Jan. thru Dec., 2001 UFO Investigation Reports

01 April, 2001, Triangular Object (Added 7/30/2002)
Mounds View, MN - Luminous object May 18, 2001, 9:32 PM CST (Added 7/30/2002)
5/18/01 Hastings, MN sighting (Added 6/28/2001)
Maneuvering lights 06/22/2001, Hastings, MN (Added 7/30/2002)
Chisholm, MN 06/23/2001 FB3 (Added 7/30/2002)
10/11/2001 Lake Elmo, MN CE1 (Added 9/3/2003)

01 April, 2001, Triangular Object (Added 7/30/2002)
01 April, 2001, Close Sighting of Large Triangular Object 
and Other Distant Lights

Date of Sighting: 01 April, 2001
Investigator: Dean DeHarpporte, MN MUFON Field Investigator. 
Time of Sighting: Final stages of dusk, nearly dark 
(~7:05 PM, 25 minutes after sunset)
Weather conditions: Clear, light wind, temp. near 40 F.
Sighting Duration: Witness 1, ~1 minute, Witness 2, ~1 minute
Sighting Location: 1-2 miles north of Stillwater, Minnesota 
on highway 96, intersection with Highway 5.
Type of Report: Witness 1, Close sighting of triangular object. 
Simultaneously, witness 2 saw several distant lights. 
Local Evaluation: Witness 1 UFO, CE1 Unexplained. Witness 
2 possible CE1, probably airplane lights.

Sighting background: 
The witnesses, a married couple, called the UFO reporting 
center on the night of the sighting  and witness data was 
relayed to this investigator in October, 2001. The investigator 
interviewed the witnesses on 14 November, 2001 for one hour, 
He did not visit the site of the sighting due to lack of 
enthusiasm to do so by the witnesses. Each of the 2 witnesses 
observed different UFOs. It is possible, but not likely, 
that they were related, since they were several miles apart 
and their appearance differed radically.    

Witness Description:
Witness 1.  Male, age middle 30s. Occupation: works at 
assembly plant. He was strongly impressed by the sighting 
and talked about "nothing else" that night with witness 2, 
his wife. However, he was not traumatized. He has not 
spoken about the sighting except to a few people 
close to him until the interview with the investigator. No 
previous or subsequent UFO sightings. The witness did not 
have any particular interest in UFOs and had not read any 
books on the subject before his sighting.

Witness 2. Female, age early-middle 30s, wife of Witness 1. 
Works in local area. Witness is apparently in good physical 
condition. Witness was excited about the sighting (even 6 
months later) but did not describe any symptoms of trauma. 
No previous or subsequent UFO sightings. The witness did 
not have any particular interest in UFOs and had not read 
any books on the subject before her sighting. She has 
done some reading after the sighting. 

Sighting Account.
The witnesses were driving east on Rt. 96 near the 
intersection with highway 5 in a rural area 1-2 miles 
north of  Stillwater, MN ( ~23 miles east of St. Paul.)  
The landscape is gently rolling comprised of  crop fields 
and scattered wooded areas. It was nearly dark, but some 
light remained in the sky, which was clear. 

Witness 1, Object description.. 
Sitting on the passenger side of the car the witnesses 
were traveling in, witness 1 noticed a lighted, triangular 
object to his right. The object appeared to be about 250 
ft on a side. The witness reported the triangle was 
equalateral, though his (inexact) drawing shows it as 
isosceles. It was not possible to discern a texture to 
the surface of the object. A bright white light was at 
each apex of the triangle underneath the craft. The 
lights were not bright enough to illuminate the ground 
beneath the craft. There was also a red light in the 
center of the bottom of the triangle, less bright than 
the white lights, which blinked about once per second. 
There were no other lights on the object and no windows, 
orifices or other surface features were visible. The 
color of the object was black, but not the same color 
as the stealth aircraft. The object produced no sound, 
although the witness did not get out of the car. No other 
witnesses are known to have observed the object. 

Position, movement and duration. 
The nearest surface of the object was approximately at 
a 60 degree angle from the ground when the craft was at 
its lowest altitude. When first seen the object was about 
400 ft above ground but moved down "quite rapidly" to 
about 150 ft and hovered for several seconds, then rose 
up to about 400 ft. There was no apparent lateral motion 
of the object. The car was moving about 45 mph but slowed 
to 10-15 mph immediately upon sighting of the object.
The object was last seen to the rear of the car and
disappeared when the car got too far away for the witness 
to see it. The duration of the sighting was about 1 minute. 
Witness 2, the driver, did not see the object because she 
was concentrating on driving.

Drawing of object. When he came home the witness made a 
drawing of the object which looked substantially the same 
as the drawing he made during the investigation. The 
original drawing was lost. After the sighting, he read 
some UFO literature, including accounts of the triangular
objects seen in Belgium in the early 90's. 

Object viewed from below at its lowest altitude.

Sighting evaluation: CE1. 
The object described is similar to the description of many 
triangular objects seen worldwide for the past 20 years. 
There is no conventional explanation apart from the 
possibility that the craft was an advanced military 
aircraft. However, current known technology is not 
consistent with a craft capable of hovering and moving 
rapidly vertically upward and downward without engine noise. 

Witness 2 Object description. 
Witness 2 observed two white lights, separated by the 
width of her thumb at arms length directly in front of 
her (toward the east). The lights were estimated to be 
15 miles away (though she emphasized the uncertainty of 
this estimate), and were seen at the same time as witness 
1 observed the triangular object to his right. Witness 
1 also observed the two lights, but not closely, since 
he was occupied with observing the triangular object to 
his right. Witness 2 estimated the size of the lights 
to be about 1/8th the diameter of the moon and the 
brightness as brighter than a streetlight. Based on 
the inverse square law, this would mean the lights were 
more than 225 times the intrinsic brightness of a 
streetlight. As far as she could tell the object was 
not illuminating the ground. No other witnesses are
known to have observed the lights. 

Position, movement, and duration.  
Witness 2 estimated that the object was about 20 degrees 
above the ground. This would make the altitude of the 
lights about 6 miles (~31,000 ft). The lights appeared 
motionless for about 1 minute, then moved downward 
rapidly until they disappeared below the tree-lined 
horizon about 3 seconds after they began their descent. 
The calculated speed of movement was 7200 mph. The lights 
disappeared at about the same time as witness 1 lost sight 
of the triangular object. The witnesses observed airplanes 
in the vicinity but witness 2 was adamant that the lights 
she saw were not conventional aircraft. The nearest airport 
is 9 miles to the southwest, 135 degrees to the right of 
and behind the direction where the objects were sighted. 
There are no airports within at least 40 miles to the 
east of the sighting location. 

Additional lights. 
During the time the 2 lights were hovering, they emitted 
2 smaller lights which circled downward and back up and 
joined with the primary light a few seconds after they 
appeared. The witness had no estimate of the speed of 
these lights and said they were not quite as bright as 
the primary lights. 

Sighting Evaluation: 
Probably conventional aircraft. If the object size was 
1/8th the apparent diameter of the moon and 15 miles 
away, it would have been a very large object, indeed. 
At 225 times the brightness of a streetlight, it would 
also have been exceedingly bright. The downward speed 
of 7200 mph is also extraordinary. The lack of other 
witnesses or press coverage of such a remarkable object 
as well as the inexperience of the witness and the well 
known difficulty in judging distances of lights in the 
sky causes the investigator to believe that the lights 
were probably much closer than estimated and thus much 
smaller and less bright. Despite the lack of an airport 
in the direction of the sighting, the presence of a major 
airport, MSP, 30 miles west of the sighting causes the 
investigator to believe that the lights could very possibly 
have been attached to aircraft. However, there is not 
enough information to make an unambiguous judgment. 

Mounds View, MN - Luminous object May 18, 2001, 9:32 PM CST (Added 7/30/2002)

Sighting Report - Mounds View, MN - Luminous object ejecting 
secondary objects.

Date of UFO Sighting:  May 18, 2001, 9:32 PM CST
Location of Sighting:  Mounds View, MN
Date of Sighting Report:  Dec 21, 2001
Field Investigator:  Casey Holt - MN MUFON
Type of Report: Luminous object ejecting secondary luminous objects

Sighting Background:  
The witness brought the sighting to my attention on May 20th, 
2001 through the Minnesota MUFON reporting hotline.  After 
getting some of the sighting details over the phone we arranged 
to meet at the sighting location for a detailed interview and 
to see the video tape which was recorded during the sighting 
and showed the objects in question.

This took place on May 23rd at which time information was taken 
from the 3 witnesses and a recreation of the sighting events was 
done to reveal the approximate position and direction of travel 
of the objects seen on May 18th.   MUFON Forms 1 and 2 were 
filled out to document the sighting account.  The video of the 
objects was looked at several times and a copy was made for 
further analysis.  A follow up visit took place on Dec. 16th, 
2001 to perform more accurate measurements of the elevation and 
compass direction where the main object was last seen on the 
video as it descended below the tree line.  This visit also 
verified that the 2 primary witnesses' recall of sighting events 
was consistent with that described on May 23rd. 

Witness Description:
The 3 witnesses are Joseph R. his sister Melody M. 
and his roommate Thomas H.  Joseph was trained in the
military in 1986 to 1988 to identify aircraft and other flying 
objects.  He works as a truck driver and completed one year 
of college and has good vision and hearing.  Melody who saw 
the object first is a senior in high school and also has good 
vision and hearing.  Thomas who saw the object part of the 
time before going back inside has good vision but difficulty 
in hearing.  He was not part of detailed questioning but 
verified that he also saw the object on May 18th when Joseph
and Melody were watching it.

Sighting Account: (Copied from witness e-mail from 5/20/01)
"My sister Melody M. and I had just finished watching 
the Blues/Avalanche NHL playoff game on cable TV, which had 
just ended in OT and I then proceeded to get ready to drive 
her home.  She went outside ahead of me, while I grabbed a 
quick glass of water for the road.  It was 9:35 pm, 5/18/01.  
A few seconds later she yelled for me to hurry and take a 
look at something which was moving slowly overhead. I was 
about to step out of the door and I looked up.  What we 
saw was as follows: 

A large object moving almost directly overhead, slightly to 
the east of our location, which was at a point just west of 
I-35W and south of US Highway 10 in Mounds View, MN.

This object was at a projected altitude of 8,000 to 10,000 
feet in altitude.  The object first appeared as a pulsating 
deep orange and oddly shaped object, with brighter orange 
highlights in the front end just prior to passing overhead 
- which hid those features after passing. It also appeared 
as though it had a halo, or jellyfish type bubble on the 
top end of the orange part of the object.  It was moving 
very slowly, and had no sound, and no flashing lights were 
visible - though its general shape seemed to ebb, and its 
orange appearance was unstable as it seemed to pulsate 
slowly.  I saw that this was something I have never seen 
before, and I immediately went to grab my video camera.  

I was fortunate to tape nearly two minutes of this object. 
At approximately 1 minute into the taping of this incident, 
the object began to shoot out small ball shaped objects that 
glowed orange and fell downward towards earth, with no 
apparent change in the object's structure, though it dimmed 
initially after releasing these objects. These are clearly 
visible on the tape as these separate from the main object.  
About 30 seconds later, the main object then split into two 
major sections and these zipped off in different trajectories 
away from each other, though in a downward motion. The objects 
were then lost behind trees as they sunk out of sight. It is 
estimated by the location of the camera angle on the horizon 
that this object may have broke apart in the vicinity of Coon 
Rapids, Anoka, or Champlin, MN, or in that general region, to 
the northwest of Mounds View.  There were at least three 
witnesses from our location - myself, my sister, and my 
roommate Thomas Hansen. I yelled for a nearby neighbor who 
was getting into his car about a half block away to look, 
but they didn't seem to know what was going on and most likely 
did not see the incident.

I have been trained in the military, and was a MOS 16Tango, 
and was specifically trained in identifying aircraft and 
other flying objects (missiles, drones, military flares, 
meteorological phenomena, etc.) and I have no experience 
with something as this was this evening.  One final note: I 
also noticed that at the same time a high-flying commercial 
passenger jet was passing overhead from west to east at an 
estimated altitude of 36,000 feet, and was visible from its 
contrail. The mysterious object, which we witnessed, was 
well below that altitude, and appeared to have the size of 
at least a 747, maybe even as large as a C-5A military 

I wanted to tell this story because I feel it was significant, 
and although I don't believe in UFO's as alien life forms 
visiting here, this certainly has me thinking. The entire 
incident lasted about 5 minutes.  Thank you for allowing me 
to tell what transpired here in Mounds View tonight.
Joseph R.

Man Made and Natural Object Check:
The video tape shows a larger primary orange and white object 
and 6 separate smaller white illuminated objects moving nearby 
it or separating from the primary object.  Some of these 
smaller objects appear to fall downward after separating from 
the main object and some others move off rapidly in a
horizontal direction.  The separation of objects from the 
main part would eliminate planets and stars as a possible 
explanation.  The witnesses' description of a large slow 
moving object is not consistent with any kind of meteor or 
space debris entering the atmosphere.  It acted more like a 
powered craft at least for part of the sighting duration.  
No wings or tail was observed that would indicate a 
conventional airplane or helicopter.  

The Anoka airport is about a mile northwest of the sighting 
so after the sighting the witness went to the airport to 
inquire if at the that time any aircraft were scheduled to 
take off or land and their had not been any flights then.  
One suggestion was perhaps a kind of hot air balloon 
illuminated by a flame source and dropping burning debris as 
is passed by.  The object appeared drift over too fast for 
it to be carried by the wind as it moved an estimated 1 to 3 
miles in less than 3 minutes or at least 60 mph.  According 
to the state climatologic office the wind was 5 mph from the 
east at 9 PM and 5 mph from the southeast at 10 PM.  The 
wind direction is consistent with the direction of motion 
of the primary object but would be too slow to account for 
the estimated distance it traveled within the 3 minutes it 
was observed.  An object would only travel 1/3 mile at 5 mph 
in 3 minutes.  The horizontal movement of some of the 
secondary objects would also not agree with burning materials 
being dropped but more like they were under controlled flight.  
The apparent reported size of being as large as a 747 aircraft 
would also seem too large for a typical balloon.

Flight Path Analysis:
The primary was first seen to the east at an elevation of 
about 60 degrees, then passed almost overhead but slightly to 
the north and kept moving to the west or hovered as the smaller 
objects were ejected.  It then seemed to drift or fall downward 
after splitting into two parts of which one moved to the left 
and one fell downward out of sight below the background trees.  
The overall direction of travel was moving from east to west.  
The compass angle to where the object was last seen, as it 
descended, was 298 degrees as determined by matching the video 
tape with the background at the sight.  The video tape itself 
was recorded for two minutes and it was estimated that it took 
about 45 seconds to 1 minute to get the video camera ready and 
start recording after the object was first seen towards the 
west.  Of the 6 ejected objects seen in the video, 2 of them 
moved horizontally off to the north, 2 fell downward and 2 
moved horizontally to the south.  The distance at which the 
object was last seen descending can be estimated if it is 
assumed that it came down in close to a free fall manner.  
The approximate distance away from the witnesses where the 
object descended can be calculated by using that the initial 
angle of elevation was 20 degrees and after falling for 10 
seconds the elevation angle was 15 degrees as measured at the 
sight.  This gives the distance of fall at 1600 feet and a 
distance of 3.16 miles from the observers.  The calculations 
are shown in the attached diagram.  If the object descended 
slower than free fall it would be closer than estimated and 
if it descended faster than free fall it would be farther 
than estimated with this method.  The flight path is drawn 
on the map included.  Further analysis might reveal the 
approximate speed and position of the ejected objects and 
if the main object accelerated downward as in freefall or 
perhaps it slowed after reaching a maximum velocity.

Sighting Evaluation:
The behavior and description of the objects as observed by 
the three witnesses and seen on the two minutes of video tape 
does not match the behavior or appearance any known man-made 
or natural objects including aircraft, balloons, planets, 
stars, or flares. Therefore the primary object and the several 
objects emitted should be classified as unknown objects having 
an unknown origin.  As of this date no other witnesses or 
evidence was found to add more information to this sighting, 
which occurred on May 18th, 2001.  The witnesses immediately 
had the impression of something unusual when the primary 
object was first observed passing almost overhead and the 
observed behavior when the several smaller objects were 
ejected added to the anomalous nature of this event.  A 
careful review of the video shows what appears to be a 
rounded whitish dome above the main object as the witnesses 
described. More in depth analysis of the video evidence might 
reveal more interesting details.

Diagram with distance calculations
Map showing flight path

5/18/01 Hastings, MN sighting

DATE:              		05/18/2001
TIME:               		19:50 CST
COUNTY:             		Washington
ABSTRACT:           		Thru telescope saw a round blue white 
			object. bubble.
DURATION:           		6-10_minutes
SITE:               		suburb
SKY:                		clear
ELEVATION:          		0-10_degrees
FLIGHT:             		hovering
SURFACE:            		reflective
APPARENT_SIZE:      	star-like
SURFACE_COLOR:      	blue_white

Sighting Details:
On May 18, 2001, I was on the back deck with a friend at 
7:50PM. The contrast  of the green leaves against the blue 
sky was quite beautiful.  I noticed an  unusually bright 
star that was visible even though the sun was still up. The  
light wasn't moving and I was able to point it out to my 
friend. Observing with  the binoculars the light was too 
large to be a star. I got my telescope and  looked at the 
light almost directly overhead and saw a round blue white 

It was whiter around the edge and darker in the middle, 
giving the impression  of a translucent soap bubble.  I 
observed it for about 10 seconds in the scope  after 
focusing.  It did not appear to move, but suddenly it flew 
very quickly  out of the scope’s field of view (may have 
bumped scope).  It was not a  satellite because they move 
too fast, nor a plane because those move and  they're not 
round. It wasn't a star or a balloon because it was 
stationary for  too long and later moved too fast.

Invetigation Report:
An on-site investigation was carried out.  At the time 
of the sighting, the witness was reclining in a chaise 
lounge on the north deck of his home, virtually lying 
flat on his back with his feet to the north.  His view 
of the sky above was restricted by the side of the house 
and a fireplace chimney behind him, and the tall trees 
in his back yard.  His field of view was an area varying 
from perhaps 15 to 30 degrees wide.  As he gazed at the 
sky above he saw what he initially thought to be an 
unusually bright star.  But the sun was still well up 
and would not set until about 9:00 PM. Viewing it 
through binoculars showed that it was a round object 
rather than a star.  

The object was a fairly small angular distance from the 
fireplace chimney, which made it easier to judge its 
position, and he came to the conclusion that the object 
was not moving.  This conclusion was confirmed when he 
was able to view it through his telescope for ten seconds 
after focusing on it.  The object then was suddenly lost 
to view while looking through the telescope.  He thought 
he might possibly have bumped the telescope, causing him 
to lose sight of the object, but he was not subsequently 
able to pick up the object with the naked eye again, 
which supports the idea that the object left at high speed.

The only conventional object that at all fits the 
observation would be a balloon.  A helium balloon could 
suddenly disappear by bursting.  But winds aloft would 
most probably have moved a balloon enough that it would 
not appear to have remained motionless for 10 minutes.  
This object remains unidentified. 

Maneuvering lights 06/22/2001, Hastings, MN (Added 7/30/2002)

Sighting: WUFOD i1-541-MN
ABSTRACT: Retired railroad worker sees tightly maneuvering lights.
Date:              		06/22/2001
HOUR:               		23:00 CST
LATITUDE:           		44.43.N
LONGITUDE:          	92.53.W
COUNTY:             		Dakota
SITE:               		city
SKY:                		partly_cloudy
ELEVATION:          		45-50_degrees
LOWEST_ALTITUDE:    	500_feet_or_less
DISTANCE:           		101-500_feet
FLIGHT:             		path_with_direction_change, hovering 
SHAPE:              		sphere
SURFACE:            		glowing
APPARENT_SIZE:      	aspirin
ACTUAL_SIZE:        	1-3_feet
SURFACE_COLOR:      	white
EXT_LIGHTS:         	steady
CHANGE_COLOR:       	no

The witness was referred to us by his son, who had met the 
investigator during a case several years ago.  The witness 
is a retired employee of the Soo Line railroad. He had taken 
a part-time job as a night janitor at one of the clinics in 
Hastings, Minnesota.

The witness was walking out of the clinic carrying bags to a 
dumpster when his attention was directed to eight spherical 
lights in the northern sky. Subjectively, he felt that each 
of the lights appeared to be the size of the full moon, that 
they were possibly 200 - 300 feet away from him at an altitude 
of 200 feet and at an angle of 45 degrees from horizontal to 
vertical.  It was a little before 11:00 PM.  He estimated 
that the actual size of each object was similar to that of 
a washtub.

The interesting aspect of this encounter was the odd behavior 
of the objects. They would be briefly located in pairs at the 
12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 clock positions, then quickly move 
simultaneously in a clockwise circular path to new positions 
180 degrees on the opposite side of the circle.  The path 
was circular with respect to him as he looked up into the 
sky at a possible 45 degree angle.

The witness watched them for a while and then walked back 
into the clinic to continue his work.  As he did so, it was 
his impression that the group moved parallel with him while 
continuing their rapid intermittent circling around a common 

After working for a few minutes he decided to go out and 
see them again.  They were still there and doing their 
maneuver.  He went back into the clinic, but while he was 
working, would walk over to a window from time to time and 
look out to still see the objects in the sky.  Once more 
he went outside to observe the formation, but they were no 
longer to be seen.  The entire incident had lasted for 
something in excess of 20 minutes.

From inside the building he called the sheriff to inquire 
if there were any reports of lights in the sky, but there 
had not been.

These objects must be considered unidentified. 

Chisholm, MN 06/23/2001 FB3 (Added 7/30/2002)

Sighting: WUFOD i1-530-MN
ABSTRACT: Two pictures of possible disk taken on digital camera.
CASE_TYPE:         	 	FB3
Date:              		06/23/2001
HOUR:               		19:00 CST
DURATION:        	   	1-5_minutes
LATITUDE:          	 	47.24.N
LONGITUDE:          	92.50.W
COUNTY:             		St. Louis
SITE:               		rural
ELEVATION:          		25-30_degrees
LOWEST_ALTITUDE:    	500_feet_or_less
DISTANCE:          		101-500_feet
FLIGHT:             		straight_line_path, hovering 
SHAPE:              		disc
SURFACE:            		reflective
STRUCTURE:          	dome
APPARENT_SIZE:      	golfball
ACTUAL_SIZE:        	4-10_feet
SURFACE_COLOR:      	grey_lead_silver
CHANGE_COLOR:       	no
PHOTOGRAPHIC:       	still_photo, digital_image, copy_submitted 

The prime subjects of this investigation were anomalous images 
on two photographs.

The 15 year-old son was trying out a new digital camera.  He 
took pictures of some cloud formations.  Neither he nor his 
father saw any anomalous objects. When the pictures were 
downloaded into the computer, an anomalous object appeared in 
two of them.  The object is very small in one, but appears 
disc-shaped in the other.

Because the object appears to be headed downward at a steep 
angle, the mother of the family came to believe the object 
had crashed into the swamp.  She also had other reasons for 
believing something had crashed nearby.  First of all, she 
heard noises for three of four nights afterwards.  She 
described these noises as high-pitched squeaky sounds.  She 
had no tape recorder, so was unable to record these noises.  
The prime investigator thinks these noises may have been 
birds or frogs, which start to make a lot of noise around 
four a.m. that time of year.

Also, the mother observed what she called a UFO, which was 
visible in the eastern sky for several nights, at about the 
same spot every night.  It appeared about 3:00 a.m. at about 
35 degrees elevation every morning, and traveled from north 
to south.  The prime investigator has determined that this 
was most likely Venus.  I would concur, and consider this 
probably identified.

A few days after the pictures were taken, the neighbor’s 
son witnessed some men pouring something into the swamp.  
According to the witness, they were dressed in unusual suits.  
One possible explanation could be that these men were from 
an environmental agency and were pouring dye into the water 
to measure the water flow.  There is concern about ground 
water contamination from nearby mines.

The mother also claims that her children have seen glowing 
figures approximately four feet tall when camping overnight 
in the backyard.

Conclusion (by Prime Investigator):
Two pictures were taken of an object or objects which are 
of unknown origin. They may be metallic because they look 
like they are reflecting sunlight.  Their shape is hard to 
determine even with magnification.

There may be some unrelated paranormal activity, but I do 
not think there are any crashed objects in the area.  A 
few coincidences and some wishful thinking by the mother 
convinced her that something crashed on their property.

Conclusion (by State Director):
While the exact shape of the object(s) can not be 
determined from the photographs, at my second viewing of 
the second print the disc shape jumped out at me.  
Sunlight appears to be reflecting from at least one area 
of the object and possible one or two other spots, consistent 
with a slightly-domed disc with a raised rim.  A bright spot 
appears in the air above the disc, consistent with image-
smearing of the large reflection due to downward motion of 
the disc.  All of this is prima-facie evidence for the 
possibility that the camera caught a silent disc-shaped 
object in flight.  This possible object must be considered 
to be unidentified.

There is no evidence that an object crashed into the swamp.  
Even if, as often reported, the flight of the object was 
silent, a crash into the swamp would likely not have been 

It is not possible at this point to determine whether the 
other activity reported has anything to do with UFOs; 
therefore it is not possible to eliminate this from future

10/11/2001 Lake Elmo, MN CE1 (Added 9/3/2003)
ABSTRACT:           	2001 Lake Elmo, Minnesota CE1
CASE_TYPE:          	CE1
SVP_RATING:         444
DATE:              	10/11/01
HOUR:               	20:45 cst
MINUTE:             	45
DURATION:           	1-5_minutes
LATITUDE:           	44.57.N
LONGITUDE:          	92.55.W
NEAR_TOWN_OR_CITY:  	Lake Elmo (St. Paul)
SITE:               	suburb, rural, woods, lake_or_river
SKY:                	clear
ELEVATION:          	15-20_degrees
LOWEST_ALTITUDE:    	treetop
DISTANCE:           	501_feet_to_1_mile
FLIGHT:             	straight_line_path, path_with_direction_change, hovering
SHAPE:              	complex_many_shapes
SURFACE:            	dark
STRUCTURE:          	other
APPARENT_SIZE:      	baseball
ACTUAL_SIZE:        	31-100_feet
EXT_LIGHTS:         	steady, brightened
CHANGE_COLOR:       	no
OBSERVATION:        	aerial_path, hovering, descent
INVESTIGATOR1_EMAIL:	craig@craigrlang.com

Entered by Craig R. Lang - Principal Investigator on this case.

Sighting Account:
The witness was driving east on 10th street, which passes along the south
boundary of Lake Elmo park reserve.  While on 10th St., just after having turned
onto it from Hwy 19, well prior to reaching the intersection with Lake Elmo Ave
N., she noticed a bright light directly ahead in the distance (low the eastern

She often sees aircraft in this direction and initially felt that the light
might have been an approaching airplane.  As she watched, she noted that the
light was getting brighter, and at this point she felt that it no longer
resembled an aircraft.  

At a point about ½ of the way between Hwy 19 and Lake Elmo Ave N. she noted that
the light was accompanied by a second light.  She theorized that this might be a
helicopter.  She rolled down the driver’s side window to listen for any sound,
but did not hear anything unusual.

She came to a stop at the stop sign at the intersection of 10th St. and Lake
Elmo Ave N.  At this point, she noticed that the light had brightened still
further, and now appeared to be more of a chevron shape.  She felt at this
point, that the object was considerably larger than an aircraft.  She also noted
that it appeared to be descending, and moving to the right. 

As she accelerated east from the stop sign at the intersection with Lake Elmo
Ave N. her view of the object was briefly obscured by some trees.  A moment
later, when she had moved past the trees, she observed a large chevron shaped
row of lights (see object description, below) at the tree line, to the right of
the road.  The object appeared to be atop, or behind, the hill to the south of
the road, and seemed to be hovering at treetop level.

She slowed the car to a speed less than 20 MPH (typical speeds on this stretch
of road are about 60MPH), and rolled down the right window.  She observed that
the object lit up the tree tops, and appeared to have a length of about “six
tree-widths”.  She describes feeling a sense that this was “not normal”, and
seemed menacing.  

She arrived at the stop sign at the corner of 10th St. and Manning Ave. and
turned left onto Manning Ave.  She observed in her rear view mirror, that the
trees were lit up, apparently from the object, but was unable to see the object
at that point.

She noted that there were several Qwest (Telephone Company) workers at the
intersection, apparently working on a telephone utility box at the corner.  She
observed that they did not seem to notice the nearby lights.

Object Description (as she observed it just over the tree line):  
Horizontal/Chevron shaped array of six brilliant lights - the length of the
light formation was equivalent to approximately four to six tree-widths. 
Although a structure associated with the lights is implied, she indicates that
she was not able to discern any platform or structure, and that the lights were
as bright as those of an athletic field.
She describes the lights as being extremely bright, lighting up the tree tops. 
They were white, and did not vary in position, form or intensity.  They appeared
to be circular in shape, although the brightness made it difficult to discern
actual shape.

Witness Description:
The witness is a 51 year old (at the time of the sighting) female.  She is
employed as medical technical worker (details withheld for anonymity).  She
holds a college degree and additional professional training.  She indicates that
her vision is correctable to 20/20 with glasses, which she was wearing at the
time of the sighting.  She indicates that her health and hearing are good.  She
has had on other major sightings or anomalous experiences.  

Additional Note:  Her mother also had a sighting two days earlier, which we are
investigating.  This will be described is a subsequent report.

Additional Witnesses:  
None are known.  At least one nearby residence had a clear view of the object’s
apparent location behind the junior high school.  A check with nearby residents
indicated that they had not seen anything unusual at the time of the sighting.

A check with the principal of the junior high school indicated that no unusual
activity had been reported there, and that no activities were underway that
night, such as sports events, etc. (see phenomena check, below for more on this

In addition, there were several other potential witnesses which have not yet
been located or contacted:  
• The primary witness indicated that there was a telephone company repair truck
on the south-eastern corner of the Manning Ave. – 10th St. intersection. 
Workers were outside of the truck and may have noticed the lights, although
there was no indication of this.
• The primary witness also indicated that there was other traffic on the road. 
Thus, other drivers may have noticed something unusual.
• A check with the sheriff’s department indicated no other police calls
regarding UFO sightings, but there was one noise complaint regarding a
recreational all-terrain vehicle on a trail behind the trailer park.  It is
possible that someone associated with this might have observed the event.

Weather Conditions:
The witness describes the weather conditions as clear and calm.

The weather conditions: 
(obtained from the Weather Underground website (www.wunderground.com) for the
night of October 11, 2001 were as follows:
Clear to Few (if any) clouds at 6500 feet
Wind: calm
Temperature: 48 deg F.   Dew Pt: 40 deg F.   Humidity: 85%
Visibility: 10+ miles (unlimited)
CL Note:  This corresponds closely with the witness’ description.

Natural and Artificial Phenomena Check:
The following are possible null hypotheses for this sighting:

• Initial sighting of light in the eastern sky:  Possible aircraft on approach. 

This possibility can not be eliminated based upon the witness’ description of
the light as she first saw it.  The description of the subsequent “chevron”
shape, and her impression of the size of the object once it had brightened,
argues against (but does not conclusively refute) this explanation.  

In addition, both the witness and her husband are knowledgeable regarding
aircraft.  She indicates that she often sees aircraft on approach to MSP airport
from the location of the sighting.  Thus the probability is somewhat reduced
that she would have misidentified an aircraft on approach.

• The close-up sighting of the lights at the tree line:  
Explanations considered were sports or emergency lighting.  A check with the
school indicated that there were no outdoor sporting events that evening. 
Furthermore, the school principal indicated that night sports activities were
played at the Sr. High School, rather than at this location.  

A check with the sheriff’s office and the Lake Elmo fire department indicated
that there were no reports of unusual activity, and no emergency exercises. 
There were no events which would have employed a large battery of lights.

Other Possibilities:
The “non-null” hypothesis would be that the object was an anomalous craft, which
had descended from the eastern sky, and had landed in the field behind the
junior high school.  (CL Note: nearby residences were contacted regarding any
possible observations and/or close encounters.  No unusual events were
indicated.  However, this possibility can not be eliminated.)

Sighting Evaluation:
• Close up sighting:  Unexplained.
• Initial lights in eastern sky:  If we assume that the approaching-aircraft
explanation does not apply then this can be classed as a probable unexplained.

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