Jan. - Dec., 1996 UFO Reports

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January, 1996 Reports

Occurred : 1/15/1996 02:30 (Entered as : 1/15/96 02:30)
Reported: 12/18/2002 4:05:24 AM 04:05
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Hill City, MN
Shape: Oval
Duration:30 mins
Something odd scared the hell out of me and I swear to god it was real
It was late early a.m. I had just gotten off work and had been home for 1 hour or so. 
I made a snack watched a little t.v. and then proceded to bed. Upon lying in bed for 
awhile with my head opposite to the window, I began seeing lights reflecting/shining 
on the wall. They looked similar to an ambulance a fire truck or police. Some kind of 
emergency vehicle. I remember thinking what the heck is going on here. I did live in 
a very rural area at the time and I know I didn't hear any noise of sirens relating to an 
emergency vehicle.

I remember lying there wondering what was going on. As far as I can remember I 
looked out the small window and saw nothing out of the ordinary...No emergency 
vehicle. So I climbed back in bed. Tried to blow it off as nothing. I tried going back 
to sleep wondering what the deal was. As I was lying in my bed I began to hear odd 
little noises. Quiet and suble. Kind of like voices, but they didn't make any sense. I 
heard some odd noise at the back door, but living in the country didn't think much 
about it. 

Then I felt a un-easy fealing like someone else was in the room. I looked up and I 
swear to god I saw a figure, not much higher than my water bed. At very most the 
figure was 3ft tall. It was staring directly at me. I looked at it, and remember thinking 
I am not seeing what I am seeing. I also remember a sense of panic. I suddenly 
could not move. I remember trying with all my might to move, but I couldn't. I couldn't 
move, couldn't speak or anything else. And I also remember be affraid for my life. I was 
never more affraid at that moment than I had ever been.

Now I grew up out in the woods and in the country. I have seen wild animals, bear...
deer...etc. Many people out of the area would be affraid of ther own shadow...in the 
great north woods so it takes alot to scare me. But I froze and can honestly say that I 
have never been more scared in my life. I have mentioned this story to a few others 
and they just think I am full of it. I did mention it to a roomate the next day that was 
sleeping in another room that night and he told me almost exactally the same thing 
that I had witnessed. A little more vague, but with substantial similarities without me 
going into detail with him. Additionally no alcohol, drugs or any other chemicals or 
stimulants were abused that night nor any time prior to that event.
((name deleted))  ((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


1/20/96 22:00
Madison, WI
Anonymous caller reports seeing a cigar-shaped craft, with
8 dim blue and red lights along its length. (No other details provided.)


Feb., 1996 Reports

Occurred : 2/14/1996 21:30 (Entered as : 2/14/96 09:30)
Reported: 9/21/2000 03:31
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Miltona, MN
Shape: Circle
Circular object follows car, 4 witnesses.
A single bright circular object was seen hovering over a friend's house, whom of 
which we were picking up to go to dinner on Valentine's Night. This object followed 
the car as we left, and proceeded to follow us through more than 8 miles along a 
gravel road. Along the way we didn't encounter any other vehicles. The object 
made no noise except for a slight humm, and stayed along the right hand side of 
the car, just above the treeline. There were 4 witnesses in the car, who all 
claimed to have seen the same thing. As we turned onto a highway, the UFO 
followed us from behind, and a huge spotlight came down, covering a large field 
on one side of the road, and the highway behind us. It was following closely, and 
seemed to be catching up to us, and another car came over a hill from the other 
way, and the object seemed almost to disappear from view, it didn't exactly 
disappear, but it moved much more quickly than any manmade craft is able to. 
We checked as soon as we reached our destination and it seems that we didn't 
lose any time. I saw the craft numerous times after, always hovering near the 
house at night after dark, and two other witnesses who were in the car claim to 
have seen it other times afterwards. It was a different shape when it would hover 
near my house, it would change shapes to the pattern of the moon. If there was 
a half moon, it too would be a half circle, and if it was a sliver moon, it would be 
a sliver too, but it changed colors from white, to yellow, to orange, and even red. 
It would hover very closely, and would wake me up out of a sound sleep. I haven't 
seen it since August of 1996, and the last time, I was with two other witnesses 
who saw it zip across the sky. I can count over 10 witnesses in the year of 1996 
who have all seen the same object that year in the same area.


2/18/96 2:05
Cedar Springs, MI
Man & wife witness three strange lights near their rural home.  They exhibited red, green, 
and white light; formed a triangle.


2/27/96 22:00
Cleveland ARTCC, OH
FAA controller calls to recount event of commuter airliner near Saginaw, MI.  Says pilot 
reported pulsing ball of light ahead of a/c.


2/27/96 22:01
Saginaw, MI
Commuter airliner w/ passengers turns, descends 12,500' to avoid a bizarre, extremely 
bright obj. directly ahead.  Obj. could "jump."


2/29/96 1:15
Cedar Springs, MI
Couple experience 2nd sighting of three lights over their rural home.  Objects flashed 
red, green, white; distinct movement.


March, 1996 Reports

Princeton, WI
Man witnesses a large, orange-colored ball of light. Minutes
later, he sees a bizarre cluster of sequentially blinking balls of light.


April '96 Reports

Most of the following reports below courtesy NUFORC:

4/1/96 22:26 Mason, MI 
Unknown "Alien" body, decomposing, with silvery skin, approx 36" - 
48" tall was found by Mason residents under leaves in their yard. 


This report was submitted to Minnesota MUFON by the witness.
Date of Sighting: 4/7/96, 10:45pm.
Location of Sighting: Winona, MN
Witness: Wayne Modjeski

I would like to report the following sighting I had on thr night of April 7th this year.
It was sometime between 10:45 and 10:50pm, I was walking over to visit my parents
house here in Winona. As I was walking eastward, I noticed at my upper left what
looked like something up on the powerlines along the street. As I continued walking
I realized it was a series of lights high up in the sky. These lights were traveling
westward in a rough V-shape formation, there were approximately 4 or 5 lights along
one leg of the V and about 10 along the other leg. The individual lights were moving
in somewhat loose fromation and not always a rigid distance from each other but still
maintaining the V-shape.

All the lights were a yellow-orange and did not blink or flash. The lights did
not change in appearance as they passed me on to the west, each represented as an
individual roundish yellow-orange dot (larger than a star). The longer leg with
about 10 lights was approximately three full moons in length the other leg about one
full moon. As they passed over they gradually started curving off to the north-west
eventually flying out of sight toward the horizon. They flew at a constant speed
throughout the sighting which lasted about 10-15 seconds from when I first saw them.
I listened for any sounds but heard nothing, and nobody else was in the area.

The only thing I can think of was that these were jets flying in formation,
although I kind of doubted it at the time because of the lack of blinking
aircraft lights and discernable sounds. I also thought that these might be birds
but quickly rejected that because these gave off too much light.

What I'd like to know is, was the military conducting some exercise or maneuvers
at this time, and did anyone else see this? I would greatly appreciate your help in
clearing up this mystery for me. I'm hoping won't be left as a great "unknown"
for the rest of my life and would like to know if this was military aircraft or a
bona fide UFO! Please contact me about any information. Thanks!
Wayne Modjeski
Winona, MN


4/14/96, Luck, WI
Woman, husband see "huge" cluster of 5x BRIGHT lights pass from SW to NE
beneath broken clouds. Beautiful "tail of light!!"


4/14/96 2:00, Polk Co., WI
Sheriff's Dept. repts. call from citizen of large, bizarre obj. passing 
overhead below clouds. Bright amber lights.


Occurred : 4/14/1996 02:00
Reported: 4/14/1996
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis FAA Center repts. calls from MI State Patrol regarding bizarre aerial 
event over Cheboygan & other nearby towns.


Occurred : 4/14/1996 02:10
Reported: 4/14/1996
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Wyoming, MN
Duration:45 sec.
Man, 3 neighbors witness huge cluster of amber lights pass slowly from SW to NE. 
Sky crystal clear. Steady pace, no noise.


Occurred : 4/14/1996 02:05
Reported: 4/15/1996
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: St. Cloud, MN
Duration:1 min.
Man delivering newspapers sees large trapezoid of very bright amber lights w/ 
strobes pass slowly overhead SW to NE.  Silent.


Occurred : 4/14/1996 02:05
Reported: 5/3/1996 10:07
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: St. Joe, MN
Man outside sees cluster of "orange-yellow" lights; reverse dir., suddenly rise. 
Magnetic effects, missing time, lump in arm.

April 14, 1996 - Across Michigan's Upper Peninsula, from Sault Sainte Marie
to Ironwood, Michigan, people reported seeing "a gigantic object with four
to seven blinking amber lights on the side and a squiggly plume of pure
white light coming out of the aft end." The UFO was seen by six Michigan
state troopers along Route 28 in Alger County. (See reports below).

4/14/96 2:05, Petoskey, MI
Emmet Co. Deputy describes multiple reports of cluster of lights "w/ flame 
behind it" from MI State Patrol, deputies, local police.
4/14/96 3:10, Petoskey, MI
MI Hwy. Patrol off. w/ partner on Hwy. 31 see 2x glowing obj. overhead. 
Obj. had "long, burning tail, like rooster tail." 2nd car saw.
4/14/96 3:10, St. Ignace, MI
Man, wife, 2 adults witness 2 very bright objs. pass across sky, followed 
by 4 smaller lights. Huge tail 1 mi. long. Steady pace.
4/14/96 22:00, St. Johns, MI
FAA employee reports seeing 20x tiny, "pinpoints of gold or yellow color" 
lights streak overhead. Multiple clusters.


Occurred : 4/22/1996 03:15
Reported: 4/23/1996
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Rochester, MN
Duration:45 min.
Woman sees bright whitish-gold light hovering in sky.  Two smaller lights on either 


(These reports courtesy NUFORC via UFOINFO)
April 27, 1996- Minnesota:
This sighting took place somewhere in the dairy farm country between
Minneapolis and Duluth. The eyewitnesses were a farm wife and her six-
year-old daughter. The sighting took place on Saturday night, April 27, at
precisely 8:50 p.m. Central time.
Mrs. X and her daughter were standing on their back porch, having just
finished with their evening chores, when they spotted the UFO. Mrs. X
described it as "a bright white light, round in shape, passed over our silo
at a very high altitude. It moved in zigzag."
Mother and daughter kept the UFO in view for 10 seconds, and then it
vanished over the western horizon.

From: Skywatch International- MORE ON THE MINNESOTA SIGHTING
Mrs. X's farm is on Highway 10 in Andover, Minnesota, about thirty miles north of Minneapolis. The saucer, she reports, "was 45 degrees above the horizon and very bright. Its brightness remained constant and it was totally silent." "I have served in the U.S. Air Force in the past," Mrs. X said. "And I worked around aircraft and flight lines. It was not like anything I'm used to seeing in the sky, including satellites. My son was very excited about it, and it was his idea to go online. Also, the weather was very good and there were very few clouds." The zigzagging saucer was seen at 8:50 p.m. Central time on April 27 and was last seen headed for Ramsey, Minnesota. ***

May '96 Reports

(The following reports courtesy NUFORC)
5/4/96 5:30 Morris, MI Woman sees delta-shaped ship w/convex bottom 3 prominent lights over house. Illumnated entire yard w/light beam. Frightened by it. 5/13/96 20:15 Black Hills, SD Man witnesses bizarre silvery disc, as long as 2 school buses,hover, then streak away. (Phone line goes dead. No other data.) *** Occurred : 5/29/1996 11:10 p.m. Posted : 1/28/1999 Location : menoken, ND Shape : Sphere Brightly glowing ball of light motionless, then moving, then motionless. The object moved at various angles around an airport. As I prepared to retire for the evening, through my bedroom, I saw a large glowing ball of light in the northwest sky. I was shocked! It was not moving! The object stayed in place for almost 5 minutes before I noticed it was moving. By this time I had my 7x35 binoculars out to get a better view. The only thing I can say is "WOW" !! IT was silvery almost a white, and it was beautifull. ***

June '96 Reports

National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 6/15/1996 23:02 
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : Eau Claire, WI
 Summary : 2 boys see rectangle shaped object w/4 orange/yelow lights fly silently over 
head. no blinking beacon lights, no sound, only a few hundred feet overhead. 
Lights: 1 front, 1 on each side, 1 in back.
My neighbor and I were standing half way down my driveway when we saw this object 
fly overhead due west. The sky was clear with no clouds. It didn't have any blinking 
beacon lights, and we could not make out shape. The 4 lights were orange/yellow color,
somewhat bright, and and they were positioned in the shape of a diamond around the 
object. It was very low, compared to most aircraft that fly, at night, and made no sound. 
We viewed it for about a 7 or 8 second duration, in which time it just flew over our heads 
and over the trees out of our view. I do not know what the object was,because I figured 
that if it was airplane flying at night, it would have beacons, which the object i saw did 
not. And it went very slow for the altitude it was at, which must not have bee more than 
a few hundred feet up. To this day, i have never again seen an air-plane or jet fly at night 
with no blinking beacons and lights at the head, each wing tip, and tail.


06/26/96   20:11 
Ramsey, MN
Man went outside the front of his house to test a new night vision scope that a
friend had borrowed him. As he scanned the NE horizon he noticed a bright
red light blinking just above the the tree line approximately 1-2 miles
away. This light was very large and did not blink in the typical fasion
of most aircraft. He noticed no other lights but the red. The object appeared
to be moving very slow across the sky too slow to be an airplane but possibly
a helecopter. He decided to view it better through the night scope and
saw it much brighter. The object appearing to come to a stop just behind
a tree. I did not hear any sound like that of an aircraft, especially
a helicopter. I was distracted for a few moments by my son and quite a
few viscious mosquitos. When I looked back behind the tree through the
scope and around the area the object had disappeard.


6/28/96 22:00 
Walled Lake, MI
Blinking light moved W to E. Faded out, came back,
dropped "real quick" when plane approached, then went
back up behind it.


July '96 Reports

Occurred : 7/25/1996 01:30  (Entered as : 07/25/1996 01:30)
Reported: 3/22/2004 
Posted: 3/23/2004
Location: Rush City, MN
Shape: Unknown
Possible prior sighting similar to 16 Feb 2004 Amityville, NY
On this night my girlfriend and I were camping in the back 40 of a friends farm 
and had gone out raccoon hunting.  About 01:30 we decided to call it a night 
and started walking back to our tent which was across a hay field from the woods 
we were in.  As we got to the tent I turned and looked to the east and saw what 
I thought were aircraft wingtip strobes out about 2-3 miles.  I didn't think much 
of it at the time so we went about getting the rifles cleaned and put away for the 
night.  For some reason I looked back in that same direction about 5 minutes later 
and the lights were still there.  I brought this to my girlfriends attention and had her 
hand me my rifle scope.  I removed the red dot sight, attached the scope to the 
rifle, and set the bipod on the car roof to get a steady look at this strange set of 
lights.  When I got the scope on the lights the were not in fact sitting still but 
moving very slightly from side to side.  I thought that could be from my breathing 
but then remembered that I had set the bipod.  I told her it must be a helicopter 
just hovering out there for some reason and put the rifle away. As we turned back 
to watch it some more, it moved about a half mile from it's original position and 
then started west.  I told her, I guess now we'll find out what it is.  Whatever it was 
passed about a quarter mile to the north of us in just a few seconds, and it made 
no sound at all, no rotor noise, no engine noise.  We looked at each other and I 
asked if she'd heard anything and she said no.  Well, we both got the willies and 
decided that we were definatly calling it a night and went to bed. I thought that I 
would share this with you because I just read the report from Amityville, NY.  We 
weren't able to see a shape but I don't know of any aircraft military or civilian that 
can move that fast without any sound.


August '96 Reports

From: sightings.org
Aug. 2 1996 4:23am 
Name:Timothy Ayer 
Mt. Vernon, Iowa
On Aug. 2 1996 at 4:23am two freinds and I saw our first UFO. One 
thing I remember is it was a foggy night. We saw it at Palisades- 
Keplar Park in Mt. Vernon, Iowa. we were stargazing on the beach 
when we saw a bright eminating from the tops of the trees. It was 
a "V" of lights. when we saw it we nearly shit our pants because 
we knew exactly what it was. A UFO. Once it passed us it was a 
triangle of lights and one bright white light with a hint of red 
in the center. We did not tell anybody til weeks later for fear 
people would think we were crazy. After the first sighting we have
seen several more.


Courtesy: UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World
Subject: UFO Sighting Report
Submitted by (aprwx@eta.k12.mn.us)
Sighting Date: August ?, 1996, 11:00pm-11:30pm
Sighting Location: New Brighton, Minnesota

(I cannot be sure what the date was in August... but if August
8th happened to be on a weekend night (a friday night or
Saturday night) then odds are this was the same evening.)

Sighting: I was night fishing for catfish off of a dock with 
some other friends in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities. 
There were about 5 adults and 1 child in all. We all saw this 
light, white at first and passed it off as a police helicopter. 
First we thought it to be a airplane, but it did not move for
over 15 minutes. Then I happened to notice that it did not have 
the traditional beam of light from the police spotlight. So we 
watched it more carefully. After a few more minutes it passed 
over us. Moving very slowly closer and closer we noticed 3 lights 
like you always hear. A white, red, and orange. This object was 
flying EXTREEMLY low and slow. I swear it could'nt have been more 
than 1,000 feet high. It just missed the trees as it came across 
the lake. I had a lantern that lit up the dock, if that is any
factor. Anyway it moved over and 2 things caused us to get chills
across our bodies. It had absolutely no sound. No noise whatsoever. 
No hum or anything. 1,000 feet above us. nothing. Only a helicoptor 
can stay in 1 spot for 15 minutes and most helicoptors rattle 
windows when flying by. But the weirdest thing was the 3 lights.... 
they made a triangle (yes I know sounds typical ufo story) and its 
movement was twords the flat side. Meaning that if it was a triangle 
(which the lights indicated) the front of the object was flat and 
the back was pointed. Shortly after it passed 2 more lights appeared 
across the lake that moved very haphazardly. These we dissmissed as 
police helicoptors or perhaps military aircraft.


(This report was submitted direct to Minnesota MUFON)
August 8th, 1996 (Thurs), 11:13pm CDT, Lino Lakes, MN

I (witness name withheld) was out browsing the sky (I am an amateur astronomer)
when I saw 3 white pinpoint lights moving from NW to SE directly across zenith.
I first noticed them in the constellation of Draco - they passed between the summer
triangle stars Vega and Deneb, and proceeded SE. Normally, as an astronomer my
first reaction was that the lights where satellites.  However, the lights where
configured in a perfect right triangle.

The point of the triangle was leading/pointing toward the SE.  The lights were separated
by a distance of approximately the diameter of a full moon - perhaps a bit more.  In no
way did the configuration of lights vary in direction or in configuration - which really
startled me.  I've seen thousands of satellites in the sky at night - even 2 at a time.
 However, they never move in a fixed pattern in relationship with each other.  They
always converge or diverge or typically have different luminosities.  The lights then
seemed to slow, fade and stop at about 45 degrees from the horizon in the SE and then
disappeared just north of the constellation of Aquarius.

The lights were white as far as I could tell.  They did NOT look like airplane lights -
there were only single points of lights (very much like satellites).  I thought that
perhaps I saw a slight side to side wobbling motion in each light but I wasn't sure the
atmosphere was playing tricks on me.


(This report from NUFORC)

     If you're on the streets of Stanley, Wisconsin, USA between the
hours of 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. Central time, you're liable to run into UFO
buff John K., out for his nightly walk.  Stanley is a small town in
north central Wisconsin, 35 miles (56 kilometers) east of Eau Claire and
165 miles (264 kilometers) west of Wausau.

     "On Friday night (August 9, 1996), I was walking up a street that
faces due east," John K. reported.  "August can really exhibit beautiful
clear skies, and this (night) was one of them.  I was just gazing upward
and taking in the panorama when I saw this white light which seemed to
be almost 'floating' (the closest I can describe it) across the sky,
heading northward.  I stopped walking, for I thought the motion was just
an illusion caused by my own motion. Well, I stopped but the white light
didn't.  I'm not too good at judging altitudes and speed, but the light
was way up there, seemingly right in between the stars.  My guess is
that it had to be at least 30,000 to 40,000 feet.  The object's speed
was probably between 100 and 200 miles per hour.  It had to be a craft
of some sort because it was an exceptionally clear sky.  The object
would sort of dip toward the east, then slip back into a northward
direction. The weirdest thing is that after ten seconds of watching this
thing, it simply disappeared."

     "I didn't think too much about it, except that it was strange, so I
kept walking up the hill.  I stopped about halfway and looked upward,
and saw an F-16, or what I took to be an F-16.  It was going pretty
slowly (usually by the time you hear them, they're gone.)  The F-16 was
at about half the altitude of the white object and heading east. When I
reached the top of the hill, it had banked and was heading north in the
path of the object."

     "On Saturday night (August 10, 1996) I was on the other side of
town and saw something rather unusual.  Once again it was about 10 p.m.
but I was heading south this time and saw the same kind of bright white
object heading at a very slow pace toward the southeast. The strange
thing is that it was being flanked by an F-16 (which was practically
above my position) about five miles to the north of it (the UFO),
maintaining the same airspeed."

     John points out that the UFO seemed to be headed in the
direction of Fort McCoy.

     This is the first UFO sighting in Stanley, Wisconsin since
October 1995.  For a month, residents reported seeing F-16s
flying combat air patrols over the town.  On one occasion, an F-16
circled downtown Stanley three times, as if searching for something. The
October 1995 flap began when the police department in nearby Chippewa
Falls, 26 miles east of Stanley, received numerous reports of "a star"
that literally "dropped into the atmosphere and zigzagged to below
treetop levels."


8/15/96 02:30 
Grand Rapids, MI 
We saw two red dots of apparent unearthly origin. (NUFORC)


8/15/96 02:30 
grand rapids, MI 
Two small objects that appeared to be non-teresteral. (NUFORC)


Occurred : 8/18/1996 03:18 (Entered as : 08/18/96 03:18)
Reported: 11/19/2000 20:43
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Coon Rapids, MN
Shape: Other
Duration:1 minute
A V shaped craft with amber colored lights that was a big as a football field heading 
west towards Anoka, Minnesota on August 18, 1996.

The thing was as big as a football field. It was V shaped. The lights were amber 
colored and what appeared to be dimmed. The first thing I thought was "How tricky 
of them. They are trying to blend in with the street lights." It had approx. fifteen sets 
of lights on each side except the first light which was a single one. It was moving 
directly west. It was so low that by the time I ran a half of a block I was directly 
behind it and it was getting blocked by the trees . I really wanted to see if I could 
see the stars through the middle or not but to see if it was solid but it was passing 
through the trees. I thought I may have. Even though I didn't get to see it for very 
long, it was no doubt amazing and HUGE! It's funny, but right before I saw it I had 
thought to myself "It would be a good night to see a U.F.O." A couple of minutes 
later I saw it. About a year later I heard some other people had seen a U.F.O. 
directly east of where I was and the same description. The area I saw this in is 
a populated suburb of Minneapolis and was moving directly into the city of Anoka. 
I wish I had known of your reporting network back then. Even though it was 3:18 
in the morning I had not been drinking. I had been dropping a friend off at home. 
The craft was silent. I found that amazing!


September '96 Reports

Occurred : 9/11/1996 22:45
Reported: 2/20/1997 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Arden Hills, MN
Shape: Light
SUMMARY:  A bright white light was seen in the night sky. It quickly darted over to 
the north, stopped, and then took off back south and suddenly disappeared.I was 
out star gazing which I do often, when I noticed one of the stars was misshaped. 
It was oblong like a football, slightly wider at one end. Within 15 seconds of when 
I first saw it, it took off very quickly to the north and suddenly stopped. In about five 
more seconds, it took off back to the south, slightly faster, and disappeared with 
its light trail following behind.


(This report recieved via Skywatch)
Date: Monday September 16, 1996, Approx. 8:30 PM 
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Witness sighted a lighted object in western sky (not the Moon, I checked with USNO) Object first appeared as almost perfect triangle. Moments later it transformed into a solid circle, or disc shape. It illuminated a bright white light with no apparent texture or variation within the light. Moments after appearing as a circle it once again changed shape into a elongated triangle, point at the bottom. Then once more it quickly shifted into a circle shape. It held this shape for only a few seconds. The object then faded away completely. I witnessed this object from approximately 1 to 3 miles away in distance. Object was absolutely silent. Object was approximately one third the size of a full moon regardless of shape assumed. This is not my first sighting of unusual objects. It is however my first sighting since 1994. Click here for descriptive image. *** (This report recieved directly by Minnesota MUFON) Northfield, MN man sees Jet Aircraft pursue UFO Date: Sept 28, 1996 (Saturday) Time: 7:22 AM UFO Location: approx. 5 miles SSE of witness. A Northfield man heading east on Hwy 19, 1 1/2 miles west of Northfield, MN
spotted the closely spaced contrails of an unidentified jet aircraft (possibly military) suddenly shift 90 degrees to an almost completely vertical ascent from horzontal. He thought this was a strange and rather unsafe maneuver and continued to watch from inside his vehicle. As the aircraft ascended, he noticed a shiny object heading towards the jet's path. He did not see where it came from, but watched as it did a circular maneuver around the jet in a somewhat erratic manner. The UFO was moving much faster than the jet and easily out classed it. This occured a little below the cloud layer. As the UFO did it's circling, the witness noticed it tilt a little revealing it's disk shape. He was about 5 miles from the UFO & aircraft. As he watched in amazement, his view was suddenly obscured by trees, so he was unable to view the 2 from that point on. Both very clearly visible with no blurring. The aircraft was approx. edge-on making it hard to identify. The UFO was much brighter and at least twice the size of the jet, possibly as big as a house. Minnesota MUFON has investigated the sighting. *** (From: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 1, Number 33) UFOs SPOTTED JUST WEST OF MINNEAPOLIS On Monday, September 30, 1996, at 8:45 p.m., Donald J. was standing in the yard of his apartment house in Mound, Minnesota when he spotted nine UFOs streaking across the clear night sky. He described them as "nine slightly luminescent objects streaking across the sky, about 10 degrees each second, speeding from west to east. Their luminescence was similar to a medium brightness star." He said their motion reminded him of "swimming dolphins," adding, "They moved from 45 degrees (above the horizon) west to 45 degrees east, flying overhead for nine seconds. They were grouped in a roughly diamond cluster, slightly accelerating and decelerating in relationship to each other." Don's home in Mound is close to the intersection of Minnesota Highway 10 and County Road 15, about 17 miles (27 kilometers) west of Minneapolis. *** MOUND, MN 9/30/96 (RDUP10/16/96) At 8:45 p.m., a man was standing in the yard of his apartment house in Mound, Minnesota when he spotted nine UFOs streaking across the clear night sky. He described them as "nine slightly luminescent objects streaking across the sky, about 10 degrees each second, speeding from west to east. Their luminescence was similar to a medium brightness star." He said their motion reminded him of "swimming dolphins," adding, "They moved from 45 degrees (above the horizon) west to 45 degrees east, flying overhead for nine seconds. They were grouped in a roughly diamond cluster, slightly accelerating and decelerating in relationship to each other." ***

October '96 Reports

(This report was submitted through Minnesota MUFON
Field Investigator Candy Peterson who will be investigating it.)

This is the witness' first and only sighting of an anomalous 
aerial object. It was observed along Highway 52, just north 
of Coates, Minnesota, on October 12, 1996.

At about 11:30 AM, a white, thick, blunt-angled & blunt-sided 
triangle was seen at a distance of about a city block or two 
from the witness' northbound pickup truck.  It was flying swiftly 
at treetop height to the north.  The clear day's sunlight created 
shadings along the sides which indicated the symmetrical 
roundedness of the vehicle. Except for the shaded areas, the 
solid whiteness had no other distinguishing characteristics.  
There were no engines, rotors, propellers, windows, doors, 
insignia, exhaust, transparencies, lights or colors of any kind.

The witness saw the starboard side first as it flew closest to 
the truck. After losing sight of it for a few minutes due to 
intervening terrain, its port side was viewed as it headed westerly, 
further away, in front of a line of multicolored autumn trees.
Witness estimates its actual size to be similar to a small plane, 
but it was un-aerodynamically shaped with no central fuselage, 
no wings, and a height to length (from fore to aft) ratio of about 
1:2. The relative width was not precisely determined since it was 
not observed directly from front or back. From the two profile 
views, there appeared to be a slight concavity or crease in the 
center back, and the leading apex was as blunt, rounded, and 
symmetrical as the sides and two other angles.  Not a classic 
saucer shape at all.

We're looking for corroborating witnesses to this sighting or 
type of craft. 


(Reports below courtesy of UFO ROUNDUP)

     On Thursday, October 17, Jack K., who lives near
Wausau, Wisconsin, was driving on Highway 61 just outside
Red Wing, Minnesota, a town on the Mississippi River 57 miles
(91 kilometers) southeast of Minneapolis, when he saw a domed
saucer or daylight disc hovering in the sky.
     "I couldn't believe my eyes," He said, "but I think I
actually saw a flying disc motionless in the sky, reflecting
sunlight, almost as if they were watching me.  At first I thought
it was a reflection, so I got out of my car.  And it was still
there.  The object had a straight flat bottom.  It domed-out on
the top.  It might have been a reflection, but I seriously doubt it.
Basically, it looked like a peripheral view of a cookie.  It sat there
for a good ten seconds, as I ran up to the fence post to double
check to see if it was a reflection.  But by the time I got to the
fence, it was gone.  I don't think it was a reflection.  The object
appeared truly metallic."  (Email Interview)

     The following day, Friday, October 18, at 7:50 p.m., 
xxxxx was driving on Interstate Highway 94, just west of
Fergus Falls, near the North Dakota state line, when she spied
something unusual in the sky.  "It appeared to be a medium-
sized pulsating star.  As I watched it, it began to move, but
keeping pace with me, then speeding up.  It crossed the highway
in front of me, then stopped and hovered by the side of the road.
I could see distinctly green and red spot-light lights at the top.
They were moving around, not just stationary.  I could see no
structure at all, just the lights.  There was one main large white
circular light and the red and green lights at the top.  While it was
hovering, it appeared to flip upside down.  The (colored) lights
appeared at the bottom.  I had my videocam along and could have
gotten it on video except it didn't seem safe to stop.  The craft
meandered slowly over the countryside until it disappeared from
my view on the horizon."  (Email Interview)


Oct. 20, 1996, 3pm, Appleton, WI
On Sunday 10/20/96 my wife and I were headed South on Hwy 41 in 
Wisconsin just outside Appleton, WI.at about 3:00PM As we were driving
we happen to look to the Southwest and saw a very shiny object. From the
horizon there was blue sky, then a cloud bank then more blue sky. This
object was in the center of the cloud bank. I thought it was an airplane
with the sun glaring off the body. But below the shiny or glowing object
and slightly closer to our possition was an airplane. You could see the
shape of the plane and that it only showed glare off the top of it. This
other objects whole body surface glowed brilliantly, and had the
distinct shape of a UFO. It seemed to be somewhat larger then the plane
even though it was farther away. It was visable for about 2 minutes then
dissapeared into the clouds. As we were passing others on the highway I
saw at least two other cars that kept looking in that direction after it
dissapeared. I would like to know if anyone else may have seen this.


November '96 Reports

11/19/96 23:05
Middleville, MI
Woman sees bright "fluorescent glowing green" object streak
across the sky in direction of airport. Size: 1" at arm's length;
round. BRIGHT.


December '96 Reports

Occurred : 12/9/1996 23:15
Reported: 12/8/1996 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Hastings, MN
Shape: Triangle
Duration: Approx.15 min.
SUMMARY:  On the night of December 8th, 1996 at 11.15 pm (central) a triangular 
shaped object appeared in the sky and hovered in the air for a du


12/13/96 21:00
Detroit, MI
Mother driving w/ 3 children sees several craft in triangular 
pattern, which split suddenly. They pursue objects, "catch" 
2 times. Scared!


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