of the appearance of
 lights at that time of night.)  She found this odd because the kitchen window
 faces a large, open field, not the road, and that it "gets pitch black out
 here."  Witness then moved closer to the window to inspect the source of the
 "white light flashes".  As she looked outside she noticed a "bright red light.
 I mean bright" that just appeared to the southeast heading slowly in a
 northwest direction and stopped above the tree line outside her kitchen
 window.  She said, as she points her arm at approximately a 60 degree angle,
 was a "softball-sized, round, bright, red light......like a big tomato" with
 no defined edges.  The "light" hovered in that position for approximately ten
 to fifteen minutes, and pulsated, so she chose to stay inside and view it
 because she was to afraid to go outside to get a closer look.  Witness then
 noticed an airplane approach from the southeast, circled the object twice,
and  then "shot off back to the southeast", and that there was no noise from
either  the light or the airplane.
 The light continued to hover in the same position for about five minutes
after the plane exited from view.  She stated the light then slowly headed west,
 northwest, then disappeared.  "It was like it went behind a cloud and
 disappeared, but there was no clouds." Witness insists the second object 
was an airplane and had proper FAA configuration.  (Witness has a close friend 
who is a pilot and also spends many nights watching the planes in the sky.) 
Furthermore, she states the area has no military operating space, and  that 
"I know the difference between a helicopter and an airplane."
 Witness denied any complaints of headache, dizziness, nausea, numbness,
 tingling, or ear ringing.  When questioned further of any possible symptoms
 she informed me she did have "popping and cracking in her ears" but equates
 this to an ear infection.  Please direct questions to xelaufo@aol.com for 
 forwarding to the witness.
  Regards,   ANNE


Michigan sighting:

Saturday, July 18, 1998, at 10:50 p.m., a couple in 
Marlette, Michigan (population 1,924) spotted a UFO.
     According to Jeffrey S. Westover of Michigan
MUFON, the couple--Lee, 54, and Norman, 52--
were "stargazing from their backyard patio" and
saw "a bright golden-yellow star-like object moving
from the northwest, near the Big Dipper, to the
southeast.  'It flew at least as twice as fast as a
(commercial) jet and traveled in a perfectly straight
line,' said Norm, 'There was no sound.'"
     "Five minutes later, a second star-like object
followed exactly the same path, originating from
the northwest, passing through the Big Dipper and
traveling to the southeast.  Both objects were
comparable in brightness to 2.5 magnitude stars."
     At approximately 11:15 p.m., Lee and Norm
witnessed "'a single white light, moving at typical
jet speed' and as bright as a third magnitude star.
The bright light was steady, not pulsing, as it moved
through Ursa Major.  With the witnesses facing
north, and the object moving away at approximately
70 degrees altitude, it suddenly flared.  The flare
expanded the light to about ten times its original
     "'We both exclaimed, WOW! at the same time,'
Norm said. The flare lasted for about a second before
the light returned to its original size.  A few seconds
later, it flared again.  At this point, the light disappeared
to the north."  (Many thanks to Jeffrey S. Westover of
Michigan MUFON for this report.)


Occurred : 7/20/1998 21:00 (Entered as : 07/20/1998 21:00)
Reported: 9/25/2003 11:30:52 AM 11:30
Posted: 9/28/2003
Location: Callaway, MN
Shape: Fireball
Duration:? maybe 10 min.
Red Large Fireball flying up from earth

Well in the summer of 98' I think I was walking outside my house with my sister 
and we looked up into the north-east sky and we saw a red fireball the size of a 
quarter if you held it arm lenght awayflying at a 80 degree angle going upit was the 
most incredible thing i've ever seen in my life since then we talk about it every now 
and then, my sister is a mother, I, i work in the navy as an aviation ((Navy aviation 
specialty deleted)) so i guess i leave the believing up to you as for me and my sister 
we'll stick to our story.  ((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


Sighting Date: July 27?, 1998 10:32pm CST
Sighting Location: near Lake Nokomis, South Minneapolis, MN

10:32 PM - after sighting Wife was outside listening to tree frogs when 
she spotted a pair of seemingly random flashing lights to the West North-
West of our location (Lake Nokomis area). The lights were stationary for 
at least 5 minutes. I went to get the binoculars. Upon my return, the lights 
had started moving downwards - but maintaining the same distance from us.
Through the binoculars we noticed that it seemed to be two separate objects 
moving closely together. After another 5 minutes it started moving to the 
south, again maintaining the same distance from us. At this point we had 
to move from outside to our upstairs window (due to trees that blocked 
viewing from the lower angle).

Since we live near the airport, we are used to recognizing a multitude of 
planes on both approach and departure - by their lights and sounds. It was 
at this point that we noticed that we had not seen nor heard ANY planes 
coming from or heading towards the airport. It was also at this point that 
we also noticed many other, much farther away and higher in the sky flashes 
of light (white flashes - not red like the underside of a plane). We lost 
the original object behind a group of large trees - a few minutes later 
the rest of the flashes in the sky stopped as well.

It was at this point that the airplane flights from the airport resumed.

Have you had any other reports in this area around this time? Are you 
able to confirm why the planes seemed to stop arriving and leaving the 
airport during this time?


The sighting occured between slightly after 10:00 PM and 10:25 PM - give 
or take a few minutes on either side.

There were two objects when viewed through binoculars. They were completely
stationary for a long period of time - flashing a bright white light from
each object at random intervals and for random lengths of time.  When it did
finally move it went 'down' or towards the earth at an extremely fast rate
of speed - until it was slightly above the roof of our neighbors garage.  At
this point it stopped again for a while before it started moving to the
South - pausing occassionally.  Neither of these directions are towards or
away from the airport - paralleling it would be a better description.  It
was obvious to us that they were not planes in any sort of landing/holding
pattern - from their distance, speed, movement, the shape of the objects,
and the odd flashing lights.  We lost the objects behind a tree (we were
watching it through the tree with the binoculars) - they were visible
through the leaves, but then they were gone.  We watched for quite some time
for it to reappear through or on either side of the tree - but it did not.

There were a number of things that were not 'normal' for any kind of
aircraft that we get through our area.

1) The objects hovered motionless for over 5 minutes at a time.
2) When it first moved it was extremely rapid 'downward' movement.
3) The objects moved in almost perfect alignment with one another at an
extremely close range to each other
4) After pausing again, they moved at a rate of speed too slow for any kind
of jet aircraft.
5) During the second move, they paused multiple times along its path.
6) The extremely bright and random flashing white lights (there were no
other lights on the objects).  It's hard to describe the patterns of the
flashing in writing.
7) The sudden dissappearance of the objects.
8) The odd widespread *extremely* distant flashing white lights in almost
the same pattern.


Aug. '98 Reports

Subject: Minnesota MUFON Initial UFO Report
City, State, Zip: Maplewood, Minnesota  55119 

Sighting Date/Time: 3 years ago in August (1998)
Sighting Location: When my dad and I were driving up to 
Duluth MN (I can't remember the specific freeway or highway).

Sighting Description: Simple Daylight disk,We were on a 
freeway with trees/forests on both sides of the road. Then 
I saw a UFO that looked like a saucer, it was white on the 
bottom and black on top. I saw it for maybe 4-5 sec. and 
it disappeared underneath the woods.


Date: Aug. 15, 1998 ~2:30am CST
Sighting Location: Henning, MN (near Fergus Falls)

I had an encounter with grid-type lights moving in an erratic pattern of
movement in my rural yard on approximately the 15th of August. There are no
near neighbors. My home is surrounded by trees. The objects were at times
maneuvering amongst the branches of the trees at about 10 feet vertically.
This took place at about 2:30 in the morning. These objects appeared to me
to be about 2 feet in diameter and spherical. As the lights moved, they
would flash off and on.


Sighting Date: 8/15/98 11:30pm CST
Sighting Location: between Hutchinson and Dassel, MN

I am writing to inform you on another possible ufo sighting.  My brother 
and one of his friends witnessed it so I dont have the full details but 
I will send you the story as soon as possible. But I will tell you a 
summary of what my brother told me.
They were driving home last week and they saw a bright blue streak go 
through the sky. They just thought it was a falling star but it stopped 
instantly and turned into a bright white light.  My brother was driving 
in the direction of the light.  So he took a gravel road which was very 
near the light. As they got closer to it they said it had 5 extremly 
bright white lights in the shape of a triangle, and one red light 
located on the bottom in the center.  But what they said was the white 
lights were like giant spot lights facing the ground. they pulled over 
on the gravel road and looked at it in awe.  They said it was hovering 
right over a corn field.  My brother shut off his engine to see if it 
was making any sound but it was silent.  But then they noticed it start 
to move in their direction with no sound.  It came right over them and 
followed the road a bit then headed off in another corn field.  They 
said it was really low to the ground. they also said it was a small 
craft.  After it went by they were in awe, and got their butts out of 
there.  I asked him why he didnt follow it and he said "I dont know, I 
just didn't think of that at that time".  Later I saw his friend and 
asked him what he saw and his story corresponded with my brothers. Also, 
then my brother was at a party and some people were making fun of this 
one kid because he claims that he saw a ufo. My brother went up to him 
and asked him what he saw. He described exactly what my brother had seen.  
and the kid said that he saw it about 5 months ago.  Well that is all I 
know and I will get into more detail when my brother writes down everything. 
I will give you the time of incident, place, everything when I get it.
I know it may sound wierd, but I know my brother and he wouldn't make 
something like this up.  

The sighting was in Minnesota between Hutchinson and Dassel.  It took 
place on Friday, August 15th, at 11:30 p.m. We were going to call county 
authorities to see if anyone else had reported anything, but I was 
surfing the net and I found your site.  If you have anymore questions 
feel free to contact me.


Jeff Westover of Mt. Pleasant witnessed Black Apache-style Helicopter
and UFO sightings Thursday, August 20, 1998, at 5:50 PM EST, while I was
traveling south on I-75 Jeff watched a huge 75 feet wide reflective silver orb
quickly descend out of the sky from the east to the west in a stairstep-type
descent.  This descent was far too fast for a helicopter.  It came down over
the Zilwaukee Bridge over the Saginaw River and descended behind some trees.
An odd long thin horizontal pole or boom, as long as the orb's width, seemed
to project from the orb's trailing edge, giving it a helicopter-type
appearance.  Thanks to Jeffrey S. Westover. UFOUPDATES


      On Friday, August 21, 1998, at 12:30 a.m., Mary B. was
 at her home on the east side of Detroit (population 1,016,400),
 Michigan's largest city, when she spotted a UFO.
      "I was looking straight up at the sky," Mary reported,
 "Trying to catch some spiders for my fish--two big Oscars--
 when I saw a large burning ball of light streak across the sky.
 It was light blue on the outside turning to a small bright
 orange color in the center and had a number of sparks
 tumbling from it.  At first I thought it was a firework of some
 kind, but it was very high and exhibited no sound.  It lasted
 about four seconds.  I couldn't believe that I had been
 looking straight up when it appeared."  (Many thanks to
 Steve Wilson Sr. for this report.) UFOUPDATES


Jeff Westover reports on August 24, 1998, he saw  several bright
stationary lights between 22:30 and 23:15 PM.  High altitude air traffic was
unusually heavy.  One Marlette, MI woman, 'Norma W.' age 53, was also a
witness to the strange lights.  Jeff personally witnessed two aircraft in the
same area of the sky turn on and off their landing lights as if to warn nearby
air traffic at 2230 EST.  One of the aircraft, flying in a west-southwest
direction, flashed its light at an anomalous hovering whitish-pink light.
This anomalous light may have been another aircraft, although no FAA-compliant
lighting could be discerned after its bright light was extinguished.  Five
minutes later, I witnessed an amazing display. Three orange balls of light
fanned out from a single point in the sky to the north-northeast of my
position.  They appeared in rapid succession one after another from the same
point in the sky and disappeared within a few seconds.  They were much
brighter than an aircraft's landing lights. The lights could not have been
flares as they moved quickly horizontally, and there was no aircraft above to
have released them.  All three disappeared simultaneously.  At 2240 EST, a
single brilliant orange light appear in the northern skies at a 30 degree
elevation.  It was stationary and disappeared within five seconds.  This was
as bright as an aircraft's landing lights.  At 2300 EST, my mother and I
witnessed a second display of orange lights appear in a group to the north of
Marlette.  It was at an elevation of 15 to 20 degrees.  There were at least
three orange lights sitting in the sky before they disappeared.  Five minutes
later, my mother watched an orangish-white ball of light travelling in a
zigzagging fashion towards the east.  This light would alternatively appear
and extinguish as it moved across the sky.  They contacted Sanilac County
Sheriff's Dispatcher who had not received any UFO reports.
Thanks to Jeffrey S. Westover.  UFOUPDATES



              On Sunday, August 23, 1998, a family was entertaining two friends at their home
              in Ramsey, Minnesota (population 12,408) when something unusual happened. 
              "Our three children were outside playing 'flashlight tag' when they became very
              excited and requested that I come out and see the 'strange red lights' passing
              over our house," the mother, who declined to be identified, reported. 

              "I proceeded to grab my camcorder and rushed outside into a very clear and
              dark night. My 10-year-old son, Ariel, pointed out the light, which was
              approximately one mile away and moving slowly in a northwesterly direction
              toward Elk River. My first impression was how large the lights were at the
              estimated distance. Their size can be compared to a standard commercial-radio
              tower beacon when viewed from a distance of a half-mile." 

              "There appeared to be two flashing red lights, which were spread apart from
              each other at an estimated distance of 100 yards and at an altitude of 500 feet
              with a white light directly above. Their speed was unusually slow--100 miles per
              hour--and about it the horizontal lights blinking erratically approximately ever two
              to three seconds while the light above blinked each five to seven seconds." 

              "According to our 9-year-old daughter, Tanya, before we came out of the house,
              the two red lights did a complete 180-degree rotation around their horizontal axis." 
              The woman captured 10 seconds of video before the UFO passed out of view. 
              Ramsey is on Highways 10 and 169 approximately 30 miles (48 kilometers)
              northwest of Minneapolis. (Many thanks to Tim Hagemeister of NACOMM for this


Occurred : 8/28/1998 05:45 (Entered as : 08/28/98 05:45)
Reported: 9/8/1998 07:35
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Sphere
Duration:1 minute
Object just sat in the air glowing brightly, then dimmed. There seemed to be no 
pattern to it. I was traveling back to Michigan on a redeye flight. We were at about 
15 thousand feet. It was about 15 minutes to 6 am. We were over minneapolis. The 
object was perfectly round and just sitting out there. It seemed to glow sporadically 
on one side. The lights went from bright white, to a greenish and a very faint orange. 
I observed it for about a minute but as we began our decent down through the clouds 
I lost sight of it. I did not tell anybody, and I dont believe anybody on the northwest flight 
saw it (as they were asleep) but I dont see how the pilots could miss it. I was the 
observer, I'm a visual effects artist in motion pictures, and a follower of ufo's, crop 
circles and the paranormal.


Sept. '98 Reports

Occurred : 9/3/1998 10:30 (Entered as : 09/03/98 10:30)
Reported: 9/9/1998 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Rochester, MN
Shape: Cigar
Duration:30 seconds
Long silvery object spotted in sky.
I was driving along a road on the way to work in the morning when I looked up and 
my eyes got a glint of something shiny. I looked up and thought I saw the fuselage 
of an airplane to the south. But as I looked more intently I realized it was not moving 
but remained stationary. And then within a few seconds it sped of at an incredible 
speed and disappeared. This is very similar to what I had seen a couple years 
previous. Also the next night me and a friend of mine returning from byron, mn to 
rochester saw something green break up very close to the ground. believe it was a 
meteor or space junk?


Date: September, 13, 1998
Sighting Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, United States
Date Posted: 9/28/2004
Duration: 15 Min.
No. of Witnesses: only I did
Urban or Rural: urban
No. of Object(s): Single
Size of Object(s): 1/2 moon
Distance to Object(s): 4 or 5 football fields away
Shape of Object(s): triangle
Color of Object(s): super white lights shinny silver

was on break at work went outside.Looking at two gold eagles flying in a circle in the 
blue sky.In the middle of the circle was a U.F.O.!Watched it until it took off, I mean 
took off.

Full Description & Details
I watched this object for 15 Min. I dont know why I looked in the middle circle of the 
eagles flying, i just did, and saw what looked to be three white lights. As I watched i 
noticed three diffrent movements it was doing. The three lights were connected buy 
what looked like three silver pins. It was not very far away, so the pins i could see were 
in a triangle shape. This bright silver triangle with white lights on the tips, was moving,
but as it was moving it was also like revolving, or slow spinning. In the middle of this 
spinning moving triangle was yet a smaller object that was moving in a different direction.
Ive never seen something move three different ways like that.Its so hard to explain.
Spending my whole break watching this thing, afraid if i run and get someone inside the 
factory to see this, it wont be there when i get back. So i yelled a few times and just 
watched it for myself. I remember saying to myself look close at what you are seeing.
I walked ten feet or so rubbed my eyes, put on sunglasses, walked into the shade, and 
it was still there. About 15 Min. it shot up in the blue sky and was gone in about 5 sec.
I will always remember.


Oct. '98 Reports

LAKE ERIE:  On October 12, 1998, three UFOs were seen over 
Lake Erie.  There is video footage available from Fox News 
in Cleveland, Ohio.  The footage was aired by its affiliate 
in Detroit at 11:30 PM on 10/12/98.  Apparently there were 
three glowing objects hovering above the lake.  Thanks to S.
Rebant@kitchen0.homecom.com, Westland, MI and Larry Clark 


Sighting Date/Time:    	10/17/1998, 19:00
Location:		USA, MN, Carlton co., Cloquet 
SITE:               	town
DURATION:           	under_1_minute
SKY:                	clear
ELEVATION:          	35-40_degrees
DISTANCE:           	501_feet_to_1_mile
FLIGHT:             	straight_line_path, faded_in_and_out
SHAPE:              	triangle
SURFACE:            	transparent
APPARENT_SIZE:      	baseball
ACTUAL_SIZE:        	31-100_feet
SURFACE_COLOR:      	clear_transparent
EXT_LIGHTS:         	other
CHANGE_COLOR:       	no
SOUND:              	swish
SURROUNDINGS:       	normal_sound_absent
PSYCH_AFTER_EVENT:  	elation, love
ABSTRACT:           	Silent, Stealth Bomber shaped, See through, Star-like lights

Sighting Description:
Picking up daughter in Cloquet. Looking out window. Some sort 
of flying object. Excited. listend for a sound and none was present.
Triangle shaped with star-like lights on the corners.  Moved across 
the sky quickly. No engine noise. It left sight-trees. One year 
later, almost to date it flew over my house about 8 miles away and 
made the sound like a bird when it flys over your head in the woods.


Occurred : 10/28/1998 20:35 (Entered as : 10/28/98 2035)
Reported: 10/29/1998 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: observer enroute on MN hwy 61 north, MN
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 seconds
skies o/cast. Objt. had app. of a meteor but w/ distinct green color. Initially 
dismissed as meteor

object came in from the east traveling west. seemed like a meteor, which is 
what i thought until i was listening to the art bell show later.(hope that is not a 
auto disq. 1st time listening to show actually), where art and guests were talking 
of green fireballs. so in hindsight, are green meteors common? for this had a 
distinct green color and didnt leave the normal trail behind. this is the second 
mystery object i have seen in my lifetime. i am a single white male 24 and 
currently unemployed. i am not submitting this as a verified sighting but as a 
second visual conf. to any other possible sightings in the area at that time. 50 
miles south of mpls/ st.paul @ 1034 - 10/28/98 thank you and good day.


Nov. '98 Reports

National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 11/1/1998 00:00 (Entered as : 11/01/98 24:00)
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : west bend, WI
 Shape : Light
 the night before art bell left the airwaves when there was a major 
sighting in lower michigan. 2 lights traveling very fast to that area
 the night before art bell left the air waves. 2 friends and myself had 
seen 2 lights screeming across the sky in the direction of ann
 arbor MI. I have been raised around aircraft my whole life. and i know 
what aircraft of all kinds look like on the ground in the air during the 
daylight and at night. however this looked liked an incadescent light 
at aprox. 30,000 ft. traveling at aprox. 900-1200 mph. the 1st one 
came from the north/west going to the south/east. the 2nd one was 
to the south of our position going from the west to the east at the 
same speed, on an intercept course with the first. which the actual 
intercept I would est.over ann arbor MI. I am also a truck driver so i 
know my position in relation to any other in the country..


Occurred : 11/4/1998 20:30 (Entered as : 11/4/98 2030)
Reported: 11/5/1998
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Plymouth, MN
Shape: Fireball
Duration:2 sec
Bright green fireball with long tail seen plummetting from overhead towards the 
Northwest. Seemed to fall to earth, and not continue over the horizion. Very bright, 
below overcast ceiling.
On November 4, 1998 at approximately 8:30 pm, I was walking in a 
parking lot in Plymouth with a friend, when I noticed a huge green fireball 
streak from overhead, heading towards the northwest, and decending 
towards the earth.  The object left a long green trail, much like a comet, 
and it was very bright.  It seemed very low in altitude, because it was 
below the overcast cieling, and it was bright enough that I could see it 
decend behind some apartments across the street, even though the 
floursecent lights of a nearby gas station were between me and the object.  
The sighting lasted between one and two seconds, and took place in the 
southwest corner of the intersection of County Road 9 and Plymouth Blvd.


National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 11/15/1998 20:00 (Entered as : nov. '98 8-8:30pm)
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : madison, WI
 Shape : Light
 late nov. '98, wife observed x3 nights lrg ball extreme bright light w/ 
radiating green& red light emanating from & around the main white 
center. saw said object 3 nights @ same time of evening. first time it 
glowed very bright white & colours radiated around it x45 seconds, 
then it glowed very bright white & simply dissapeared. obsereved twice 
more on consecutive nights in the same western sky. the first & second 
week of december, husband observed the same phenomenon @ his 
work place. two other workers also saw it, but it was observed in the 
eastern sky. they descibed it as pulsating red/green light around a 
very large bright, white light. my husband called me to go out & check
it out, but i was unable to see the phenomenon from our house. the 
object was about 1/4 the size of the moon & was high in the sky & was 
not a star or a planet. i sit out alot & observe the night sky..never saw
anything that bright or gaseous looking before. it appeared THREE 
evenings consecutively to me & my husband; once to me, twice to him. 
thank you.


Dec. '98 Reports

Minnesota Cigar Shaped UFO

Sighting Report:  In Dec. of 1998 , a cigar shaped object went across US 52 near
Pine Island, Minnesota at incredible speed. A (name deleted) of Wabasha, Mn. was 
with me. It was cigar shaped, but we were looking from the side of it. It travelled
from W to E as we were driving from N to S. We called the Highway Patrol and
the dispatcher said the board was "lighting up over this thing". I worked with jet
aircraft all my Navy career and have NEVER seen anything like this. It made no
LOUD noises, but I can't say no noise as our windows were rolled up, and it didn't
hang around long.


Subject: Unusual sightings in southern Barron County, WI.

Barron County is 90 mi. west of Twin Cities, a rural county, 
especially the southern half.

12/2/98 6:30 pm, yellow light traveling WSW 30 degrees above southern
horizon, no strobes, no navigation lights, velocity <100mph, almost as
bright as jupiter which it passed under as it traveled across horizon. 
I was driving and lost sight coming into Dallas on Cnty A from east.

12/8/98 8:30 pm, driving home with family from school concert, traveling
east on 10 1/2 ave. Observed two yellow lights 30 degrees above southern
horizon about a mile apart, traveling west <100 mph almost as bright as
Jupiter. Took family home, got binoculars went back to 10th ave.
Observed another yellow light same as others traveling west, 30 degrees
above southern horizon <100 mph. Got out of car, observed object with
binoculars, could not see any type of navigation lights on this object
nor did we see any navigation lighting on first two objects. All objects
disappeared to WSW.

12/10/98 8:25 pm, parked car on 10th ave. to look for more activity.
8:36 pm observed yellow light, due south at tree top level, barely
visible without binoculars. Object rose to 25 degrees above horizon and
made no other movement. I could see the tree line and the object in the
binoculars and coud see no horizontal motion. After rising to this
position, the object suddenly became much brighter, as bright as Jupiter
above it and also a much deeper shade until it was as orange as a rising
moon. Object appeared more oblong at this time with the longer axis
running vertically. After 2 or 3 minutes I saw a second light on the
horizon about 1 to 2 miles east of the first. As I watched both objects,
the first one suddenly was gone, the second one seemed to settle slowly
back below the horizon and disappeared. It never got as bright as the 
first one had. Incident lasted about 6 minutes. About 10 minutes later 
I observed another yellow light moving to west, 35 degrees above southern
horizon, <100 mph. Observing it through binoculars, it seemed to have two
centers of yellow light and a small red light between them. If this was
a navigation light it should have been green. There was no stobe light.
I drove south of this sight and observed another yellow light traveling
WSW 55 degrees above southern horizon, <100 mph. Before I could park the
car and observe the object with binoculars, it disappeared. This was 
about 9:30pm.

 There seems to be an air traffic corridor to the south, as one will
observed 2 to 4 planes traveling east to west or west to east
continuously. These are general aviation aircraft not jet aircraft. All
of the yellow objects were moving east to west, slow enough that they
had to be observed for a while to see that they were moving. None seem
to have any navigation lights as is so prevailent on the aviation
traffic, and they traveled at lower altitude than most of the air
traffic. Viewing conditions were very clear with no moon. The light was
always steady as observing a planet, no flashing or twinkling. All
Observations were made within 3 miles of my house except on 12/2 I was 
6 to 8 miles due south. 12/10 was the first time I observed stationary

I have lived here most of my life, am 49 years old, married with three
children. I am a licensed private pilot, but have not flown for about 
8 years. Until now I have only seen 2 or 3 unusual things like this
starting with a daylight sighting about 7 years ago about 2 miles north
of home. I am also an amateur star watcher. I should add that there was
a rash of sightings in Barron County about 1967 or 1968. If you want to
use this on web page please keep me anonymous. I would be very happy to
talk to someone with more insight in this field.


Sighting date/time: 12/14/1998, 11:28pm
Location: Westbound County Road 119 about 3 miles from St. Michael.
Weather conditions: Mild, windy, ~30 degrees. I can't recall the sky
conditions, but I don't think there were any stars out.
Direction/ orientation: We were facing northwest in the car while we
were driving down the windy road.  The object was in to the north of 
us, making us see it out of the right side of the window.
Distance: This is explained a little better in the email below, but 
it was impossible to tell against the featureless sky.  because of 
the sky and the intensity of the light I had the impression that it 
was within a mile or two. The object was near the horizion. In the 
distance, the lights from the town of Monticello and Big Lake lit up 
the sky slightly. I believe the object was between us and the lights 
of the city (~5 miles).
Size: About the size of a nickel at an arms length. But it was so
bright and fast it was kinda hard to tell if the object itself was 
that big or if it was the illumination that made it seem bigger.
If you'd like any more information please feel free to contact me at
(bob.lindell@born.com). It would be neat to know if there were any
reported meteors or anything like that.  It's the only possible
explanation I can think of.
Sighting account:
At about 11:28pm, 12/14/98, my wife and I were coming home from a 
friends place in St. Michael. Since they only live about 7 miles
from us, we were taking the back roads home, way out in the country.  
The road was really curvy so I was paying attention to the road. My 
wife was talking.  She was in the middle of a sentence and said 
something like: "What the hell is that?!". I looked up and watched 
something *very* bright streak across the sky in front of us and 
disappear.  It's hard to describe the path it took in words, I tried 
to draw a picture but it didn't help at all. I'll try to describe 
it as best I can. (From the perspective of looking out the windshield)
we first noticed it at the top right of the windshield. I'm not sure 
if it just appeared or if it actually traveled into our field of view. 
It seemed to be traveling away from us at an angle from right to left. 
It continued on this course for about a second or two and then 
*changed directions* slightly to be traveling more across the horizon 
(straighter right to left). Then just before it would have disappeared 
from our view, it just went away. The light stopped.  It didn't dim 
until we couldn't see it anymore, it just went away.  Because it was 
just light against a black sky, it was really hard to judge how far 
away it was.  It was moving so fast that I have to think that it was 
something that was close to us, not close like 100 yards close, but 
I'd have to guess it was closer than what you'd see a shooting star...  
so, closer than the atmosphere. I got the impression that it was 
closer than you'd see a 747 jetliner in the sky, somewhere between 
that in the treetops. (Hey, it was hard to judge!)

Q: What did it look like?
A: I tried to draw a picture but it didn't do it justice.
there were 2 definate points of light with a space between them.  
They traveled together throughout the whole time we were watching 
so I assume they were part of the same object. They seemed to leave 
a trail behind them.  I'm not sure if it was an optical illusion 
because it was moving so fast, or if there really was light behind it.  
The light trail that we saw (illusion or not) tapered down to nothing 
behind the object... that is to say that it wasn't like a comet trail 
that gets larger behind the comet like a wake behind a boat.  But it 
was exactly the opposite, the light trail closest to the object was 
bright and roughly the same size as the object, but tapered down in 
size and intensity as it got furthur away.  This leads me to believe 
it was just the effect of our eyes seeing a *very* bright fast moving 
object in the sky through a windshield. The trail and the light was 
an odd color.  I hesitate to say it was green because that doesn't 
quite describe it.  It was white light with a very distinct green 
tint to it.  the first thing my wife commented on was the odd color, 
and the fact that it had a color and wasn't just white.

Q: How long did it last?
A: From start to finish it lasted about 3 seconds.

Q: Was it a plane?
A: There is no way it was a plane. I know that's the first thing 
you'll think of but because of the sheer speed in which it happened 
there is no way it was a plane.  If I judge that it was quite a ways 
away from us, the distance that it traveled was way beyond the realm 
of what a jet can do.  The intensity of the light was unlike the 
running lights of a plane.  These weren't just points of light in 
the sky, they were *very* bright like if someone was shining a 
flashlight at us.  The fact that it changed direction slightly just 
before it vanished makes one think that it was not something natural, 
like an airplane.  But there is no doubt, it was not an airplane.

Q: Was it a meteor?
A: It was MUCH larger and brighter than any meteor I've ever seen by
great amounts.  I understand that it doesn't take much space rock to
make an impressive showing in the sky but this was beyond any of my
personal experience.  The color of the light was different than any
shooting star I've seen, but I know that different metals burn with
different colors, so I assume that space rocks made of different
materials could burn with different colors, too.  The fact that there 
was 2 points of light that exactly parralled each other as if they 
were part of the same object makes me think it wasn't a meteor.  The 
distance at which both my wife and I judged it was completely wrong 
for a meteor, but I figure that we could have been thrown off by the 
size of it, making us think it was closer than it really was. It 
changed directions slightly towards the end.  Now, if it was a meteor, 
I suppose that as it burned towards the end and got smaller the 
atmosphere could have had an effect on it's path, or it may have 
exploded due to superheating at it entered the atmosphere, causing 
it to turn.  When it vanished, it did so instantly.  I would expect 
that if it was a meteor we would have seen it burn itself down to 
nothing and eventually fizzle out.  But it kept the same intensity 
and size throughout the whole time we watched it.  We watched it for 
only 3 seconds. Most shooting stars only last about this long.

Q: Was it search lights or something else explainable?
A: I know it wasn't search lights. Elk River has used some laser 
light shows instead of search lights to get peoples attention.  
We watched the sky for a long while after and saw nothing. I think 
it was cloudy last night so i'm sure search lights could have been 
seen on the clouds, but this light was much too sharp and focused 
to be a searchlight.  It couldn't have been one of those laser thingys 
because it was too large. The laser light show beams are small, and 
move quickly to make shapes... it makes everything look like it's 
pulsing. This light had no characteristics of being a laser, except 
for maybe the fact that it had a distinct color to it.

Both my wife and I saw it.  We discussed it right after so we could 
get all the details down.  She saw exactly what I saw. Both our 
accounts were the same.  Neither of us could explain it.  My wife is 
quite the skeptic. She loves to believe in the possibility of aliens 
but would never believe she saw a real one unless they showed her 
their UFO drivers license. She couldn't explain what she saw as a 
meteor, and we didn't even discuss the possibility of an airplane 
because it was so obvious that it wasn't one.  It was so UFO-like 
that we watched every light in the distance and were honestly looking 
for where the thing landed!!



     On Wednesday, December 16, 1998, at
about 9 p.m., Mr. Dornberger, 90, of Algoma,
Wisconsin (population 3,353) "saw something
that he had never seen in his life before"--a
luminous UFO cavorting in the night sky over
Lake Michigan.
     Describing the object as "a very bright light,"
Dornberger "could hardly believe his eyes as the
large object darted around the sky over the lake,"
performing "incredible maneuvers."
     "At first I thought it might be a helicopter,"
he added, "but after giving some thought to it,"
he decided that nothing manmade could fly at
such speed or perform such maneuvers. (Many
thanks to Rev. Billy Dee of UFOSSI for forwarding
this news story.)
(Editor's Note: Algoma is on Highway 42,
approximately 38 miles (60 kilometers) north
of Manitowoc, Wis., the site of last week's
"weird critter" sighting.  See UFO Roundup,
volume 3, number 50 for more details.)


Occurred : 12/22/1998 12:00 (Entered as : 12/22/98 afternoon, around 12 or 1)
Reported: 11/9/1999 06:54
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: East Bethel, MN
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5 minutes
Well, i just recently looked at a picture that was taken late last year. Now, I don't know 
if it's a jet, or a ufo. i was hoping someone could look into it. Well, It was like a white 
streak in the sky. It did leave a white streak behind it. That's all i can tell for now.
 ((NUFORC Note: We have requested a copy of the photo.))



     On December 24, 1998, at 9:15 p.m., Michigan
ufologist Jeff Westover was driving home from
Saginaw (population 69,100).  Near the intersection
of Interstate Highway I-75 and Michigan Highway 20,
Jeff "first noticed the object low in the eastern sky
(about 10 to 15 degrees above the horizon.)  I first
thought that a star or planet was rising, as it
twinkled and flared brightly in an orangeish color
due to atmospheric refraction.  But I soon noticed it
changing direction in relation to the other stars
above it."
     He described the UFO as "a flaring amber light"
that "just sat, drifted and flared.  It did not maneuver
     "I turned east on Michigan Highway 81 (ten miles
south of the interchange) to get a better look at the
light," Jeff reported.  "It was now approximately 50
degrees above the eastern horizon.  The amber light
quickly dimmed to a single point of light or a very dim
star.  I noticed no FAA-compliant anti-collision strobes
or wingtip lights as it flew slowly above."  (Email
     On Friday, December 25, 1998, at 7 p.m., a man
visiting his parents in Memphis, Michigan (population
1,221), a town on Highway 19 about 30 miles
(48 kilometers) northeast of Detroit, "noticed some
colored lights in the southern sky."
     "There were about five different lights that would
start off dim and then get real bright, then fade off,
only to reappear," the witness reported.  "I figured they
could be helicopters looking for something, shining a
spotlight.  I wanted to get a closer look, so me and
the old man took off in that direction.  We went about
10 miles south and found an open area with no
houses (to impede their view--J.T.) to stop and look
up into the night sky."
     "At first they seemed to be gone.  But then two
dim lights in the distance appeared periodically, not
quite as bright as before.  So, after a half hour out
there, we headed home.  But when we got home, they
were back on the southern horizon, as bright as ever."
(Many thanks to Jeff Westover for referring this
witness statement.)
     On Tuesday, December 29, 1998, at around
9:30 p.m., two witnesses "were traveling eastbound
on (Interstate Highway) I-94."  As they passed
through Sunrise Heights (population 1,400), a town
"30 or 32 miles east of Kalamazoo, somewhere
between mile markers 110 and 113," they spotted
"a strange craft flying very slowly about 20 feet
(6 meters) up from the ground over the freeway."
     "At first glance, we thought it was a LOW-flying
airplane, but the craft had so many yellow lights
(25 or more) across in a horizontal position.  There
was a central yellow light that appeared brighter
than the rest, which were blinking in sync."
     "Upon noticing this, and its shape was so odd...
we determined that the craft could not have been a
helicopter or an airplane."
     "Then, as we approached an area full of cell
(cellular telephone--J.T.) towers, the craft descended
in a direct-vertical motion, landing on the ground about
20 feet from the edge of the freeway in a dark grassy
     Slowing the car to 20 miles per hour, the pair
took a closer look at the UFO, which they described
as "an upside-down spider...The middle was ball-like
(spherical)...and it had large arms/appendages on
top coming out all over.  And the arms/appendages
had holes through them in a vertical pattern.  The
arms seemed to be upright, but bent out at an
elbow and appeared to have a metal end coming
from each with a light at the tip.  The craft seemed
to be as large as a car but wider."
     The UFO may have been seen by other
motorists, they added, "We are rueful that we didn't
stop."  (Many thanks to Peter A. Gersten of CAUS
for this news story.) (UFOUPDATES)



I am E-mailing to ask if any one of you had received reports or 
heard talk of UFO sightings in the Saginaw-Bay area of Michigan 
on Christmas Eve.  Also, the Macomb/St.Claire Counties area 
northeast of Detroit on Christmas night.  I had a sighting of 
an anomalous orangish light on December 24, 1998.  An odd 
unimpressive light flared on and off low in the eastern sky.  
I received a sober-sounding message from a person in Macomb 
County, Michigan concerning several lights in the southern sky on 
Christmas night.  The lights were apparently in sight by an 
entire family for over two hours.  The family seems to have a 
history of UFO sightings as well as silent black helicopter
sightings.  It should be noted that Selfridge ANGB near by. Let 
me know if you'd like more information.   
Jeff Westover


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