Jan. thru Dec., 2000 UFO Investigation Reports

Jan. 27, 2000, Oakdale, MN CE1 (Added 3/14/2000)
Plymouth MN CE1, 10/2000 22:30CST (Added 7/30/2002)
Dec. 5, 2000, Brooklyn Park, MN FB1/CE1 (Added 2/2/2001)
Triangular craft 12/12/2000 (Added 7/30/2002)

Jan. 27, 2000, Oakdale, MN CE1

Date of Sighting: 27 Jan., 2000			
Location of Sighting: Oakdale, MN 			
Sighting Classification: CE-1
Investigators: Dean & Margaret DeHarpporte 

Environmental Conditions at time of sighting at the MSP International Airport approximately 
15 miles southwest of the sighting location: Temperature 7 deg F. Wind from the south at 
7 mph, broken clouds at 10000 ft MSL, visibility >10 miles, dewpoint <-20 F, 4 inches snow 
on ground, airmass type: modified arctic.

Witness Description:
Witness is a married male in mid 40s living in a typical suburban ranch style house who 
wishes to  remain anonymous, but may be contacted through the Sighting Investigators. 
Witness had only passing interest in UFOs and had not read anything on the subject but 
has an open mind. No other witnesses to the sighting were known; however, there was 
no attempt to identify correlate witnesses, if any exist. The subjective evaluation of the 
witness by the investigators was that he was not subject to exaggeration or dramatic 

Sighting Location:
Figure 1 shows the vicinity of the sighting in the suburban neighborhood of Oakdale in 
the northeast quadrant of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area.

Sighting Description:
The witness was up alone (his wife was in bed) at 2330 when he chanced to look out the 
kitchen window toward the west where there was open brushland extending approx. 
800 ft. He saw what appeared to be a private airplane moving toward him approximately
45 degrees above the horizon from the direction of Holman Field (west) approximately 8 
miles to the west southwest of his house. However, the craft appeared to move more 
slowly than the average small plane and as it came closer the witness observed it as a 
square configuration of lights of a size between that of a small plane and a an average 
size house (Fig. 2). Two of the lights were white and two were blue, but the witness 
could not remember which lights were blue or white. The best estimate of the height 
of the craft when it first appeared was 5000 ft; however, the witness emphasized the 
uncertainty of his estimate.
The witness said the appearance was similar to typical pulsing airplane lights, except 
that airplane lights are not normally blue and do not normally appear as a square 
configuration.  The lights continued to approach him at approximately 60-90 mph, 
slowing perceptibly several times but then eventually stopped for 2-3 seconds at an 
elevation of approximately 60 degrees. The witness stated that he did not think it was 
possible that he was observing a craft moving directly toward him which might result 
in the illusion of a stationary craft.  It was very difficult to estimate altitude but the 
witness’ best estimate was 1500-2000 ft AGL. The path of the craft is shown in Fig. 3.

Between the time the witness first saw the craft and the time it stopped closest to him, 
it decreased in altitude by approximately 3000 ft. After stopping within a few hundred 
feet of him, the craft made an abrupt 130 deg turn to the left and moved slowly toward 
the northwest and then west northwest. The witness opened the patio door and watched 
the craft until it was out of sight behind the line of trees. The entire duration of the 
sighting was “a few minutes”. No helicopter rotors were visible (which the witness 
said would have been evident at that distance based on many previous helicopter 
sightings in the same vicinity). The witness estimated the craft to be as bright as a star 
(or airplane light). No noise was heard. No unusual sound, no emotions evoked. No “oz 
factor”.  Witness thought the craft was a helicopter until the next day when he realized 
it made no noise, made an abrupt turn, and was lighted unlike any aircraft he had ever 
witnessed. It was at that time that the witness decided he may have seen a UFO. 

Sighting Evaluation: 
Since it approached along the normal flight path from Holman Field, the craft was 
possibly a helicopter or light aircraft. However, the lack of noise or rotors and that the 
witness believed that a helicopter could not have executed a discontinuous 130 degree 
turn argues against that conventional explanation.

Plymouth MN CE1, 10/2000 22:30CST (Added 7/30/2002)

ABSTRACT:           	Plymouth MN CE1 ­ 
Triangular object at close range
CASE_TYPE:          	CE1
SVP_RATING:         	444
Date/Time:             	10/2000 22:30CST
DURATION:           	1-5_minutes
LATITUDE:           	45.00.N
LONGITUDE:          	93.25.W
SITE:               	suburb
SKY:                	clear
ELEVATION:          	55-60_degrees
LOWEST_ALTITUDE:    	over_500_feet
DISTANCE:           	501_feet_to_1_mile 
FLIGHT:             	straight_line_path 
SHAPE:              	triangle
SURFACE:            	dark
STRUCTURE:          	wings
APPARENT_SIZE:      	larger
ACTUAL_SIZE:        	101-300_feet
SURFACE_COLOR:      	grey_lead_silver
EXT_LIGHTS:         	steady
CHANGE_COLOR:       	no
INVESTIGATOR1_EMAIL:	crlang@mm.com

Sighting Background:
I was contacted by the witness at the close of the 
Minnesota MUFON meeting in December 2001, regarding this 
sighting.  I interviewed her in January of 2002.

Witness Description:
The witness is a 79 year old female.  She is a homemaker 
and retired bank and mortgage clerk.  She has extensively 
followed the UFO phenomenon in the last few years and 
indicates that she may have had a number of psychic and 
UFOlogical experiences.

Sighting Account:
The witness was doing some quick household chores on the 
main floor of her house at about 10:30 PM.  She was 
momentarily standing on her back porch, which is one floor 
above ground level, facing southeast.  She indicates that 
she often observes the sky, and at this moment, she looked 
up and observed a large triangular object nearly due south 
in the sky at an elevation of about 50 degrees or higher.  

The object moved out of her view so she ran into her 
living room, which has a south facing window, and 
attempted to look up at the object.  She was unable to 
see it due to the overhang of the roof.  She thus lost 
sight of the object at that point. She felt that the 
total sighting time was under two minutes [CL Estimate: 
probably less than one minute].  

Object Description:
She describes the object as being about six times larger 
than an aircraft would appear at that location.  It moved 
slowly and silently in an east to west path. She did not 
know the elevation, and thus could not estimate its size, 
however, its angular size was larger than that of a 
garage about ˝ blocks away from where she stood [CL 
estimate, angular size would have been at least that of 
hand at arms length].

Figure 1:  Witness sketch of object [CL Annotation]

The object was described as having at least three non-
blinking blue lights on each 'wing' and one at the apex.  
The color was described as dark, but not absolute black.  
The motion of the object was slow, smooth and silent.  

Additional Witnesses:  
None are known.  However, the proximity of the witness’ 
location to two major freeways (US Hwy 169 less than 3 
miles to the east, and I494 to the west) is very 
noteworthy.  It is possible that a significant number 
of commuters on these highways could have seen this 

Weather Conditions:
Witness describes weather as clear and cool.
Detailed weather conditions are not available due to 
the uncertainty regarding the date.

Natural and Manmade Phenomena Check:
Null hypothesis: Aircraft at unusually low elevation. 
The configuration and blue lighting are not consistent 
with known aircraft.  The witness also describes the 
motion as being much slower than an aircraft.  In 
addition, any aircraft low enough to have that large an 
apparent size would  have been clearly audible.

Additional Note:
The description of this object is similar to that of 
several other 'triangle' and 'boomerang' shaped objects 
observed in the last several years in the Twin Cities 
Metropolitan area.  Consistent themes of these reports 
are the large size of the object, its slow, smooth 
movement, and its low altitude.  

Sighting Evaluation: CE1, unexplained

Dec. 5, 2000, Brooklyn Park, MN FB1/CE1

Date of Sighting:  05 December, 2000
Location of Sighting:  Southbound Noble Ave N. at 85th St, Brooklyn Park, MN
Type of Report:  Triangular object close approach - Fly-by or Close Encounter of the 
                          1st Kind (FB1/CE1)
Date of Report:  03 January 2001
Investigator:  Craig R. Lang - Minnesota MUFON
Local Evaluation:  Probable unexplained pending further investigation - Currently 
                             seeking more witnesses.

Sighting Background:
The witnesses contacted MUFON headquarters via e-mail (to mufonhq@aol.com)
on 06 December, 2000, the day after their sighting.  The report was immediately 
forwarded to Minnesota MUFON.  I contacted the witness the following day and 
arranged interview.  This report is the result of the interview and my visit to the 
sighting location.

Witness Description:
The witnesses are a father and daughter, who live in the northern suburbs 
of Minneapolis.  The father is a systems analyst with a major corporation. 
The daughter is age 11 and attends grade school.  

Sighting Account:
The witnesses (father and daughter) were driving home from an event that 
evening, and had just turned south onto Noble Ave. N. in Brooklyn Park, 
from 85th St.  (Click here for map).  
At 7:40 PM, as they were approximately two blocks south of 85th St., the 
daughter noticed a large dark object high in the sky, near the moon. 
She observed it for a second or two.  On seeing the shape of the object 
close to the moon, she concluded that it was not an ordinary aircraft, 
and called her father's attention to it.

The father looked up and also observed the object. He described the object 
as being high in the windshield, making it somewhat awkward to look up at it.  
He continued to look up at the object, and pulled the car over to the edge of 
the road (Noble Ave N.), and they both continued to watch further.  As they 
watched, the object moved from right to left, with a slight motion to the north 
(behind) as well.  Upon pulling over, both witnesses also observed a small
momentary leftward "twitch" or "jog" in the object's flight path, which then 
continued moving smoothly and slowly on its right-to-left path.  

The initial angle of elevation of the object put it at, or slightly above the top of 
the windshield.  The object moved slowly from high in the south toward the East 
Northeast.  Both witnesses described the object as passing nearly directly 
overhead.  The father moved his head forward until his nose was nearly touching 
the glass, looking straight up through the windshield  He then looked up through 
the drivers side window as the object appeared on the left side of the car. 

As they watched, the object moved high overhead, passing nearly directly over 
their car.  They continued to watch the object as it moved off to the east north east, 
and receded into the eastern sky. At a point where it was low in the eastern sky, a 
dark object associated with the lights was visible against a distant group of clouds.  

It was still visible low in the east-northeast at the time the father pulled the car back 
out onto the road, and they continued toward home.   They both estimated that they 
had observed it for approximately one minute.  The following map indicates the location 
of the witnesses, and the witness-estimated location and direction of the object's flight 

The map indicates the object passing nearly directly overhead of the witnesses. Both 
witnesses described viewing the object through the windshield during most of the 
sighting.  The father indicated that he moved his head forward, looking nearly straight 
up at the object, nose nearly touching the glass.  (CL Note:  The witnesses were in a
Ford Focus wagon, which has a large windshield affording a greater than typical 
viewing angle).

The description of the daughter's initial sighting would imply an approximate initial 
elevation of the object of approximately 45 to 50 degrees elevation.  The angle of 
closest approach is described as being nearly 90 degrees, based upon the witness 
descriptions of having to move closer to the windshield to look nearly straight up at 
the object, and the description of the object passing over the car.  Thus it is assumed 
that the object flight path is east-northeasterly, passing nearly directly overhead of the 
witness' location.  

The flight motion of the object was described as slow, smooth and continuous, with 
the possible exception of a slight momentary "jog" (to the left a distance of approximately 
2 centimeters at arms length) at the moment in which they pulled to the side of the road.  
This was observed by both witnesses. The father indicated that at the time he thought
that this might have been due to the car tires bumping against the curb.  Following the 
momentary "jog" flight path then continued smoothly to the east-northeast.

Object Description:
The object was described as triangular, slightly longer than it was wide.  At each vertex, 
there was a yellow to amber light (about the color of a flashlight with the battery depleted), 
which the father described as being slightly less than 10 times the brightness of the brightest 
visible star.  The lights were a different color than those of a commercial aircraft, and the 
father felt that they were dimmer.  The following drawing is by CL, based upon the witness 

Click here for image of object.

Witness size estimates for the object were as follows:
(daughter's estimate) equivalent to or slightly larger than the moon.
(father's estimates)  length of hand at arm's length.  He indicated that it was either extremely 
low or extremely large, and estimated its size to be about that of a 747 - "either very large or 
flying very low"

Weather and Astronomical Factors:
Weather info from National WX Service at Chanhassen for 8:00 PM CST:
     Temp 5 deg F.  Dew Pt 6 deg F.
     Wind speed 8MPH from West
     Clouds:  clear partly cloudy, with high cirrus clouds (no ceiling or percentage cloud 
                  cover given)
     Visibility: unlimited  =  10Mi +

Lunar/Astronomical data from "The Sky for Windows":
     Moon was at 68.2% full, at alt: 39 deg, 58 min.  Az: 160 deg, 22 min.
     Moon rise at 2:27PM CST, transit at 8:42PM CST, set at 1:44 AM CST.

[CL Note: this would put the moon at a direction of 20 degrees east of south, at about 40 
degrees elevation. This would be high in the field of view of the car windshield.  This is 
consistent with the daughter's description of the initial elevation.]

Additional Witnesses:  
None are known.  However, both Noble Ave N. and 85th Ave N are heavily travelled, 
so it is likely that there may have been additional witnesses.  In addition, the sighting 
location is approximately 1 to 2 miles from Minnesota Hwy 252.  The intersection of 85th 
St, and 252 is the location of a large grocery store and strip mall, and has considerable
traffic at that time of the evening.  In this context, it is also notable that they saw only one 
car pass them during that time they were observing the object.

Natural & Manmade Phenomena Check:
A possible "null hypothesis" might be that the object seen was a large commercial aircraft 
(such as a 747).  The lighting on some large commercial aircraft are often triangular in 
configuration, thus suggesting this as a null hypothesis in some "triangular UFO sightings.  
Furthermore, the object's size and speed as described by the witnesses somewhat resemble 
that of a large airliner (although the size estimate by the father description also indicated 
that the object was larger, or was flying lower and slower, than expected for a commercial 

During the witness interview, the father indicated that in the evening following the sighting, 
he had noted lighting configurations and sounds of small planes as they passed overhead.  
That region of the Minneapolis northern suburbs has a number of small aircraft passing 
overhead, coming to and from several small airports [Crystal and Anoka], so he indicated 
that he regularly sees/hears them pass overhead.  He indicated that the appearance of 
the object did not resemble that of a small plane.  However, he had not, at that time, 
observed large commercial airliners such as 747's.  

Both witnesses indicated that there was no sound from the object.  However, they also 
indicated that at the time of the sighting the weather was quite cold, so they did not roll 
down the car windows.  Thus it is possible that some level of sound could have come from 
the object, which they might not have heard.  Additionally, given the right atmospheric 
conditions, it is possible for a large aircraft a few thousand feet overhead to be unheard 
from the ground.

Weighing against the "large aircraft" hypothesis is the flight path of the object.  In the Twin 
Cities northwestern suburbs, most large aircraft travel along a northwest-southeast path, 
either approaching or departing the airport.  The flight path of this object appears to be 
roughly perpendicular to this, suggesting that it was neither approaching, nor departing 
(but might have been in a circling flight path with respect to) the airport.

Finally, the daughter's description and drawing clearly do not resemble a commercial aircraft.  
The father also indicated that he has subsequently observed larger commercial aircraft, 
and that both the size and the lighting of this object did not resemble any commercial 
aircraft he has seen. It was this certainty that initially prompted them to contact MUFON.  
Their overall impression and their subsequent comparison with known aircraft, while not 
fully disproving the "aircraft hypothesis", suggest that this explanation can not account 
for the sighting.

Sighting Evaluation:
FB1 or CE1 - Probable unexplained pending further investigation.  We are presently seeking 
additional witnesses.

Triangular craft 12/12/2000 (Added 7/30/2002)

ABSTRACT:           	UFO Roundup editor reports triangular craft
CASE_TYPE:          	CE1
Date:              	12/12/2000
HOUR:               	17:20 CST
DURATION:           	1-5_minutes
LATITUDE:           	46.45.N
LONGITUDE:          	92.02.W
COUNTY:             	St. Louis
SITE:               	city
SKY:                	clear
ELEVATION:          	35-40_degrees
LOWEST_ALTITUDE:    	over_500_feet
DISTANCE:           	over_1_mile
FLIGHT:             	hovering
SHAPE:              	triangle
SURFACE:            	dark
APPARENT_SIZE:      	penny
SURFACE_COLOR:      	black
EXT_LIGHTS:         	steady
EXT_LIGHTS_COLOR:   	white, gold_copper_bronze, red, green
CHANGE_COLOR:       	no

Witness Account: I had attended a meeting of the Lake 
Superior Writers at the DeWitt-Seitz building in Canal 
Park that afternoon.  I took the Duluth  Transit Authority 
bus home and got off at the corner of Piedmont Avenue and 
West Seventh Street at 5:20 p.m.  It was dark but there was 
still a glimmer of blue dusk atthe summit of Spirit Mountain, 
on the western edge of the city.  As I crossed Piedmont 
Avenue, I looked downhill to my left and saw that the full 
moon had just risen.  It was about 10 degrees above the 
eastern horizon, over Lake Superior and Park Point.  It was 
very cold, about zero degrees Fahrenheit, and the sky was 
completely clear.

As I passed the Lakeside Ice Co. building, I saw what I 
thought was a Christmas decoration through the pine trees, 
an arch of multicolored lights.  After walking about 100 feet 
(30 meters) west on West Seventh, I saw the object more 

It was a black triangle, with its apex pointed upward at 
one o’clock angle, and the ‘base’ at the bottom.  The object 
was in mid-air, and estimated 35 degrees above the 
southwestern horizon.  It was the size of my thumbnail at 
arm’s length.  The color was matte black, a shade darker 
than the surrounding night sky. The object had no discernible 
motion and hovered silently.  There was no sound.

The sides of the triangle were slightly rounded, a bit 
concave, giving the object the look of a bulky arrowhead.  
Also there were three sets or arrays of four lights each on 
either side of the triangle. There were no lights at the
bottom. Twelve lights in all on either side. In descending 
order, the lights in each array were red, green, gold and 

I halted at the corner of West Seventh and 22nd Avenue West 
and observed the object for five minutes. It was hard to 
judge distance, but my guess is that the object was a few 
miles away, possibly over the Spirit Valley area in the 
West Duluth section of the city. I was alone on the street.  
There was intermittent traffic on Piedmont Avenue a block 
behind me.  I walked on to my home, went inside and grabbed 
a small camera.  I wasn’t sure the object itself would show,
but I knew the steady multicolored lights would. However, 
when I reached the front porch again, the object was gone.

Date Report was made: Jan. 6, 2001
Natural Phenomena Check:
Nothing unusual as reported by Air Traffic Control for that date.
Evaluation: Unexplained
This was the third UFO the witness had seen in his life.  
The first was in Seekonk, Massachusetts in August 1963, 
and the second was near Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 
August 1995. 

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