Apr., May, June, 1997 UFO Investigation Reports

6/30/97 Highland St. Paul, MN report
August 20, 1997 'Canterbury Park' FB1 (Updated 11/16/98)
Aug. 26, 1997 MPLS, MN report (Added 9/29/97)
Sept. 22, 1997 Frazee, MN report (Added 12/29/97)

6/30/97 Highland St. Paul, MN report

Date of Sighting: May 30, 1997, 3:34pm CDT
Place of Sighting: St. Paul, MN - Ford Pkwy and Cleveland Ave (Highland Area)
Type of Report: MA1 - Daylight disk with anomalous maneuver
Date of Report: 02 July, 1997
Investigator: Craig R. Lang - Field Investigator, Minnesota MUFON
Local Evaluation: Probable Unexplained - Ordinary Significance

Sighting Background:
I was informed of the sighting via an e-mail report sent by the witness to the MN MUFON website. I contacted the witness and arranged an interview. We met approximately three weeks later and he told me the details of his sighting, plus a number of additional experiences he has had.

Witness Description:
The witness is a 32 year old male. He is a college graduate with a BA degree in communications and additional training in computer science. His occupation is as a programmer analyst for a major financial corporation. He describes his health and his hearing as good. He wears glasses with a very slight correction to 20/20 vision.

He indicates that he has had a number of UFO sightings and possible close encounters throughout his life. He also indicates that he has had other paranormal and parapsychological experiences. He has an interest in, and a substantial knowledge of, the UFO phenomenon. However, in my view, he seems to be quite objective and is easily able and willing to discern a normal object from a possible anomaly.

Sighting Account:
The witness was having a late lunch at the Boston Market restaurant in Highland Crossing Mall, on Ford Parkway and Cleveland Ave., in St. Paul, MN. The time was 3:45PM CDT. The witness indicates that he frequently looks up at the sky - and was doing so at that moment, when he noticed an object which appeared out of the ordinary. A map showing the witness' location and his viewing angle to the object is shown below.

Click here for map of sighting area.

He initially thought that it might have been an airplane, although it appeared to be motionless for an inordinate period of time. The object's apparent lack of motion, and unconventional shape attracted and held his interest. Its appearance convinced him that it was not a balloon.

The object appeared to have a definite shape to it (see sketch). The appearance, size, and horizontal orientation of the object remained steady during the entire maneuver. He described the object as white but non-reflective, like a ceramic object in the sun. There were no visible features to it, except for an apparent division between the top and bottom parts.

Click here for object sketch.

Being inside the restaurant, the witness was unable to hear any sound the object might have made. The object remained motionless for approximately 4 to 5 minutes as he watched. When first noticed, the object was approximately "three to four fist widths" [fist held at arms length] above the building skyline (the top of the Highland Theater on Cleveland Ave defined the skyline in that direction).

Click here for sketch of flightpath against skyline.

After remaining motionless for several minutes, the object slowly descended at a 45 degree angle to the right (as described in sketch). The elapsed time for the descent appears to be approximately 20 to 30 seconds. At a point approximately 1 "fist width" above the skyline, it abruptly began to ascend. While remaining seated, he followed the object with his eyes until it disappeared behind the awning. With some effort, he was able to gain a vantage point allowing him to follow it further, until it reached (and apparently passed behind) a small cloud. The witness lost sight of the object at an elevation of approximately 45 degrees. He estimated that the vertical motion was at least twice as fast as the descent, and took about 5 seconds.

Click here for sketch of bldg front showing proportions and sighting angles.

(Note: The above sketch at shows the approximate proportions of the store front and awning. From the witness' perspective, the edge of the awning was approximately 45 degrees in elevation.)

Weather Conditions at time of sighting:
Sky was clear with some minor alto-cumulus clouds. No ceiling indicated (assume clouds at 5000 ft.). Wind: 8 Knots from 320 degrees (NW). Visibility: >10 Mi (unlimited). Temperature: 76 deg F. Dewpoint: 45 deg F

Additional Witnesses:
No additional witnesses are known to MN MUFON. However, the sighting occurred in a populated area. It is therefore likely that there were other witnesses to this object. The witness also indicated that several other people were in the restaurant when he was there. However, he indicated that felt uncomfortable with the idea of bringing a possible UFO to the attention of these particular strangers.

Natural Phenomena Check:
No known natural phenomena would fit the description of this object and its behavior.

Manmade Phenomena Check:
There are several possibilities of artificial objects to be considered:

Aircraft: The witness initially felt that this was what the object was. However, the long period in which the object appeared stationary, as well as the very sharp turn at the bottom of its descent are not consistent with aircraft descriptions. He is also familiar with aircraft appearance at distance, and felt that this object did not resemble one.

Balloon: The witness also considered this explanation. The described behavior might be consistent with a balloon if the object was considerably closer than indicated. The wind was blowing from the northwest, and a balloon being caught in wind gusts might partially explain the erratic flight path of the object. However, the object was clearly visible to the witness (see sketch above) and he clearly indicates that its shape and orientation did not resemble that of a balloon. In addition, the witness believes that the object passed behind a cloud, which would have been too far away to allow for this hypothesis (see analysis below).

It is possible to calculate approximate distances, sizes and speeds for this object, based upon the witness' description of its apparent passage behind the cloud. (Note: All velocities are taken to be perpendicular to the witness.)

Object Distance:
Assume that the cloud was at an approximate altitude of 5000 feet, and that the cloud's angle of elevation was approximately 45 degrees. This sets a probable minimum distance to the object at a point within or behind the cloud as follows: 5000 ft * (square root of 2) = approx 7000 ft. All calculations will assume this distance.

Object Size:
The witness indicated that the object was about 1/2 thumb width, giving an approximate width/distance of one half thumb width / arms length = approximately 0.5 inches / 25 inches = 0.02. Multiplying this estimated distance times this ratio gives a length estimate of: 7000 ft * 0.02 = 140 feet. From the witness' sketch, the thickness to length ratio appears to be 1/5 giving a thickness of about 28 feet.

Object Downward Velocity:
The speed of the object can be calculated based upon angular movement relative to the observer. The witness describes the object as descending at a 45 degree angle. The initial angular height was "Three fist widths". Assume that a fist width = approximately 5 inches at an arm's length distance of 25 inches = a ratio of 1/5 = 0.2. At a distance of 7000 ft, this would give a height of about 3 * 0.2 * 7000ft. = 4200 ft, or about 4/5 mile. The final elevation was about 1 fist width = 0.2 * 7000 ft = 1400 ft. Thus the vertical drop was about 2800 ft.

The time required for descent was about 20 sec. Assuming that the object descended from approximately 4200 ft to approximately 1400 ft at a 45 degree angle, the descent speed can be estimated as approximately:

(2800 ft) * (square root of 2) / 20 sec = approximately 200 ft/sec or 135 mi/hr.

Upward Velocity Estimates:
The witness estimated the ascent from the bottom of its trajectory to the 45 degree elevation point to occur in about 5 seconds, at a constant rate. He also stated that he felt the ascent speed was at least twice that of the descent speed. This gives both a lower estimate and an upper estimate of the velocity.

The lower velocity estimate of twice the descent speed would be approximately:

2 * 135 mi/hr = 270 mi/hr.

The upper estimate on the velocity based upon his estimate of a five second ascent would be approximately:

(7000 ft - 1400 ft) / 5sec = 1120 ft/sec = approx 764 mi/hr (note: approx. Mach 1).

In either case, if the distance scales assumed in this analysis are correct, and if the turn at the bottom of the object's flight path was as sharp as described, the change in velocity would require extremely high acceleration of the object.

Sighting Evaluation:
Type: MA1 - Daylight Disk
Evaluation: Probable Unexplained. Significance: Ordinary

Note: An "unexplained" evaluation assumes that the object passed behind the cloud, thus setting lower bounds on the distance scale. However, the witness was not absolutely sure of its passing behind the cloud. Therefore the conclusion is given as "Probable" Unexplained.

August 20, 1997 'Canterbury Park' FB1

Date of Sighting:  August 20, 1997    
Time: 10:45 PM CDT +/- 15 Min 
Type of Event:  FB1      
Duration: about 20 Minutes
Place of Sighting: Canterbury Park - Shakopee, MN
Local Evaluation:  Possible Unexplained. 
(subsequently revised to "Possible IFO")
Significance: Ordinary 
Investigator: Craig R. Lang, Field Investigator, MN MUFON

Sighting Account:
The witnesses were leaving the "Lilith Fair" concert at Canterbury Park in 
Shakopee, MN.  The time was about 10:30 or 11:00 PM CDT on Wed 20 Aug, 1997.  
The primary witness looked up and observed six "strange looking clouds" in
formation, about 45 degrees up in the southwestern sky. 

The clouds appeared to be in a nearly circular formation, and each appeared 
to be circular in shape (with cloudlike fuzzy edges).  They appeared to be 
illuminated by the nearly-full moon.  The primary witness estimated the size 
of each to be about the width of the thumb at arms length. 

Witness' sketch of approximate appearance of objects.

The second witness suggested that the objects were searchlights on the clouds, 
but the primary witness felt that these were actual objects, perhaps 
illuminated by the moon. There was no apparent sound or other effects from 
the objects (although the rock festival was still going on, and the noise level 
was relatively high in the parking lot).

Map of sighting area showing witness walking path, departure path of car 
and initial and final views to object.

They continued to observe the objects as they left the concert grounds and walked 
across the parking lot to their car. The "clouds" had an "imperceptible" motion 
over the 20 minutes they saw them.  As they left the parking lot, they observed 
them to be in the south, at about 35 degrees elevation, indicating a west to east 
motion.  The objects' shapes and formation had not changed.  Their last view to 
the object was shortly after their car had turned left onto the road after 
departing the parking lot

Additional Witnesses:  
Her room mate also saw these objects - I have not yet interviewed her in detail, 
but asked her about this over the phone.  They also pointed these objects out 
to other people in the parking lot, who also thought that they were strange.

Weather Conditions:
The moon was one day past full.  The witnesses describe weather as clear and 
muggy, with a few clouds in the sky. The following is the weather information 
from the state climatologist's office:
  Temp: 16 degrees C       
  DewPt: 14 degrees C   (note: relatively high humidity)
  Winds: 4 knots from 320 degrees (from the Northwest)
  Cloud Ceiling and Type:  9000 ft broken (probably altocumulus) - Note: 
                           possible lenticular clouds
  Visibility:  10 Mi +  (unlimited)

Manmade Phenomena Check:
The description of the objects does not appear to match any manmade craft.  
The witness' room mate indicated that she felt the objects were searchlights, 
which does not appear to be compatible with the witness's description of them.  

Natural Phenomena Check:
A possible explanation considered is that the objects were, in fact, clouds.  
However, the objects remained in a perfect circular formation for about 20 
minutes, and appeared to be anomalous to the witnesses.  The geometric precision 
which the witness described seems remarkable for a natural formation.

FB1, Originally listed as "Possible unknown", subsequently revised to "Possible IFO".  
Significance: Ordinary   
[CL Note: Subsequent to the original submission of this report, it 
was learned that the sighting may be explainable in terms of a 
projected light formation from Mystic Lake Casino.  While this was 
not initially believed to be the cause of the sighting, subsequent 
analysis suggests that this explanation is plausible.  This sighting 
is important primarily in the context of the witness' other sightings 
and experiences.]

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Aug. 26, 1997 MPLS, MN report

Type of Report:  MA1
Date of Report:  01 Oct, 1997
Investigator:  Craig R. Lang - Field Investigator, MN MUFON
Date of Sighting:  26 Aug, 1997  -  21:06 CDT
Place of Sighting:  South Minneapolis
Local Evaluation:  MA1, unexplained, normal significance

Sighting Background
Minnesota MUFON was informed of this sighting via e-mail sent by the witness to 
the webmaster.  The report was to me.  I then contacted the witness to arrange 
an interview.  Approximately one week later I interviewed the witness regarding 
this and another sighting (Bemidji, MN Summer 1982 CE1 - investigation in progress).

Witness Description
The witness is a 25 year old male.  His occupation is as a PC computer network 
administrator.  He is currently a freelance consultant.  He has an associate degree 
in electronics, with additional training in computer network administration.  He is 
married and lives in south minneapolis.  (Note: The sighting was from his home.)

His vision is described as correctable to 20/20 with glasses.  His hearing is good.  
He describes his health as good, although on the night of the sighting, he had taken 
a fall and bruised several ribs.  He was taking ibuprophen for the injury at the time.

Sighting Account:
The sky was clear to partly cloudy and stars were clearly visible (to the extent 
possible in an urban environment).  The witness was walking his dog, in his
back yard, and was staring up at the sky.  Looking east, he noticed a star about
45 degrees above the horizon (at about the location of the stars Markab and
Alpheratz in Pegausis).  The object had a brightness rivaling the magnitude of Jupiter,
but of a whiter color.  He first thought that it was a planet.  However, after about
two minutes, as he watched, the object began to move, which surprised him [CL Note:
this occurred about two minutes after he first noticed the object].

As he watched with growing curiosity, the light moved to the right (south) for about 
20 degrees in about 4 to 5 seconds.  The object then abruptly changed directions - 
the witness felt that it was now moving straight up.  The object crossed about 20 
degrees of sky (moving toward the west from the witness's perspective).  As it 
ascended, the object faded, eventually being lost to view.

The witness described the flight path as smooth.  The light did not vary as it 
moved (except as it faded toward the end of the sighting) .

The witness continued to watch the sky for another 5 minutes or so.  He then saw 
two lights  moving in a north-south direction.  One was moving north toward the 
northern horizon, the other moving toward the southern horizon.  Both objects faded 
from view after a few minutes.  He thought that these were notable in the context 
of the first sighting although their descriptions would be consistent with that of 

Additional Witnesses:  
None are known, although anybody stargazing at approximately that location at that 
time of night would have seen this object.  Thus, the possibility of additional 
witnesses exists.

Weather Conditions:  -  WX report for 21:00 CDT from National Weather Service
Temperature: 72 degrees F.    Dew Point: 67 degrees F.   (note: very humid)
Visibility: 10 miles +  (unlimited)
Cloud Cover ~50%, no cieling  (some altocumulus at 15K ft,  cirrus clouds at 
22K, 25K ft)
Wind Speed: 4MPH from 230 degrees

Radar Check:
A check of FAA radar records indicates no unusual events.

Natural and Manmade Phenomena Check:
No known phenomenon, either natural or manmade, could execute the maneuver which 
the witness described. A "satellite" explanation was evaluated.  However, the turn 
which the object performed would argue against this explanation.  Also the turn as 
described by the witness seems to be too sharp and abrupt for the object to be
explainable as an aircraft.

Sighting Evaluation:
Type: MA1 (Nocturnal Light)
Evaluation:  Unexplained
Significance: Normal

Appendix A: Witness Sketches

Click here for Sketch of sighting area layout.

Click here for Sketch of witness view of object/flight.

Sept. 22, 1997, Frazee, MN Report

Date of Sighting:  22 Sep, 1997
Place of Sighting: Rural Frazee, MN
Local Evaluation:  CE1 - Unexplained.    
Significance: Moderate to High
Type of Report: CE1, Nocturnal Lights at close to intermediate range
Date of Report: 16 Dec, 1997
Investigators:  Craig R. Lang  - Field Investigator, MN MUFON
             	Dr. Steven T. Hero - FIT and Consultant, MN MUFON

Sighting Background:
I was informed of the sighting by Dr. Steven T. Hero, a consultant to MUFON, 
who is also a MUFON FIT.  He called me to indicate that the witnesses, who 
are relatives of his, had observed an object on 22 Sep, 1997.  I contacted 
the witnesses and interviewed them on 30 Sep, 1997.  Steve Hero visited the 
sighting location to investigate the sighting circumstances.  The subsequent 
followup investigation has resulted in this report.

Witness Description:
The witnesses to this sighting are a couple, who reside in White Bear Lake, 
MN.  They also maintain a trailer home on her family's property near Frazee, 
MN, where the sighting occurred.
The primary witness is a 67 year old female.  She is a retired property manager.  
Her education level is one year of college, plus special training in property 
management. The secondary witness is an 82 year old male.  He is a retired 
police/criminal investigator.  His education level is a college degree, plus two 
years of law school, with special training in police investigation.
Both witnesses are in good health, which was not affected by the sighting.  
Both indicate that their hearing is good, and their vision is correctable to 
20/20.  He indicates that he has a slight degree of color blindness.

Sighting Account:
The two witnesses to this sighting maintain a trailer on land near Frazee, MN, 
as a summer home.  At approximately 11:30 PM on the night of 22 Sep, 1997, 
the primary witness was awakened by a loud noise.  Thinking that it was due
to raccoons disturbing a roll of sheet aluminum which she had in the front 
yard, she looked out the kitchen window, to see if she could see them.  She saw 
no animals, but instead observed a brilliant light about two to three blocks 
away. The light appeared to be over a field to the north of the farmhouse across 
the road from their trailer (see map below). 

Click here for: Map of sighting area, depicting 
location of main object and surrounding buildings.

She initially felt that she might have been seeing some new lights, perhaps 
installed by the farmer across the road. However, she could see the source 
of the light through a clearing in the trees, and realized that this was not 
it.  She subsequently thought that it might be an airplane, perhaps about to 
crash.  She then realized that it was not this either.  

Click here for sketch by primary witness depicting 
her view of the object(s) over farmhouse. [Annotation by CL.]

The object appeared to her to be a collection of five brilliant white lights, 
nearly painful in intensity, largely diffused into one lenticular-shaped object.  
They were extremely bright, and appeared to be radiating bluish colored beams 
in all directions.  She could not discern any other structure associated with 
the lights.  She felt that the size of the object was about that of a house.  
It hovered motionless and appeared to illuminate the entire field.  

About 20 minutes after seeing the initial object, she noticed that to its right 
three smaller lights had appeared, arranged in a triangle, with one light above 
the other two.  These lights were bright, and were round in shape.  The lights
appeared to her to be hovering motionless above the farm house.  She watched 
the objects through the kitchen window (see sketch of trailer below).  After 
about 10 minutes, the highest light moved rapidly to the left, merging into the 
main object.  The other two lights remained in place.  She opened the kitchen 
window to determine if there was any sound, but could hear none.  

Click here for witness sketch of window layout as 
seen from inside trailer.  View looks east toward sighting. [Annotation
by CL.]

She indicated that she was both fascinated by the object, and very frightened 
by it.  She awakened her companion, periodically urging him to look at the 
object.  [Note: During the time she was attempting to do this, the three
additional lights appeared].  When he awakened, he looked at them and first 
indicated that he felt the object was a helicopter. He then felt that it was 
probably due to the lights from the Perham airport, about 8 miles to the 
The following sketch shows his impression of the object.

Click here for sketch of main object by second 
witness [with CL annotation].

He also saw smaller lights [CL Note: not sure if these were the same three 
lights which she described] and felt that these were perhaps associated with 
the nearby railroad tracks.  He then went to bed, while she continued to watch 
the object.  She indicates that she then went from window to window, watching 
it from several different locations within the trailer, but was too frightened 
to go outside for a clearer view.

At about 1:00 AM, still frightened, she went to bed.  She lay there trying to 
compose herself for 20 minutes, then got up again to watch the objects.  When 
she looked again, at about 1:30 AM, the two remaining lights were now at about
ground level, either on the road, or in the surrounding field.  Also, at that 
time, the large object moved slowly to the right, toward the farm house, until 
it was directly above the location of the lights.  She again went from window 
to window attempting to get a better view.  

At about 2:45 AM, she felt that the lights on the ground were now approaching 
the trailer.  They seemed to be bouncing as if they were mounted on as vehicle.  
She hoped that they were a vehicle, perhaps belonging to a neighbor. However, 
the lights seemed too bright and too far apart to be his truck..  She again 
became extremely frightened, and again went to bed to try and compose herself.  
She also noted that she slept extremely soundly until 8:00AM that morning [CL 
Note: Her change from a state of extreme fear to a sound sleep is very notable].

Dr. Hero visited the site approximately two weeks after the sighting.  He 
checked for possible ground traces and found none.  He also talked to the 
neighbors who live just to the north of the apparent position of the object.  
The house has a view of the field where the object apparently hovered.  The 
residents indicated that they did not observe any unusual lights or object(s).  
However, the witness indicated that they usually have their drapes drawn, 
thus the object would most likely not have been visible to them.

Additional Witnesses:  
None are known beyond the two witnesses indicated in this report.  It is possible 
that either the residents of the farm house across the road from the witness, 
or the witness' neighbors to the north could have seen the object.  Neither were
home at the time of Dr. Hero's field visit, and thus were unable to be interviewed.  
A future visit to the area may establish this.  In addition, the object might 
well have been visible to motorists on Highway 10, about a mile away.

Weather Conditions:   (WX Info from state climatologist's office for Detroit 
Lakes, 11:15 PM - 22 Sep, 1997)
Temperature: 11 degrees C.    Dew Point: 8 degrees C.
Cloud Ceiling: Clear below 12,000 ft. (Cloud type unknown, if any clouds present)
Wind:  6 Knots from 30 degrees (approx NE)      Visibility: 10 Mi+ (Unlimited)

Note: I also asked about weather information at 1:00 AM on 23 Sep, 1997 It was 
indicated that 11:15 PM was the last reading, after which the weather station 
was not functioning until 9:00 AM CDT.

Natural and Manmade Phenomena Check:
No phenomena, either natural or manmade, would appear to explain this event.  
However, the following are a number of hypotheses which the investigators have 

Hypothesis 1) Distant lights (or moon) on clouds: The duration of the phenomenon 
argues against this.  Over the two-plus hours of the sighting, the Moon and/or 
clouds would have moved in sky.  In addition, the main object the witness
described seems too bright to be explained by this theory.

Hypothesis 2) Some form of plasma or corona.  This area is extremely swampy, 
and the night was relatively humid. Thus, the object could conceivably have been 
some form of power line corona, etc.  However, again, the duration of the 
sighting and the behavior of the object as it moved over the farm house in 
the latter part of the sighting, and of the accompanying three lights, would 
argue against this hypothesis.

Hypothesis 3) Lights from trains or from railroad work:  This was suggested by 
the neighbors living immediately to her north, and by the second witness as a 
source of the smaller lights.  While it is conceivable, the primary witness
indicated that there was not a clear view to the railroad tracks from the 
trailer.  Also, train lights would not remain in place for such an extended 
duration and would not appear so high in the sky.  The described behavior would 
also argue against this explanation as well.

Hypothesis 4) Helicopter or other hovering craft:  The second witness had 
considered that the main object might have been this, although his description 
did not correspond to any known configuration.  However, the primary witness
indicated that she heard no sound from the object, which she felt was only a few 
blocks away from her.  She indicated that it lit up the field, suggesting a 
close proximity.  A helicopter that close would have very loud.

Hypothesis 5) Reflection or Refraction on Window:  After his visit to the site, 
Dr. Hero suggested the possibility of a reflection or refraction of some other 
light on double pane windows.  However, the primary witness indicated that she
observed object through screens and through an open window at least once during 
the sighting.  

Hypothesis 6) Distant City or Airport Lights:  There is an airport, about eight 
miles away in Perham, MN.  However, this is not in the correct direction to 
account for the lights seen.  In addition, the town of Frazee is to the north 
of the sighting area, and also would not have been in the correct direction to 
account for the lights.

Hypothesis 7) Misidentified Astronomical Bodies:  A half-moon was rising in the 
approximate direction in which she first saw the object.  Further, the witness 
indicates that she did not notice the Moon at the time she saw the object.  
Thus,  this might be considered as a possible explanation.  However, the witness 
indicates that she has seen the moon from this location before, and this looked 
nothing like it. (Dr. Hero did not think it likely that either of the witnesses
would misidentify an object such as the moon in such a way).  Also, the primary 
witness observed the object as being stationary for about three hours, during 
which time the moon would have risen from the horizon to approximately 35
degrees elevation.  In addition, the Moon would not account for the observed 
behavior of the object during the latter stages of the sighting.

It was also suggested that the lights approaching the trailer might have been 
misidentification of the stars Sirius (Magnitude -2, exactly on the horizon in 
the east-southeast), and Procyon (Magnitude 0.5, 6 degrees elevation, due East).  
These would be in about the right direction at about that time (3:00 AM). However, 
at about midnight, when the witness initially saw the three lights, only the 
star Aldebaran (magnitude 1.1) was present at the indicated azimuth and elevation.  
Thus, this explanation can not fully account for all of the anomalous lights 

Sighting Evaluation:
Local Evaluation:  CE1 - Unexplained
Significance: Intermediate to High

In my view, this event appears to be unexplained.  Based upon the clear 
description of the object(s) and the duration of the sighting, I would classify 
this event as a close encounter of the first kind.  It should be noted that there 
is a degree of ambiguity regarding the events at the latter parts of the sighting.  
This could possibly indicate that missing time occurred during the latter stages 
of the event.  Should the witness(es) be so inclined, this could be pursued as a
followup investigation.

Since no additional neighbors have yet been located who might have observed 
the object, I suggest that an intermediate significance be assigned to the sighting.  
If additional neighbors (principally those in the farm house across the road) 
also observed the object, or if followup investigation were to determine that a 
CE4 took place, the significance would then be considered high.

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