Purpose of this Web Site

This web site is here to provide information about UFO reports, etc. ocurring
in and around the general Minnesota area. Anyone wishing to use the html,
content, or images must first obtain permission from the (c) Copyright
holders/authors. Anyone wishing to add Links to their similar sites in other
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We also welcome adding our site to your Links. Thank you.

MUFON Minnesota Mission Statement (Updated 6/15/2007)

1) To investigate UFO Reports and all aspects of UFOs and Related

2) To provide information and promote information exchange on the topic of
UFOs and related phenomena.

3) To hold scheduled monthly meetings to accomplish the above.

MNMUFON Disclaimer:

The MNMUFON Board of directors has approved a disclaimer for the benefit of
new attendees to our public meetings (2nd Sat. of each month):

Minnesota MUFON welcomes new attendees to its meetings, but they should
understand that some of the information discussed at the meetings and some
of the statements of UFO witnesses depart radically from what the mainstream
media conveys concerning UFOs.

People who believe they were abducted by aliens often are very emotional and
sometimes even traumatized. UFOs are a serious subject that deserves mature
and responsible consideration. Please be prepared to listen and participate
with an open mind, respect, empathy and critical thinking.