2002 UFO Investigation Reports

Sighting: 02 January, 2002, Bloomington, MN (Added 7/30/2002)

Sighting: 02 January, 2002, Bloomington, MN (Added 7/30/2002)

Date/Time of Sighting: 02 January, 2002 - approx 5:30 PM CST
Place of Sighting:  Bloomington, MN
Local Evaluation:  Inconclusive - Possible Unknown
Type of Report:  NL/MAAA1 - distant maneuvering light seen 
by two witnesses
Date of Report:  05 March, 2002
Investigator:   Craig R. Lang		WUFOD# 1-850-MN

Sighting Background
I and the witness are both friends of another MN MUFON member.  
I was informed of the sighting by this mutual friend, who 
indicated that it would be OK to contact the witness.  I 
contacted and interviewed both witnesses on 27 February, 2002.  
Both witnesses gave full form 1 reports.  The primary witness 
also wrote his description of the sighting in an attached 

Witness Description
The witnesses are a couple that lives and works in the 
Bloomington area.  The primary witness is a 25 year old male.  
The second witness is his girlfriend.  She is 22  years old and 
has excellent health and hearing.  She describes her vision as 
less than great (somewhat nearsighted).  She was not wearing 
her glasses at the time of the sighting.  Both witnesses 
indicate that they have had no health changes since the 
sighting.  Both witnesses  work at the same place, and both 
were there at the time of the sighting.

Sighting Account
The primary witness had left work to run a quick errand at a 
nearby store in the same strip mall where he works.  At about 
5:30 PM CST, as he was walking between locations, he looked 
to the southwest to observe a bright light which appeared to 
be stationary, about 45 degrees up in the southwestern sky.  
He felt that it seemed unusual - not a star or airplane, and 
was curious about it.  He watched it for several minutes, as 
he walked back from his errand.  The light was briefly 
obscured by a building and when it became visible again, he 
again saw it at the same location.  Along with the first light, 
a second light was now approaching on an east to west path, 
from a location closer to due south.  

As he watched, the second light approached the first from 
the left (east) at a steady rate, and then merged with it.  The 
first light remained at the same brightness, and in the same 
location.  He ran into work to get his girlfriend (the second 
witness).  They both stepped outside to observe the light, 
which remained motionless in the southwestern sky.  They 
observed it for slightly less than a minute more, as it 
rapidly, faded out and was no longer visible.

Object Description:
The primary witness described both objects as solid white 
lights,  which the witness described as about the brightness 
of the moon. [It was not clear what this meant, and therefore 
what the actual brightness was.  However both witnesses felt 
that it was brighter than any stars present].   He indicated 
that they had an observable diameter to them.  He also notes 
that at the end of the sighting, the remaining object faded 
from view.

The second witness described the object (one object only, 
since the two lights had merged by this time), as reddish and 
about the brightness of a star.  She was not wearing her 
glasses at that moment, so could not discern any size to the 
object.  She observed it suddenly vanish - "it just wasn't 

Additional Witnesses:  None

Weather and Sky Conditions:
Witness description of weather was clear and cold, with 
unlimited visibility, and no clouds. It should be noted that 
the sun had just set, and the sky was still partly lit, 
especially in the southwest.  This light would have been 
fading while they observed the lights.

Natural and Manmade Phenomenon Check:
No bright planets were in the southwest at the time of the 
sighting.  Mars was nearly due South, at an elevation of 
approximately 45 degrees, with a brightness of 0.8 magnitude.  
This could be considered as a null hypothesis, although the 
witnesses clearly stated the location as southwest.

Also, as a null hypothesis, the vanishing object might have 
been an aircraft, with its landing lights initially visible 
to the witness, and which subsequently "disappeared" when 
the landing lights were either turned off or were no longer 
pointing in his direction.  This does not explain the 
stationary object, however, which was seems to have been 
stationary for too long a time to be explainable as an 

It is also not clear in any null hypothesis, how the rapid 
fade-out would have occurred at the end of the sighting.   
This factor and those described above suggest that the 
object(s) observed may have been unknown in nature.

Sighting Evaluation: Inconclusive - Possible Unknown

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