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Jan., 1995 Reports

La Crosse, WA (December 29, 1994)

At approximately 2145 hours on Thursday night, December 29, 1994, a mother 
(with her six children) was driving north on he Zaring Cut-Off Road in southeastern 
Washington State, just 5 miles north of the Snake River.  Several of her children 
suddenly started shouting, and called the mother's attention to three extraordinarily 
bright lights above a recently harvested (?) wheat field off to the right (east) side of 
the road.  At first they thought the lights were the landing lights of an airliner at low 
altitude, perhaps making a forced landing in the field, and flying directly toward them.  
Then one of the older children suggsted the lights were (the headlights on) a "semi" 
(an 18-wheel truck), but they almost immediately realized that description didn't "fit," 

Suddenly, the family began to see the objects that were attached to the three lights, 
and they were awed by the vision!  They saw three coal black, delta-shaped craft, 
with articulating structures on their noses, from which the blinding lights were 
radiating.  They appeared to be scanning the ground ahead of them.  The objects, 
apparently locked in tight, unwavering formation, slowly drifted across the road (and 
car) at very low speed, slowly turned left (south) and proceeded south parallel to the 
road the family was on.

The mother submitted an excellent 3-page report, together with a drawing of one of 
the crafts she reportedly witnessed that night.  In addition, she submitted a detailed 
drawing of the area and the approximate flight path of the objects.

The mother reported that the objects were right above their car, they gave off a barely 
perceptible humming sound ("...like an electric refrigerator..."), and they were close 
enough that a "person with a good throwing arm could have hit them with a rock."
 When I talked with her on January 01, 1995, (Our first call of the year), she was still 
seemingly upset by the experience.  She volunteered that she was frightened to either 
drive, or even go outside, after dark, which is not uncommon among people who have 
had recent UFO experiences.

 (Note:  Ships of quite similar shape have been reported to the Center from all over the 
country.  In the upcoming February newsletter we will discuss similar cases  reported 
from Denmark, WI, and Capitola, CA.)

(Note--Over the last nine months, the Center has received a number of calls regarding 
alleged sightings of formations of large numbers of bizarre objects or lights in the sky. 
Among the most dramatic was an hour-long telephone report received on October 6, 
1994, from southern Michigan, during which up to 50 (!) strange, round, brightly lighted 
objects were visible in the sky.  The telephoned report was tape recorded, and is very 

Brief Notes...
1)  The call from Rodney, MI, on January 04 (Please see enclosed sighting-report 
summary) was rather convincing, and was quite similar to the sightings reported in 
McMinnville, TN, three days later.  A mother and daughter reported witnessing up to a 
dozen  delta-shaped craft hovering near their home, which appeared to be beaming 
"bluish" shafts of light down to the ground.  The mother had called once before 
(16NO95) from Meceola County regarding a daytime sighting of a huge triangular ship, 
together with a "boiling cluster of little red things" nearby, along Interstate 31 in central 
Michigan.  The Rodney, MI, police emergency dispatch center had called prior to the 
woman's call to apprise the Center in Seattle of the incident.  Moreover, the incident 
was further corroborated by a seemingly quite reliable source in Potoski, MI, who, with 
two other family members, had seen a similar (or same?) object further north in Michigan 
just prior to the sighting further south near Rodney.  The reliability to these reports, for 
various reasons, looks very good to us at the Center.  The data are in the hands of 
investigators in Michigan.


Occurred : 1/17/1995 23:45
Reported: 1/18/1995 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Moorehead, MN
Shape: Duration:30 min.
Young man went into his back yard to fill his dog's water dish, when he noticed the 
dog was looking into the sky.  He looked up and saw two prominent red lights 
apparently hovering in the sky.  A small, private aircraft flew by, and the red lights 
appeared to approach, and possibly follow, the plane.  Then they returned to the 
location in the sky where he had first noticed them.  He called his wife out to look 
at them, at which time a police cruiser with two officers was driving by and stopped.  
The officers looked at the lights and were unable to explain them.


National UFO Reporting Center - January 95 Reports
1/4/95 0:54 Rodney, MI Mother & daughter witness approx. 10 triangular obj. hovering in sky, beaming lights to ground. Calls 911.
1/5/95 17:30 Evart, MI Mother & son witness very bright light while driving. Stop car. Obj. splits into two "headlights," approaches car.
1/8/95 23:00 Horton, MI Young boy and friend witness red light in sky near home. Went to get parents, light extinguished.
1/17/95 23:45 Moorehead, MN Man, wife, and two police officers observe two red lights in night sky. Obj. followed a small aircraft.
1/23/95 23:42 Ladysmith, WI Rusk Co. Sheriff's office reports officer's observation of hovering light in SE sky. (Possible star?)
1/31/95 20:07 Mason, MI Airport manager calls to rept. receipt of bizarre UFO rept. from woman in nearby town.
1/31/95 20:10 Eaton Rapids, MI A mother, her children, neighbors, and an aunt witness a huge "X-shaped" object fly E to W overhead.

National UFO Reporting Center - February 1995 Reports
National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief 
Denmark, WI / Traverse City, MI  February 02, 1995 

These two sighting reports are presented together because they occurred
contemporaneously in the same general area of the U.S., and it appears
that they may be related. Both reports came from sources who seemed to
be both sincere and serious-minded. In addition, both reports were accompanied
by a certain degree of emotion, which we know from experience on the Hotline,
is one of several signs indicating high reliability of a report, and the
report from Michigan was seemingly further corroborated by a report from
a former NASA employee, who resides in Traverse City, MI. 

On Friday morning, February 03, at 0605 hrs., the Hotline received a
call from a young mother in Denmark, WI, who described multiple sightings
of (perhaps) two different types of bizarre ships. The ships were observed
by her and her two sons as the objects alternately streaked across and
hovered in the night sky. The woman who called reported that she and her
sons had first spotted the objects in the vicinity of Denmark, WI, and
then a short period later, from near their home in Mirabel, WI. The craft
were described as "blue and cone-shaped," and they exhibited
a red radiance in the vicinity of their nose (or leading edge), and a green
hue radiated from their tails (or trailing edge). (On several occasions,
strange-looking craft have been reported to the Hotline which were similar
in description.) 

The caller reported that, on at least one occasion, she witnessed one
of the objects streak down at an astonishing velocity--she compared it
to the (angular) velocity of a "shooting star"--and it abruptly
stopped and hovered just above the ground at an estimated distance from
her of several hundred meters. After a brief period, the hovering object
shot straight up into the night sky and disappeared from sight within seconds.

The witness further reported that during the last 30 minutes of the
approximately 75-minute sighting, the objects streaking overhead were apparently
pursued (or accompanied?) by 4-6 (estimated) jet-type aircraft, flying
at high speed. Also, the woman reported the sighting to the local county
sheriff's office, although apparently no other calls had been received
at that time. Approximately four hours after we had received the report
above, we received a telephone call from a young mother in Traverse City,
MI, who reported that at approximately 2010 hrs. (local) on the prior evening,
her two teen-age sons, together with their two younger sledding companions,
had burst into her house and, amid a great deal of emotion, began to describe
"the flying saucer" that had streaked out of the night sky and
hovered just above them, making a "sound like a microwave." 

When the mother asked them to describe its (apparent) size, they reportedly held their arms above their heads, indicating a large angle, and suggesting that the object must have been very large, and/or relatively close to them. Furthermore, the mother volunteered that her sons were quite familiar with various types of aircraft, particularly military aircraft (including helicopters), and all of the children insisted that what they had witnessed was nothing like any traditional aircraft they were familiar with. . The children went on to describe how the object above them had "bathed them in white light," after which they observed it hovering above the ground at some distance from them. The object then streaked off first to the west, and then to the south, quickly disappearing from view. During this first call from the mother, the individual at the Center delicately explored whether the children had experienced any marks on their bodies, any unusual physical or emotional sensations, or any other effect, that might be indicative or suggestive of any kind of interaction between the children and the object. The mother responded that there was nothing of that kind had been reported by them, or noticed by the her. Approximately 25 minutes after termination of the first call with the mother, she telephoned the Hotline a second time to recount several aspects of the case, which she had failed to mention during the first call. She volunteered that some of the questions posed to her during the first telephone conversation regarding the children's physical and emotional welfare had caused her to remember a few things that the children had mentioned the previous night, but which she had not associated with their experience. She went on to describe that the youngest of the group of four children, a 10-year old girl, was the first to return to the house at approximately 2010 hours (local). Several minutes later, the three older youngsters, all teenage boys, ran into the house, essentially repeating the story about the "flying saucer" they had seen that the young girl, amid tears, had been recounting to the mother. The mother enquired of her sons why "they had been so slow," since, from experience, she knew that it was the boys, among this group of frequent playmates, who invariably arrived home ahead of the young girl. She added that her sons were rather competitive in nature, and if it were left up to them, they would never "lose" to a girl in a foot race. (Ed.: The sledding hill is located approximately 500 meters from the family home.) Her sons reported that they had been delayed because they had had to take time to put their clothes back on (!!!). They volunteered that they had found themselves sitting on their sled in their underwear, with their clothes neatly stacked beside them on the snow, and they had to put them back on before they could start racing home. Interestingly, the mother had placed no particular significance on this (seemingly) unusual behavior, since, she explained, her boys were rather adventuresome, even reckless, and sledding in their underwear at 20 degrees Fahrenheit on a high, exposed hill in upper Michigan in the depth of winter would not be unusual for them. The mother further volunteered during her second call that she was rather convinced that something unusual had happened on that sledding hill, since her sons never stacked their clothes neatly under any circumstance. Since the children apparently had found their clothes in that neat condition, it suggested to the mother that something very out of the ordinary had occurred on that sledding hill. Also, on the evening of February 02, 1995, the Hotline received a call from the U. S. Air Force Recovery Co-ordination Center ("AFRCC"), located at Langley Air Force Base in Langley, VA, regarding a telephone report they had received from a resident of Traverse City, MI. The report was of a large, white, and very strange light that descended to ground level in the general vicinity of the sledding hill. At the time of the call, the caller apparently knew nothing about the children's claims regarding their experience. In fact, when the Hotline finally talked with the caller, a former NASA employee retired and residing in the Traverse City area, he apparently was still unaware of the suspected interaction between the object and the children. ***

2/2/95 19:15 Denmark, WI Many witness strange craft streaking in night sky. Descended vertically very fast, hovered. Reptd. U.S. jets in pursuit. Bizarre.
2/2/95 20:00 Eastport, MI Retired NASA eng. sees large, white, bright obj. descend very fast to SSW. Emitted "vapors." Called Langley AFB.
2/2/95 20:10 Traverse City, MI 4 children report seeing disc above them; bathed them in white light. Missing time, clothes. Other observers. Dramatic.
2/3/95 21:30 Romulus, MI Two young males rept. seeing "WW II" style bomber fly overhead at treetop level. (Facts muddled.)
2/13/95 22:15 Cheboygan, MI Bizarre "aircraft" w/ 8-12 flashing lights flies silently over man's vehicle, turns, flies north. Many other sightings.
2/16/95 23:10 Kalamazoo, MI Former artillery officer witnesses 4-5 ships streaking E to W south of city. Flash w/atmospheric boom 5 hrs. earlier. Good rept.
2/16/95 23:15 PawPaw, MI Man & wife awakened by immensely loud roaring sound. See 5 bizarre craft hovering nearby in formation! Good rept..
2/16/95 23:45 Kalamazoo, MI Man report seeing multiple objects moving east (!). Watches them for five minutes. (See other sightings above.)
2/18/95 21:00 Kalamazoo, MI Man calls to rept. his mother saw strange light in sky. Details sketchy.(No follow-up call.)
2/19/95 0:05 Fargo, ND Red light seen over Fargo below clouds. Hovered for 10 min., faded, flashed, slowly moved east. Seen twice.
2/19/95 19:00 Fenton, MI Man repts. moving obj. w/ strange lights moving E to W. Hovered below overcast (?).
2/21/95 19:00 Council Bluffs, IA Young man sees 3 solid lights; pulls off highway. Sees gigantic, gray triangle w/ "archways." Good rept, excellent drawing.

National UFO Reporting Center - March 95 Reports

Close Encounter: 7 March 1995

Details of the encounter originally appeared as a brief posting on 
alt.paranet.ufo and I followed it up, asking if I could document it 
in more detail. The witness agreed and there followed considerable 
correspondence, documenting and clarifying the exact nature of the 
reported encounter. I have summarised this account using only the 
verbatim testimony of the witness and have their confirmation that 
this summary is an accurate record of events. At the time of the 
incident, the witness was a student. She wishes to remain anonymous.
James Easton. (E-Mail=100626.2242@CompuServe.COM)

On March 7th, 1995, at around 9.00 p.m., my father, son and I were on 
our way home, traveling in a westerly direction on Martin Road, a county 
road between Two Harbors MN and Duluth, in a remote area, north-east 
of Lake Superior. Lighting conditions were very dark. The moon was in 
the last quarter, right before the new moon, so it was a sliver moon. 
It wasn't snowing in that area at the time, however, the day before there 
was a huge snow storm, but it had passed and there were only scattered 
flurries that night.

As we were driving, we saw what appeared to be a huge building or stadium 
on a high hill. It was the altitude that made it appear to be on a hill, 
there is no hill in this area. I remarked about never seeing a building 
there before. I asked my father at that point what the object was? He 
didn't respond. My father is a stroke victim and therefore has very limited 
speech. I could not recall a factory or stadium or anything in the area that 
might have been the size of what we were seeing. As we proceeded up the road, 
the building started moving toward us, at a fast rate. Finally what we thought 
was a building was alongside us. It was some sort of craft. It was huge. It 
had 4 lights in front, and one larger light underneath. The craft approached 
us from the south and was to the west of us. It hovered off to the left and 
to the west of us so that we could see it quite clearly. I would say it 
hovered for approximately 60 seconds. It seemed to be observing us.

My son was asleep in the back seat and didn't wake, even though I was shouting 
at him to look. We were almost stopped at this point. It then angled downwards, 
tilting the front with the 4 lights directly at us. When the craft hovered the 
back dropped down. It then started moving toward us and toward the ground. When 
it came at us, we could not see the back of the craft as it was at approximately 
a 35 degree angle toward the ground, with the headlights pointing at us. We 
could only see the headlights and front of the craft at that time, the light 
underneath was not visible at that point. The front of the craft may itself have 
been angled slightly, I can't recall for certain. We were also unable to see the 
top of the craft. We both thought it might hit us, which it looked like it would 
have if it hadn't dropped the back end yet again and started hovering in front 
of us, over the road. It tilted back and hovered over us. It was wider in front 
than in back, creating a wedge shape from front to back. It was like a wedge of 
cake on it's side, or at least from the angle we could see it. It may have angled 
in the center of the front slightly, I'm not sure, but it gave that impression.

We are talking about a craft that is approximately 330 feet wide, at it's widest 
point, and approximately 220 feet in length. The width of the back was much 
thinner, I can't be certain of the width at the narrowest point. In height,
from the upper edge to the lower edge, the front of the craft was approximately 
40 feet. It was comparative with the height of a 2 story house.

It appeared to use the back as a rudder, as when it was hovering it angled the 
back down and seemed to just sit watching us. The was no determinable sound from 
the craft. The lights in front were approximately 40 ft in diameter. From left 
to right, they were spaced approximately as follows:

 - from left hand front edge to first light - 30 feet
 - from first light to second light - 20 feet
 - from second light to third light - 70 feet
 - from third light to fourth light - 20 feet
 - from fourth light to right hand front edge - 30 feet

They were not flush with the end of the craft (front edges). There was a large 
gap between the front center lights. I'm not sure what was there as I was more 
interested in the underside. The lights were larger than the gaps. These lights 
were an off-white color and did not illuminate anything but the craft itself. 
They glowed, and yet there was no beam. When the object came at us we should 
have been illuminated, we were not, neither was any of the surrounding area. 
The lights did not change color at any time. The only thing that was lit by 
them was the craft itself. As we continued to travel east on the road, we passed 
under the object. As we were passing under the craft I was looking up at it. The 
color became very evident; it was a snow-cloud gray.

The light underneath the craft was the size of all the other lights put together, 
i.e., approximately 160 feet in diameter. In my estimation, it was the size of 
a small house. It was centered and there was approx 85 feet of area on either 
side from the side edges. Underneath, in the center of the craft and surrounding 
this central light, were objects which are difficult to describe. They were 
angular, square, rectangular, the only way I can describe them is maybe like 
doors? They did not protrude a lot, but enough to see them. When I could no longer 
see the craft, I looked in the rear-view mirror, and it was gone.

I said to my dad that if he and my son hadn't been with me I would have stopped 
and he said, "turn around, turn around". I told him it was gone. After we went 

under the craft, I was just in a state of shock for a while. My son didn't 
waken until after we were under it and it was gone. I then spoke to my dad some. 
Then I thought I should remember everything I could and checked the time, I 
estimated that it had been between 10 and 15 minutes since we had passed under 
the craft. I looked at the clock and it was 9:15 p.m. We were about 15 or 20 
minutes longer getting home than usual. I attribute this to watching the craft 
and maybe not driving as fast as usual after seeing it. I watched the sky the rest 
of the way home.

We didn't stop, we kept driving as we still had some distance to go to get home. 
As mentioned, my father is a stroke victim and therefore has very limited speech. 
To ask him about the encounter, "yes" and "no" questions would essentially have 
to be asked. The next day, I asked him, "did we see something weird on the way 
home last night?" "Yes, Yes", was his reply. We did discuss some of the experience 
on the way home, but it is very difficult to communicate with him due to his 
disability. I am able to understand him through gesture, facial expression etc. He 
is able to communicate to some extent, but his vocabulary is very limited.

There was another vehicle the night we saw the object, a pickup truck. It turned 
off on a side road before we passed under it. I believe the truck turned at about 
the time the object started to hover the first time. The truck turned to the left 
and that was the end of seeing it, we were more interested in the object. I had 
thought maybe we would see something in the paper about it, but nothing was there 
and if the person in the truck was alone, they may have thought they just imagined 

I am 41 years old and have never seen anything like this before nor have I heard 
of anything like it. My father is 70 and he too has never seen anything like it. 
Both of us felt we were being observed by this craft. Since seeing this craft it 
has made thinking of anything else difficult. I know it was there and so does my 
father.I have almost become obsessed with this thing. It is making me afraid to 
drive at night, because I'm constantly watching the sky. I want to see it again. 
I don't know why. I have also been having nightmares since seeing it. On Tuesday 
night after seeing the craft, I dreamed that I was somehow involved in a 
vivisection. I don't recall the rest of the dreams, but I have had very disturbing 
dreams that wake me and I can't remember them. The vivisection dream is the only 
one I really remember. I assume that is due to the fact that I will be taking a 
human movement class and have to dissect a human cadaver. I have been taking very 
intensive anatomy and physiology classes for the past couple of years, as well 
as other related classes. It was strange to me that I would have this dream after 
seeing this craft. In the three years of anatomy classes, I've never had bad 
dreams about it. I usually never recall any dreaming, so the nightmares, or 
interrupted sleep is new too. My son is sleeping fine and we haven't noticed any 
unusual physical effects, such as marks. My car has however been acting strange 
since that night. It has been "coughing", but we haven't had a chance to have it 
checked out by a mechanic.

I felt that it was not a friendly looking craft. The only curves on it were the 
lights, everything else was angular. The encounter for my father was not as 
traumatic as one might think. He and my mother saw another craft many years 
ago along with approximately 100 other people. He tells me that this was in North 
Carolina in the early 50's and people had stopped their cars to watch this craft. 
I do wish very much that he were able to talk, as in asking him questions he says 
he did see the top of the craft, but is unable to articulate what he saw. When 
I posted details of my experience to alt.paranet.ufo, I wanted to make the post 
as soon as possible as I didn't want to forget anything. I wasn't really looking 
for anything other than to make a post at that time. I didn't know what to look 
for as I didn't really know where to start or what I would be trying to find. Any 
previous interest in UFOs has always been just normal curiosity. Never in my 
wildest dreams did I think I'd see something like this.


National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
Flint, MI, February 19, March 17, March 23, l995

On the evening of Friday, March 17, the Hotline received a message from
an FAA air traffic controller in the vicinity of Flint, MI. During a conversation
the next day, the controller reported that he, together with four other
controllers, had been witness on the previous evening to a second remarkable
sighting of strange objects in the vicinity of their tower. They witnessed
four bright red, pulsating objects hovering in the night sky, the nearest
of which was located within four miles of their tower, and initially at
an altitude of 4000 feet.. The controller reported that it looked somewhat
like a "red road flare," although it pulsated at regular intervals.
Moreover, at each pulsation, when the radiated light subsided somewhat,
some sort of object appeared to be marginally visible in the "cloud"
of red light, and it was a different shape after each pulse! At one point,
the object appeared to look like a "spider web." 

The controller reported that one member of the group flashed the tower's light "gun" at the nearest of the four objects, at which point the it instantly returned to the shape and size of a small "fireball," and began darting and zigzagging in the evening sky!! None of the objects appeared on the radar screen in the tower, After approximately 15 minutes, the four objects began to drift toward the south, at which point the controllers first became aware of a cluster of objects, similar in appearance, farther to the south, perhaps as far away to the south as Ohio. The controller closed the conversation by volunteering that he had called the Hotline, in part because the March 17 sighting had not been their first... On Sunday, February 19, several of the controllers had been witness to a similar sighting, during which the object was visible on radar. Although it did not transmit a transponder signal in response to the radar beam, it did reflect the signal, giving rise to "skin paint," a term used in the trade for a reflected radar signal without an accompanying transponder signal. On March 23, the Hotline took yet another call from the same group of controllers, reporting still another sighting from their tower, beginning at 2225 hrs. local time. During this third sighting, even the tower supervisors were witness to the object. ***

3/8/95 22:00 Byron Center, MI Couple witnessed yellowish light descend into woods near house. Recurring sightings since 1979.
3/17/95 19:40 Flint, MI Five FAA controllers see 4 pulsing "clouds" of red light. Objects dart, zigzag, return light signal. Many 911 calls received.
3/23/95 22:25 Flint, MI Multiple FAA controllers experience 3rd sighting: 19FE, 17MR, 23MR. Obj. returned light signal; no radar sig.
3/30/95 19:30 Warren, MI Man calls to report woman's sighting. She had seen bright light 1-2 miles away; dims, then splits into 6 obj.

National UFO Reporting Center - April 95 Reports

4/3/95 10:30
Haslett, MI
Young boy witnesses two discs 50-60' from home.  Takes polaroid photo of one w/ smoke 
trail. Good photo.


4/23/95 21:30
Hickory Corners, MI
Woman hears strange, loud humming overhead, which ceases, then starts again.  
Looks up, sees multiple strange lights.


[The following report was sent to ISCNI by Wanda Sudrala
(WSudrala@aol.com), who interviewed the eyewitness in this unusual
case. Wanda says there are many sightings occurring in South Dakota,
and she will send additional reports in the future.]
On Saturday, April 15, 1995, around 8 PM, Oliver Puppel of Newell,
South Dakota, was traveling south on Highway 79 to Sturgis, South
Dakota.  He was going to meet a friend in Sturgis, which is about 22
miles south of Newell. The sun had gone down but it wasn't totally
About three miles south of Newell, Oliver glanced to the left or east
and saw what he initially thought was a building. The first thing
that came to his mind was a grain elevator. It was about one half
mile in distance from him. He knew there had never been a grain
elevator there before.  It was sitting on or was very close to the
ground when Oliver first sighted the object.  He only saw a faint
outline of the shape.
The lights were what caught his attention.  He saw five banks of
lights up and down this object, three rows of lights in each bank.
He was so close he could see the spacing in between the lights in
each separate row. The banks of lights were evenly spaced on the
object, the upper and lower banks were green, the second bank down
and fourth bank down were blue and the middle bank was red.  From the
way the lights were oscillating, it gave Oliver the sense that the
craft was cylinder shaped.  He also feels that the lights were
attached to the outside of the object, they were not built in.
Oliver estimates the object's width easily at 60 feet and at least
twice that, 120 feet, in height. He described it as being huge.
Shortly after Oliver spotted the object, he pulled off to the side of
the road, stopped and picked up his car phone to call his grand-
mother. Just as he was stopping, the object rose approximately
100 feet into the air, traveled slightly to the south and stopped
straight across from his car door.
It stayed straight up and down as it was moving.  At this time it
was still a half mile or closer to him.  He called his grandmother
and stayed on the car phone with her during the sighting,
approximately 15 minutes according to the timer on his phone.
Oliver said there was no sound or vibration from the object, no
exhaust, no flames, no smell. Shortly before the craft left, it
moved closer to Oliver and stopped again. He stated that he was
getting frightened at this point but stayed on the phone with his
grandmother. He said he was also excited at the same time.
 The green and blue lights at this time were not oscillating, they
were steady.  As it was sitting there, all of a sudden the green and
blue lights shut off.  The red one in the middle stayed on a few more
seconds. The row in the middle of the three row bank was oscillating
in a clockwise direction.
Oliver said it appeared that there was only one light in this middle
row that was oscillating; it would disappear for a second when it
was, he assumed, in the back of the craft.  The red light started to
"decay," turning orange, then yellow as it turned bright yellow and
stopped. He could still see the other banks of lights even though
they were not on at this time.
The craft started going back, straight away from him, the yellow
light getting smaller and smaller, disappearing into a low cloud on
the horizon as a pin prick of yellow light. This took 10 seconds or
less.  A split second after it disappeared, he saw a brilliant burst
of yellowish light within the cloud.
Oliver said that during his sighting, several people drove by but did
not stop. He doesn't know how they could have not seen this object.
After the object was gone, Oliver continued on his way to Sturgis.
When he arrived and stepped out of his car, his legs were rubbery.
He could hardly walk, as he was very shaken.  He said his eyes were
also watering.  But he was also so excited by this sighting that he
went out the same night and bought film and put his camera in his car.


A Grain Elevator?  4/15/95

      On April 15, 1995 around 8 p.m. Oliver Puppel of Newell, SD was
traveling south on Hwy. 79 to Sturgis, SD. 3 miles south of Newell, Oliver
glanced to the east and saw what he initially thought was a building, the
first thing that came to mind was a grain elevator. It was about 1/2 mile to
the left of him. He knew there had never been a grain elevator there before.
It was sitting on or located near the gound when Oliver first sighted the
object. He saw only a faint outline of the shape, it was twice as tall as it
was wide, the lights were what caught his attention. He could see the
spacing in between the lights in each separte row. There were 5 bands of
lights, 3 rows in each band. The bands were evenly spaced on the object, the
top and bottom bands were green, the 2nd and 4th bands were blue and the
middle band was red. From the way the lights were oscillating in a clockwise
direction, it gave Oliver the sense that the craft was circular. He also
feels that the lights were attached to the outside of the object, they were
not buillt in. Oliver estimated the width easily at 60 feet and at least
twice that, 120 feet in height. He pulled off to the side of the highway to
call his grandmother on his car phone. Just as he was stopping, the object
rose approx. 100 feet into the air, traveled slightly to the south and
positioned itself straight across from his car door. It had stayed straight
up and down as it moved.

      He called his grandmother and stayed on the phone with her during the
sighting, approx. 15 minutes according to the timer on his phone. He said
there was no sound or vibration from the object, no exhaust, no flames, no
smell. Shortly before the craft left, it moved closer to Oliver and stopped
again. He said that he was really frightened at this point but remained on
the phone with his grandmother.

      By this time the green and blue lights had stopped oscillating and
were steady. In a few more seconds the green and blue lights shut off. The
red band in the middle was still turning in a clockwise direction. Then it
appeared that only one light in the center row of the red band was
osicillatting, it would disappear momentarily as it went to the back of the
craft and then reappear. The red light then started to “decay,” turning
orange then yellow as it was going around. After about 30 seconds the light
turned bright yellow and stopped, he could still see where the other bands
of lights were located even though they weren’t on. The craft started off to
the east, straight away from him, the yellow light getting smaller and
smaller, diappearing into a low cloud on the horizon as a pin prick of
yellow light. This took 10 seconds or less. About a second after it
disappreared, Oliver saw a brilliant burst of yellowish light within the
cloud. He said that during his sighting, several people drove by but did not
stop. He cannot explain how they could not have seen this object.


National UFO Reporting Center - May 95 Reports

5/12/95 2:00
Madison, WI
University of Wisconson students observe strange boot-like object in sky over 
Lake Mendota


Occurred : 5/30/1995 04:45
Reported: 5/30/1995 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Byron, MN
Duration:105 min.
Man witnesses bright obj. in E sky.  It moves strangely, fast, approached second 
star, rose very quickly, disappeared. Alarmed.


National UFO Reporting Center - June 95 Reports

6/1/1995 21:00 (summer sometime around 9:00)
Location : between Kingsford, MI and Green Bay, WI, WI
Shape : Disk
Summary : Small silver disc high high up in the air... very 
quick... then it zoomed away.
It was a greyish-silvery disc.. I was in my black suburban 
in the far back seat. This UFO, it stayed there for a moment 
in the air, hovering, then it was gone... I don't know what 
it was. At first I thought it had been a glare, but when it 
zoomed away, I knew it couldn't be. I don't know if it was 
a satellite, or... weather balloon... or maybe just a smear 
on my glasses, but I've only told my brother.


From: UFO Database
Summer 1995
Justin L. Ross
Charlotte, MI 
On summer in 1995. I was waiting in the truck for my mom to get out
of the Animal hospital with the dog. Suddenly I looked up and saw a 
white disk shaped object in the sky. At first I thought it was an air 
plane because the vet office was near a small air port. I couldnt belive
my eyes it was hovering and it was in the afternoon! Then I knew that I 
was looking at a UFO. I watched it for several minutes and then my brother 
and my mom came out and got in the car I pointed it out. They both saw it.
We drove to where we saw it. We saw nothing. We asked some nearby people 
they seen nothing.


Occurred : 6/24/1995 22:45
Reported: 7/19/1995
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Sibley County, MN
Duration:5 min.
Older woman alerted by barking dogs.  Sees multiple bizarre, bright, colored spheres 
floating across farmyard.  2nd sighting.


Occurred : 6/29/1995 22:45 (Entered as : 6/29/95 22:45)
Reported: 7/1/2000 01:13
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Mankato, MN
Shape: Other
Duration:2-3 min
Ball lightning phenom

On my girlfriends birthday so I'm sure of the date. I originally thought that the object 
was a crashing aircraft that may hit me judging from it's descent path so I slammed 
on my brakes and killed my engine. (Foolish, I know) Object displayed no engine 
sound but did may have made a slight electrical crackling sound. It descended over 
a small lake in front of me, I was driving a suzuki samuri(Jeep) so I was able to 
observe it without glass in my line of sight. Object displayed lighting effects on 
surrounding trees similar to lightning but in a steady stream. Object continued to 
approach in my general direction untill it was about midway over the lake and in my 
estimate about 55 feet over the water. I held my arm strait out with fist to estimate 
size and at its closest(largest)it was covered by 1/2 with my closed hand. Object 
definately made a wooshing sound (similar to a flag in high wind) apon leaving and 
exited at a tremendous speed. I do not believe object was a craft but may have 
been an example of "Ball Lightning" Though I have read everything I could about 
the subject science does not seam to understand it. I believe that it was repelled 
by its proximity to the water, And I would like to know if this has been reported 
before. Object approached at an aproximate 40 degree angle and left at an 
approximate 45. I can not be certain whether object retreated from me or 
dissipated so quickly that it appeared to retreat. Object was white in color similar 
to a strobe light or lightning flash with some orange.


6/14/95 1:35 Ann Arbor, MI Woman & friend witness "green ball of light" streak across sky, descend below overcast, & stop. Hovered, streaked off. Good rept.
6/19/95 22:00 Adair Co., IA 2 young men experience multiple sightings of bizarre, bright obj., which hover, streak, & land. Very bizarre; good report.

National UFO Reporting Center - July '95 Reports
7/26/95 22:30 Mason City, IA Woman repts. seeing peculiar star zigzagging across sky. Fifth sighting in a week.
7/28/95 14:00 Racine, WI Man & wife witness bizarre, very bright, silver-looking disc in clear sky. Obj. was joined suddenly by two identical craft.
7/29/95 2:00 Parshallville, MI Man & neighbor witness sudden bright flash on very clear night, followed by "contrail" rising vertically. Disappears from sight.

National UFO Reporting Center - August 95 Reports

National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
 Occurred : 8/5/1995 22:00 
 Posted : 1/28/1999
 Location : Phillips, WI
 Shape : Unknown
 Field and woods light up by a red light that has no source. Light seems to scan area for 
 about a minute. Object turns lights on and lands without making a sound.
 Country setting in northern Wisconsin with no other houses around. A heavy thunderstorm 
left the area to the east within the past few minutes. The sky is cloudy with light mist and 
high dewpoint. Observer looking out from open window at field with distance swamp 
and woods(150 yards distant to the east). Woods and swamp are scanned by a dim red 
light that has no source(usually in high humidity a light beam will refect or be noticed in 
the heavy air). Ground area lit up the red light about 100 feet in diameter. Light moves 
around back and forth and it takes about a minute to cover about 20 acers of woods. 
Red light stops and object in sky at about an altitude of 300 feet and distance of 300 
yards turns on 2 intense beams of light that point out level torward the horizon over the
house. The souce of the lights move toward the house.I could see actual points that 
emitted the lights from an object but could not say what shape it was. The lights slowly 
turn toward the ground and the object seems to land where the 2 beams of lights lit up
the ground in a depression about 10 feet deep and 150 feet across. On the ground the 
object spins around several times very fast with the 2 beams of lights turning back up 
into the sky at about 45 degee angle The lights go out,and nothing else is seen or heard.
There was no wind that night and the object made no sound, it was a very still summer 
night. The landing site was about 150 yards away in a depression with small trees. 
Observer felt that if it was a helicopter there would of been some sound and that by 
landing in a area of trees the blades would have hit them causing a crash. There was 
a lot of clear level field to make a safe landing if a helicopter wanted to. There are no 
helicopers based within 50 miles and no craft would of been up in that severe storm. 
Observer is a photographer 50 years old.


Occurred : 8/19/1995 01:15
Reported: 8/24/1995 
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Forest Lake, MN
Man wakes up w/ 2 strange cuts on cheek.  Recalls recurring dream.  Calls sheriff's 
office. Sends photos of cuts.


8/6/95 22:30 Kalamazoo, MI Two women driving 15 miles SE of city, encounter huge disc hovering almost motionless. Red, white, blue lights. Pain, marks on skin.
8/13/95 23:10 Coon Valley, WI Couple see a "bright blue, flickering light" through clouds. Assert it definitely is moving. (Possible celestial body?)
8/21/95 0:30 Dowling, MI Woman witnesses two lights in clear night sky. Colors were red, white, green, and blue. Moved slowly across sky. (Possible stars?)
8/21/95 2:00 LaCrosse, WI Trucker witnesses "big, orange ball" flying directly toward from the south. Obj. suddenly "split into 5 pieces," disappeared.
8/24/95 21:00 Battle Creek, MI Older woman reports witnessing "a square thing w/ a lot of lights" that descended out of night sky. (Facts incomplete.)
8/28/95 1:50 Mass City, MI Woman sees a "pecular light w/ a strange shadow." No sound. Repts. that State Patrol received multiple reports.

National UFO Reporting Center - September '95 Reports

9/14/95 3:55 Mason, MI Woman sees small, white light--"like a giant lightning bug"--move along wind row of trees. Very bizarre.
9/25/95 20:00 Flushing, MI Man, wife, and son witness same obj.seen night before. With binoculars, obj. looks emerald, red, and brown.
9/25/95 21:18 Flushing, MI Man hears dog barking, goes outside, sees a bright "falling star." Looked like "a spider dropping on a string." (See 26SE95.)

October 95 Reports

Occurred : 10/2/1995 19:50
Reported: 10/2/1995
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Farmington, MN
Shape: Duration:5 sec.
Man witnesses very small, VERY bright light descending rapidly in NE sky.  Approx. 
1/10 diameter of moon.


10/9/95 (probable date):  S. Minneapolis Blackout and CE1.
This was reported via Bob Schultz, who was informed of it through his CSETI group.
During the blackout, the witness went out into the hall of her apartment to look 
outside.  She observed a large, dark object over the buildings of the next block.  
The object appeared to be ringed with multicolored lights. The witness turned 
around to bring the object to the attention of her neighbors, and when she turned 
back to look at the object, it was no longer there.

CL has interviewed witness, and some of neighbors.  All accounts appear to 
corroborate, but there is a distinct time discrepency in the witness's account, 
and the known duration of the blackout, suggesting a more involved event. In 
addition, there is the possibility of additional witnesses, who may have been in 
one of the buildings, over which the object was hovering.  Thus, there is the 
possibility of an associated CE4 occurring there.

National UFO Reporting Center - October 95 Reports
10/1/95 12:00 Iowa City, IA Man witnesses 2 "white" aircraft rendezvous at high altitude, fly toward bizarre obj. approaching very fast. Obj. "sparkled."
10/7/95 20:15 Muskegon, MI Man reports peculiar lights circling his residence. (Probable advertising lights.)
10/7/95 20:17 Wolf Lake, MI Woman repts. "4 to 6 UFO's going in circle, coming together" near her house. Was alarmed by "sighting." (Prob. advertising lights.)
10/9/95 Iowa City, IA Man repts. witnessing "flash, followed by a classic UFO, w/ a tailfin at back." Red color on top half of tailfin. Became triangular.
10/10/95 19:45 Milwaukee, WI Man on Hwy 43 SW of Milwaukee sees large, bright blue light streak by his car, descend, turn, cross road ahead, strobe. Bizarre!
10/14/95 22:30 Madison, WI Co. emerg. dispatch relays sighting of "pointed, oval obj." by family of 4. When bright light dimmed, "spikes sticking out" visible.
10/18/95 18:45 Grass Lake, MI Man & wife witness "large white luminous ball w/ bright blue tail" descend from W to E in N sky. Moved very rapidly. Good rpt.

National UFO Reporting Center - November '95 Reports

National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/10/1995 20:00 (Entered as : 11/10/95 20:00)
Reported: 8/3/2003 
Posted: 8/4/2003
Location: Embarrass, MN
Shape: Disk
Duration:1-3 mins
craft sighted hovering over trees in rural minnesota
It's taken me 8 years to get the courage to actually file a report, I
feel rather stupid about it, but I need to talk about what I saw. In
November of 1995 I left work about 8 p.m. I had to stop over at my
parents house and decided to take a "back road" because it was quicker,
the road is 7 miles of uninhabited state land, it is a winding dirt
road, I had traveled it many times before and was very familiar with the
road and terrain next to it. The night was overcast so there were no
stars or moon visible, about 2-3 miles down the road I came around a
sharp bend and saw an object hovering above the treetops straight ahead
(where the road takes another sharp bend). At first I was confused about
what I was looking at, it didn't make sense what I was seeing. I stopped
the car and put it in park, and rolled down my window, I heard
absolutely nothing, the craft was about 50 ft down the road from me, It
had 4 rows of orange or amber lights, and it had a whitish-green mist
around the it, the bottom of the craft lit up the branches of the trees
it was hovering over, the lights around the rim were NOT pulsating or
changing colors, they remained constant and didn't seem to shine very
brightly. About this time I completely freaked out! I didn't feel I had
time to turn the car around so I threw the car into park and gunned it,
I went straight towards the craft and hoped to hell it wouldn't start
following me or shine a light on my car, (I had heard the stories), Good
God it was terrifying. When I got just about under it I had to brake to
make the corner and I remember glancing up, I don't recall exactly what
I saw, but I do remember a small bright "neon" green light somewhere on
the bottom of the craft, I drove like a bat-out-of-hell until I got to
my parents house, I could hardly walk into the house my legs where so
weak, and as soon as I saw my mom I started bawling like a baby, She
didn't really know what to say when I told her what happened. And to
this day my family gets uncomfortable if! I bring it up. After that
experience I had terrible nightmares, I'm not saying I was "abducted"
but the nightmares were along that line. and I would have panic attacks
when I drove at night, especially since I live in a rural area. Well I
could write more, but I think this will do.
((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; date is
approximate. We are very interested in this sighting, and we would very
much like to correspond with this witness. The sighting is very similar
to another incident, which was quite well documented. PD))


11/18/95 1:15 Muskegon, MI Woman repts. daughter encountered intensely bright red, triangular obj. sitting on side of road. Obj. rose, disappeared suddenly.
11/19/95 18:00 Trenton, IA Young man hunting sees two peculiar bright lights hovering in sky, "like planets." Suddenly they flashed, changed color, moved.

National UFO Reporting Center - December '95 Reports
12/1/95 17:20 Waukesha, WI Woman in car witnesses "shooting star" descend vertically, suddenly stop, suddenly shoot of horizontally. Multiple lights on it.
12/1/95 22:55 Owosso, MI Pilot, former FAA controller, sees 5 "pinkish" small lights in clear area of sky, arranged in precise staggered-V formation, streak.

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