2003 UFO Investigation Reports

Minneapolis “morphing” full moon with possible abduction (Added 5/25/2006)
Glenwood, MN 11-8-03 Observation and Digital Picture Summary (Added 05/25/2006)

Minneapolis “morphing” full moon with possible abduction

Minnesota MUFON Field Investigators:  Margaret and Dean DeHarpporte
Type of Report:  CE 4 (?)  – Sighting with possible abduction and missing time
Date of Sighting:    approx. October 10th, 2003
Place of Sighting:  Minneapolis, MN
Local Evaluation:   Unexplained with possible abduction 
Date of report:  21 October, 2004

Witness Description:
Simone (pseudonym) is a 51 year old woman who is the vocalist of a 5 member group of 
musicians, doing jazz/ funk,  which has preformed internationally and with some well 
known musicians and groups.  She also had a career as a top model.

The second witness was Simone’s friend, who did not show up for the initial interview, 
and is apparently unwilling to be interviewed.  We gave Simone a blank Sighting 
Questionnaire  in case the friend would agree to at least fill that in, but nothing has come 
of that. Simone is interested in outer space and “all that” , and her friend shares that 
interest with her. Would like to be on ‘Star Trek’  she states.

Sighting Background:
The sighting was brought to the attention of MN MUFON  when Simone contacted 
Webmaster Joel Henry through the local MUFON Web Site.  She was looking for someone 
to tell her experience to. The info was then relayed to Field Investigator and hypnotherapist  
Craig Lang, who got in touch with Simone, as she was interested in possibly exploring her 
experience through hypnosis.  Craig said he would accept her as a client when her case 
had been duly investigated.  

Dean and myself then interviewed her in regards to her latest experience, and touched 
on one previous experience that she recalls, as well as a memory from her childhood 
which she felt is connected to all her experiences since.

Sighting Account
Simone and her friend had finished a spaghetti dinner to celebrate her friends birthday, 
at the Apartment of the friend, located at 34th and Emerson in the Uptown area of 
Minneapolis.  The date was approximately Oct. 10th, 2003, as there was a full moon and 
it was found that the full moon in Oct. of 2003 would have been on Oct. 10th. After dinner, 
at approximately 12:00 Midnight, they decided to and go outside on the steps to drink their 
wine and look at the stars.  She said the weather was crisp and cool, and the night was 
clear with a bright full moon.

As the two women were setting and talking and focused on the bright , full moon,  she 
said “ I knew it was coming” (the moon) and told my friend “if you’re going, I’m going, 
too! “  Simone also noted that they both were “telling” the moon, “come to us , come to 
us, we’re your friends”.  As they were  focused on the moon and talking to it, it “responded”, 
and began getting closer, or coming down.  Simone said she grabbed her friend and said 
“do you see that?!!!” “That’s the moon and it’s coming down here!”.   

Simone reports that all the background blacked out, the stars were gone, and there were 
no noises; “like a vacuum”, is how she described it. That’s when she grabbed her friend 
and said “ OK ,  if you’re going , I’m going too!”. Simone said “it”, (meaning the Moon/object) 
“kind of responded”, by coming closer, and getting larger, then starting to “morph” into a 
different type of light than the moon,  not perfectly round , and more longish, with “fingers”, 
or “hands” of light  hanging down, like a strange kind of aurora, which she stated “seemed 
to be reaching for us.” Simone said at about this point  “ I was , like, oh, I don’t know if I’m 
ready for this”.  The next thing the witnesses remember is coming to, leaning against the 
wall on the OPPOSITE side of the apartment.  Still holding their glasses of wine (she 
recalls there didn’t appear to be any less wine in the glasses than they remembered from 
before the incident.) 

Simone states “we got up like zombies and walked upstairs”, where one of them looked 
at the clock and  said “we’ve been gone for two hours!”.   She stated they felt dazed, “totally 
dazed, like we were in a coma”. They talked about it for a while, then went to sleep.  The 
feeling of being “displaced, disoriented” lasted about a week. . She also says they weren’t 
cold, and thinks they should have been “frozen”, as it was quite chilly outside, and they 
hadn’t put coats on. Following this incident,  Simone had a sore inside the front of her nose, 
and gastro-intestinal difficulties which persist at this time to some degree. The friend has a 
high pitched ringing in her ears. Simone stated she started to look for someone to tell her 
experience to, as it was “too awesome”, and since it happened to both she and her friend.  
When asked whether she felt if it was herself, her friend, or both of them that may have 
been the “target” of this experience, Simone said she felt it was definitely herself. 

Simone said she researched the subject of implants on the web, and also began looking 
on the web to see if she could find another experience similar to hers, or a photo or 
description . Go to the following URL to see what she came up with: 
ufocasebook.com/minnesotaufo.html, also shown at the end of this report.  Simone also 
said that when she saw the moon/light and was going into this last experience, “ I was like, 
oh, they’re back!” She also stated she feels it’s going to happen again.

Simone has had two other incidents she can recall.  One took place in Italy approximately 
one year earlier than the 2003 incident.  She was in Italy to perform with her music group, 
and she and several others (mostly Italian) were on a beach for nightcaps,  when they 
sighted what Simone described as a huge dirigible.  Once again she “came to” 
approximately 2 hours later, and said that due to her limited Italian, she was unable to 
discuss the incident with the others.  She was bothered by a sore in her nose afterwards.  
The first incident she can recall was when she was a child, approximately 7 years old, in 
Rosemount, and at that time she didn’t know how to express it, and never related it to 
anybody. Simone states “ there were gaps – loss of time – usually at night”  She 
remembers seeing lights and in some way communicating. She calls this child hood 
memory more like a “6th sense”, a kind of knowing, rather than an actual memory. 

Simone said she does not consider the episode frightening or traumatizing.  What bothers 
her most it the “not knowing what was going on – knowing that you weren’t there”.  She 
expressed an interest in working with Craig Lang to find out more about what happened 
to her, but at this time has not contacted him.   Simone’s father is an engineer, and a 
sister is a scientist, whom Simone has discussed her experiences with.  She says the 
sister “understands it, as she is a scientist, and has seen things too”. 

Sighting Evaluation:
Type:  CE4 ?      
Significance:  Extraordinary   Evaluation: Unexplained 
Evaluation:  Unexplained, Possible Missing Time and Possible Abduction         
UFO or light photographed in SW Minnesota
Similar to witness’ sighting, as reported in: http://www.ufocasebook.com/minnesotaufo.html

Glenwood, MN 11-8-03 Observation and Digital Picture Summary

Glenwood, MN 11-8-03 Observation and Digital Picture Summary 
At approx. 5:30pm a witness in west central Minnesota saw an unusual object and took 
one digital picture of it. The witness writes:

“The light was oval in shape.  It came from the east in a horizontal position. It was turning 
to its side or vertical as I was proceeding to take the picture. It emitted a reddish glow or 
reflection around it but was clearly BRILLIANT white itself.  It stopped and remained 
“sideways” for a few seconds, then before I snapped again it simply blinked off -- just 
disappeared.  The moon was rising to the southeast of vantage point, air was surreal 
and it was quiet.”  

ufo glenwood 11-8-03r50.jpg

The witness added that when it was coming in the horizontal position from the east it 
was more of a blue color. Later that evening there was an eclipse of the moon, so the 
moon was full. The object was so bright that it saturated the digital camera.

Field Investigators Analysis:
I asked the witness to take a couple of reference photos in the daytime from the same 
position she photographed the UFO so that I could estimate angular image size and 
distance. One of the pictures was taken in the regular (unzoomed) mode and showed 
the hill over which the UFO was photographed in the background and a car in the 
foreground (see right hand side of print).  The other was intended to show the same 
area in daylight in which she had photographed the object at night with the 4x digital 

The witness estimated that the object or light was 30 feet long in the vertical position. 
The camera is an HP320 Photosmart, which has 2.1MP with 4x digital zoom. The 
photos were processed through the Polaroid Photo Max SE program.
By measurements of the photos with a ruler it was verified that objects in the 4x 
zoom mode were twice the height or width of the same objects in the regular mode. 
It was estimated that the trees on top of the hill were about 30 feet tall. Trigonometry 
gives a distance to the top of the hill of about 900 feet.  The estimate that the UFO 
was 30 feet long in the vertical position, approximately the same dimension as the 
estimated height of the trees, makes it reasonable that it was also about 900 feet 
away, and therefore was hovering over the hill.  Examination of the picture indicates 
that the ground beneath the trees was being illuminated by the UFO or was 
reflecting light from the UFO.  It also appears that a beam of light from the UFO 
slanting down toward the viewer’s left was illuminating part of the trees.  Overall, 
the impression is that the UFO was perhaps slightly further away than the trees, 
and the distance may have been 1000 to 1500 feet.

The UFO and reference photos were sent to a photoanalyst who has done photo 
analysis for NASA and has access to some very good photo analysis software.  
He writes:  “There is no detail within the object. The absence of detail indicates the 
CCD was saturated as shown by blooming patterns around the light.  [This means 
that it was a very bright light as the witness stated.] It is possible to overlay the 
daylight shots with the night shots.  [The photographer’s] position was off perhaps 
5 degrees between the night shot and day shot, but the distance matches. With 
that, it's clear that the night shot shows no indication of horizontal motion effects. 
If there was any vertical motion it would have shown as a blurring of the horizon 
which is not apparent in the variable layers... This is consistent with a continuous 
light source moving towards the photographer or moving in a upward direction.”  

The witness noted that the “air was surreal and it was quiet”.  This condition has 
been noted by witnesses in other cases and is part of the complex known as the 
“Oz” factor.  The sudden vanishing is also unusual but typical of many UFO 
sightings. These items are further indications of a genuine anomaly.

The reference photos allow calculation of angular diameters.  The angular 
diameter of the UFO at the narrowest part is 0.32 degrees.  Since the full moon 
is approx. 0.5 degrees, the object could not be the moon.  The witness stated 
that the moon was rising to the southeast of the object, and that it went into 
eclipse later, which is true. The witness’ statements appear to be accurate.  The 
witness’ estimate that the object was 30 feet in the vertical dimension is 
reasonable based on the measurements and calculations. The witness states 
the picture was taken on a digital camera.  Since an ordinary digital camera 
cannot take multiple exposures, the statement by another UFO researcher that 
this was probably a multiple exposure is incorrect. My conclusion is that the 
object is unusual and unidentified.  
William I. McNeff
Field Investigator 

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