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Public MUFON Minnesota meetings at the New Brighton Family Service Center 
are scheduled for: 

Monthly meetings the second Saturday of each month at the New Brighton Family Service Center
400 10th St. NW, New Brighton, MN 55112            Room 224    
Meetings will be from 2:00-5:00pm., with the room open for a social hour from 1-2pm.  
Normal admission $3 for MUFON members, $5 for non-members. Special speakers = special admission, TBA.



Howard Storm was an art professor in Kentucky. He spoke about his 
extraordinary Near Death Experience in 1989. This account remains 
the most interesting presentation that I have ever heard. At one 
point in his experience he tells of meeting with several angelic 
beings who gave him the opportunity to ask questions.  He says he 
had thousands of questions and good recall of the answers.  For 
example, he asked if there was life on other planets and was told, 
“Yes, millions and millions of them.”  He was then asked if he 
would like to see some of these beings.  He said “Yes”, and they 
paraded images of beings in front of him, beginning with some 
indistinguishable from humans, and going on to stranger forms. 
He was also given other information about Extraterrestrials and 
their relationship to Earth. Storm’s presentation is religiously 
non-sectarian and respects all beliefs. This video presentation 
will consist of an audio recording accompanied by illustrative 
images and slides.

The normal meeting schedule has been moved up by 20 minutes to 
accommodate the one hour 20 minute account.  Admission fee will be 
$3 for MUFON members and $5 for non-members. Please arrive early 
to get a good seat.

The meeting will be held at the New Brighton Family Service Center, 
Room 224.  The detailed agenda, which is subject to change, is:
1:00 Social Hour
1:35-1:40 Take Seats
1:40 Announcements – Mike Harris (runs ~13:00)
1:50 Introduction to Storm Presentation – Bill McNeff (runs 2:00)
1:55 Begin Howard Storm NDE Presentation (runs 1:20:00)
3:15 Break (15 minutes)
3:30-3:35 Take seats
3:35 Begin Q & A Presentation (runs 1:19:00)
4:55 Final Announcements – Mike Harris – Meeting Ends
5:00 Room needs to be empty except for A/V Crew.

This event will not be live streamed.  Howard Storm’s book “My 
Descent into Death (and the message of love which brought me back)” 
can be found at Barnes & Noble.

Previous events can be found on the Minnesota MUFON YouTube Channel at:
Minnesota MUFON YouTube Channel
The Minnesota MUFON YouTube channel hosts presentations pulled from nearly 
20 years of video archives unique to Minnesota MUFON as well as more recent 
presentations. Several of the recordings were made prior to the presenters 
becoming the widely recognized names we know today. All channel content is 
freely available 24x7 whether you are a subscriber or not.
If you like what you see, please subscribe to the channel. Instructions are 
below. Becoming a subscriber provides notification when content is updated 
and Live Stream events are scheduled. This helps the organization grow 
through increased recognition and awareness. 
1. Click on and then Bookmark the MN-MUFON YouTube Channel below:
2. Click the Subscribe button.
That's all there is to it.
Tell friends and those interested in the subject to search YouTube for Minnesota 
MUFON to find the channel.
William McNeff – C.I.
Where: New Brighton Community Center,
400 10th St NW -- Room 224
New Brighton, MN 55112


Meetings are from 2:00-5:00pm., with the room open for a social hour from 1-2pm.

Please check this MUFON MN website for additional information as the dates draw near.

We now have available on DVD several of the past special peresenters at our meetings.
These DVD's are for sale at the meetings.

MNMUFON Disclaimer:
The MNMUFON Board of directors has approved a disclaimer for the benefit of new attendees 
to our public meetings (2nd Sat. of each month):

Minnesota MUFON welcomes new attendees to its meetings, but they should understand that 
some of the information discussed at the meetings and some of the statements of UFO witnesses 
depart radically from what the mainstream media conveys concerning UFOs.

People who believe they were abducted by aliens often are very emotional and sometimes even 
traumatized. UFOs are a serious subject that deserves mature and responsible consideration. 
Please be prepared to listen and participate with an open mind, respect, empathy and critical 


About Minnesota MUFON Meetings

Minnesota members of the Mutual UFO Network meet regularly on the second 
Saturday of each month at the New Brighton Family Service Center .  As part of 
MUFON's public outreach program, all interested persons are cordially invited to attend.

Agendas vary from month to month but will consist of various of the following:

-Field Investigation Reports
-Book reports
-Reports from people who have attended UFO Symposiums
-Information from UFO websites
-Personal sightings or experiences
-Round table discussions
-Presentations by attendees, impromptu or prepared
-Videos and video segments
-Short audio clips from early radio shows
-Open discussion

And occasional special speakers (some with additional at the door cost).

Meetings begin at 2 PM and adjourn at 5 PM with a short break at ~ 3:30 PM. 
The room is open for a social hour from 1-2pm. 
They are held on the second floor of the New Brighton Family Service Center.

Click here for MUFON Minnesota monthly meeting place info.

Directions to the Family Center:

Another way to get there is to be on Interstate 694 and exit south on the combined Long 
Lake Road & 10th St. NW exit, located just west of 694's junction with Interstate 35W. 
Drive 0.4 mile to the second light.  A sign on the street will read "Old Highway 8."  
Continue across then ahead 1/2 block and exit left down into the parking lot.  
The best place to park seems to be on the east side of the building. The meeting 
room is at the SE corner on the second floor, room 224.

If you are on Interstate 35W, then west on I694, exit on Long Lake Rd. go south to 10th St. NW
and drive to the stop light at 5th Avenue NW an drive about 1/2 block, and turn left down into 
the NBFSC parking lot.


Following the meeting we often join together for a - 'Dinner Social Gathering at a Local 
Restaurant of Choice.' The choice is usually the GREEN MILL, famous for its pizzas. 
To get there take 694 east to Lexington, 1-mile past 35W. Turn left or north on Lexington 
to the first right turn on to Gramsie Road, and then to the HAMPTON INN Hotel where 
you will find the GREEN MILL. (TEL: 651-482-1600 Green Mill)

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