Jan., Feb., Mar., 1997 UFO Investigation Reports

Jan, 1997 St.Paul, MN Experiencer Report (Added 9/29/97)
2/14/97 Minneapolis, MN Report
Cannon Falls UFO 3/17/97 (Added 10/28/97)
Northfield 2 triangles 3/23/97 (Added 12/16/97)

Jan, 1997 St.Paul, MN Experiencer Report

Experiencer Case Study:  St. Paul, MN   13 Sept, 1997

Field Investigator:  Craig R. Lang - MN MUFON

1. Introduction

This report describes my compilation of UFO and close encounter related experiences 
as described by a UFO encounter experiencer living in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Note: 
the witness's actual identity and contact information is on file with the 
investigator, and is included on the investigation data forms to be filed with 
MUFON HQ).  This witness came to the attention of Minnesota MUFON in March of 1997 
when she e-mailed a sighting report to the Minnesota MUFON webmaster.  Minnesota 
MUFON then followed up on this and the other described events.

The information for this report has been obtained via personal interviews during 
the ensuing months of 1997.  UFO experiences have occurred throughout the witness's 
life and are only partly documented here.  This report contains details on these 
events as related by her, plus analysis and some followup investigation results.  
Followup investigations may be ongoing where warranted.

1.1 Investigation Background

The witness initially contacted MN MUFON via e-mail to report her January 1997 
sighting at Prior Lake, MN.  The Minnesota MUFON webmaster then forwarded the 
sighting report to me.  I contacted the witness and arranged an interview.  Over 
the subsequent months, I have interviewed the witness twice, plus conducted visits 
to sighting locations in Minnesota, and obtained additional corroborative 

The witness indicates that there are additional UFO related events occurring 
throughout her life, which are not included in this report.  Many of these have 
occurred in California and may be of interest to investigators of California MUFON.
In addition, I have brought the Arizona encounter event to the attention of Arizona 

The witness has indicated a desire to undergo hypnotic regression to uncover the 
details of many of her encounters.  I have indicated to her the name of at least 
one psychologist known to Minnesota MUFON (Dr. Ralph McKinney, of Minneapolis, MN).
As of the writing of this report, she has not yet elected to undergo hypnotic 
regression, but has indicated that she is interested in doing so in the future.

1.2 Witness Description

The witness is a 65 year old mother of 4 and grandmother of 9.  She is a retired 
real estate agent, and has lived in Minnesota since 1992.  From the late 1970's, 
until she moved to Minnesota she lived in California (Note: many of her UFO related 
events occurred there).  Her health (both physical and mental) are good.  Her 
eyesight is 20/20 and her hearing is also good.  She indicates that she has had UFO 
related experiences for most of her life.  These have included sightings, close 
encounters and paranormal activity.

1.3 Scope of Investigation

This investigation has focused on the witness's most recent sightings in Minnesota, 
plus a number of other events in her life which she considers to be of critical 
importance.  In all cases, she feels these events are unexplainable in terms of 
ordinary phenomenon.  She has indicated that there are many additional events which 
for varying reasons, were not included in this report.  Specifically, many events 
occurring while she lived in California have not been included in this report.  
However, these may be of interest to UFO investigators there.

She also indicates that some of her children may be undergoing UFO related 
experiences as well.  Thus, this case may be ongoing if she, or any members of her 
family decide to pursue the matter further.

In most cases, the investigation has consisted of witness interviews, plus 
obtaining context information (weather data, site visits, analysis, available 
information from local authorities, etc.).  In addition, several of the events in 
this report may be multiple witness events.  However, Minnesota MUFON has not yet 
been able to locate other witnesses to establish this.

2. Sighting and Encounter Descriptions

The remainder of this report describes the applicable cases in reverse 
chronological order.  The following cases are parts of this report:
  1) Prior Lake, MN CE1 - 27 Jan 1997
  2) Hastings, MN CE1 - June 1996 (exact date unknown)
  3) St Paul, MN CE3/CE4 - November, 1993
  4) Lake Elmo, MN CE1/MA1 - 02 May, 1993
  5) White Bear Lake, MN CE1 - May, 1992 (exact date unknown)
  6) Lakeside, CA CE3/CE4 - Nov.,1978 (exact date unknown)
  7) Kayenta Valley, AZ CE1,5,4 - 6/69 (exact date unknown)

Prior Lake, MN CE1 - 27 Jan 1997

Date of Sighting:  27 Jan 1997  
Time of Sighting: 4:27 PM CST
Place of Sighting: Prior Lake, MN
Type of Report:    CE1 or FB1
Local Evaluation:  Probable Unexplained

Sighting Account
The witness was traveling westbound on Highway 42 at the intersection with 
Crest Rd.  She had come to a stop at a red light.  While stopped, she looked 
up (which she says that does constantly) and noticed an object low in the 
northeastern sky (in the approximate direction of ValleyFair amusement park).  

Her location at this intersection is at the top of a hill, providing a clear 
view to the northwest with no trees in the way. Further to the west, as one 
continues driving, trees obstruct the view, however, the intersection and the 
stretch to its immediate west (for about a block) has a clear view.

Click here for map of sighting area.

The object was silver saucer shaped. She estimated its size to be approximately 
about 40ft in diameter, with a distance of approximately 8 blocks and an altitude 
of less than a thousand feet in the air..  It was not spinning, and had no 
visible features (such as doors or lights, or windows).  

Witness sketch of object [CL annotation]

There was other traffic on the road but she was not sure if any of these other 
motorists saw the object.  While stopped at the traffic light she continued to 
observe the object.  When the light changed, she crossed through the intersection, 
considering pulling over to watch it further.  She indicates that she was watching 
it while trying to drive and observed it for probably 20 to 25 seconds. It appeared 
to remain motionless [although she indicated that since the car was also moving it 
was not easy to tell actual motion].

She estimated the level of the object to be about midway up her windshield, as 
depicted in the following sketch:

Witness sketch of view to object through windshield

She drove slowly after going through the intersection, and pulled over somewhat 
to the right a little bit.  As she watched, the object "blinked out - just like 
that it was gone".

Additional Witnesses:  
None are known.  However, the witness indicates that there were other cars on 
the road.  Therefore it is a distinct probability that others saw this object.

Weather Conditions:
The witness indicates that it was a clear day.

The Report from State Climatologist is as follows:
    Cloud Cover:  Clear Sky, no ceiling
    Visibility:  10 Mi +  (unlimited)
    Temp: 24 deg F  Wind: 8 Knots from 300 degrees.

Rather than an angular size, the witness indicated an estimate of the absolute 
distance and diameter.  However, from these parameters, we can compute the 
approximate angular size. The distance was given as about 8 blocks, with an 
altitude of less than 1000 ft.  This would give an angle of:

Arctan(1000ft/4000ft) = approx 14 degrees above the horizon.

The witness estimated the size to be about 40 ft.  This gives a size/distance 
ratio of 40ft/4000ft = 0.01. A thumb at arms length is about 0.5 inch at a 25in 
arm length or a ratio of 0.5/25 = 0.02.  Thus the object should have appeared 
about half the width of a person's thumb.  [note: need to confirm this angular 
size with the witness]

Natural Phenomena Check:
No known natural phenomenon could explain this object.

Manmade Phenomena Check:
A typical "null" hypothesis for a sighting such of this type would be that of 
a misidentified aircraft, which was  moving in her direction, thus appearing to 
hover.  However, the witness indicates that she had a clear view of the object and
was clearly able to distinguish it from an aircraft.  

An object of this angular size is generally quite identifiable under the optical 
conditions present that day (clear sky, unlimited visibility).  Thus, the possibility 
that she misidentified an aircraft does not seem likely. The aircraft explanation 
also does not explain the sudden disappearance of the object while within her field 
of view.

Sighting Evaluation:
Type of Report:    Daylight Disk - FB1
Local Evaluation:   Probable Unexplained
Significance:   Ordinary

2/14/97 Minneapolis, MN Report

Date of Sighting: 14 Feb, 1997 Time: 11:30 PM CST
Place of Sighting: Minneapolis, MN
Date of Report: 22 Mar, 1997
Type of Report: MA1 ("object" with maneuvers seen in detail at moderate but unknown distance).
Investigator: Craig R. Lang - Field Investigator
Local Evaluation: MA1 - Probable unexplained pending further investigation.

Sighting Background:
This report should be considered an addendum to the report of the witnesses' Oct 30, 1996 sighting. In this report, the witnesses are given the pseudonyms, "Mark Styles and Maureen Nickerson". While completing the writeup for their 30 Oct, 1996 sighting, I called Maureen to confirm some minor details. At that time Maureen informed me that they had seen another object which was very similar to the first. I also instructed each of them to carefully sketch the details of the sighting, including its flight path against the tree line, etc. I took the essential sighting data from them over the telephone and filled out a Form1 based upon this data. Subsequently, Maureen and I met to review the sighting details.

Additional note: This is the second joint UFO sighting from their kitchen picture window. In addition, this is Maureen's third UFO sighting. Although these witnesses have filed two reports regarding this "anomalous aircraft" object, no other sightings of it are known. Both witnesses have indicated concern regarding this, and have expressed reluctance to file further reports. I have encouraged them to keep a log of any anomalous activity, and to have a camera available whenever possible.

This investigation is still in progress. Any further sightings of this object will be aggregated into a summary report.
Sighting Account:
The sighting of 14 Feb, 1997 took place in circumstances similar to that of 30 Oct, 1996. In this case Mark and Maureen were sitting at the kitchen table, talking and watching aircraft. (Note: as mentioned in my report of their 30 Oct, 1996 sighting, they have an excellent view of the Minneapolis skyline, and enjoy observing aircraft passing over the city). As in their previous sighting, they again noticed that one of the "aircraft" seemed anomalous.

The appearance of this object was essentially the same, moving at a similar rate of speed. However, its angular size (finger nail at arm's length) was somewhat smaller than that of the 30 Oct. object. The object appeared in the right edge of their field of view, travelling along the tree line (about 15 degrees above the horizon) from south to north. It disappeared behind a tree which extends up from the tree line. However, instead of appearing on the other side of the tree, it re-emerged on the same (right) side. It retraced about 1/2 of its original path, then reversed course - again moving from right to left. At theleft edge of their field of view, the object performed another, similar maneuver, prior to disappearing behind a building (The Glenwood water plant).

Sighting Aftermath:
The witnesses indicated that they felt this craft seemed "sinister". Maureen felt somewhat anxious about this event. (She indicated that this is not her usual reaction. In her job she is a computer network administrator, which requires a cool head in times of crisis. She thus does not feel that she would be prone to anxiety).

Weather Info:
Mark and Maureen stated that the weather was very clear at that time. They had watched the moon come up. There were no clouds, and the moon was high in sky. [CL Note: My astronomy database software (The Sky for Windows) indicates that moon-rise was at 8:28PM, in the East Northeast. Thus it would have been just rising at that time]. Mark and Maureen also felt that there were alot of stars, especially for the inner city, where they live.

Weather Info from Nat'l Weather Service:
Clear, visibility 10+ miles, temp 0 degrees F, wind from 320 degrees at 6MPH.

Radar Check:
A check with the FAA indicated no unusual radar events reported at that time. This eliminates any anomalous object above 500 feet of altitude which might be detectable by radar.

Naturan and Manmade Phenomena Check:
The checks and analyses performed for the 30 Oct, 1996 object also apply to this case. At present, no conventional object, either natural or manmade appears to account for the behavior of this object. The investigation of both sightings is continuing.

Sighting Evaluation:
Type: MA1 (distance is not well determined).
Status: Possible Unexplained pending further investigation.
Significance: The significance must be listed as ordinary. (Note: If other witnesses can be found the significance will increase considerably).

Cannon Falls UFO 3/17/97

Sighting Location: south end of Cannon Falls, MN
Sighting Date/Time: 3/17/97, 6:55pm CST

Local Evaluation: MA1, unexplained, high significance due to 
description not matching any known aircraft and apparent stealth 
ability and noiseless hovering capability.
Report Date: 9/29/97
Investigator: Joel Henry (Minnesota MUFON)

Sighting Background:
The sighting was originally found on Alt.Ufo.Reports newsgroup
on the internet and then e-mailed to me. The witness was anxious to
find out if there were any other witnesses.

Witness details:
Female, 40's, good health, married with one adult child. Wears glasses
mainly for driving (worn at time of sighting). High School education
although self taught computer aided designer by profession. 
Takes well to technical skills and above average intelligence. Also 
good artistic skills. She is used to aircraft of all kinds flying above 
due to proximity to local (Stanton) airport and traffic to MPLS airport.
Witness believes alien life a likely possibility and may have seen a
UFO (large orange object) fly overhead 20 or so years ago.

Sighting Details:
The witness was driving to work going south down the east side 
frontage road along Hwy 52 on the south side of Cannon Falls, MN. 
She 1st noticed a jet and another plane flying within her view (in 
front of her). Then she noticed another craft which seemed to hover. 
She watched it as she approached it until she pulled into the parking 
lot of Cannon Power Sports to get a better look. (This is the point
she felt it was definately not a normal aircraft). She continued 
to watch it as it came nearer to her. She noted that a small plane 
nearby made a maneuver as if it was trying to get a better look at 
the UFO. It rotated CCW (from witness perspective) such that it was 
then heading toward the NE. The witness felt as though she were being 
watched by the UFO. She did not get out of the car. 

As the witness coninued to watch, the UFO seemed to glide away 
(going NE). She noted no sound and I noted her car was not a noisy 
one, so a close aircraft or helicopter would probably have been heard. 
The area was very quiet and calm at the time. (Very little traffic 
and no people visible in the area.)

The witness estimated the UFO then went about ~5mi, stopped and 
hovered for 3-4 minutes. Then it suddenly dissappeared. She  
continued on to work. There was no missing time. The sighting took 
maybe 6-7 minutes total. The witness was not very sure as to the 
closest distance of the UFO or it's size, not having seen such a 
craft before. After some thinking she said it was bigger than the 
small plane. The UFO elevation angle was ~70 degrees above the 
horizon. (See witness story board).

UFO Description:
The UFO was chevron (or arrowhead) shaped with dark metallic color
and had very large red lights on the tips (~10x normal aircraft 
size). It travelled front tip towards the rear (opposite of an 
airplane). There also appeared to be tiny blue/white lights just 
inside the location of the red lights. One of the red lights (on 
her left) was blinking on and off like a radio tower light only 
twice as fast (~1 sec rate). (See UFO drawn by witness). The shape 
and movement reminded me of a stealth B2 bomber flying backwards 
(but smaller).

Click here for UFO drawing.

She estimated the size of the UFO to be ~1 1/2 inches wide at arms 
length. I estimated size at ~40 feet wide. I estimated the distance 
to the witness to be ~1000ft. and the height to be just under 1000ft.
Land distance would be ~350ft. If the UFO was larger, then distances 
will obviously increase. If the distances were shorter, then UFO size 
will be smaller. 

Other Witnesses:
None known, although there were a few cars driving down Hwy52 at the
time, none made any reports. Checks with all the local police/sherrif
around the area showed no other reports of UFO's. Note: The witness
felt that prevailing attitudes about UFO's in the Cannon Falls area
would prohibit likelyhood of anyone else reporting one. She also
wished to remain anonymous for fear of ridicule.

Calm. Scattered clouds at ~11000ft. No pecip. Stars were not yet 
visible, although dusk, due to light overcast at ~15000ft. Wind= 
NE 9mi/hr., Temp= 37F.

Natural and Man-Made Phenomena Check & Possible Explanations:
Natural phenomena eliminated due to closeness of UFO and details of 
sighting. The only type of craft that could do both hovering and 
rotating are helicopters and VTOL aircraft. It looked like neither 
of these, and both would have been very noisy. The only other possible 
explanation would be an unknown stealth plane capable of these maneuvers 
since it was not detected on radar by the Farmington FAA. Seems unlikely 
such a super-secret craft would be hovering so close to the town of 
Cannon Falls. Also, the ability to move in an apparently "backward" 
fashion (center tip in back) is unheard of for any known flying craft. 
If the UFO was of earthly origin, it would have to be a very advanced
and unknown stealth craft. I showed the witness pictures of every
concievable aircraft of even slight resemblance (including stealth).
She said it was not like any of them. It appears to be an "unknown".

Sighting Evaluation:
Type: MA1, Evaluation: Unexplained, Significance: High

Northfield 2 triangles 3/23/97

Date/Time of sighting: 3/23/97, ~9:25PM-9:50PM CST
Place of Sighting: Northfield, MN	
Local Evaluation: Unexplained CE1 (Close Encounter of 1st kind) or 
MA1 (Maneuver of 1st kind). Possible NEV. Significant.
Investigator: Joel Henry Minnesota MUFON FI

Sighting Account:
The witnesses were heading South on Hwy 3, returning to witness 
#2's home after having left the Rosemount theater at ~9:15PM. On 
their way to Farmington, they saw what they first took for the 
Hale-Bopp comet (which was actually N. E. of them). They watched 
the object which they described as shimmering like a 4th of July 
sparkler (with some blue, green, and red) to about 5-6 south of 
Farmington (approx. the location of Viking Auto Salvage), when the 
shimmering stopped. They then noticed it was actually 2 objects 
next to each other hovering over a spot on the north side of 
Northfield. The witnesses continued to watch the objects as they
approached it (continuing south down HWY 3)and they became clearer 
as they got nearer. They pulled over to the west side of HWY 3 at 
about the spot where 47 meets HWY 3 and got out of the car to get a 
better look at the objects. This was at ~9:45PM.

Witness #1 was unsure of distance and size of objects. He described 
their size as approx. 3 houses. Witness #2 was certain that the objects 
were about 300-350 ft away. The elevation angle was ~45degrees and the 
objects were west of the witnesses. They were clearly 2 hovering 
triangular shaped objects (witness #2 described as approx. 1/2 way in 
size between a small and a large plane). The objects then rotated 
towards the N. W. and glided away at a casual speed (towards Lakeville). 
The trees obscured their vision of the UFO's at a point after they 
headed N. W. The witnesses noted that the UFOs did not resemble any 
aircraft as they had no wings. They also moved in a manner unlike 
ordinary aicraft. They were also certain the UFO's were not helicopters. 
The UFO's made no noise at all.

UFO description:
The 2 objects were identical in shape and size and were triangular
and black and had white lights in each corner and a huge red/amber 
light in the center (looking at bottom of UFO's). There were slight
protrusions on each side in the rear (see drawing). They both moved 
together in formation. Size estimate: 40-50ft on a side. Witness #2
described UFO as 2 inches wide at arms length. Height at ~2 water 
towers high.

Click here for image of drawing of ufo by witness #1.

Witness Descriptions and Background: 
Witness #1 is son of a witness of a different sighting in Cannon 
Falls just a few days earlier. He was skeptical of her sighting before 
he had his own. Witness #2 is a friend of witness #1. Both are males
in their early 20's. Both seemed like ordinary honest down to earth
type guys not given to lying or pranks. Both are employed as autobody
repairmen. Neither witness expected the objects to be UFO's when they 
first caught sight of them. Witness #2 was a bit bothered by the 
sighting. Witness #2 said he saw a possible UFO years earlier whose 
description matches the Pheonix, AZ boomerang seen in March 97. Both 
witnesses requested anonymity due to local attitudes about UFOs. Neither 
witness reported the UFO's to the police.

Additional Witnesses: 
None known. Will continue to try to locate more witnesses if possible. 
Cars were seen moving down HWY 3 during the sighting.

Natural and Man-Made Phenomena Check: 
Nothing likely due to close distance in sky and size of objects as 
well as description. The sky in the area was clear.

Other Possibilities: 
Unknown super-secret high tech stealth military craft with a new
unknown propulsion system? Unlikely due to shape and absense of wings 
and flight behavior. Also, Northfield, MN seems a strange place for 
super-secret military craft to be hovering around (Area 51 maybe). 
You won't keep a secret long if you fly around populated areas.

Weather Data: 
Clear sky. Wind: 5-10mph. No Precip. Temp: 60F.

Sighting Evaluation: 
I believe this CE1/MA1 are possible NEV's (Non-Earth Vehicles) and 
therefore Significant. The Witnesses had a good close look and are 
certain that the UFO was NOT an airplane or anything like one. 
Witness #1 drawing showed a clearly equilateral triangle design
with totally non-airplane like lighting. Very similar to many other
UFO's reported.

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