Craig Lang's Professional Hypnotherapist Qualifications

Craig R. Lang MS, CHt Master Hypnotist Site

I am certified as a Master Hypnotherapist through the National Guild 
of Hypnotists.  My profession (day job) is as a Computer/Biomedical 
Engineer designing neurological (central nervous system) medical 

My full professional (both Engineering and CHt) qualifications are as follows:

 Certified Hypnotherapist: National Guild of Hypnotists 
                 + Hypnosis Research and Training Center*

 Certified Master Hypnotherapist: Hypnosis Research and Training Center*

 Bachelor of Science from University of WI, Madison

 Master of Science from Univ of St. Thomas

*Certification requires 150 hours of study, with 80 to 100 hours of follow-on 
for the Master Hypnotherapist certification.  In addition, 15 CEU's of annual 
training are required to maintain certification.

Info on the National Guild of Hypnotists can be found at:
The National Guild of Hypnotists webpage

The local school in Minneapolis recognized by NGH is named the Hypnosis 
Research and Training Center, run by Dr. Kevin Hogan.  See: 
Dr. Hogan's Certification training webpage
Craig Lang MS, CHt
Field Investigation Coordinator - Minnesota MUFON

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