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09 Oct, 1995 CE1/AN1 (Added 2/2/99)

09 Oct, 1995 CE1/AN1

Date of Sighting:  09 Oct, 1995 (date estimated)
Place of Sighting: South Minneapolis
Local Evaluation:  Unexplained - Ordinary Significance (High if 
additional witnesses or accompanying CE4 event)
Type of Report: Close Encounter or Anomaly of the First Kind 
(CE1/AN1) - large object over populated area
Date of Report: 13 February, 1999
Investigator:  Craig R. Lang - Field Investigator, MN MUFON

Sighting Background:
I was informed of this sighting by another MUFON member, who is 
acquainted with the witness.  The witness had informed him of the 
event, and he in turn informed me.  I then interviewed the witness 
and performed a followup investigation.  Since this event occurred 
in a way that should have attracted considerable attention, I have 
spentconsiderable time attempting to locate additional witnesses.  
To date I have not been successful.  However, this investigation is 

Witness Description:
The primary witness is a woman who lives in south Minneapolis, across 
the street from the apparent location of the object.  She has a high 
school education, with significant self study and training and training
in business administration.  Her age at the time of this report (March 
1997) is 44.  She indicates that her health, and hearing are good, and 
her vision is correctable to 20/20.  At the time of the sighting she 
was employed as a billing supervisor for a large health care 
corporation in the Minnesota Twin Cities area.  She indicates that 
she has not had any other UFO sightings, but has had metaphysical 

Sighting Account:
The witness was sitting in her apartment, watching television sometime 
between 8:00 and 9:00 PM CDT.  At this time, there was a power failure.
She located a candle, lit it, and went out into the hall, to the front 
landing to see if others were also affected by the blackout.  

About five minutes following the onset of the power failure, she was 
standing on the front landing (between the first and second floor) of 
her apartment building, looking out of the window onto the street.  
She indicates that she "felt compelled to look up".  When she did, 
she observed a large dark oval-shaped object which appeared to be 
over the top of the buildings across the street (see sketch).  She 
watched the object for about 30 seconds to one minute.  She was not 
sure of the actual distance to the object but noted that while she 
was watching the object, an airplane passed behind it in the distance. 
She was able to hear the airplane, but could hear no sound from the 
object. She also noted that there were a number of people outside 
(approximately 10) on the street and sidewalks during the blackout.  
She felt that they should have noticed the object.

Click here for view of building front with object.

CL Sketch to witness description, showing object over building block 
across street in front of witness's apartment. The object was somewhat 
larger than the city block.  It was dark with interspersed red and 
white lights on the edge.  She was unable to see any structural 
details of the object itself.

She then turned her head around to try to point out the object to two 
of her neighbors, who were standing and talking in the hall about 
twenty feet away (Note: CL Estimate of distance).  She was unable to 
get their attention, and so turned her view back to the object.  When 
she did, the object was gone.  She then remembers the lights coming 
back on within what she felt was 1/2 hour of this event.  She then 
went upstairs and watched the 9PM news, which was already in progress.

Analysis of Time Interval:
Blackout Timing was given by the Oct 10, 1995 Star Tribune as follows:
Outage began "shortly after 8PM", and was restored at 9:05 PM. - thus 
the outage lasted approximately one hour.

Thus, the probable sequence of events looks something like this:
- 8:05PM CDT (approximate):  Witness watching TV when power failure 
- 8:10PM CDT (approximate):  Witness has located and lit candle - 
exits apartment to hallway, looking out window 
- Moments later: Observes object - watches for about 30 seconds, then 
attempts to attract attention of neighbors When witness turns to 
again look at object, object has vanished. - this would have been at
approximately 8:15PM CDT
- 9:05 PM CDT: Power restored (witness felt this was approximately 
within 1/2 hour of sighting)

Note:  The witness was not sure how long it was from the time the 
object disappeared until the power came back on. However, she felt 
that it was within 1/2 hour of sighting. From the chronology, a time 
interval of approximately 50 minutes is suggested between the sighting 
and power restoration.  Thus a possible discontinuity in time 
perception ofapproximately 20 minutes might exist, but is not clearly 

Additional Witnesses:  
No specific additional witnesses are known.  There were several 
persons were in the bookstore, and about 10 people in the street.  We 
have been attempting to locate possible additional witnesses, but have 
not been successful.

The witness indicated that two neighbors had been conversing in the 
hall of the apartment building during the time of the power failure.  
I contacted one neighbor, who remembered being there at that time, and 
remembered the witness being in the hall, but did not remember the 
witness trying to get their attention.

The owner of the bookstore remembered the time of the power failure.  
He indicated that people in the store "acted weird", and did not go 
out into the street, but "just hung out there" for several minutes.  
Another customer who was in the bookstore indicated that she did not 
observe anything unusual, but did not have a view to the outside of 
the store. Thus, there does not appear to be any direct witnesses 
associated with the bookstore.

Assuming that the object was truly anomalous, then one possible 
hypothesis is that the object was "interested in" someone in that 
building block.  Thus it would be beneficial to determine if a CE4 
event might have occurred in that area at that particular time.  
However, at present no reports exist of possible CE4 events at that 
place and time.

Weather Conditions  (MSP WX report from State Climatologist for 
Oct. 9, 1995, 2100 CST):
   9/10 coverage high (20,000 ft), thin clouds. 
   Visibility 15 miles, temp 47, dewpoint 45, 
   Wind from 180 deg at 7 kt. 

Natural Phenomena Check:
The possibility of some sort of cloud formation was considered by the 
witness as she was observing it.  However, her description corresponds 
to no known type of clouds.  In addition, the sudden vanishing of the 
object would argue against this explanation.  However, at this date, 
it is not possible to completely rule this explanation out.

Manmade Phenomena Check:
No known human made object would account for this event.

Other Possibilities:
It is possible that if the object is truly anomalous, there may have 
been a CE4 event in progress which was inadvertently partially 
observed by the witness.  This event is not provable unless a CE4 
event can be established at that particular place/time.

Sighting Evaluation:
Sighting Type: CE1/AN1
Evaluation:  Unexplained.
Significance:  Ordinary (Note: If additional witnesses can be located, 
will increase to High significance).

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